Those of you following TNG know we are the leaders of Multiple Streams of Income. We’ve been training people on using Multiple Social Networks as well – especially when you are in business. Today, while looking at my Timeline on Twitter I saw that Dr. Boyce Watkins had been Banned from Facebook for 30 days. For those who are unaware of who this is, he is the founder of He has spent a tremendous amount of time educating and encouraging black people to go into business for themselves.

Because of the role he has taken on, and all of the positive things he is doing specifically for black people in America, he is naturally a target of the Trolls and Racism, which we’ve also not shied away from discussing here at TopNetworkersGroup. We created The Black Folder to also tackle these tough issues that black business people face. Several do not want to use racism as an excuse for why they have failed, and yet because we’re not having this conversation we miss the ‘positive’ aspects of racism.

For the most part, we (as a society) only look at the negatives of racism.

There are so many. Racism is an ugly ideology that has gripped this nation for far too many centuries, and because of that reason it’s deeply ingrained.

So while I’m talking about multiple streams of income, and it may make a ton of sense to others. Unfortunately there will always be people who will look for someone ‘else’ to follow, who has the same or similar message. They’ll decide that they don’t have to listen to me. They’ll tell you my race has nothing to do with it too. I’m sure, it’s not always about race….

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Let’s be real about it, we’re not the only people who promote multiple streams of income.

In fact, you’ve seen me state several times that we base our entire 1mlmsystem on the philosophy taught in the BOOK by Robert G. Allen on the subject. While he spoke about several industries, we took the same concept and applied that to the ‘different industries’ that we can make money in, through the MLM industry (as a whole).

But, we are also having conversations within our organizations that go beyond network marketing. There is so much that is possible when ‘people come together’ – and like most things in this life, in this universe, people coming together can do GOOD – or Bad.

A couple years ago I wrote about the issue with False Flagging on YouTube and also got into ‘why’ they don’t do anything about it.

I’m not going to focus on that here, as you can always go read my ‘reasons’ for it. However, because YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so many platforms like this use the same approach to policing their communities, things like this are always possible. I mean, we live in the same world where the unfortunate events of Black Wall Street happened. Both the good, and the bad.

Black people showed the world what is capable when black people work together, circulate their dollars, and build a community for and with one another.

This, as Dr. Claud Anderson describes is a positive example of racism. This is black people intentionally economically empowering one another…. Because back then, they lived in a time period where black people had no doubts about whether or not Racism was a problem. They lived during Jim Crow segregation where it was legal to kill black people, burn their businesses, and that’s exactly what happened to black wall street. The world saw the hatred of racism, unleashed and unchecked. They burned and tore down a shining example.

In so many ways this is what racist trolls do with several online platforms today. They seek to destroy any ‘voice’ from black people that might inspire other black people.

This is why I felt it was important not to ignore this aspect of business. Multiple streams of income makes sense. However to ‘really’ benefit togetherness is needed. It’s more than possible for one person to make money in multiple places all by themselves but, when people come together it multiplies the harvest!

Like with the article on False Flagging, I’ve addressed Multiple Streams several times before on this blog. You are welcome to search for those articles.

But, keep in mind how important it is to ‘also’ promote your business on multiple platforms, while also having a platform that YOU Own. is independent of any network marketing company; so is our  If any business we’re ‘using’ to help OUR team make money goes out of business, “We” do not go out of business with them.

This is called ‘intelligence’.

While some got upset I’ve addressed the ‘lack’ of intelligent marketers. Several say ‘why do I need to be on Twitter or Instagram… I’m already on facebook!’ … and they say this with pride!

They ignore other outlets like Pinterest. Some of you may remember, TNG was on Tumblr for a brief one, until …. we got shut down (for a still undisclosed reason aka we have NO idea why that happened; typical results of social media and, most likely, false flagging).  I can only guess that someone on Tumblr didn’t like me talking about making money with MLM, Racism in business, or multiple streams of income.  Because as (we’ve also covered) Professor Devin Responded to Gary Vee’s “There are no Gatekeepers”white male privilege still exists in business today;  It’s ‘less likely’ that a white man talking about business will be false flagged as a scam artist. The natural trust factor is built in. As black people, we have to create that kind of ‘outlook’ for ourselves, and it’s not easy to do.

It’s possible though….

read more of my thoughts on Twitter concerning Dr. Boyce’s Banning from Facebook. Here is the ‘thread’ ….