I just put together a new video discussing the awesome shopping portal, BigCrumbs – (Sign up for free here!)

Check out the NEW video excluviely @ My EmpowerNetwork Blog

You can also read about a NEW book from Robert Hollis. Some of you may have heard of him, most of you probably have not. He’s one of several successful individuals that have been a vital part of growing the Network Marketing Industry. The things he has been teaching people for several years, has helped thousands of people walk off their jobs, and into their dreams. It’s great to see him put his wisdom and knowledge into a book – and you can pick it up RIGHT here!

In other news, most people know I’m a HUGE Laker Fan – needless to say, the currently 10-14 Lakers are making things interesting once again … especially with the treatment of their former head coach, Phil Jackson – TMZ recently caught up with the ZEN Master, and you can see a VIDEO of what he had to say – No doubt, Phil Jackson is Getting The Last Laugh!

I’m also sure, Mike Brown is laughing some where too .. as I pointed out in a recent video, “sometimes it’s the Coach, Sometimes… its the Player!

In the case of the Lakers, SOME Players might need to go! …. Just sayin …

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