A while back I partnered with a company selling Non GMO Hemp Products, that are also grown in the USA. The company had an impressive business model, and I fully support what is going on. As a network marketer, in today’s age, it’s important that we align ourselves with flexible companies.  Business plans that make it easy for you to start earning money selling their products, is the future.  I’m all for hoops, as often non-trained sales people harm a company more than help. But if we can remove the financial hoops, and emphasize training, we may have a powerful combination.

That’s what I’ve found so far, with CTFO – non gmo hemp products through a solid Business Model.

First off, it’s free to become an associate. If you’d like to make money selling these non gmo hemp products, Get Started Today here.

As you’ll see, we get our own Free websites as part of our membership. Signing up through me, means I’ll get in touch with you and make sure you’re plugged into the Training provided by our team. We have weekly conference calls, and a powerful Testimony group on Facebook, where people who’ve used these hemp products share their experiences & results.

Should you choose to ‘sponsor shop’ and sign up with someone else, then I cannot help you there! Hopefully you choose someone that cares about your success. Should you decide to Sell these CBD products, let’s discuss how much money you could make.   As an ‘associate’ of CTFO you will earn 30% of all your personal sales volume. As you share these non gmo hemp products with others, that can become quite lucrative for you.

Sell non GMO hemp products

Start your hemp business for free selling non gmo hemp products

Should you generate $1,000 in sales, you would generate an additional $300 per month for yourself.

You’ll really be rolling in the money should you manage to create $10,000 in personal sales. But we all know that would be a major challenge for most people. This is why network marketing companies allow us to incorporate the efforts of others. In addition to what you can earn from personal sales, you also can earn from “Team Sales”.

Should you decide to partner up with others, so that ‘together’ you can generate $10,000 in sales or more, that would be even more rewarding for you.  CTFO will pay you through 5 levels of ‘associate’ referrals. As you and your team go out and generate sales for these non gmo hemp products, grown in the USA, they will earn 30% on their personal volume, and you will earn 20% from all the volume on your 1st level.  On levels 2 through 5, CTFO will pay you 4% of sales volume.

If you and your team are growing properly, all sales volume on levels 2-5 should far out product your personal sales volume.

The best way to approach this, is to set a goal of gaining and retaining 5-10 personal customers.   These non gmo Hemp products are going for anywhere between $40-$50, and your customers will be ordering each month if they like the results. If you’re doing the math, this would put you at less than that $1,000 month example I gave earlier.  However, if you teach 2-5 people to also go out and attain 5-10 customers each.. your ‘team’s monthly sales’ will begin to grow.

As with most income opportunities, there is no real way to say how much money you will make. These things will depend on your personal desire to go out and earn money, as well as the level of desire your business partners have.  This is always the reality of business, regardless of the business model.   If you want to test out the products for yourself ,that’s always a good idea. See if they work for you, then simply use your Personal testimony to generate sales to others.