I don’t think I’ve really talked about Why I left levelonenetwork although it’s possible I have in passing.

However the thought crossed my mind this weekend, especially since I did So Much work to get the word out about the EmpowerNetwork competitor.

LevelOneNetwork was really a breath of fresh air at a time when there was so much HYPE in our industry. Not that the hype has dissipated but at that time, it was ridiculous. So much has happened to both companies since then, including my decision to leave both!

Initially I was going to keep my EmpowerNetwork blog AND my LevelOneNetwork but, then came the Training.

I was not expecting Dan Miller (the creator of LevelOneNetwork) to be so specific, and so good at teaching us HOW to properly go about writing blogs that get traffic.Since I wasn’t learning this over at EN, I closed that down, not long after. I saw more value with levelonenetwork, and was ready to change. (Times Are Changing And You Are the Ostrich)

When it comes to getting web traffic there are only a few ways to do it. You can pass out enough cards and flyers around town with your website on them, and hope that people will visit your site.  This route is expensive and for the most part, people are just going to throw your advertisements in the trash.

There are several other ways to advertise though. Advertising is the most popular and dependable way to get traffic but, it’s also very expensive.  That brings us to Social Media Marketing. If you’re real savvy you can actually drive traffic to your website without spending a dime. It’s going to take a lot of work though. Good ole’ opportunity, always dressed in work clothes.  In my opinion this is the way to go for anyone involved in network marketing. You want to learn skills, and you actually Do want to partner up with other people who also are learning skills. Two people with skills is always better than ONE person with skills.

This is where levelonenetwork appealed to me.

What Dan was teaching us was, Search Engine Optimization. Also a lot of work involved but, there are more people using Search Engines than Social Media. When people want to know about a movie or a tv show, they’re going to Google, not their social media site. Although, it’s always a good idea to have some information ON those sites, for the people who do their research there. The vast majority of traffic is waiting for you and I on search engines though.  Learning how to use SEO to bring organic traffic to your website, means better quality leads; and a higher rate of sales conversions.

That was a lot of business talk so I hope I didn’t lose you.

Why did you leave Levelonenetwork

Let me get down to why I left levelonenetwork.

In spite of all the awesome training that was provided to us, suddenly out of no where it was taken away.

I was marketing an SEO Training program; and when people signed up, there was no Training for them to see.

I was marketing a SEO program with a dynamic way to make sure Everything was properly written (The SEO Scope) – and one day that disappeared too.

I don’t know what happened.

No emails were sent out, and no communication came from Dan Miller.

TO this day I have no idea why he took down the training program; or removed the SEO Scope. I just know that the moment I realized it was gone, we had a real problem. I sent several emails to support, and ended up in a back and forth with a guy named Joel Acosta for months. I kept getting the same response from him.

He’d tell me Dan was working on it.

After 6-8 months of “Dan is working on it” – I sent some very frustrated emails – included with Cussing and all!

Because seriously, what kind of fucking customer service is that?

We fork over $49/mo, and for those of us who paid for the Master Training – we paid almost $500 for it all; and one day it just goes away without explanation?

For all of these reasons, I’ll never work with any company created by Dan Miller, nor will I be excited to hear Joel Acosta attached.

I didn’t appreciate the tone of the emails sent back to me; even after offering to help get things fixed; offering to help them find a programmer, whatever they needed. I believed int he program; I worked hard to refer people. and … they showed no appreciation or desire to make levelonenetwork what it had the potential of being. They pretty much just, let it die.

So what Have I been doing since?

I’m still growing and improving the One MLM system ‘To Rule Them All’ – which ‘used’ to feature this program on our $50 level. It was replaced with DsDomination. Soon we will begin creating and selling our OWN TNG products through the system as well. Now is the time to build with us! The future is bright….

You can also check out my recent TSU Social Network Review – about a social network, that pays us to do what we’ve been doing – without getting paid for it.