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What Makes You An Expert?

The Internet has given us Expert Overload. Seems like just about everyone who is able to call themselves an expert is doing just that! If you’re in search of an actual expert, then you’ve really got to do some digging. Then again do you? Don’t Experts just stand out?? Well, Let me stop asking questions […]

Still Hopping Around in MLM?

Hopping Around in MLM: So I get a call today from a networker who, I sorta have respect for. I’m being honest here though. I’m not a big fan of MLM people and haven’t been for some time. The call I got today is a big reminder of why that is. I swear this person […]

Network Marketing Companies Are All The Same

The overall message you’ll get from TopNetworkersGroup is that Network Marketing Companies are all the same. All network marketing companies sell a product or a service and use this business model to save money on advertising. Advertising is a huge industry. Billions of dollars are spent each year by traditional companies in hopes of getting […]

TopNetworkersGroup Thoughts for 2014

Hello and thank you for stopping by… I have some thoughts for 2014 (on TopNetworkersGroup) that I’d like to share and am excited to share them with you … I started Topnetworkersgroup in 2010, when I got fed up with working with non-professionals.¬† I wanted to create a system that would be simple for others […]

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