What we’ve done, in a nutshell, with our 1mlmsystem.com “System” is removed all the excuses that people have made, for why they struggle to earn a consistent, residual check, In Network Marketing.

When TopNetworkersGroup was first put together, it was created out of the ‘struggles’ that myself and several others have experienced in this industry.

We wanted to approach this industry ‘better’ and ‘more professionally’ than I felt most were approaching it. See, MLM was ‘never’ about the company…. and all the top money earners in our industry do not recruit others based solely on how awesome their company is.

The TOP People, recruit people into partnership with THEM.

If my vision for others, is for them to become TOP NETWORKERS – they must have this understanding of how to sponsor others.

Often, “the money” becomes an issue – some times people will avoid joining a business because the ‘cost’ to get started, stops them in their tracks.

The MONEY however, is never what MLM is about. Really, it’s the commitment. Will You put in the ‘time’ to learn what you need to learn, so that you can be Excellent at getting results in this industry? If not, keep your money…

We do Not want your Money!

However, with so many ‘opportunities’ in our industry today, lots of people could care less about other people; they JUST want their money. They JUST want to make a fast start bonus from them. They want them on autoship whether they are producing or not, so that they can make money….. and to us, that’s not right.

We want committed business partners to work with.

We want people who WANT to be on our team, working with us.

We did not want to make ‘money’ an issue at all; We wanted to make sure ‘company’ was not the main focus of others; we wanted to get BACK to the BASICS of network marketing and create a team who would approach MLM, ‘the right way’…

No crossline recruiting.

No Leadership team joining a new company ever 3-4 months, taking all the ‘leaders’ in their downline with them, regardless of who’s downline they are taking them out of.

No half-ass training telling people to just post links, and keep getting on calls, till they get results.

We wanted a real, PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN – that challenges each team member to become Better than they are today, so they can attract better people into their lives, and especially into their businesses; and as we grow our network, as we increase our income, as we gain MORE knowledge about what works vs what doesn’t, WE become a ‘group’ of Top Networkers.

NOW others can finally and officially join our team, and our movement…. to make The Industry of MLM, what the PEOPLE really and truly need. A place where anyone – literally – can turn FREE money into Residual Money; and create a life for themselves, that will bless others for decades, and perhaps centuries to come.

To work with our team, you Must join our System – 1mlmsystem.com