Hopping Around in MLM: So I get a call today from a networker who, I sorta have respect for. I’m being honest here though. I’m not a big fan of MLM people and haven’t been for some time. The call I got today is a big reminder of why that is. I swear this person has been hopping around since I met them, way back in 2009 or so.  I actually signed up with them in a Tele-medicine based opportunity which neither of us really liked. Well, I know for sure I didn’t have the best experience with it.  The company we were in was unable to stay in business and went OUT of business about 2 years after we joined.

Since that time, this person has been hopping around.

stop hopping around

I’ve gotten several calls to join several different companies with them… and as to not harp on just one person, over the past few years, i get several inboxes from Several people in network marketing – all of them are company hopping. They get into a company and stick for a while – some only stick a toe in before hopping into something else. One person who’s done pretty well in the industry, or so it would seem (because let’s face it, I’m not examining their bank accounts, nor do I know where they get their money from), recently inboxed me to tell me he was leaving his company which he had been at for the past 5 years. After preaching ‘focus on one company’ for all this time, primarily because the people he was (and still is) following were preaching this message he’s packing up his bags for another company.

Why is he hopping around after all this time in ONE company?

The answer is simple.

The person he’s following is leaving, so he’s leaving too.

This affirms the foundational teaching OF mlm – that people do not join companies.

People join people. (It’s not About the program)

This is what makes the idea of hopping around in MLM entirely silly.

What’s actually happening is, people are following other people – some people are not following anyone but their own selfish motives – and everything in between.

It’s very rare for a business person to join a company, entirely for what the company offers them. Most people do it for the money.

Most people who you’ll find hopping around in MLM however, have so many various reasons for doing it – and yet – what they need to know is, it’s not going to change anything.

In network marketing, you have to know how to do Two things.

You need to know how to get Customers for whatever company you and your ‘network’ are part of.

You need to know the proper ways to share the income opportunity available WITH that company; as part of your network.

Those of you who are thinking about individual goals are already out. You’ve failed before you’ve begun. Network Marketing is all about teamwork.  You can hop from one company to the next – but what you’ll find each time is that the only ones making money, are the ones working together as a team.  That’s when you’ll begin to see ‘where the individual does matter’ – in how each Person approaches their Role WITH the team. Are YOU the person on the team who’s lifting spirits or bringing down the mood?  Do you bring value to the team or are you taking SHOTS at the team, and working against others? Are you so focused on getting attention that you’re forgetting to earn it with production?  Are you raising the standards of the team, or crying for the bar to be lowered?

There are so many more questions we can ask, to explore what it means to BE a good Team Mate – that will help you understand something more important, when it comes to network marketing.

People can work in ‘teams’ to do GOOD – or not to.

This is why Topnetworkersgroup was created in 2010.

I noticed a lot of hopping around in MLM by leaders and their teams, who did not always have the best interests of others in mind.

This problem continues to this day.

MLM SPonsor Shopping is out of control & It has to stop.

But it will take a team, doing things the right way – to stop it.

How? We have to learn how to do better at approaching this ‘as a team’  :