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1mlmsystem URL updates; New Logos; Big Picture Vision

This is a quick update on our 1mlmsystem URL’s – which in some cases may have changed depending on where you are. A while back we wrote this –

Both 1mlmsystem URL’s Now Working

Well – the ‘tngusername’ variable is no longer working on our  1mlmsystem Home Page.

In fact, the whole 1mlmsystem home page has been revamped. Where you used to see the system overview, and had to wait for the clock; We’re now giving people a bigger picture of what we are up to. We’ve added a navigation bar, which now links people to a quick launch video; our Free MLM Training Video Page; Our Free Your Mind Presentation (based on The Matrix Trilogy) – and also The Black Folder.

Coming soon will be a Programs Page, which will allow people to preview which programs are currently In our system; but also will STRESS our message, that it’s the team that matters; not the mlm affiliate program or company.

We all do the same things; and so it doesn’t matter what the company does; does not matter what they pay – if you and I have no network; we cannot make money in network marketing. Period.

This is and has been our message since we first formed TopNetworkersGroup in 2010. Most of the early people who helped create this idea, oddly enough, were not committed to the idea. Most left the partnership, over a company.

So, going forward, we wanted to make sure we are attracting the right kinds of people to grow our team with. Also, we want people to be exposed to all of what we have going on. This big picture vision is important for all of our prospects.

— We also have New Logos for the 1mlmsystem.

New One MLM System Logo

The new Logo incorporates ‘the strongest structure known to man’ – A pyramid.

Early on, there were some people who didn’t like the name for our 1mlmsystem, because of the word mlm in the title. There are so many people in MLM who are ashamed to be part of the MLM Industry. This to me, is a shame in and of itself. You and I should be proud to represent this industry – for all the wonderful things it can do (and has done) for so many people. So, the decision to include a pyramid is also all about taking Pride in what we do.

MLM’s are not pyramid schemes although that is part of the reputation that is out there.

The pyramid however, Is a structure that nearly all businesses operate on.  This structure can keep a corporation, or any organization in tact for years and years – withstanding the unpredictable weather; the storms of life and of business.

This is all at the very heart of our message to our industry – WE MUST build and MAINTAIN our networks. We must build on Loyalty to one another; not loyalty to a company….

We have also redesigned our Number One Logo – also to better reflect our vision for this team that we are building. We are Number One – and our Championship claim will rise out of our commitment and loyalty to one another; to our Foundation – which you will see represented in the new design.  Take a look at our One MLM System to Rule them all – which continues to grow, evolve and improve – JUST as each of us should be doing.

Happy New Year! New Updates to Our System

Happy New Year everybody!

Welcome to 2013 – may this year be FULL of blessings for you and your families.

We have worked hard putting together a system to help Teach and Train people who want to make money, on how to do so, using the MLM Industry as a starting point.

MLM is not a destination, and several people have gone on to start successful businesses of their own, after working in a Good MLM Company for 3-5 years.

95% of people who join MLM however, are broke. Which means, they spend more than they make. It’s a statistic that bothers me. It says to me that in spite of how awesome the industry is, and how wide open the possibilities are, they are only attainable for 5% of people who join.

We wanted to create a system that changes this up; and elimiates the need to invest large amounts of money, to make money; You simply need to invest your Time, and commitment to be a Loyal Business partner, and Team Member.

We pre-launched our Training system in August, and Launched it officially opening its doors December 21, 2012 – and we saw right away that we needed to make a few more improvements, before this system could be embraced. I feel we have made and delivered those improvements.

Here is a quick preview of what we’ve Updated….

Simpler Registration Process.  Instead of requiring new members to sign up for every single free program we recommend; we will allow them to simply create a username, password, enter their best phone number, and email – and they’re in.

In order to Unlock our Training, they will need to register for our Recommended Affiliate Programs, and will have the option to “Max Out” or wait until later.

We are limiting access to Some Training and Some Tools; making them exclusive to Maxed Out Members; and we’ve added additional, optional free programs that also enhance our system – everything we do is designed to teach you how to get Leads, Traffic, and Sales. We’re transforming hobbyists into professionals, because hobbyist make hobby money – while professionals make professional money.

Do you want Hobby or Professional Money?

This is a No Brainer…

We’ve literally taken away ALL Excuses, and have cleared the way to make it even easier to add Proven Programs into our system, as our Team GROWS….
The NEW Improvements are almost done … Stay tuned for a VIDEO update, and much more from TopNetworkersGroup – Thanks for stopping in!


CopyPasteCash.com … is there any value in it?

The short answer is YES – there is value in just about everything although not much value in everything. I thought CopyPasteCash was another here today and gone tomorrow business. It was simple, and something that seemed to be TOO simple.

In a way that is exactly why it’s still here and not gone… and why it’s been a great way for so many people to make money. But I want to do more than just gloss over how great this opportunity can be – I want to talk specifically about how YOU Can get the most value out of it, or else what good is this to you?

Getting REAL Value from CopyPasteCash.com

The first thing you must do to get REAL Value out of CopyPasteCash is to watch the Tutorial Videos First – before you do anything else.

You’ll start to notice how this system rewards you for taking action and that is a lot like any area of business where you wish to succeed. YOU Must take action, and by getting training before taking action, the actions you take will get you RESULTS!

The second thing you must do after watching the Tutorial videos is CONTACT the person that referred you and COMMUNICATE with them… Do not attempt to work this by yourself. Let others know that you’ve done some work, and that you’re about to begin posting ads.

The third thing you MUST do is allow that person to hold you accountable. This is all about daily consistent action; and if you do not act daily you will not see the results you signed up for. Far too often people sign up for things, and have no one to hold them accountable. IT then becomes easy NOT to reach the daily goals that you should be setting for yourself. Let someone else keep you on target to reach your goals with this income opportunity.

Here’s our Quick Review of the opportunity

When it comes to affiliate programs it’s important that we make Proper Business Decisions. Affiliate programs are never perfect, but as long as they are paying out what they are supposed to pay, when they are supposed to pay it, that is all that ever truly matters. When you and I learn to make money with affiliate programs, we often will have found a network of people to work with in anything else – future endeavors will now go much more smoothly than before – having a team of like minded people to tackle any MLM company with, will mean all the difference in the world!

Thanks for visiting!! Share your feedback below if this has helped you in any way!!

Get signed up today with CopyPasteCash!

but be sure to also get Connected with Me through TopNetworkersGroup – Register for our Training system, and combine what we are teaching with what you’ll learn through CopyPasteCash – Grow your self, and your income will follow!!

My Thoughts on GlobalOne – Unproven …

Here goes network marketing again…

All these rookies … and even a few greedy veterans… sharks who smell blood in the water… a FEW people are about to make some money … and a LOT are about to lose some money … I could be wrong, but … I really doubt it.

GlobalOne, in my opinion is another ‘here today gone tomorrow’ opportunities.

Here’s why — I watched the presentation and no one has ever done what these folks are seeking to do. Every time someone tries to re-invent the wheel, it does not work out… and a bunch of people end up being burned!

I was actually starting to feel as if GlobalOne was ‘similar’ to what we are doing with 1mlmsystem.com — but it’s not.

I took the time to look over the presentation, just to make sure…

Our goal is to teach you network marketing, primarily so you can avoid the pitfalls of ‘falling for the hype’ — which causes networkers to LOSE Money. Our goal is to Educate you, so that you can stop making mlm so complicated.

MLM is simple, it’s not complicated at all….

To make MLM Simple again, we’ve removed any idea that Our Programs are ‘better than anything else!”

… which is seemingly a tagline for this new opportunity; 100,000 people signed up for Free, pre-launch, and yet … How many will actually upgrade?

This is again, another problem with pre-launches in our industry today.

People get all excited, and hyped up, they spend all kinds of time promoting, and then………. No one upgrades.

They’ve wasted all that time promoting something THEY are not even gonna stick around in… most will be OFF to another pre-launch … that they don’t plan on sticking to.

We decided against FREE members joining our team, because FREE members never upgrade. If a person will not pay $10 to get inside, they are not serious about earning money.

Watch it happen here too – I hate to say that, but It’s been happening way too often…. watch the launch date come, and most of the people who are hyping it now, slowly quiet down, because no one upgraded..

Perhaps those of us who KNOW better have been TOO silent?

Also, I realize my post may come off a bit bias – since we too are offering ONE system, that builds Several programs, while you grow ONE Network; but as the old addage goes, “The devil is in the details”

… If you are Excited about GlobalOne, I would like to encourage you to take a serous look at what OUR system is offering; A TRUE opportunity to make money in MLM, perhaps for the very first time – for so many who continue to struggle; because OUR system is really a Training Program;

Stick with it though … if you’re excited about it – stick it out – but do Consider what we’re saying via our $10 Training Program 🙂 – –

We’ve included PROVEN programs that are tested, that pay out, and we’ve put them INTO our system so WE can earn money as WE Build.

You won’t see us talking about programs we “think” will work out….

We know these programs work…

… and yet, we also know that we must STOP making it about the programs.

That time has come and gone — Watch Our compensation Plan video and get signed up to work with our team today.

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