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I’m a veteran of the MLM industry. Joined in 99′ and my ‘first tour’ went into 2004; after 5 years with my first company i decided to start my Own business, building websites; using most of what I learned in my first company I was able to acquire customers and build a few solid streams of income. Then in 2009, I got a phone call from my old ‘upline’ and got the ‘bug’ to get back in the game; It’s crazy how much Changed in a few years. During my MLM hiatus (2004-2009) I began studying Internet Marketing; learning from cats like Stephen Pierce and Matt Bacak; I was using landing pages, and auto responders – and thought ‘man this would work so well with mlm’ —- A guy named Mike Dillard did what I was “thinking” about doing…. he merged the two and created an entire industry …. of idiots.

Today, most people in the MLM Industry are relying entirely on technology;

the MLM Industry has too many Robots and not enough Professional People
No human touch; the business model was never intended to function that way. That’s why the Positive press that was starting to emerge on MLM has gone entirely away; Everyone hates it now. … again …

I feel that’s because most people’s introduction to “Mike Dillard’s version of mlm” lacks the Fundamentals to understand he combined TWO Separate Business Models into One; and while people are learning a lot of great internet marketing concepts; They’re learning NOTHING about network marketing; to the detriment of the entire industry.

Attrition rates are higher than ever before. People are making even less money; The throne is open …. the right team of well trained individuals will take over this industry and help it rise to the position it should be at in our society; we actually ‘should’ want to empower one another, instead of corporations – but ‘getting there’ requires an industry of ‘representatives’ who fully understand what they are doing.

The longest distance between any two points, is a short cut; and right now MLM is filled with short cut mentality; I’m currently on the look for 3-5 Leaders who want to run with me; but as usual, not all who apply are qualified;

In 2010, I realized the industry had changed; I realized we were entering the 5th Wave, just as #RichardPoe predicted; I started getting ready. In 2012 me and a business partner launched the 1 mlm system  – but we were not on the same page; The page I was on, and still am on, is “Team over Company” — my partner however, decided to Focus on a Company; that went out of business – which was the entire point of NOT focusing on a company;

When Two “leaders” of a team are not on the same page; the rest of the Team won’t be either.

So I cannot have ‘founders’ that wanna do their own thing if our mission is to be successful. No more “Broke Man Plan” types who come into my system to “steal” my ideas and ‘try’ to use them for self. No more “Prosperous Rhinoceros”  types who wanna ‘try’ to use concepts I teach, to write BOOKS to sell ,that misquote me – No “Retired MLM Vets” who Call Me up to pitch me on My 1mlmsystem, as if HE came up with the very idea I Just shared with him. (all True Stories; Names changed to cut down on Drama)

Way too much nonsense out here; but it’s all good; Those folks helped me learn that ‘some things’ need to be protected until a proper leadership team is assembled. This new video goes into why the MLM industry needs what we have to offer. That will only be possible, when we have identified the right people to build with. The Rich Man’s Plan will help us find those individuals. Are you one of the people We need?

The “Live Office” is back; new and improved; to help me with sorting people properly to ensure I’m building ‘with the right people’ – This message is going out to the official list in a few minutes; going up on TNGforever ::: the right 3-5 people are in store for are life changing journey; and we will bless the lives of all who align themselves with us ….. Here’s to the future!

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Al King, CEO & Founder

What Forming Voltron Has To Do With Network Marketing

Once again, I am about to share some information that will be copied by all of network marketing. Truth is I’ve shared this information before on Forming Voltron – about the importance of working together as a team. Not too long ago I put together a video, and even wrote about forming voltron briefly on We are at a crucial time in network marketing where people are perhaps more than ever before turned off by the idea of having to recruit people to make money.

This core misunderstanding comes from greedy leaders who think they can be Voltron all by themselves.

The problem is (as usual with these kinds of things) that isn’t how it works. Voltron is made up of several people not just one. While it is the most powerful ‘machine’ in the universe (according to the storyline) it requires ‘Pilots’. When the 1mlmsystem was put together, there was a part of our Programs Page (sales Letter) that spoke directly to this idea. This concept is very much a part of TopNetworkersGroup.

I’ll admit, it may sound a bit ‘silly’ to an adult to use a Cartoon to get a message like this across. There are really few examples that are better than this.

What does Forming Voltron have to do with Network Marketing, other than everything?

The most successful network marketing companies I’ve ever seen, have 4-5 people working together at the very top.  Everything flows from their union. Whenever I see a company flounder it is usually due to discord at the top.  Recently wrote about the David Wood Meltdown, and so much of Empire Network’s story Involves the founders not seeing eye to eye. More than likely they could not decide which one would be ‘the head’. That’s usually the challenge that Voltron faces even in the Cartoon.

Currently there is a  Voltron remake running over on Netflix and I just started to watch it from season 1. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, but it resonates even more now when I’m talking about network marketing in this 5th Wave. With literally 1,000’s of mlm companies that you can join, why would you join any of them? Why would you stick to Only one or, Only join companies someone else is in…. when you can, be independent and do as you please?

You don’t work for anyone, you are your own boss … right?

my own boss mentality vs team voltron mentality

Being a network marketer is about being part of a team; not being your ‘own boss’ but working WITH other bosses towards a common goal

Well, what are you the Boss of, if you have No organization?  What are you the boss of if there is no sales team, no ‘multiple levels of marketers’ below you?  How are you a boss, if you’ve got 20 customers instead of 20,000 that you’re getting paid on every single month??

You’re in network marketing, but network marketing isn’t in you. If it was, you’d understand that this isn’t that kinda business. You’re a boss, but you’re not a boss ‘by yourself’. You’re in a ‘boss partnership’ with other bosses. The only way all of you bosses are going to get anything done, is if you ‘organize’ and decide on a structure where, some of you will play a Lesser Role; for the greater good of the whole.

That’s, forming voltron.  Yea you probably could pilot the Black Lion but ‘right now’, we need you to pilot the Blue one. In fact, what you may come to find out is you ‘thought’ you were ready for the black lion but, the blue lion is giving you fits; In network marketing you need to learn how to pilot all of the lions, before you can ever ‘truly’ pilot the black one – the Head.

Just don’t make the mistake of lessening the importance of each role. Voltron, ain’t voltron without the arms and legs.

So if you’re considering partnership with TopNetworkersGroup what role are you wiling to play?  Are you coming to the team to tell us what programs should be in our system?  That is what so many people do and have done, since we rolled our system out in 2012. The same people who make this ‘about the programs’ are gone as soon as that program they liked goes out of business.  If our partnership is contingent on programs, we do not have a partnership.  That isn’t voltron.

The reason most people aren’t making money in MLM is they’re not looking to Form Voltron. Look at your ‘team’ right now, or the team you belong to and ‘how’ you go about playing your role on it. Do you show up for the meetings, and are you on time, enthusiastic and ready to grow?  Are you writing blogs, and edifying your team Leaders, your team system, your team Training?  Most of you aren’t, if you’ll be honest about it. Perhaps you’ve joined a team where most of those ‘roles’ appear to be filled already.

Which begs to question are you helping to ensure other members on that team are Following the example that’s been set? Or are you joining in the pity parties with Negative Nancy and the failure of losers I pointed out in the Cyber Bullies on Twitter ‘drama’?

So often, your success comes down to what YOU are doing to HELP or harm the ‘team’; the ‘unit’ …..  The Voltron.

If you’re not looking to help BUILD the organization; and be ‘part’ of the organization as it moves against the challenges it faces – then this team and this ‘group’ just is not for you. Otherwise, get started here by signing up for the email list – start responding to the emails that come your way.

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Vemma Shut Down By the FTC And We Were Right Again

We were Right Again – one of our loudest messages here at TopNetworkersGroup is Any Business Can Go out of Business. This morning the news broke, that Vemma has been Shut Down by the FTC.

What’s worse is the reasons behind why they were shut down; Read more here – FTC: Vemma Temporarily Shut Down for Operating an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

MLM has a bad enough stigma as it is. So this news is not something to celebrate. Anytime a company shuts down in the MLM industry it actually looks bad for the entire industry. It lends to the ongoing narrative that this industry is unstable, and is NOT the path to freedom that so many of us say it is.

This is why Topnetworkersgroup exists in the first place. We noticed that most people in our industry did not fully understand the industry they were part of. I would venture to say that the majority of people in Vemma did not understand either. Promising money is always a no-no. There are no guarantees in this business. There are too many variables involved to know for sure who will make what.

There are a lot of dynamics – a lot of moving parts.

Network marketing is Not Sales; it’s a beast of it’s own kind. But many people in this industry never learn that lesson. it sounds like that is the mistake Vemma distributors made as well. Promising people that they would earn $50,000 per month on a $600 investment is all because zealous distributors wanted to make their company sound better than the others. In an effort to make their company sound better (in spite of the fact that Network Marketing Compnaies are all the Same) they messed around and got shut down by the FTC.


Earlier in the week on facebook I Disconnected from 2 people who have this same mentality. They want to talk about how one company is better than the other one. They want to compete against other Network Marketers. They have no real desire to listen to anybody else, or learn about anyone else. They are laser focused on themselves. They have a mentor or two that they follow, listen to and learn from. They view every single person in MLM as a number rather than as a person. These kinds of people are polluted throughout the industry today.

And that is why Topnetworkersgroup exists.

We are here to educate the uneducated. We are here to teach skills to people who lack them. We are here to create professionals, who will make professional money once they learn what they MUST learn; and do what they MUST do.

We are in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing – The Cheese has moved; your approach to making money in this industry MUST change; because the cheese has moved!

While we certainly feel sorry for people involved with Vemma, we also hope that they do not become disillusioned with the industry. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and make promises to people. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and require all your distributors to be on autoship. People decided to do that. People decided to approach this like an amateur instead of like a professional. They set a bad example.

But don’t let that stop you from seeking out a Good example.

The good examples do exist. The good leaders do exist. The good teams do exist. Help us build and shape ours into the kind of team it can and should be. Help us Help the industry.

Join Our System – Partner up with The Group Today!

Learn how to avoid being a catastrophe of the NEXT Vemma Shut Down – the same thing that happens in our industry all the time is bound to happen again. Any business CAN go out of business. That’s business! The Vemma Shut Down sucks for the industry but, it does not mean that our industry is not Better than working for someone else!

The Student is Ready When the Teacher Notices Their Test

I wrote something a few minutes ago, inspired by that good ole’ saying … “When the student is ready the teacher will appear…”

I don’t know who said that – but it’s been quoted over the years; and has been so useful, and so true in my life. I was not always a good student; in fact I tell people all the time that I became a better student when I got into business than I ever was while I was in school.

— which I allude to in this short message; about the Bad student; and the Good Teacher;

I don’t care what company you’re in.

I’m looking for people who understand what I understand.

I’m not all that interested in the people who assume I don’t understand anything; and that they are here to teach me. Because they don’t know my teachers.

I’ve had some of the very best to ever do this….

When it comes to being a student; there aren’t too many like me….

I know how to be a bad student; because I spent MOST of my ‘formal school years’ being a horrible student; I spent more time chasing women, hitting parties, and getting my recreational on … than I did preparing for tests; or writing papers; I cheated on a LOT of tests…. (statue of limitations is up) — I guessed my way to a LOT of tests … and I don’t say any of that to brag.

That was super horrible student mode there.

So I know what a horrible student looks like when they show up to my Class.

My Classroom … is the system that was created to Educate and Train my Partners; like a good teacher does; I observe the class – I don’t waste my time arguing with students; I know what a bad student is gonna tell me “Teacher, I got this” …

The bad student, doesn’t understand the good teacher.

The good teacher isn’t threatened by the bad student; because it’s not the teachers job; the teachers job is to provide the lessons; to make sure the students have all the information; and have access to the answers; If the students aren’t asking the teacher questions; they better pass those tests …

Otherwise they better not blame the teacher …

Even though, that’s often what the bad student does….


When the student is ready, the teacher will notice their test score.

In Business there are several types of Tests…

Life is going to test that student; will the student quit or pay more attention to life? Other opportunities will test that student; will the student stay focused and pursue the goal? Does the student even know what the goal is? The relationship between the teacher and the student will be tested. When the teacher asks the student to do a task, will the student respect the teacher enough to complete it; knowing there is a lesson in the task?

Or will the student scoff off the assignment, thinking there isn’t much more the teacher can teach them?

When the student is ready, the student will recognize that teachers are all around; lessons are being taught; and all they really need to do is listen, learn, and apply.

Most teachers in business will tell the students that oftentimes the things we do will require repetition before we become really good at it; and more repetition to become great. Applying the knowledge is where the results come; Faith, without works is dead.

We (Myself and Others) put together a system that takes into mind what a network marketer truly needs. There is a lot of information out there, and while much of it is useful, so much of it is not really what a network marketer needs.

The only way for you to know for sure that this statement is true however, would be for you to sign up for our system; take our training courses (by watching the videos; taking copious notes) – and finally applying what WE are teaching.

Only then, can you see the results WE are promising to our ‘students’ – which refers to, the Students … who are ready. When the student is ready we’ll SEE Them applying our lessons; and we’ll SEE Them getting the results we are promising. When a student is not ready, or unsure of the teacher; the student will do what the student wants to do.

Unfortunately bad students will blame their teachers for their results.

It’s rare for a bad student to simply admit to being a bad student!

Afterall, if they had a good teacher, they’d MAKE them into a good student…..


…. absolutely WRONG.

Does the teacher Control you?

..(if you’re a bad student that is … are you being controlled by someone else?)

Who makes the decision to do the opposite of what the Teacher is teaching?

We have an old saying around here …


Do some of what we teach; get SOME of the results.

Do None of what we teach; get NONE of the results.

Do All of what we teach; get ALL of the results.

… So we’re going to put that on a T-Shirt for you; and allow you to sell it through our 1mlmsystem; via a pretty awesome FREE program; that will allow us to Teach you even more SKILLS; when it comes to branding yourself. That company is – which I advise you setting up an account FOR FREE – right now – and standing by, for it to show up in our Members area, for the One MLM System, to rule them all.

When the student is ready of course …

Because if you’re not ready; Our system will spit you out.

TopNetworkersGroup is a movement; and we are still seeking Leaders who have what it takes; to take the MLM industry into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; only some of us will survive. Our Team, will lead the way. Will you be with us?

TopNetworkersGroup The First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization

What does it mean to be the first 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization?

TopNetworkersGroup answers that question – in this brand new and explosive Video from The Team, to show others The Right Way to approach This industry. We are in a new era in the MLM industry. People and Companies that are not properly prepared for this time will not survive going into the future. A lot of the nonsense is going to be phased out. Spammers and Amateurs are no longer going to have a place in our industry, when we get through doing, what we are here to do.

We are here to change the game – the way “WE” are playing it; See, either you’re a professional or you’re not. We realized that back in 2010 during our inception. We set out to create a 5th Wave Organization – The Vision has always been BIG – and the timing for what we’re doing couldn’t be better. You’ll see, we are still ahead of the game.

The MLM industry has grown by leaps and bounds in just the past few years. There are so many opportunities in our industry today and that was my clue. We’ve been working towards this point where we have a system in place; to help Our Team take advantage of this phenomenal time in our industry; which is about to get started in the next 3-5 years.

Are You Excited??? Get Started with Us Today – (sign Up for the list)

The 5th Wave of Network Marketing by TopNetworkersGroup

We are about to witness the greatest shift in wealth that has ever been seen; just as network marketing has been talking about for a couple of decades now. That shift is approaching. Evil is being exposed at a rapid rate. People are slowly waking up to the truth. We’re starting to realize that the Corporate Job Structure is nothing more than modern day slavery. We’re starting to realize that MLM is a ‘better business model’ – and our team, is building the first ever 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization – primarily because we understand where we are.

Now, we’re simply waiting for the right people to discover what we are doing and align themselves with our mission. To fully train, teach and educate people about MLM. We must know our industry. We must be professionals and leaders; Leaders are Readers. They study and know their profession inside and out; We must be no different. We must know about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th waves of our industry. We must have read books like Wave 3, and Wave 4 by Richard Poe – to understand both where our industry has been; but most importantly; where it is going.

It’s almost there now; and the Timing couldn’t be better. Get started with our team today and simply follow the step by step instructions of our System. Move up in the leadership ranks of our organization; and find yourself ahead of the coming 5th Wave!

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Quick 2016 update – since writing this in 2015 a lot has improved with the philosophy of the team. Personally, I’ve come to realize that in order to build this kind of organization, I must be working with Intelligent Marketers. I need folks who’ve read the same books that I’ve read to help me lead this movement. Do you qualify to work with me?