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Shark Advice On Failure (Daymond John Instagram Post Inspired)

Would you like some Shark advice on failure?  Meaning, would you like to understand a huge lesson on failure, from a super successful business mogul, like Daymond  John?  If you’re smart your answer will be absolutely yes! Only an egotistical person would pass up on gaining knowledge and insight from a person who’s done what you’re seeking to do.  It happens, surprisingly and people miss out on good lessons all the time, because of that ego. What’s wild about this Instagram post I found on Daymond John’s page is how great the timing is.

I’ve been wrestling with a few things, if I can be honest with you.

Almost, second guessing myself, on whether or not I was ‘wrong’ to blame the people who signed up for Crazygood, for it’s failure. I Did that though, with all good intentions to be totally honest with those that were following me at that time. However I will not lie to you, I do feel that many took that the wrong way. I’ve written about how I needed to have the right people on TopNetworkersGroup to pull it off. I think the people who ‘were’ working with the group, took offense and became even ‘less involved’ than they were (which was not much at all).

Yet in so many ways, I Do believe in pruning the tree – so dead leaves falling off, is important for the Growth of the tree.

Now, I’m looking at this Fresh start;  and yet, still wondering if I was out of line to say, what I’ve said. Thank you Universe for confirmation, through several ‘mediums’. My messenger arrived in the form of an Instagram post, from one of NBC’s Shark tank OG’s, Daymond John.  He was sharing some lessons with his followers, of course.  In these images below, you’ll find his Advice on Failure. Would you like to know the 3 things he noticed, along his path. As you probably know, he’s started a lot of businesses, and not everything panned out.

Daymond John gives us Advice On Failure through this Gem of an Instagram Post

Some shark advice on failure

reposted to my own IG, with a quick message #TNGForever

advice on failure (Daymond John Shark IG Post)

like I said, this was on my mind. I feel like people took it the wrong way when I said it, but when they hear the same message from a shark, will it change their mind? (or yours?) – am I still wrong for speaking plainly about what it takes to succeed??


I absolutely wanted to make sure you read the image above first. In the second one you’ll see the advice on failure that I’ve been speaking of. Number three stood out to me.  If you’ve re-watched the new presentation for Topnetworkersgroup, you’ll hear me talk about this in the presentation. We learned, along the way, that we need the right people to really pull this off.  Too many people in MLM are ‘too independent’ in their thought process.  In network marketing, we need people who can adopt a group mentality.

Speaking plainly, we need more flexible people who are able to do ‘more than just one thing’.

Sure, be able to think for yourself, we love that. But also understand ‘when’ we need you to put your ego aside, so that together the team can win.  Most importantly, I hope you walk away with a better understanding of just how the ‘group’ can fail, because of individuals.  When we choose to act in ‘selfish ways’, we ultimately harm the ‘team’ we are part of. Most recently, we’ve seen this with UCLA and Liangelo Ball, who along with 2 other Teammates caused International News.

ucla players need advice on failure too

They were caught shoplifting, while on a good will trip to China. Without rehashing all of that, the 3 players are Key to UCLA’s success or failure this season.  However, they will possibly be facing up to a year suspension. This means that UCLA will not be as ‘good’ as they would have been with these 3 players. Instead of thinking about the team, these young men were only focused on themselves. They saw personal gain, and things they ‘needed to have right now’.  None of them were thinking about the long term consequences of these actions.  We all see this unfolding on a much smaller scale in the network marketing (MLM) industry all the time.

No, network marketers aren’t always ‘stealing’, but sometimes they are.  Uplines who ‘steal downlines’ are dangerous to the entire industry, especially their ‘network of partners’.  Their poor leadership can actually go on to cause the entire team to fail.  By setting a poor example of what it means to be a leader, that poor example duplicates.

It’s not always the Upline’s fault though.

A very popular past time of network marketers, is blaming their uplines for their own personal failure. Unless your upline is stealing your leads, they are not to blame for failure. An upline’s only job is to lead ‘by example’.   That’s it and that’s all.  They should be telling you what tools to use (because they use them), and what videos to watch (because they’ve watched them). Real leaders let you know what books you need to invest in, because they’ve done it too.   This is right in those 3 tips from the Shark himself!

Number One: I Didn’t do enough research on it.  I’ve been in Network Marketing for several years, and it does not fail that people I sponsor, are lazy.  They really aren’t willing to spend TIME on becoming good at this skill.  Almost everyone is in search of a quick dollar, and this is why the industry isn’t performing as well as it could!  In our One MLM System, there are hours and hours of training videos, but how many people watched those videos?

A lady who didn’t stick around long, actually told me, with pride “I finally figured out how to fast forward the videos!” ……

This is for the people who think I ramble as this blog post is coming up on 1,000 words. You’re fucking lazy. That’s why you’re a failure. Here’s my advice: Stop being so fucking lazy!

She didn’t want to sit through my videos, because she figured the ‘stories’ I’m sharing are ‘just to hear myself talk. Sadly, this is how most people watch Training videos.  They don’t just ‘sit and watch’ or ‘take notes’ and pay full attention.  They check their phones, jump on facebook, and multi-task while a training video is going on.   It’s a poor decision that too many people make, because they frankly lack the discipline to put off what they can get ‘right now’ for what they can have in the long run.

If you can put your phone down, and other distractions down, for at least an hour or two, you’ll be glad you did later.  But this requires having that ‘student mode’ mentality that people with large egos struggle to reach. So whether you take my Advice on failure, or need to listen to someone who you ‘know’ has made millions of dollars  – that EGO has to be out of the way. Otherwise, you’ll skip around and selectively ‘listen’ to what you want to hear. You’ll never ‘truly’ obtain the knowledge you need to succeed.

Take the time to do the research, which includes LISTENING to long training videos that ‘may’ be boring, at first.  When I was with LevelOneNetwork people would pay $500 for the SEO Training courses, and would not watch the videos.   Back when I was in DSDomination, people would sign up and, not watch the videos on Drop Shipping through eBay. Even with TheConversionPros I get people who sign up, and ‘don’t know how to set up a lead capture page’, because, you guessed it …. They won’t watch the videos.

Take the Sharks advice on Failure, if you won’t take mine. Stop being lazy, and get around the right people.

*also Check out what Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank said about Failing back In 2014


What The David Wood Meltdown Means For Network Marketing

By now everyone in MLM has seen or heard about the David Wood Meltdown. I was late to the party as I have not really been in ‘network marketing circles’ as of late. But, it did come across my desk and my first impression was, simply … wow! (Initially wrote this a week ago; but it never published; now is as good a time as ever!)

On one hand I could not believe what I was watching. On the other I completely understood. I decided, to start putting thoughts together to explain exactly what the David Wood Meltdown means for network marketing.

Just for clarification purposes, I do not know David Wood. I’ve never spoken to him, and he’s never heard of me more than likely. We do not have a relationship, never had one, and outside of me being in Empower Network for a few months, I know nothing about him. Other than what he shared in his videos, which include he’s an Old school Networker like me.

That is one reason he was able to ‘relate’ to so many Old school network marketers. When he and David Sharpe launched Empower Network, it took the industry by storm. I joined in that first month, and left due to their early complications. I ended up Re-joining about a year later, because by then almost everyone in network marketing was part of Empower.

It was a bad move for me because of the timing. Nearly all my contacts were either in it, or not interested. So that meant, I need all new people.

But, this is where I began to notice the powers of society are so great that people joining MLM were not ready for MLM. So, when speaking to a ‘new’ person about Empower, they were looking for Top Money earners, and going around the person that introduced them. Meanwhile, those leaders getting those sign ups, were not enforcing that people only sign up with the right people.

That’s what I mean by the ‘forces of society’.

If you follow TNG, you know I’m a stickler for details. You already know how I feel about, sponsor shopping. Unless you’re new to me, then you are aware I started TNG, because a person I worked with in Network Marketing (who’s last name is Ivey) literally stole people out of my downline for another company. A group email went out to me, and a few others I was working with at the time but they also included people from my downline (not directly sponsored by me.)  The person on my 3rd level, wanted to get involved and talked to the people Above me about it.  They all conspired to join, and approached me after, to come in on that guys 4th level.

The guy who sponsored him was upset at ME over those actions – and I was upset too. This damaged the Working relationship with me and this person, as well as any chance of wanting to work with the man who just ‘leap frogged me’.  It made me second guess working with Ivey aswell.

He justified his actions, as most people do when they’ve done something wrong. Because the ‘forces of society’ are too great. The ‘greed’ of possibly earning money outweighed the ‘relationship’ of working with others.  To this day that team of people never became what they could have become.  The leaders got greedy.

This is what happened to David Wood too. He experienced more success than ever before, and it went to his head. He started to believe that he was infallible. As his business partners came to him, he turned them away. They felt betrayed, like I did when Ivey stole my people.

They left, like I did when I decided to start my Own team, to ensure things are done right. That’s where Network Marketing is now. No leaders can ‘work together’ it seems.

Since it’s launch, several of the leaders who helped build Empower Network have long since left it. The co-founder, David Sharpe (who may have stole Empower Networks idea from TNG) left a long time ago.  (*disclaimer I have no solid evidence the idea was stolen from TNG; but the conversation I had just before they kicked off the company has always made me wonder if i helped inspire it or not)  Along the way, they wanted to allow people to use their blog to talk about any MLM. However they decided that they only wanted people to talk about Empower Network.

Meanwhile the training they have always provided was mostly hype, without real substance. Perhaps one could say that this David Wood Meltdown was just a matter of time.  It’s very likely he’s been faking his ‘personal growth and self development’ all this time, like a lot of leaders do.  You’re either truly growing or you’re not; and when your ideas aren’t all that innovative, others don’t have a real reason to stick around.

The David Wood Meltdown video (*update 2/7/18: the videos have been removed from the internet)


Questions raised about “authenticity”of David Wood’s meltdown

Empower Network Meltdown

*Update 9/13/2017 – The above link was included just to ‘add’ to my case that I’m painting about the dangers of not approaching MLM as a professional at all times. The Ethan dude, is a known MLM hater, who already disliked Empower Network, and hates all MLM’s to begin with. The David Wood Meltdown video gives people like him, who have no ‘real arguments’ a prime opportunity to point at the MLM industry, using David Wood as a ‘representative of the entire industry’ and say, “See, those guys are cults, following nutcases!”….

It is unfortunate, but that is the kind of world, and society we live in. The people crave blood! For some odd reason negative news is always more popular, than the positive stuff. We don’t hear about the people who truly have had their lives changed, because they got around a different set of people, who told them about books, and ideas they never would have been exposed to, otherwise. It’s rare, that we get to see those stories going viral where an Upline was available to do 3-ways for all of their team.

The Success stories truly do get drowned out by all the failures who are crying and whining that they’ve been scammed.

Folks will be talking about the David Wood Meltdown for several years now. This moment won’t ever go away, and at the time of this update I am unsure of their current (or future) operations.  It’s an unfortunate moment for the entire industry. The wolves, are ever ready to pounce …. especially when they smell blood. There are sharks, several sharks in these waters. Navigate wisely ….

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