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TSU Closes Down: The Social Network Experiment Ends

TSU Closes down leaving several people who were excited about the social network disappointed!

In case you have not heard by now, On the first of August 2016, the CEO and Founder of TSU, Sebastian Sobczak announced that TSU would be closing down.  Folding up its’ operations at the end of the month.  As TSU closes down you can garauntee that I had plenty to say about it. But I decided to keep most of my thoughts short and contained – and ‘may’ share a bit more later.

My thoughts on TSU closing down. Amy business can go out of business.

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Any Business Can Go out of Business.

They had so much potential but, it takes more than Potential to be successful in business.

That idea is one of the founding principles of – I started this company, this team, and this organization after realizing that we are indeed, at the beginning of the 5th Wave of Network Marketing. You can read all about that in our blog. The industry of network marketing has evolved to a very exciting point – there are literally an unending stream of ways to make money. There are a lot of decent companies and yet, this founding principle remains ever true. Any business can go out of business.

As TSU Closes down I am reminded of the general business statistics that you’ll find if you look them up. Most businesses do not make it past the first 5 years. In fact, 90% fail.

Out of the 10% that are able to make it out of the first 5 years – only 5% of those businesses make it to a full 10 years in business.

This makes building a stable income within network marketing very difficult to do, when we consider the landscape.

On one hand you have your more ‘established’ network marketing companies that have been around past that 10 year mark. The likelihood that they’ll be around for another 10 years is very high.

But, the ‘saturation myth’ is heavy in these companies. In many cases a lot of people have heard of that opportunity; but there are always people who have NEVER heard of it. However, this ‘mental obstacle is difficult’ for many people to overcome.  This is what keeps people So interested in these brand NEW opportunities. Companies that are in pre-launch are what’s considered to be, below mud level opportunities. They’re not even ground floor yet. The common belief in business is that you want to be in, on the ground floor.

Business people with experience however, know that this isn’t always beneficial to you as a business person. Sometimes being in early is great; other times it’s not so great and hopefully the company will be around long enough for you to recoup your investment.

As TSU closes down the ‘good thing’ here is none of us invested any money.

Some of you invested, way too much time though.

I feel that the handling of tsu’ssocial network was poor on behalf of the staff. They had a great idea but did not really invest the time/resources in ‘teaching people’ how to use their social network. Far too many people were literally liking and sharing posts, just for the sake of liking and sharing posts. People were commenting ‘nice’ on posts, that sometime were not nice subjects. People were doing this because too many of them were under the impression that they were being paid ‘per like’, ‘per share’ and ‘per comment’.

This misunderstanding, in my mind is the primary reason that we’re now here, discussing the fact that TSU closes down in LESS than 2 years of operations. The social network launched in *November of 2014;  and didn’t even reach the END of 2016 – before announcing that it would be shutting it’s doors. They’re allowing us to ‘download our content’, but as TSU Closes down, what’s happening to all the money they owe people?

Money was generated by each user, just for being on TSU – I’ll list some of the resources I created ‘for’ TSU which contain some valuable information on ‘business in general’. it’s important in this day and age, as a marketer to understand how money is generated from ad-revenue boxes – especially since the Smart marketers like ‘you’ are employing them on your blogs and websites ….

Some Videos from TopnetworkersGroup on TSU:

They had so much potential but, it takes more than Potential to be successful in business.

I wrote about issues TSU needed to listen to; In Ello NSFW Email Is Big News – TSU Better Listen – I talked about how there were some tolerance issues that TSU needed to ‘ease up’ on for the network to survive. The censorship issues and the fact that people were willy nilly with reporting other members helped drive away the people who were contributing content.

I made this meme because of these ‘social media post nazi’s’ who were reporting anyone who posted what they didn’t want to see – rather than simply block, or unfriend people.

TSU Closes Down because of social media post nazi's

That, along with far too many users posting photos, and photos, and photos, while ignoring ‘real world issues’ that typically bring people together in the first place. The reason FB is so popular is because, people post Everything on that network; Literally everything – even some things that we as a society deem Unfit to be seen; and occasionally of course, depending on HOW unfit it is, FB lets people share what they want to share.  (with a few exceptions of course) – and that’s what helps FB grow. People have ‘space’ to do their thing and can connect with like minds. They can even debate and argue on ‘the book’ and that’s what other networks like twitter, instagram, and … you know, successful social networks do.

For example: people would get into ‘fights/disagreements’ on the TSU and suddenly their ‘account’ is closed or deleted. The money they made on TSU, gone. The time they spent on TSU, wasted…. As  TSU closes down, all of us can relate to people who found their accounts removed.

Fights happen on ‘social networks’ though and it helps keep people ‘engaged‘ – whether we care to be honest and admit it or not – which brings people back to the site; which generates money

They didn’t take the censorship issue seriously, the lack of quality posting or interaction seriously, nor did they allow people the freedom to have their own ‘space’ to share what mattered to them without being harassed by other users –  and now, TSU closes down while Ello continues to … peddle along.

But, as TSU closes down many of us ARE asking that question and perhaps MORE of us need to. What happens to all the money they owe people who didn’t reach that $100 cashout?  Was there a clause we missed that stated they do not owe us our money if we didn’t hit that mark? Or just that they’d only SEND money to us if we hit that mark? Hopefully we can get some answers. If the agreement was that they’d only ‘send money’ to us, that stipulates that they are In business, and sending out checks. Going out of business though, to me it seems would almost invalidate our agreement and puts TSU on the hook, for quite a bit of money. Even if it’s .03 – someone generated money FOR TSU, for them to be owed .03 …… I feel it should be paid.

What about you?

Do YOU feel TSU should pay ALL of it’s users?

Sound off in the comments; pass this article around – and see who all feels the same way!

Also, consider how ‘stable’ your income would be if you had enrolled your TSU referrals into ‘more’ than JUST TSU. We recommend people take a more professional approach to the network marketing and affiliate marketing industries. Let’s  Learn how to do things ‘The Right way’ as we move into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing. Thanks for stopping by!

Daily Fantasy Sports: Was John Oliver Right?

Let’s talk about Daily Fantasy Sports Websites. (*2/22/19 – quick update on this article, before we get into the content below, originally penned in 2015. Lots has happened in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry – including a couple of the programs we recommended initially below, going out of business. Big name companies we talekd about, have since been bought out by bigger sports betting companies; so they can offer daily fantasy sports to their audiences. From 2017, to 2018 the DFS industry only saw about a 2.4% growth; bringing in over $3 billion in ‘entry fees’.  The net profits, are still under $400 Million dollars.  That’s OPPORTUNITY to a business minded professional. Are you interested in taking Advantage of an opportunity? Those who ‘help’ the industry grow, will partake in the profits…. * Original content below; was John Oliver right about Daily Fantasy sports?)

If you’re new to our website, TopNetworkersGroup has been talking about the Huge and Expanding industry of Daily Fantasy Sports for several months now.  In a nutshell, Daily Fantasy Sports has literally changed just about everything in the Fantasy Sports landscape. I have been playing fantasy sports for more than 10 years now; and when new sites sprang up giving people a way to Play fantasy sports without the year long commitment I knew they were onto something hot!

Time has proven that to be true. The daily fantasy sports industry is now bringing in so much money that it’s getting a lot of attention. Recently on Last Week Tonight (a show on HBO) John Oliver ripped into the industry – mostly by going after it’s two biggest names: DraftKings and FanDuel. The question John Oliver and several others are raising, including states like Nevada and New York which recently banned these kinds of websites from operating in their states, is whether or not it’s gambling.

Here’s a clip from the show; John Oliver going IN on Daily fantasy sports

Is he, and others who are raising this question right?


Personally I’m on the fence and have to say that I am somewhat swayed by the bias thinking that it’s absolutely a game of skill, more so than a game of random chance. You really do have to know something about the sports you’re choosing lineups for, otherwise you’re going to get killed by those who do.  It’s one of the things you notice from playing fantasy sports for 10 years. You end up in leagues with people who really don’t know much about the sport, whether it’s football or basketball. I never really played other sports, but can only imagine the same applies there also.

That being said, if you really don’t know what you’re doing, the ‘odds’ of you winning money is against you. It’s not in your favor.

Which is why if you’re going to do it, you have to have ‘control’ – which even I will admit is not something that most people with Gambling Addiction have, when it comes to gambling.

If you are not the kind of person who can put yourself on a Budget; and Only play ‘so much money’ at a time; whether its’ a month, or a week; whatever you decide – if you cannot stick to your own plan then absolutely, you should stay away from anything remotely close to gambling. And, it IS a gamble, that your line up will beat the next man’s line up. It’s one thing to be in fantasy sports leagues for a year where each ‘team manager’ chooses from a pool of players, but no two teams are the same. It’s entirely something else when you’re playing in these daily fantasy sports competitions with others who have several of the same players that you have; With a few variations.

They might pick up a Guard that you don’t go with; and that Guard makes all the difference on that night.

But, that’s just the ‘luck of the draw’ …

Right now, my Los Angeles Lakers are having a tough start to the NBA Season and several people are raising the question of whether or not they chose the right player at the second Pick. The guy they skipped over is off to a Monster career already. He’s averaging a double double and looks like he’s going to be around for years to come. The point guard the Lakers chose, however – in stark contrast seems to be anywhere from having a slow start; to struggling.  That’s entirely separate from another ‘issue’ in Lakerland. Was Julius Randle the right choice in the previous draft? Several questions are also being raised there too. Because, that’s how it goes in sports. You never really know who’s going to perform.

This is why sports betting is such a major industry – and absolutely, placing a ‘wager’ on who’s fantasy team is going to do better on a night to night basis, is a gamble.

And yet even this practice is part of playing fantasy sports.

Traditionally, everyone puts money into a pot; and it’s usually enough to award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Depending on the ‘pool’ it may even reward more places than that. That’s just how it’s always been. What Daily fantasy sports has done, is build on that idea, and take it up to a whole new level, where people have a chance to win money, every single day; Not just at the End of the season.

Is it gambling though? …. is John Oliver right about daily fantasy sports?


If you have issues with gambling, be sure to seek help. stay far away from Daily fantasy sports if you feel it’s going to lead to you making poor decisions with your money.

That being said, that’s where WE come in.

Through Topnetworkersgroup, and primarily THROUGH our 1 mlm system – you ‘should’ be learning some financial literacy.

You should be working on your ability to control what you can control.

If there was a way to get a piece of this pie – this huge and expanding market – WOULD you want to?

Would you be willing to build a ‘network of players’ to take advantage of an Opportunity?

For us, that answer is yes, especially if the timing is right. We added One of the daily fantasy sports programs we backed into about 6 months ago, to all levels of our system. We feel that it’s an excellent affiliate program that allows you to get started FOR free; refer others; build up that ‘network of players’ – and since these sites are paying us for what that network does, we saw the Opportunity to get a piece of a rapidly expanding industry. Several of our key leaders got positioned and if you have not done so by now, perhaps it’s because you’re just not working with our team…  yet.  (Change that mistake. Get started with our Team here)

We feel that if you and others were to simply Play $10/mo – not only do you have the chance to win; from $1-$5 contests, you also will earn money from all the Players in your network.

We felt that if you were actually following our system, and utilizing our additional streams of income to generate money WITH The network we are helping you build, that eventually you could afford $50/mo – and so will others in your network. You can play in way more $1-$5 contests, and if you want you can even jump in the contests with higher entries. Usually the cash prizes are bigger. But ultimately it’s a win win because your network of Players, are generating income which UNLIKE OTHER Daily Fantasy Sports Sites – This one is sharing a piece with you!

Just last month (as of me writing this) – we backed into yet another daily fantasy sports competition website, with an even better referral plan.

Again, we recommend this same ‘controlled spending’ approach. Figure out what’s a comfortable range for you – and build a network that is able to do the same thing. Together you’re going to generate MONEY; while giving yourselves a chance to win too. Of course, the more you know about the sports you’re picking lineups for, the better you’re going to do.

Ok … It’s gambling.

But hey, that’s life … it’s a gamble. That’s business, full of RISK. It’s a risk to take a risk; It’s often a risk NOT to.

So let me be a little less Vague.

The first site we started talking to you about, is – Sign up for free; start playing for free; Feel free to load up $10 – and just make sure you CONTROL yourself! Good luck!

The second site, is pretty awesome – Just got an email from the CEO this morning … I want to share ‘part’ of that with you real quick. (*edited out; this company went out of business)

For those of you who are reading this… Yea, John Oliver may be right.  Eventually more and more states may decide to shut these kinds of daily fantasy sports websites down. But there’s too much money going through this industry to think that decision will be temporary.  It’s business. The states want a cut.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Don’t you? Get started with  FantasyDraft HERE – (Update 12/28/16 – it appears DraftFury could not stay in business as we initially updated you on below, a few months ago; which proves ‘why’ we endorse multiple streams of income all the time; because Any business can go out of business …. )

Be sure to also sign up to work WITH ME for Support with growing a network of players; who share the same goal as WE do. (That goal. To take the ‘gamble’ out of making money with daily fantasy sports websites – by playing and working as a team)

Important Update; 8/1/16 – involving news on DraftFury AND our other recommended DFS website; Read Multiple Streams Matter: A DFS Report right now!!! :: Click here to Learn MORE about the DFS Industry and See how YOU Can Help GROW the industry; and PROFIT from it!

Vemma Shut Down By the FTC And We Were Right Again

We were Right Again – one of our loudest messages here at TopNetworkersGroup is Any Business Can Go out of Business. This morning the news broke, that Vemma has been Shut Down by the FTC.

What’s worse is the reasons behind why they were shut down; Read more here – FTC: Vemma Temporarily Shut Down for Operating an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

MLM has a bad enough stigma as it is. So this news is not something to celebrate. Anytime a company shuts down in the MLM industry it actually looks bad for the entire industry. It lends to the ongoing narrative that this industry is unstable, and is NOT the path to freedom that so many of us say it is.

This is why Topnetworkersgroup exists in the first place. We noticed that most people in our industry did not fully understand the industry they were part of. I would venture to say that the majority of people in Vemma did not understand either. Promising money is always a no-no. There are no guarantees in this business. There are too many variables involved to know for sure who will make what.

There are a lot of dynamics – a lot of moving parts.

Network marketing is Not Sales; it’s a beast of it’s own kind. But many people in this industry never learn that lesson. it sounds like that is the mistake Vemma distributors made as well. Promising people that they would earn $50,000 per month on a $600 investment is all because zealous distributors wanted to make their company sound better than the others. In an effort to make their company sound better (in spite of the fact that Network Marketing Compnaies are all the Same) they messed around and got shut down by the FTC.


Earlier in the week on facebook I Disconnected from 2 people who have this same mentality. They want to talk about how one company is better than the other one. They want to compete against other Network Marketers. They have no real desire to listen to anybody else, or learn about anyone else. They are laser focused on themselves. They have a mentor or two that they follow, listen to and learn from. They view every single person in MLM as a number rather than as a person. These kinds of people are polluted throughout the industry today.

And that is why Topnetworkersgroup exists.

We are here to educate the uneducated. We are here to teach skills to people who lack them. We are here to create professionals, who will make professional money once they learn what they MUST learn; and do what they MUST do.

We are in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing – The Cheese has moved; your approach to making money in this industry MUST change; because the cheese has moved!

While we certainly feel sorry for people involved with Vemma, we also hope that they do not become disillusioned with the industry. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and make promises to people. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and require all your distributors to be on autoship. People decided to do that. People decided to approach this like an amateur instead of like a professional. They set a bad example.

But don’t let that stop you from seeking out a Good example.

The good examples do exist. The good leaders do exist. The good teams do exist. Help us build and shape ours into the kind of team it can and should be. Help us Help the industry.

Join Our System – Partner up with The Group Today!

Learn how to avoid being a catastrophe of the NEXT Vemma Shut Down – the same thing that happens in our industry all the time is bound to happen again. Any business CAN go out of business. That’s business! The Vemma Shut Down sucks for the industry but, it does not mean that our industry is not Better than working for someone else!

Official Announcement: Daily Fantasy Sports has been Added to the 1mlmsystem

With This post a few minutes ago ……. the Official Announcement was made; concerning Daily Fantasy sports – and how it’s going to become a major piece of our puzzle!

An affiliate program that came across my desk a few months ago (less than a year at this point) – will be added to the 1mlmsystem. That program is,

(The official announcement) Originating on ‘the social network that pays’ … TSU – I officially let the world know that will be replacing the now out of business WakeUpNow Opportunity on our $100 Level; for the 1mlmsystem.

Naturally with the very nature of being free to join; and completely Optional when it comes to loading money onto your account; and wagering that money each month in Daily Fantasy Sports Competitions; BUT that is what we will be asking members of TopnetworkersGroup to start doing; through our 1mlmsystem.

This means; you will Also be able to participate in on our $10, $50 … and even our FREE levels; because we want to be the Team that builds this Opportunity up to where it has the Potential to be. With NFL Stars like Drew Brees (Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints) and many other professional athletes endorsing this NEW platform; in the Daily Fantasy Sports arena; WE have a chance of a lifetime; to be the building block that the future daily players come through.

We can position ourselves, and others so that all FUTURE members of this platform land ‘somewhere’ in our network; BUT – the time is now; We cannot wait; and neither can you.

Get signed up for FREE with right here – Right NOW

Review the 3 step Plan on our Pinterest Account – for

And – Start PUTTING our 3 step plan into action … RIGHT NOW!

… But, ‘the crowd’ isn’t talking about this opportunity?

… But, I have never heard of this one before — how do I know this will work?

… I have a short response to these types of questions; and it goes something like this here…

official announcement leadership

See you inside …. (meetings will be held with my front line inner circle; starting in May …)


Update 12/28/16 – When This official announcement was made I was super excited about the addition. I still am, but this official announcement ended up including information about, yet another company, that went out of business. I’m glad to report in this update it was not our DFS site, but the social network. TSU is no longer in business.  Those links were removed. Consider that another official announcement. Meanwhile since writing this, another DFS site was added to our system and removed because it was unable to stay in business. Any business can go out of business which is why we Continue to push our System ‘over’ any Company in our system. Please keep that in mind when reading anything on our blog. Thank you for stopping by! Vs. MLM Lead System Pro

I’ve never really done this before so, sit back and get ready to enjoy as I compare My system; The 1mlmsystem – to MLM Lead system Pro.

I actually just got done writing up a ‘post’ on my social media outlets – here’s part of it via Twitter – but I wanted to give you the full text as well; along with a few more thoughts to go with it. I don’t want this to come off as bragging, but I honestly feel the 1mmlmsystem is better than what MLM Lead System Pro is offering.

That statement is in no way meant to come off as if MLMLSP is not worth your time; or meant to be any kind of slight to what they have over there. In fact, I give them props for beating me to the punch; doing what I should’ve done but didn’t have the desire to do.

Also, what we are doing with the 1mlmsystem is entirely different from what they do at MLM Lead System Pro.  Our MLM System is more aligned with our vision and goal to help more people make more money in MLM. There are some similarities, but like is the case so often in business; These are two very different animals.

The post on Twitter:

The Full Post:

Just FYI — I am not a Student of MLMLSP —- I’ve never used their system; Never used their funnel; and I have nothing against it. True story, when I ‘came back’ to MLM – a guy named Robert (my former upline from my first company) asked me to enroll and try it out; Out of respect for him I did.

However I never paid the $1, never upgraded; Unsubscribed eventually as well; here is why. When I worked with Rob back in my first company; He and his upline were Against My using the Internet; So i was already doing the stuff they were learning to do. I started doing it back in the day; They were against it when I was (in their downline) telling them about it; and how powerful of a tool the internet was.

I was tuned out.

When I stepped away from that first company; I started working on websites for my original Sponsor; who quit that first company 3 months after introducing me to it.

He was the one that showed me internet marketing; We started creating lead capture pages for his Real Estate company; I started using them for my needs. We were well-versed in Internet Marketing; by the time Rob discovered MLMLSP.

Truth Be Told – MLMLSP is everything ‘we’ talked about doing while on MLM Haitus; but never did. We (me and my original sponsor) were talking all the time about merging internet marketing with network marketing; We just never did it.

Saying this not to impress you 🙂


Just to Impress Upon you; that I am not a novice.

I’m an expert in my field.

You’re not going to be able to do what I do in a week, or two weeks; It’s taken me 15 years – and it’s going to take anyone else a number of years – so the sooner you get started; the better.

Just make sure you take the advice my mentors gave me.

Begin, with the End in mind.

SEE The end; Know it’s a long way off.

Start walking.


“A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

This is why I am not bragging. I’ve been on a journey and I know that things I’m doing now are the result of starting the journey when I did. You cannot afford to wait any longer. If you are not getting the results you want; or do not feel like you are making progress – please keep this in mind. Slow progress is still progress.

While the MLM Lead System Pro has been great for ‘beginners’ – for people who are just now starting to go on the journey of using the internet to find people for business partnership, I cannot help but feel our system is better.  You are looking for a good MLM System to use to build an organization; as well as a good team to be aligned with or else you wouldn’t be reading this now.

The reason I wrote it is to deal with the perceptions that are out there – based on responses I have gotten to our system. If you’ve already been exposed to MLM Lead System Pro or are currently using their system, a lot of what you have learned is going to harm you in network marketing. I’ve always felt like too much emphasis has been placed on things that just are not ‘easy to duplicate’ – and Duplication is a wealth principle.

How can any of us get wealthy if we’re not doing duplication?

… also if everyone is learning the wrong methods in network marketing, isn’t that going to have a negative impact on network marketing?

Well truth be told, that’s what has been duplicated. Lots of bad habits.

Please allow me to drive the nail home.

The Very Premise of MLM Lead System Pro is entirely wrong; it’s Self-Centered. It’s too much about you; when MLM is about others.

90% of people who use MLM Lead system pro use it to help themselves; not really to help other people. They are looking at the money THEY will make from selling people a system; they are looking at the money they’ll make from upgrades. They are looking at using the system JUST to bring them into “their company” – but even this premise is faulty.

Any Business can go OUT of business.

You and I do not OWN the MLM company.

So why is our focus on bringing people into MLM Companies?

.. and that my friends is where OUR One MLM System comes in.

We are correcting the ideas that Network Marketers have picked up; by way of following people who didn’t know better; into systems that were teaching concepts that are actually harming network marketers; rather than helping network marketers. Let me be clear. A Lot of what MLM Lead System Pro teaches is good; But there are also a lot of bad ideas that have been spread, primarily through this platform, and by the ‘leaders’ who have come out of their system. We are inviting you to join with us in making network marketing better.

To do that, we have to make you better.

We want to share better ideas with you that are closer to the foundation of MLM and what our industry is about. Our industry is about change, growth, improvement, empowerment and so much more. But our industry has become consumed with greed – selfishness – and ego.  Let us teach you the Right way!

Get Started with the One MLM System Today!

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