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Brand Promotion : McDonald’s and MLM

Let’s talk Brand Promotion, and how to approach MLM in the 5th Wave. We are in a different time and yet most of the old school foundational training still matters.  Especially true when it comes to how you and I market whatever MLM we are in. As you know, these days there are too many companies, and not enough people. In the 5th wave of MLM, what matters most is the team you are with. That’s been the vision of our team from day one. Let’s build a network, that can make money regardless of what MLM’s ‘we’ are in. The key to doing that, is in understanding Brand Promotion.

I made a video a few years back that I think ‘upset’ a few of my male business partners at the time.

I went in, on men who don’t wear the pants in their relationships … and how it negatively impacts the Business you’re trying to build with those men; it’s nearly impossible …. if any of them got mad, hey … they can be mad; But I spoke truth.

If you’re in business, with a man who has to answer to his woman; every time y’all need to do something for the business; he has to run it by his wife first; Her needs come before the business; her desires too; if she wants to watch Reality TV with her man, he can’t be on a conference call – can’t be prospecting for the business – can’t be reading books, or watching training information; and to be ‘fair’ … this is what a lot of women struggle with too; having partners that don’t fully support their business building efforts.

But I wasn’t having challenges with my Women business partners at that time – my challenge, was building a business with a person who was not on the same page I was on.

So … I’m out here talking about let’s promote ‘the system’ … and dude was out here promoting ‘companies’ … so everyone who came into the “network” … were getting mixed messages from the top;

Do I promote the companies I like? Or do I promote the system??

Confused minds do nothing; and that’s what most partners did; nothing. Meanwhile, tasks that needed to be completed that would have also helped him ‘grasp’ what he was Not doing; were not getting done; as they had to wait till he finished his “Honey Do List” first …

It’s a touchy subject; As a business partner, I don’t want to get involved with their relationship; or anyone else’s …. the best thing I could do at that time, was address it; as it’s not a situation that I face alone; a lot of us face this challenge…

In business, we have to be tough enough to listen to information we may not ‘like’ – especially when it’s true.

Brand promotions in MLM requires training. You cannot skip this, and must understand that our system emphasizes education. If you want to work with the group, be prepared to be tasked with learning to promote ‘the brand’ and not ‘the menu’ …

Within Network marketing The Brand is the team you work with.

“You” are not the brand; if you owned a company your company would be the brand … not you. Avoid everyone telling you to ‘brand yourself’ as they’re just selling you snake oil information. Let me know if you need help with learning how to be a professional network marketer. Join TopNetworkersGroup today

Brand Promotion with McDonald’s – in regards to MLM in the 5th wave

Edification is Missing from MLM

Let’s Discuss how Edification is missing from MLM these days. One of those skills in business that a lot of folks take for granted. It’s been proven time after time, that people join people not companies. That’s why it really doesn’t matter what you sell – it’s not about the product, the service, or the company – it’s about the people; always …

So how do you speak about your business partners to others?

Do you really think all the ‘in-fighting’ that happens in MLM is good for MLM?

Do people on the outside look at the industry and think “wow, I cannot wait to join them!”?

When edification is missing it turns people away from MLM

Edification is missing – that understanding that even if you wanna say something bad about someone you shouldn’t, because it harms the industry as a whole. Even if you wanna say your sponsor sucks or doesn’t know anything you shouldn’t.  Because it makes YOU look foolish for following someone who doesn’t know anything.  Simply speaking good about the people you are financially connected to, can go a long, long way for your business. The same applies to your uplines though – Edification is missing there as well; as new leaders, never got trained on how to be leaders, how to be lid lifters, on how to encourage.

Far too often Upline ‘leaders’ are purging their own downlines for talent to move with them, to the next deal.  Far too often, Uplines are looking at their organizations as cash cows instead of real people. They’re not thankful for the investments of time and money people are putting into their Own lives.   Too many have Inflated Egos and think that just because they spend time pouring into others that THEY cannot be poured into.  So they’re missing their opportunity to greatly impact the lives of others – just like edification is.

It’s not a good thing that edification is missing from MLM.

Especially at a time like this, with so much economic uncertainty in the world. People used to know they could turn to MLM as a great environment to be in.  They could go and get encouragement, or begin to believe in their dreams again.  People could see respect that others held for one another, but more importantly they heard it.  My mentors taught me that I needed to become so good at edification that I could edify a glass of water.

This ability to edify one another, eventually turns into an ability to talk good about anything – Especially your company, it’s products or services – and the founders, presidents and leaders within.  These are the things that draw people in, and make them want to be part of it too. They are already in environments that do not lift them up or encourage them. They’re already being told to give up on their dreams. So many people are starving for love, and if they cannot find it in MLM then where can they find it?  If they cannot find genuine respect in MLM, then where will they find that?

We have to bring edification back, and make sure new people are trained on just how important it is.

We need to be reminded that our words paint pictures, and with our words we have the power to build or destroy.  Edification is missing from MLM today, but if we hope for this industry to be an option in the future, the real leaders must step to the plate, and bring edification back!

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Using GDI For Business Building Purposes

If you’re not using gdi for business building purposes but are in the home business industry you’re making a huge mistake!  Regardless of how many social media websites you’re using to promote your business you should always have a website that you own. That is primarily what makes using gdi for business building purposes an intelligent decision.  Global Domains International (or GDI for short) has been in business since 1999. They are essentially a website and domain hosting company. I realize that may not make sense to everyone reading this so, just in case you don’t know what those are let me explain.

A Website Hosting company is where my domain, is ‘hosted’ – we pay them a fee each year for an internet address that I can easily send people to for information about my business(es). The files on my website are also hosted (stored) by a company that I pay to make those files view-able on the internet (The world wide web).  So when we talk about using GDI for building a business, it’s not different from what most business owners are already doing right now. I personally got into the web design world in 2004, and so I have an advantage that most home business owners do not. All of this makes sense to me!

What should make sense to you is that you NEED a website!

However you may not want to put up with all of the complex angles that are involved with having one. That is where using GDI will benefit you – making it simple to set up and run your business. For those of you who are entirely unfamiliar, check out the original video from 1999.

At $10/mo to run a business this is a steal. What I like people to do is not to focus on the MLM/affiliate side of this. Having a domain name, and a website gives you the ability to do so much. Starting with the phpBB that is included with your web hosting.  These are powerful tools for growing a community that loves your product or service. In fact, what IS your product or service? If you already have a product or service that you’re selling via social media, you can start selling it via your own website today.

That’s because like several web hosting companies in the marketplace today, you also can set up a WordPress Blog on your hosting account.

While there are several user-friendly content management systems available today, wordpress is one of the best! It’s popular because of it’s simplicity and flexibility.  You can literally sell anything you’d like using a wordpress blog. They are easy to customize with a wide library of selections in the free wordpress theme store. Also free plug-ins that are easy to install and activate can transform any wordpress blog into a full fledged website! You can even accept visa and mastercard payments and sell literally anything direct to a consumer.

In other words, you don’t have to rely on affiliate commissions.  

Using GDI To Build A Business

Let’s say you make T-shirts. You can sell them directly to consumers using gdi as your business building platform.

The money you can make from referring others to start using gdi as well, is secondary.  However that income can also become very powerful, especially if you’re already part of the network marketing industry and have a team. As you know, any business can go out of business, and relying on an MLM Company just isn’t smart. GDI is not an mlm company. They just use it as a way to get more people to use their hosting company. Again, we can be intelligent here or not.  We can rely on one stream of income or seek out multiple streams – the choice is ours.

If you’re building a business from home now, and you’re not using GDI, I want to invite you to check out even more reasons why you should start, today!

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4th Wave vs 5th Wave Mentality

It’s a mentality really.  4th Wave vs. 5th Wave Mentality is the big difference between those of you who are Ready to work with TopNetworkersGroup – and those of you who are not.

What is 5th Wave Mentality?

To answer this question, we have to dive into Wave 4, Network Marketing In The 21st Century by Richard Poe. I had the good fortune of reading this book back in 2001, when I was still pretty new to MLM. I found the book was exciting actually – it told me about the history of MLM; but it also talked about the Future.

In an entire chapter dedicated to where Network Marketing was headed in the 21st Century, Richard Poe discussed the 5th Wave. He talked about how the internet would transform literally everything about industry and that is exactly what we are witnessing. Right now we are in a transition period – from the 4th wave, our biggest and best era of MLM so far – to the coming 5th wave.

The Next Era of MLM will be our biggest ever – Everything about how we approach MLM is about to change. TopNetworkersGroup has been preparing you since 2010 and frankly it would be foolish if you to work with any other team; who is just now starting to get ready for what’s around the corner now.

We are the First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization and our One MLM System helps make it possible for us to do what we have been doing. However, the future for us is very bright. Behind the scenes we are working with programmers (for the first time ever) to increase the privileges for our Leadership Ranked Members  and also to restrict access; to training information, programs, and other levels that New Team Members, Customers, and leads are just not ready to see.

In other words, our system which is set up to perfectly Sort people – has gotten better.

The future is bright. Up to this point that is what we have been sorting for more than anything else – People with 5th Wave Mentality – people who will place the Team over the Company. This means that they will continue to work with us, to promote our message, our system, and build THIS organization – because they realize that programs WILL come and Go; and that having a Large Network enables a person to take full advantage of what’s out there.

The way we approach MLM – we want to do something about only 10% of the industry making money; We want it to be 15% – and then 20% – and then 25% – we want to gradually change the perception of this industry; While making it possible ‘for the first time ever’ – to have Stable incomes.

Do You have 5th Wave Mentality?

Easiest way to know if you have this mentality is this. Do you work with a team or not? 5th Wave is very much about Teams over Individuals. You’re not a brand, you’re a distributor of products or services, for a network marketing company. You can ‘one up’ that by saying you’re Part of a team, a group; and now it becomes more about what your team/group is doing, than your ‘network marketing’ company….

Are you Moving With The Cheese? (buy Who moved My Cheese)

4th wave mentality folks are still pushing that ‘loyalty to One company’ message. They’re saying you can’t ride two horses with one saddle. The 5th Wave mentality says, Get a Stagecoach.

5th Wave Mentality (Stagecoach)

Are you prepared for the Future?

If you’re stuck following that ‘one company’ mindset, getting talked out of juggling multiple opportunities, in a System like ours, then you’re not prepared for the future. Your company/business can go out of business – at any time; Just as many of the companies we had In our “stagecoach have.

Are you Working With The Right People?

Most likely not. As I look around the industry today (*updating this with new content as of 2/21/19 – including this sentence) – I see more and more people Leaving Network Marketing. People are spending a whole lot of money on things they do not need. They’re following ‘training’ that does not work. Training, being the most important aspect of Network Marketing … 

If you’re not working with the right people, it will be detrimental to every aspect of your business building efforts. Are your leaders recommending books to you to read, educational, motivational and inspirational videos to feed your mind, so you can take on this mission?  Most people are working with leaders who want them to ‘buy leads’ and ‘take shortcuts’ instead.

We will take you through the ‘wilderness’ the right way. If you’ll trust us, together we can do phenomenal things in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing.


Get Started – Sign up for our One MLM System; and let’s find out if you have what it takes to be one of the few who will lead the Change – taking the MLM Industry into the Next Era;; the 5th Wave!