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Making Business Decisions: Investing Time Not Just Money

Making Business Decisions: Investing Time Not Just Money

It’s not about how much money you invest, it’s really about how much ‘time’ you invest. One of the challenges we face  in network marketing is actually getting people to invest their time wisely.


We want people to use their time doing the things that work; rather than doing the things ‘they want to do’ … because usually what they (you) want to do; is not what works.

We want you to do all of what we teach; to get All of the Results – not ‘some’ of it.

Each person – man and woman – must be willing to invest the time to learn as much as they can about the MLM Industry. How else do you expect to truly be taken seriously by any of the people you’re talking to about working with you in this line of work?

Do you think that if you know more about your profession it will become easier for you to talk to others about it?

Do you think it will be easier to overcome the objections people have to MLM if you’ve taken the time to learn multiple ways to respond to, and overcome objections?

Do you even know what it means to ‘overcome’ an objection? — because most people I talk to do not.

They actually think there is a way to avoid objections. Objections are a major part of what we do; you need to be able to ‘overcome’ the feeling of Not being in the right place at the right time. When prospects lob objections your way, depending on what it is – and how MUCH you really know about your industry; they can persuade you to their side of the fence.

This happens all the time in our industry.

People quit companies because the people they are talking to ‘do not want to do it too’ – the Objections (and obstacles) stop them from Finishing that Journey; they get ‘off the road’ that we call success; the Journey … not the destination.

They don’t reach that destination – that goal.

But when you invest the time; you actually go further and further down the road; when you’re learning what to do and how to do it; when you’re getting better and better at it; you’re simply further and further down the road; and the truth is – the more time you invest in that journey, the less likely you are to quit when an obstacle – or an objection – falls in your path.

Investing Time is a business decision.

The ’emotional decision’ is to do what you ‘feel’ like doing rather than what you should be.

Are you going to take your career seriously and make business decisions?

Invest Your Time in this video; with my thoughts on why THIS matters to your business –

We call our blog All of it for a reason. It’s not good enough to know that we’re in the 5th wave (for example) – a Professional should understand the 4th, and 3rd Waves too…. They should be able to break down this chart with ease to a person with no ‘real understanding’ of our industry; which surprisingly includes a Large portion of people in our industry!

The 5th Wave of Network Marketing by TopNetworkersGroup

Now is the time, for you and I to understand ‘where’ we are – you are invited to learn more about the MLM Industry; and what it means to be a Professional Network Marketer … inside our One MLM System (To Rule Them All) – The FIRST system launched, to bring or Team together; to make sure our business partners are Well Trained; and have the tools they need to succeed in our Chosen line of work.

If you’ve already been investing time in learning about our movement – Register for our system and begin working with our team by using the Button Below


The MLM Industry Is Unstable: My Thoughts

The MLM Industry Is Unstable: these are My Thoughts

If you’re leading the way, setting an example for your team and prospecting – you’re going to come across this objection pretty often. Here are my thoughts on that very valid ‘reason/excuse’ that people use to stay away From the MLM Industry.

Topnetworkersgroup is seeking to find people who want to work together to Bring stability to the MLM industry. In order to do that, some simple and yet, difficult principles need to be enforced. I’m talking about principles like loyalty and commitment.

I’m looking for people who want to be part of Our movement; rather than seek to start their ‘own’ movement. The very fact that so many people are starting their ‘own movements’ is creating much of the instability in the MLM industry.

Also, the sheer number of companies that are starting up due to the internet, and improving technology – the MLM Industry becomes more and more Unstable. Each mlm company ends up creating competition for the others; regardless of the “Overall Industry” each specific MLM taps into …

However, whenever a NEW MLM taps into an Industry that no other MLM’s are in; suddenly copycat companies pop up with in a matter of weeks.

Even I have seen several ‘copy cat systems’ – that seem to be adapting some of the ideas that TopNetworkersGroup introduced to our MLM Industry; as the first 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization there will be several ideas that others will ‘copy’.

You have the choice – to work with a Copy; or to work with the Original.

Here’s my Thoughts, on Companies going out of business; specifically the closure of WakeUpNow; and how I feel my ‘talks’ have influenced a HUGE MLM Leader to shift his direction from Preaching ONE company; to ‘finally’ talking One team (that makes money in several companies) – that way – ‘just in case’ the new one doesn’t disrupt lives … they won’t all be left … in Shock; in a negative way that is … the shock will end up being that ‘safety net’ – at least that’s how it looks from here;

I’ve also mentioned, that I’ve seen other copy-cat ‘systems’ that mingle multiple programs together; but even these are failing to ‘truly’ teach people this skillset – Networking.

Network Marketing is an Artform.

The MLM Industry needs to be approached with respect – you must realize it is a career and will require a time investment; not just a Money investment.

If you are seriously interested in playing a role in creating stability within the MLM Industry, then you have to understand what that means – It means making a real decision to work together to Make our Industry a better place; for MORE people in MLM. So many people like what this industry offers but – too many ‘seeds’ are falling through the cracks.

The MLM Industry needs an organization like ours; that will actually Challenge people to approach ‘teamwork’ – in a similar way as Professional Sports teams; Real communities where people are learning skills; not just hearing hype – or hearing about how 15 people are making tons of money – sure that might get folks to sign up; but it does not help them duplicate those results;

So, be ready to invest more than just ‘money’ – if you want to make money; and if you want to bring stability TO our industry; you have to actually be willing to do some things that won’t generate money; for a while – because ‘eventually’ those things WILL generate more money than you could imagine – Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork – Absolutely – 100% of the time!


Taking Emotions Out of Business Decsions

Something I wrote a few moments ago over on TSU (the Social Network that Pays) – has a lot to do with the subject I want to talk to you about. Taking Emotions Out of Business.

First let me share what I had wrote, about Emotions

Emotions are natural; It’s natural to experience Emotions and there is nothing wrong with it; when we do. We have the choice to stay in an emotion, or to move on and experience another one; We can always revisit an emotion; Good or Bad; We can be Angry, Sad, but we do not have to Stay there; We can be there for a moment; for a few moments; But we can always decide to Feel something else. Without feeling bad, for having moments, where we felt bad; It’s good we got a chance to experience that emotion; Now, we know how it feels. – Al King

Business Decisions vs Emotional Decisions is a training video that was never released to the membership area of the 1mlmsystem; but it’s a topic I’ve talked about several times. It’s mentioned in a few places already and I want to link you to them, to reference back to later. You’ll find business decisions vs emotional decisions referenced on the About Us Page, for the 1mlmsystem – In the video you learn more about who we are; and are invited to take your Emotions out of Business.

Over on our Facebook for TopNetworkersGroup – We go into Great Detail on the importance of making Business Decisions; instead of Emotional Ones.

Once again, telling you that Multiple Streams of income works, when you approach it like a business person. You have to take emotions out of business decisions because, when you allow emotions to control your decisions, you fall victim to Fear.

Fear is an Emotion.

But so is Courage. They say that Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s Feeling Fear and Doing it anyway. So if courage is something you ‘feel’ and then ‘decide’ to act in spite of that feeling; it is more than just an emotion – It’s a verb. It’s an Action.

So you can feel afraid, but to act in spite of that fear, is the only way to really discover the truth. All other decisions are uninformed decisions. That’s why I’ve linked you to that post on Facebook for you to see we’ve been telling people this for quite some time now. Also I link you there because it includes some of my comments on the Closing of WakeupNow (also read, WakeupNow is Done, and we are Right Again).

It’s all just confirmation on top of confirmation – that you MUST take emotions out of business. To take it further; here are a couple of Outside sources you can trust –


So … by now, I hope you understand how important this subject is. You Must Take Emotions out of Business, to be successful in business. I know I’ve mostly shown you what I have had to say about it but you are Welcome to look around and see what others think too. Just be sure you come back and let me know that you found out I was right.

This matters.

The vast majority of people in our society are making emotional decisions.

They join a business because they like the person in the presentation; they follow someone because of what they see; they are actually making decisions about who they will believe, according to how that person is dressed, or what ethnic background they have. People are allowing fear, and other emotions to control them.

This is all orchestrated by the people who ‘run’ our system – which you’ve heard me refer to several times, As The Matrix – Hence our special Free Your Mind Presentation –

When you KNOW you are living in a system that is designed to enslave you, you begin to look at that system a little differently. However … not everyone is ready to accept this truth.

Some people are so emotionally attached to the system, that they absolutely will fight to protect it. They will call you names for being in Network Marketing. They will tell you that you’re scammer even if you have never done anything wrong to them in their lives. They will talk bad about you to your friends and warn them to avoid your Pryamid – even if they are the bottom of a pyramid themselves …. a pyramid known as, a Job.

Emotions are often misleading. Emotions can blind you from seeing the truth.

Do yourself a favor … take Emotions Out of Business

Read more about a recent Business Decision; to improve our system – and add more value to what we bring to the industry – Official Announcement: Daily Fantasy Sports has been Added to the 1mlmsystem

Lebron James Goes Back To Cleveland : Sports and Business

The news is everywhere today and there is nonstop discussion on all social media; over The Decision part II – Lebron James Goes Back to Cleveland, truly shocking the world!

It was a Class Act from Miami Heat Owner Mickey Arison – tweeting out the following:

Shock but, appreciation and understanding for the decision that was made. As Lebron James goes back to Cleveland he is doing so in spite of the disrespectful letters and statements made by Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Also, let us not forget about all those fans burning Lebron James Jersey’s. However today, all of those fans are rejoicing.

The King has come back home!

Should he have chosen to go back to a team, owned by a guy who literally bashed him for all the world to hear? Should he return to a city who’s fans talked about him as if they owned his very life? I don’t mean to defend Lebron but, how many of us grew up in a city, and went ‘away’ for 4 years to college and got to experience what it is like to be away from home; only to discover how much you really wanted to be in the city where you were born?


Today, Lebron James goes back to Cleveland with a totally different mindset and mentality. He has experienced things; Won Championships. Lost in the Finals. Without a doubt, his return to Cleveland makes them instantly better. As his story continues to unfold, we will all continue to Witness. Primarily because he is in the spotlight, and that is what we do in this society. We watch other people pursue and live out their dreams.

While you and I watch Lebron make Millions of dollars; while we witness his Million Dollar life-changing Decisions; what lessons are we learning about our own lives?

Here at TopNetworkersGroup we are having an ongoing discussion under the theme of Sports and Business. Sports is a microcosm of life, and especially business. Even more especially sports relates to much, to the network marketing industry, which is a Team Sport. What lessons are we picking up here once again as we see examples of business decisions, over emotional ones?

We hear so often about how Sports is a Business. Professional teams have traded players for years, regardless of how much of a contribution they made to the team; or how much the fan base liked or loved them. While several people were outspoken about their displeasure of his original decision to leave the Cavaliers; few people examined it from a Business Decision point of view.

Not only is playing in Miami more profitable – Winning Championships ensures a long term career around the game of basketball. Lebron will always be talked about for the rest of his life and will make several paid appearances. He will be paid more too, because he’s a 2-time champion; and if he happens to tack on an extra ring or a few more – all of it ultimately is good for business.

Lebron James is one of our modern day athletes who’s had the benefit of watching several others make poor business decisions; It’s similar to what we talk about here at TopNetworkersGroup, when it comes to learning from the mistakes others are making; and then avoid making those mistakes. I recently heard that, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again; but a Wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether!

Do you want to be smart, or wise?

Silly question I suppose.

perhaps when it’s all said and done we’ll look back on Lebron’s “decisions” as smart moves; and Wise players will follow that path; and restore a bit of order to the NBA; who honestly, does have far too many owners, with ‘plantation mentality’. Rather than viewing their players as, ‘business partners’, and taking a real concern in the best for each player; often NBA teams simply use money as a Carrot of Performance; caring not what they do off the court; so long as they show up to games and perform …. OR ELSE!

… because there are plenty more where you came from …

This is sorta how Dan Gilbert talked about Lebron James.

This is how, reportedly, Donald Sterling addressed his own players; for Years.

Pieces of property; rather than, People.

Honestly this is how I’ve begun to see the MLM Industry as well. At the same time I understand the unique position companies find themselves in. If you have a top earner making $100,000 per year; you want to do all you can, to keep that top earner from endorsing ‘competition’ —

Honestly, I feel too many networkers are Unwise, in that they are not learning from the mistakes of others who’ve been doing the same mistake over and over for years now.

They’re building their network based on a company; instead of basing it around the team. Then again, how would they know any better when, most of the people ‘new people’ are meeting, are following the advice of others who are stuck; unable to promote anything but a company; which may or may not be in business 2-5 years from that point in time.

Anything can happen in our business – and especially with so many companies coming and going; we never truly know what the future holds. This is why the decision to build your network – is going to be a lightbulb business decision moment for you. Just like the decision part 2, as Lebron James goes back to Cleveland to finish out his career.

He says something similar about his decision to return home; sounds like he’d want his children to have the same experiences he had, growing up as a kid in Ohio. It sounds like he wants to live in the community he is from; and contribute to it directly; having a real pulse for what’s happening there by being there.

It’s a decision, sorta like his decision to leave; that is unlike what most people have done before; and probably goes against the grain of what most people feel he should have done. Even I questioned going back, to play for an owner that said those kinds of things; and yet, He says all is forgiven; that the two of them talked, and got over it – putting the past behind them to pursue a greater future. I think that people will always question the decisions you make, but you have to make the decision that is right for you.

What’s right for you may not be right for someone else; but if it’s right for you; then stick with your decision. He signed a contract with Miami with an option to re-evaluate the relationship in 4 years; that’s what he did. Yet another lesson; Lebron didn’t go back to Cleveland after they lost the first championship to the Mavericks; and I don’t think he is going back just because of the recent loss to the Spurs.

He gave it 4 years.

How many of you can give a business 4 years?

How many of you can go through some Losses, especially in the championship – and then come back focused with your head down, committed to the team .. in order to win TWO times – back to back?  Most of you quit in fa few days, or a few weeks; very few of you make it to the end of the year. Those are all very poor business decisions.

Too bad many of you can’t see how its turning out. However … perhaps even you can think hard about coming back home; to where you belong – With the Team…


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork in All Areas of Life, Sports and Business

Sign Up With TopNetworkersGroup Here – our One MLM System To Rule Them All

If you are STILL Not making money, approaching MLM the way that you are; PERHAPS it’s time for you to be a Wise man; and learn from Smart Men who have already made the mistakes you’re still making; who want to Teach you how to AVOID those mistakes – Get on the Email List; Start paying attention to what’s happening; Enroll with our SYSTEM; then shoot to become a real Leader with our Team; You’ll be glad you made that decision!

Teams Win Championships (Does Lebron Have enough Team to Overcome The Hawks?)

How Leaving Effective Messages Increases Everything

Communication always matters, especially in sales.

I want to talk to you about how leaving effective messages, when you call someone, when you email someone, when you are communicating anything – Increases Everything!

Leaving Effective Messages will increase your sales, your opt-ins for your lists, your ability to sponsor people into business partnership. I remember learning early on my in career that really and truly there is no right or wrong; there is just effective and ineffective.

Now, one of my greatest master teachers helped me understand that nothing is wrong, with starting out as an ineffective communicator. So many of us are. The difference between losers and winners is that the winners don’t just settle for being Ineffective. They also do not allow being ineffective to impact what they do in the future. Instead, they learn from it.

If your messages are ineffective, a small tweak in what you are doing while communicating messages with the people you are seeking to reach, will start to turn almost every single aspect of your ‘performance’ around.

Naturally, I want to share an audio with you from Tim Sales, on the topic of Leaving Effective Messages. This deals primarily with the phone. Oh, the lost art of using the phone to prospect and find customers for a business. How many of us still use this method? Believe it or not, the phone is as effective as its ever been. Where social media can certainly help us build ,and increase the bonds and connections we have with others, nothing closes the deal better than the phone.

As I write this, even I realize I could benefit from picking up the phone a little bit more than I do – and yet, just the other day I was talking about the old days when the phone was pretty much all I ever used. In those days, we would end up getting the voicemail pretty often.

That’s why this topic was covered by Tim Sales – a master teacher of the ‘right way’ to do almost everything, when it comes to network marketing.

So many of us face a challenge with our prospects; who say they want to earn money, but often do NOT pick up the phone when we are trying to close the deal; help them decide to get started; launch their business right….

The other day (as I was about to share) I was talking to someone about the Good-bye close, which I learned from a gentleman named Steve Carter. I was speaking with a partner of mine who joined me in LevelOneNetwork. She had a recent sign up, who she had reached out to, to help him get started.

It’s been a week at the time of this posting; she has not heard back from him.

i don't chase em

That’s how this conversation came up – Got into how many times to ‘follow up’ with a lead, or a new sign up who is not responding. Let’s keep it super real for a moment. None of us want to CHASE people; We are not looking to DRAG anyone through the finish line. Each and every one of us in the network marketing profession are looking for others who want to RUN side by side; We are seeking people who want to cross the Finish line, together.

So this is a topic that a lot of us face; deal with, and wonder about. HOW to follow up ‘effectively’ … because let’s continue to be honest; Many of us start to wonder if perhaps it’s something we said that Caused them not to respond to us!!!

… Maybe, it’s something we didn’t say???

LISTEN TO this audio from Tim Sales asap! – Leaving Effective Messages

LISTEN To what he’s saying about ‘leaving messages on people’s voice mail’ … and pay CLOSE attention!!!  Because the same information Mr. Sales is giving us on this call, can be used for any form of communication; be it email; facebook inbox; DM’s on twitter – and so on.  There are some very interesting ‘tips’ Tim Sales drops.

Such as communicating with the prospect ASAP –

So if you happen to see their ’email’ come through your opt-in form; reach out and try to contact them right at that moment. If you’re using a form that includes a phone number, and they include theirs; Go ahead and give them a phone call.

That’s a real interesting tip – I see how it works; I’ve used that with several prospects and ‘new’ business partners over the years; and I’ve seen that it’s certainly better to contact people sooner, than later.

Another interesting tip from Mr. Sales – Be prepared for the message you’re going to leave.

Super interesting stuff – because while this should be common sense, you’d be surprised at how many people have not practiced their approaches. Again, while this information is mostly geared towards ‘what to do when you call someone, and get a voice mail’ – the ‘language’ we use while talking to someone; is just as important when spoken, as it is when written.

But, how ‘effective’ is a written message, vs a spoken message?

With all honesty – this is why the phone is still the King. TEXT is often misinterpreted by the reader. People often pull their own views and ideas into what they are reading; while they are reading it; They may decide the ‘written message’ is in a tone that the writer didn’t intend. This would render the message less effective with that person, than if they had heard the person SAY The words; with the feeling and emotion (if any) that they intended that message to have.

This is also where practicing your messages can benefit you as a professional.

Not only can (and should) you practice ‘what’ to say; but it doesn’t hurt to practice ‘how’ you plan to deliver it.  Hopefully you can also see how this filters into the ‘written communication’ that you are using, as a ‘marketer’ online, or offline.

If you study advertising at all, as you should be doing, you will notice the way ads ‘communicate’ their message with others. Study the patterns and gain ideas that you can use in your own advertising and marketing efforts. What wording, symbols, colors, etc… are effective; which one are ineffective?

Ask yourself these questions while you study the Topic – because again, this is what a professional does. Recently I signed up someone who wanted some ‘swipe copy’ – which frankly my Entire view of that has been changed from my involvement with Dan Miller’s LevelOneNetwork. I no longer believe that giving people ‘swipe copy’ is a good idea. For all of the reasons Tim Sales mentions on this audio… and all of the reasons that Dan trains on avoiding ‘duplicate’ content.

We want to duplicate some things in network marketing but …

There is plenty of room to be unique and original.

Professionals know when to duplicate; and when to be WHO They are; a unique individual that communicates things in a way that no one else does. I feel that if you are going to create capture pages, and pay for autoresponder programs – that you should also take the time to WRITE the follow up messages that are going to be sent out to your list.

If at first you feel your messages are ‘ineffective’ – simply change them around; Listen to tips from Tim Sales and other guru’s on what kinds of ‘messages’ and what kind of ‘wording’ you should be using with your Language. There is a big difference between asking someone to SWITCH their phone service, and to TRY your phone service.

These ‘suttle differences’ in the words we choose to use, really and truly have everything to do with the differences in, effective vs ineffective communication. Because, that is the only thing that happens in our industry; See, it’s not wrong when you use the ‘ineffective’ words; it just won’t get you the result you want.

BUT, if you want to increase and improve your results – simply improve your vocabulary; your usage of words. Do not stay where you are ‘if’ you feel limited.

Realize in this moment that you are limitless.

So many people I meet, and know are allowing themselves to be less than what they are truly capable of being. I know several who are content with having a job, completely content. They have no fear of being downsized, fired (or let go). They’ll snub their nose at investing in a business – and many don’t even own stocks. They have accepted limitations for their life, their lifestyle, and their future.

But, not you.

You are reading this because You want more for yourself!

YOU realize that leaving effective messages will increase everything that you have!!

You understand that as you improve your ability to communicate with others; you improve the amount of people who’ll naturally be drawn to work with you. So is it better for me to give you a fish; or teach you how to fish?

If you enjoy what I write, I thank you – but I do not take credit for my own.

I list and share names of mentors; like Tim Sales – who’s videos and audios I have devoured over the years; often over and over. I’ve listened to this audio on leaving effective messages at least 20 times; I’m even playing it ‘now’ while I Type this to you.

That’s how you learn the ‘words to use’ – from listening to professionals use them.

I have several mentors and teachers who I gain insight; and language from. They help me with improving the effectiveness of my communication, as I constantly plug back in, to work on myself. I encourage every person I sponsor into the network marketing industry to do the same. Grow – become better.

It’s attractive!

If you are interested in learning more, and working with me – Start here:

The One MLM System to Rule them All – Multiple streams of income; One System; One Team – (The official way to WORK with TopnetworkersGroup)

Check out a few more tips and helpful information – from TopNetworkersGroup:

Often you will find, that the ‘old adage’ from Art Williams is true; “All you can do, is all you can do, and all you can do is enough” ….

If you have done everything the way it’s supposed to be done, and a person still says no, or dodges your phone calls, and emails – We call this sorting. This person has sorted themselves ‘out’.

Keep your pipeline full with new leads – keep yourself in phase one, continue to sponsor new people; Stay Consistent … and then, sit back and watch what happens to you, and your income, in the next 12 to 24 months.

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