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Why Business People Should Watch Sports

I’ve been making the case today for Why business people should watch sports over on my social media. It’s not a new topic for me since sports and business includes several entries detailing how I feel about this topic.  Business people can learn a great deal from watching sports.  I’d venture to say that many would have benefited even more from playing sports.  For some of you reading this, it’s too late – but you can still learn a tremendous amount from sports.

Tomorrow is the 2016 Super Bowl – and a lot of Mis-leaders in the MLM sector are telling their teams not to watch that game. They tell you that you should be making phone calls and looking for the next person to sign up – or out getting customers, passing out business cards and flyers. There’s a ton of business people who understand that Hard Work is required to be successful – and so I understand where these leaders are coming from. They want to express how important it is to put the work in, and to not be so quick to follow the crowd.

I get that.

I agree with that.

But, watching sports from the perspective of a student – seeking knowledge on how YOU can work harder; how you can reach your goals – is not following the crowd at all. The crowd is only concerned with their team winning the game. The crowd just wants to have a good time while the game is on – and while I certainly DO encourage business people to watch sports, I am not suggesting you watch ‘from the same perspective’ as others.

Perspective is everything.

For example, in the video below, do you see Obama congratulating the Golden State Warriors on their 2015 Championship (like.. is that all you see here?), or do you see Obama pointing out that the Golden State Warriors would not have won a championship, if each person on the team as well as the people running the organization, didn’t all play a significant role in this accomplishment?

Business People Can learn So Much from watching sports –

Here’s what I had to say over on Facebook just a few minutes earlier…

Should business people watch the Super bowl?

Shout outs to all my ‘leaders’ in the Home business (MLM) Sector telling their teams NOT To watch the Superbowl – that Those millionaires are already living out their dreams; that we should be Working because we want to reach that level too! (Misleaders) –

I’m a Different leader though; I encourage business people to watch the Superbowl to gain a better understanding of what it means to Work ‘As A Team’ To Accomplish Goals; None of the millionaires (and thousandaires) on the field tomorrow got there “by themselves” – They all worked with and functioned as part of a Team; as Awesome as Cam Newton is – He still needs that O-line – He still needs those receivers to Catch His Passes – He still Needs his Coaches and his Teammates to fill him in on the things He may not see – so that the right plays can be called And executed –

The other part You overlook is that Cam Newton didn’t ‘just start’ playing football; he’s been at it – “for Years” —— Too many of you MLM folks don’t want to put in the ‘Time’ To reach this Millionaire Level – that we are going to see In the Superbowl Tomorrow – AND – That is why you’ll NEVER Reach their level; It’s not because you Did or Did Not watch the game – It’s because you Failed to understand anything about HOW This Game Is Played –

You’re all invited to come work with the best – but I put people through tests first – If you don’t want to jump through a few loops, then great; you helped me weed out another lazy person who’s never gonna do what it takes to Win in Business – if you DO make it through all the hoops; I know I’ve got someone ‘with some potential’ — You still have to Show up for Practice (Training) and you Have to Execute Plays; You have to Play a Role On the Team – You can’t just be all about YOU —

‪#‎TeamOverCompany‬ = if the team is doing it, I’m doing it too.

‪#‎SortingProcess‬ = The process you take people through where people sort themselves (in and out) of business with you.

‪#‎DuplicationMatters‬ = Systems can be duplicated, people cannot

Business People Should Watch Sports

No one else on this team, has to try to be Cam Newton. That would be impossible. Instead, each person needs to learn the system – and how to play their role in the system.  When people get stuffy, or get upset that they are being asked to ‘play a role’ – they usually never reach their goals. Anyone who grew up playing sports knows what it’s like to have bad team mates.

What I left out of my facebook post is the fact that neither of the two teams facing off tomorrow, get there without Strong Defenses.

What if the defense for the Broncos was more interested in playing Quarterback – and being Peyton Manning instead of being a Strong Defense like their team needs?

Too many business people are doing this in their mlm business.

They aren’t playing ‘for the team’…

They just want to ‘pad their stats’ …

They will never reach the White House – they’ll Never be Champions.

If you want to be a champion; Your journey starts here

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*Update from August 22, 2016 – We just saw the conclusion of the 2016 Rio Olympics and here are a few Observations!

Business Decisions for Business People

I started TopNetworkersgroup for several reasons, but the lack of business decisions from business people had to be one of the major reasons.  The MLM industry is very interestingly diverse. The vast majority of people in MLM have no experience running a business. Most of the people making money in MLM either have experience with making business decisions or, they learned the difference.

Business Decisions are Logical Decisions. They involve math, and other calculations. A business decision is usually well thought out, planned, and orchestrated to bring about a certain result. The opposite of these logical decisions are emotional decisions.

As a business man or woman, you will learn about acquiring customers. A good teacher will instruct you on how to make a customer buy your product or service. You do it, by avoiding all of the logical reasons, and instead you focus on the emotional reasons.

I started out in business selling phone service. My phone company was cheaper. But many people have a loyalty to big name brands. So it’s not possible to approach someone to change their phone service to a company they have never heard of, even if it will save them money. People just don’t make logical decisions like that.

We live in a fantasy world, most of us, forever wishing people made logical decisions but the reality is, most people do not.  If we were a society of logical decision making people we wouldn’t have so many of the problems we have – like war, poverty, famine.

This explains it all.

You would see far more people making money in MLM, if more of the people joining MLM would simply make business decisions.But this is not what people do. People do not take math into account at all. They join a company that runs them $100/mo – and don’t have $200 of ‘disposable income’ coming in to run their $100/mo business.

I just lost 50% of the people reading now – because I used some math.

Numbers really cause emotional reactions in people – I was a math major in College. Oh how the eyes roll whenever I tell people that. 99% of the time, folks would react with saying “Math? I Hate math!”

You can’t be successful in business and hate math.

If you hate math, you need to come to a realization that hate is an emotion; Emotional decisions are the main reason the 99% are broke; the 1% make business decisions; often with no emotion. Many would argue the decisions they are making are leading us all in the wrong direction on this planet. But, they don’t seem to care.

So clearly there is a line …  having NO emotion at all can lead to some devastating results. Too much emotion does too. Once again we find ourselves where so many cultures have recommended we be at, for centuries – We need to find Balance.

We need to make Intelligent Business Moves – that’s what a Business Decision is.

A Business Decision is not ‘personal’ – but that does not mean we should not consider the relationship, and the people who are involved in our business decisions. In network marketing there is a no-no called Crossline recruiting. This is a practice that is done by weak unskilled network marketers. They will make ‘business decisions’ to grow their organizations by seeking to Poach People from other networks.

This is an example of a business decision that takes into account no care, or any consideration for others. It’s our believe that whenever possible, networks should be kept together. The relationships are what pull networks together in the first place. Building networks is what TopnetworkersGroup is and always has been about.

And we teach our members to make intelligent moves – to use a business strategy that is not going to harm; but will Help them – absolutely – over time; with consistent effort – No Hype, No Scams Here – Just the hardcore truth. You should get positioned in a network and start building your network for Free. You should start making money from building your network; positioning others. Then you should reinvest the money you make, so you can earn More money; to reinvest, to earn even More Money.

We call this, being intelligent.

Risking rent, missing a car payment, all because you believe you’re going to get rich in 90 days with a company you can barely afford, is an emotional decision.

Having a real way to show people how to get started with a low investment, make money, grow it, as they grow their organization – That’s a business decision.

It’s what we recommend, for all business people.

Take a look at a recent video from the CEO and founder of TopNetworkersGroup; talking about one of the opportunities we are now endorsing; and WHY –

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