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Azealia Banks vs. The Business

The other day I was speaking about Azealia Banks on my Facebook …

I was reading more on that Azealia stuff this morning. As I stated the other day I really didn’t read what all she said before she got her twitter shut down. I was reading her responses To being suspended. She was saying she felt that white supremacy is what got her suspended from Twitter; that she had spoken badly about everyone; but when she started to talk badly about white folks, that’s when it was over for her. She has a point there.

You have to pick your battles in War.

While I get what she is saying, the words she chose are really what got her in trouble; and to a degree keep getting her in trouble; even if she does have a point. She mentioned that she’s very angry that her art keeps getting stolen by others; who then hide behind their fan base; and talk down to the people they stole their ideas from.

I started to think about the business world; Music, is def. part of the business world; and Business is cut throat. You think about the Wars between Apple and Microsoft which, started because Bill Gates stole ideas from Steve Jobs.

Stealing Ideas in business, is business.


When Nike signed athletes to market their shoes; Other shoe companies started doing the same thing too.

Real quick, here are my original thoughts on what happened to Azealia – via my FB page.

azealia banks thoughts on fb

In other words, I really do understand where she is coming from.

It’s frustrating to be talented and black in America. It really is. You end up dealing with so much; not only from those who are not black; but also black people who are caught up in seeking the approval of Non-black racial groups.

We are up against a lot, as black men and women in society.

This is especially the case in business; because – Business is part of society.

So many aspects of society cannot help but spill into business; and this is again, why the Network Marketing industry emphasizes Personal growth and Self development.

We really do not work hard to protect the “Group known as Blacks” – as hard as we work to protect other Groups in this nation.

We go all out to fight for women, for gays, for transgenders, for immigrants, and it seems like new groups are emerging each day, with stories of oppression and unfair treatment.  Our society hears their cries, and we tend to their wounds. Our society looks out for these groups – often using the struggle of African Americans known as the Civil Rights Movement,  as a basis for their arguments. All while ignoring the cries within the black community.

I can see why she got frustrated; why she’s seemingly always frustrated – Then again, I’m not ready to say she was Right with all that she said.

What I do know is, we cannot do much about those who hate us; steal from us; talk down on us; but we can do a better job of loving one another.

To me, that’s the main objective we should be striving for.

While I’ve always been open to doing business with people regardless of their ethnic background; I’d be foolish to overlook the people who chose not to do business – because of mine.

This is however, what many black people in business are doing.

We are pretending that people really don’t care about our race – We just have to dress up. We just have to talk proper. We just have to stay away from talking about controversial subjects. We just have to ….. where does it end?  When are we going to just be okay with being ourselves??

While I feel sorry for the likes of Azealia Banks – as she is just one of several black artists who feel their art is not appreciated on the same level as their white counterparts. Ultimately she and others like her need to come to the same realization I came to. It’s more important how we feel about each other, than how others feel about us.

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What are YOUR thoughts on this latest Azealia Banks controversy?  Is stealing just part of being in business?  Can black people improve how black people view themselves and one another? Sound off in the comments below!  Thanks, as always for stopping by!

The Kevin Durant MVP Speech Was Truly Inspirational

“Basketball is a platform to inspire others” – Kevin Durant said this while accepting his MVP today, a well deserved award for an excellent NBA Season.  The NBA has been in the news a lot lately. Amid the controversy created by Donald Sterling’s Racist comments, the NBA has overshadowed quite a few big news stories over the past couple of weeks.


Showing us that Basketball can be a platform for, many, many things – Including, but not limited to, Inspiring others. What will the players, and the people involved with this association inspire in others?

I think that’s the most valuable question, that begs to be asked. Sharing with you now, the Full Kevin Durant MVP Speech – which was originally posted via Oklahoma’s local News Website,

The Inspirational Kevin Durant MVP Speech 2013-2014 Season

What an awesome 2013-2014 Season by Kevin Durant.

What an awesome MVP Speech! Probably one of the best I’ve ever heard.

He truly was the Most Valuable Player not only for his team, but in the League. Even Lebron James had to admit he deserved it, when the report was leaked that K.D. would win the award.

The Kevin Durant MVP Speech will most likely go down as one of the most inspirational speeches we’ve heard. It was especially relevant to what we talk about here at TopnetworkersGroup, concerning Sports and Business.

The Speech was full of raw emotion as he thanked each and every single one of the players on his team. He spoke of how each one of them motivated him to Have an MVP Season. This speaks directly to our ongoing theme in business, about the important of teamwork; and how each person on the team plays a very important role.

Kevin thanked each player, not only for this season – but for what they have done for him throughout his career in the NBA. Certainly a well deserved award, for a well deserved player, who just had an incredible MVP worthy season.

A season where he lead the NBA in Scoring for the 4th time, a feat only a short list of NBA Greats have accomplished. They are Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, George Gervin, and the great, Wilt Chamberlain.

Kevin Durant also went on a binge of scoring 25+ points in a string of 41  Games; which surpassed Michael Jordan’s 86-87 season, where he did it in 40 Consecutive Games. He led his team to yet another great season where they finished 2nd in the West, which has been ultra competitive during the 2013-1014 season.

Durant truly had an Incredible, MVP Season.

But he didn’t do it, by himself.

Which brings me back to the Kevin Durant MVP Speech, and how it really ties into what we do as network marketers. We are each playing on teams, and often we play for company owners who may or may not care about us as much as we think. Again, the comments from the Los Angeles Clippers owner, though ugly, reveal a reality in our society. Business cannot escape the ills of Society.

Literally anyone can prosper in the world of business. Business, like Sports, is a platform. It can be used by anyone, to do harm to others – or to inspire others and transform our communities. Business more than ever, needs the good people to get involved, and work to be the best they can be. Business, is not perfect – it’s a part of our imperfect society.

However you and I have the unique opportunity to transform Society while we transform ourselves. While we play a direct role in the transfer of wealth, from those who have it all, and are not using it for the benefit of the many – to you and I. What will We do with wealth? Will we have MVP Seasons and use our talents to bless others? Will we work together and encourage one another, and lift each other up as we STRIVE to win the championships in life?

Go ahead, draw the comparison. In the MVP Speech we’ve just heard from Kevin Durant, we hear all the ingredients of a winner. Someone who tries to set the example for his young guys; realizing they are looking up to him and that if he takes a day off, so will they. He realizes the impact he is able to have on them. He’s thankful for the mentors, the vets, the ones who’ve been there and don it all.

The Humility in a leader who realizes he is at the top, not because of his own efforts; but because of his team. In network marketing, no top money earner becomes one, without the efforts of a team. A team of top money earners is the most beautiful thing you will see. So many lives are touched and changed when people have success in this industry. SO many beautiful and wonderful people are freed from the chains of employment-slavery – by the blessings of residual income, and leverage – provided in our industry.

Just like Kevin Durant each of us must work hard, to IMPROVE, and not just rest on our laurels. We must never be complacent or feel like last year was good enough; We must challenge ourselves, and even our team mates to get better.

This SPORTS mentality, this WINNER mentality is what it takes to WIN, in Business, in Sports, and in every area of our lives. We must be willing to WORK at ourselves; to be “better men” – and better women too. As we become better PEOPLE; we’ll become better at our Profession; Kevin Durant, congratulations to you sir; and yes you’ve totally Inspired me; I hope your words inspire many others as well.

Thank you for using the platform of basketball, to teach us all about teamwork. Thank you for appreciating your support system, and reminding us, no one reaches the top alone.

We may not all have been blessed enough to be professionals in the NBA – but each of us reading this, has the opportunity to be a professional in MLM – and we can use this platform, to inspire others.

Like KD.

Thank you for reading this –

Get OUT of Your OWN Way – The Ego and The Door

Let’s discuss the Ego, and the Door, and why it’s important to Get out of your own way when it comes to business….. Especially, when it comes to business.

You’ve heard the saying before, “Leave your Ego At the Door” – right?

OF course you have.

It’s a term that is used in just about all professions. The first time I heard it was in Network Marketing. I will never forget it because for me, it was so profound. I had never heard it before, at any time in my life.

But it made so much Sense.

Dora Chambers, RVP (regional vice president) with the first network marketing company I got into – she had already been massively successful. 2 people in the company that were in the Top 10, and top 20 respectively, were in her Downline.

So naturally, she had my respect – I wanted that lifestyle that came with having 2 RVP’s (or more) in my Downline.  So when she shared this bit of knowledge with me I never forgot it.

GET Out of Your Own Way.

When people join a network marketing company, she said … they bring their EGO with them. Then she said, EGO stands for Edging God Out. Now, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, I am sorry but I’m yet to see a top income earner in a MLM Company that does not have some sort of Faith. Most of the successful people interviewed by Napolean Hill for his best seller, “Think and Grow Rich” points this out too – Most top achievers are people of Faith.

So, if you are a person of faith – why do you bring your EGO into business?

Why do you insist on having things YOUR way?

Why is it that you are so UNWILLING to do things, the way THE Company you have joined says, things need to be done?

Why don’t you Trust that they’ve already tried most of the things you are going to try; they’ve found out those things do not work; and they’ve found the things that DO WORK; which they’re now teaching to you.

BUT your EGO is so big, that you decide YOU have a better way ….


IF that’s you, YOU really need to GET out of your OWN Way;

MOST people stand in the way of their own success; because of EGO. Dora Chambers taught us then, that when it comes to network marketing – If you want to be successful, you Must Leave Your Ego At The Door.

Again, EGO means, Edging God Out – Not allowing God to work through other people; not allowing other people to tell you what to do, what to say, or how to say it – as if God does not know what He (or She) is doing…. as if YOU know more than God.

I’ll tell you this, some people do NOT believe this; But God really did send me into Network Marketing; It was a late night evening, I was outside, having a bad time in life; lost and did not know where I was going; I looked to the sky, and prayed for God to send me an “opportunity” – later that week a good friend from high school invited me, to a meeting.

To me, that’s how God works.

We pray, and then God works through other people to answer those prayers.

But the problem MOST of us have, is our EGO.

I want to share a FEW videos about why YOU need to Leave Your Ego at the Door;

This one is about fitness and weight lifting; See, EGO gets you INJURED! Same thing happens in business – don’t get HURT because your EGO is in the way.

Ego Gets Your Injured

This one shows how EGO can cause you to FAIL in Business.

People do this in MLM All the time; they come from ONE mlm company; and assume the NEXT one is exactly the same; They do not come in willing to learn; or seeking to get informed; they come in with an attitude, and an EGO; they shoot themselves in the foot; Want even more evidence? Another video – Same Topic (YOUR EGO is a problem, GET out of your own way!)

I like this one mostly because while it’s talking about RUnning, it’s also talking about how you and I have to allow things in our lives to help MOVE us to where we say we want to go.

See if we Really had Faith, we would not see Obstacles.

We would only see Stepping Stones.

get out of your own way


If you really had Faith, you’d TRUST that the people telling you what to do in your network marketing company, really do have YOUR success in mind; not just their own. The only person who really has a Financial Incentive To tell you the TRUTH is your Sponsor and Upline. People these days are listening to everyone BUT their sponsor and upline.

Even Albert Einstein said it. You wanna argue with one of the most intelligent people to ever live?

Go for it.

I won’t argue with people that are that smart. The more Ego you have, the less Knowledge you actually have. The LESS Ego you have, the more Knowledge you’ll gain. It’s true – when I set my EGO aside, I began to see Results in my business. Results = Checks.

If you don’t get CHECKS in your business; CHECK YOUR EGO (at the door), FIND a good Coach and/or Mentor – and Get Out of YOUR Own way!


Read More Business Training Articles from TopNetworkersGroup – On How Your Ego Hurts you, and does not Help you in business, and other related topics – that require you leaving your Ego at the door to reach the kind of results you want, in business. Get out of your own way. Let others teach you a few things. You’ll be surprised with how much this helps you achieve your goals!


Why Isn’t iLA Paying Yet?

Recently a new video was released …

It discusses WHEN We will start getting paid from iLA and HOW we will recieve our money from iLA.

BUT this information is NOT new to anyone that has been around iLA from day one.

What I’ve seen so far is that this company tells us what they are seeking to do; and so far … They do it.

Believe for Great Things,

Today I put together a video discussing My Thoughts on this opportunity.

I absolutely feel you should be positioned with iLA to benefit ‘just in case’

– and that it’s worth taking a look at the application itself, to judge for yourself, if this is a product you would share with Other people … or not.

Too many of us allow others to make our minds up for us; At some point WE must learn how to make business decisions, for our selves.

At some point, we must Learn to Become The System, so to speak; and move from Dependent, to Independent; Which, as you can tell from watching my video, is something I personally feel, iLA will help people with.

Those are my personal feelings though.

Yes, i look through educated business man glasses, BUT, it’s still my view and my perspective; YOU must look at things for your self; and determine what feels right, to you; If you need education, we offer it here.

We also recommend MORE education here!

And here’s, our advice – GET positioned with iLA – and find OUT if they pay in April, like they’ve been telling us they would, all along… I’ll see you, on the inside!


Is The Rule of 7 Real Important or Not Important at all?

I first heard about this ‘theory’ some time ago, in my early years of network marketing. When you RUN out of a LIST early on, like we did, you had to explore the world of Cold Marketing. People like me, turned to the internet early, and found out how important it is to build relationships with others, before sharing your business opportunity with them.

The rule of Seven simply suggest that people need to SEE or HEAR about something several times, Seven Times at least, before becoming interested. That’s an important lesson for you and I to learn and embrace. (work with an awesome team)

How often have you posted an ‘ad’ on facebook and gotten discouraged because not too many people responded to it? How many of you Continued to post that Same ad, consistently, “until” getting the desired result? (get trained on network marketing)

Most people GIVE UP too early – Make sure you’re not MOST people; Check out the original article below, about “the Rule of Seven” and decide just how important this is for your business. (brand NEW business worth advertising several times….)

Al King, CEO and Founder, TopNetworkersGroup
(I did not write the article below – follow the link to the original article)

The Rule of Seven (Original Article)

April 3, 2012

sevenIn the marketing game, there is an old adage that basically says that people only really pay attention to any sort of marketing material after ignoring it six times. The seventh time, it is believed, is the time when the person finally takes note of the marketing and what product is on offer, as well as considering making a purchase. Every other instance, that’s not the case. Of course, “seven” isn’t set in stone and the realization may come sooner or later than that, but the general idea is near-universal. Whether it is an Effexor lawsuit that is about to turn into a class action or a mint-condition Lamborghini Miura, the rule of seven’s notion of delayed reactions applies and should be accommodated in the plan.

Noise is part of the rule of seven. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the modern world, with so many products competing for the attention of every last scrap of the market. The result is that even the best-designed of marketing materials don’t always get noticed. They’re slowly drowned out by the background noise – or considered by a majority of the public to be part of that noise.

Sometimes, the rule of seven applies because the product isn’t needed by the customer at the time they see it. Since it isn’t needed, they don’t pay attention to it and just continue on as if they’d never encountered it.

Price can affect the exact number, as well. Customers may find that they’re interested in what is being offered to them, but they aren’t entirely sure they need it at the cost that’s being asked for. This is particularly prevalent in certain income ranges and during the right economic conditions, when people are far more conscious of how much they spend and on what than they would normally be.

Then there are the times when the rule of seven factors in because the customers don’t know, like, or trust the business. Maybe the product or company is new, so it is untested and thus struggling to find customers willing to give them a try. It is possible that the market has a lot of people that are loyal to another product or aren’t fond of the brand or the company attached to it. Or perhaps they simply do not trust the company for any number of reasons, including a possible widespread product recall or highly-publicized major defect in the past.

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