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I am checking out Readbud

I’ve been seeing this ‘income opportunity’ promoted on SWOM : which is a wonderful social network full of marketers; for anyone looking for Solid ways to earn money, especially all of you Value Marketers, SWOM needs to be in your arsenal; and after a few minutes in the back office for This one below …. I think this should also be in that arsenal.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Get Paid to Read and Rate Articles, Choose from Topics that you already are interested in.

Here are a few of their marketing materials that are pretty impressive for people like you, reading this, who could earn money from … reading.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles Already after just a few minutes of using this, I am seeing some potential; I was told I have to earn at least $50 before I can ‘cash out’ – and that I also earn $5 on each referral who, cashes out at $50 :: so some work is required for those of you looking to not only earn money from Your efforts but also, seeking to apply Wealth Principles to your life by Leveraging the efforts of other people.

That being said, who doesn’t want a simple way to earn $50 extra every month? …. After only a few minutes, I’m up to $1 … I could possibly earn $50 in 10 days of work per month :: and if I decided to really Go for it … hey; I’m going to look further into this program but for now, I’d say sign up :: It’s Free – if you enjoy using it, refer it to others like I am doing now and see where that takes you.

The Greatest Networker … John Milton Fogg

Lots of people in our industry of network marketing, have turned to ‘gurus’ who are quite frankly, taking advantage of people. They are paying money for information they could have gotten for Free – this is not to suggest that they are not also offering solid advice :: but even most of that is available, for Free.

People tend to think that, if they pay for it – it’ll be more valuable. I guess that’s why Napster had to change their business model; OH wait – people were quite ok with FREE music – it was the Record Industry, the ones losing money on what they were selling, who objected to the idea.

The “Gurus” charging tons of money for information – are the Record Industry at this moment – this the beginning really, of Internet Marketing.

11 years ago, when I entered the Network Marketing arena, I turned to the Internet to find ‘leads’ almost right away. I had a comfort with talking to people, but used what I learned at the Training Meetings, to sort people online for my business :: BUT something was still missing.

Enter, The Greatest Networker, an awesome FREE e-book from John Milton Fogg. I was having upline issues at the time. The guy who introduced me, disappeared; the guy who sponsored him stepped in, but I wasn’t very coachable.  I made excuses “He’s not in California, I’m here building alone, I don’t know the right people ….”

Then I read this book. I then realized, it was up to ME to become BETTER, not up to my Upline to be anything other than he had been; an Example of what to do, to make money in this industry.

If you have not read this book yet, and you are struggling with your business – especially if you’re paying LOTS of money to learn “how to do this” – stop doing that — read the book, OR listen to the audios — it will change everything about your business, And your life.

CEO’s Group: Making Money on the Internet

I’m part of a collection of networkers, called CEO’s Unlimited. Our goal is to help 1,000 people earn $10,000/mo in income.

To do that, we have identified a Solid company, that many of you will see featured here on this blog.

We also realize that if a person is not interested in our main company – there are TONS of ways for people to earn income doing other things; So we’ve identified the best alternative income opportunities, and have positioned ourselves to offer ‘something to everybody’ —

I discuss many of the income opportunities I’ve come across on Facebook via the CEO’s Group: Making Money on the Internet :: Join today!