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Marketing Online Is a Skill

Either you have it, or you don’t.

If you’re marketing online, and you’re able to bring in serious traffic to your website or blogs, then you have it.

Most of the people looking to earn additional income from home, turning to the internet, hoping to make extra money through online marketing have the desire, but lack the skill.

Most people want to bring in serious traffic, but most people are not. Most of the gurus aren’t teaching everything they know either. However, that has just changed.

The only question is whether or not you are a serious marketer, or not.

Everyone wants to lose weight, for example – but not everyone wants to work out if that’s what it takes to do it.

If you’re willing to do what it takes, to make money online, then you’re going to get a lot out of the online marketing courses offered through a new blogging platform system.

It’s called LevelOneNetwork – and it’s teaching people like you and me, real online marketing skills, that you and I really need.

If you’re marketing online and not getting results, pay close attention.

Here’s a video I put together that is showing a little bit more about the kind of results I’m Getting so far. Already, my skills are improving …

Several people are making the BIG mistake of comparing this to another popular blogging system – that has created a ton of success stories in the home based business industry – perhaps leaders are feeling threatened, when they really shouldn’t.

This does happen quite often in our industry, where people often attack other opportunities in an attempt to keep their organization from getting distracted.

However, Business Training Courses that help Improve the Skills of your business partners, should not be seen as a distraction. Check out this article, Online Marketing Courses LevelOneNetwork is No EmpowerNetwork here, to learn more about the huge differences between these two businesses.

While you can earn money from sharing this course with others, you absolutely will earn money from applying the information that’s being taught in the weekly live training sessions. Do not hesitate to get started with this course right away, if you need to improve your SEO knowledge, and ability to bring in Serious Organic Traffic.

Is Pure Leverage The Next Empower Network or Not?

Industry NEWS here — I’m I WAS a member of Empower Network; I’ve decided ‘for now’ to Pass on Pure Leverage — BUT meanwhile I’m seeing the same things this TOP producer is seeing; people using “HYPE” to promote; ** UPDATE! ** Since this post I ended up closing down my Empower Network, still passed on Pure Leverage – but landed with LevelOneNetwork, just a few weeks after this blog was put together.

What grabbed me most about it – as soon as I saw the 15 minute Overview – is that it was Minus the Hype – a straightforward presentation about why this blogging platform would be better for its members, and just as profitable as the ‘other one’ … and now, ‘other ones’ that are in the industry today. Take a look at this no fluff presentation of LevelOneNetwork.

Why do people use Hype?

Short answer – It works.

Since most are not taking the time to Study Business, they are unable to make Business Decisions;

They are stuck falling for the hype;

They’re stuck making emotional decisions;

So someone says “this is the NEXT or NEW empower network!!!” and it moves them on an ’emotional level’ —

– These are my thoughts; BUT I also can see that this Mark Call guy, thinks a lot like me.

People did this same Nonsense with Vitel and Solavei;

People need to stop acting like Company A is to be compared with Company B all the time; often times, Company A has nothing to do with Company B; and you really can build BOTH at the same time… depending, on who you listen to of course… and as long as the two do not Conflict.

So, Mark Call settles the score;

PL is NOT the next EN;

There are several 100% payout Income Opps now; and NONE of them will be the NEXT… EN; because the “people in EN” make EN what EN is…. (The people make ‘any’ opportunity into what it becomes, or doesn’t become.) People in MLM need to learn this asap – and stop buying into the hype. It’s always about the Team not the Company.


Last thing to say; is stop falling for the “gotta be first in Myth”

… does it help to be first in??

Sure… “IF” you know what you are doing.

IF you don’t; it won’t make a difference that you got in first…. being in early can be ‘part’ of your decision; but should not be the Primary reason for it; not if you’re a professional at least…

Click here if you need HELP with making Business Decisions — Work with OUR team and We’ll show you the way!

Worry less about being in the NEXT big thing.

Worry more about learning the skills you need to build a team –

How to Overcome Failure simply by Choosing to be Successful

*Updating our article & interview on “How to Overcome Failure”, originally published in 2013.  Lots has happened since that time, as of today, February 7th, 2018 the company myself and the gentleman I interview below is no longer in business.  The information is still pertinent and relevant as this is information from a person who has Overcome failure in his own efforts in business & investing.  I actually got started in Cryptocurrency through this guy, as he referred me to Coinbase to get started with my purchases.  I’d also like to direct you to another more recent article featuring Shark Tank’s Daymond John, giving Advice on Failure and how it Truly Can be helpful.

I say that because there have been plenty lessons learned from business opportunities and partnerships that have not gone as I hoped they would.   Full Disclosure, I signed up into this opportunity with this man and he didn’t believe in it like I did; so I was left mostly to build by myself. Building without quality help is Difficult in Network marketing.  We can improve our odds by understanding the value of teamwork.  Enjoy the article and interview below – you’re welcome to leave a comment!

I did a hangout with a real Leader, who’s been Very successful in business; and in life overall – while also facing failures & obstacles that he has overcome; He has an Amazing Story to tell, and I’m excited to bring you that Recording .. right here

His name, is Damon Brooks, Sr.

I was invited to work with him in a Pre-Launch opportunity. The company actually Starts Pre-launch in February so now is the time to Position yourself, and others.

I had seen this program briefly, before being invited to work with Mr. Brooks. Because of the success he’s had in business, and the dedication he shows to businesses that are Proven to Pay Out, I went ahead and got positioned – with what might turn out to be a very solid business opportunity.

Watch the entire hangout, as I start the Live Call out, discussing why a busy professional would consider adding “another business” to a plate that is already full, which is exactly the sitatution I am in, as the CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersGroup, having just launched OUR own training system for network marketers, And recently re-activating my empower network; I definitely have a full plate.

I’m also a Veteran of the Industry; which says A lot… having been around for over 14 years now – starting out with a successful MLM Company in 1998 and staying in Just One Company for 5 years, till 2004; I know what it’s like to be ‘married to a company while not making much money’ ….

I also took the business education I got while IN that MLM company very seriously; and used it to start a successful business of my own; I kept a close eye on the industry, while also earning some additional income in various online affiliate programs between 2004 and 2009 – so I understand that There is a Difference between MLM Companies and Affiliate Programs; I’ve been studying, using, and applying Internet Marketing techniques since 2000 – and so I have a wealth of experience that allows me to earn income in Several places at one time; I share many of those insights on How I am able to do it, in this Hangout

– but … I’m really not who you want to see.

You will want to brace yourself, for the Wise words and Experiences of Mr. Damon Brooks, Sr., who delivers nugget after nugget on what it takes to be successful in Business. He talks about HOW a busy professional who is already making money in other places, and who’s focused on a Income Stream that they have been building for a matter of months  – can Position themselves in a “new” business opportunity, while remaining focused on what they have been focused on. It’s absolutely exactly what every single person in MLM wants to know, and Mr. Brooks delivers the goods … Get your PEN and PAD ready!!!! Get ready to hit REWIND several times!!!

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