(The ello nsfw email is big news and TSU better listen)

Ello 🙂

Seriously I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do that lol.

But let me not waste any of your time – as you have a LOT To sift through here. I will be as brief as possible in my pre-amble. Although it’s very necessary that I set this up for you.

Yesterday, I received an email from Ello – a new private social network that launched right around the same time as TSU; Both are invitation only – and naturally because of my network I got an invitation to both networks very early on. I joined both – and to this day I have only logged into Ello maybe 5 times total.

I signed up in November of 2014.

Around the same time I signed up for a new social network called TSU – a social network promising to pay it’s members for our posts. It was free, and I figured what the hell; worst case scenario it will be another source of traffic for me to use. Right from the start I liked TSU so much more than I liked Ello.

To be clear that is still my stance at the writing of this blog – However – ever since joining TSU There has been some bumps in the road; I mean that is always the case with anything new. So while I did expect the bumps, I cannot say I have been a fan of them all. Namely, what I will refer to as; Puritans and Quakers.

In the world of social networks most of the Puritans and Quakers hang out on what I like to call “Open Networks” – Sites like Google+ for example; where literally anyone can access anyone else on that network. This openness is also why there is a YouTube False Flagging problem  – because youTube is also an Open Network. Anyone with an account can log in and start posting comments on people’s videos. Anyone can give thumbs up, thumbs down; Or … flag your video.

I do not want to get into why that is a problem since I’ve already written about the problem twice now; (Also in this post about why Ray Higdon said bye bye to YouTube)

Please Listen.

I am about to share an email with you that I got from Ello – in this email you will see something that I feel the TSU community needs to listen to; and take heed – if they expect to survive the tumultuous nature of business. Any business can go out of business; and while I really love the TSU platform; if they allow what is happening on their network to continue; it will be the end of TSU.

The NSFW Policy must be changed.

the ello nsfw email

Here is the Ello NSFW email below ::

 NSFW Month on Ello.

Following Google’s decision to ban NSFW content from Blogger (followed by an awkward reversal), we decided to celebrate freedom of speech on Ello by naming March NSWF Month.

You can’t ban some content without seriously impacting freedom of speech for everyone.

The last people we want to dictate what we can’t say on the Internet are the advertisers that control big ad-based social networks. Ello doesn’t believe in censorship, and because Ello is ad-free, we will always be a dependable haven for free speech.

Help us celebrate NSFW Month on Ello by posting and discussing ideas about free speech, censorship, and why it’s important that Internet remain open and free.
Much Love,

PS. Some people love adult content. Other’s don’t. Ello is all about respecting each others’ point of view. You can always turn NSFW content on or off on your Ello settings page.

Read about Ello’s rules and NSFW policy here.

…. The TSU community MUST listen to what I am about to say.

Just because some people are offended by NSFW (Not safe for work) material, does not mean the person sharing it, has no right to share it. They can and will go to a different social network if they feel like TSU is jail. Censorship is not cool, and if TSU wants to be  a cool community, which Ello is so desperate to be – TSU must pay attention.

I had an incident on TSU early on that I never shared. I filmed it – and have the videos on ‘private’ in case I need to show them to people. Let me explain what happened and how it’s relevant to this Ello NSFW Email.

A gentleman opted into my email-list; and apparently it was his first time ever doing it because he thought the emails going out (automatically and pre-written I should add) – were specifically written to him. That’s a real good thing actually – and it’s one of my aims when I write emails to go out; I want the person reading it to feel like I am talking JUST to that person.

Apparently it worked too good with this guy.

He was already knit-picking at TSU (early on) – and had left comments on my wall outlining in great detail, why he felt Google+ was a better network than TSU; and why TSU wouldn’t last. So it was no surprise to me that he found flaws with me, after opting into my email list. Apparently the guys brother dies – a day or two after he gets on my email – and the message that goes out, reaches him at a bad time.

However his reaction was worse!

The guy starts slandering me on TSU; he shares the email that went out to over 1,000 people; and Inserts his Responses to what I wrote throughout; he even slips up and calls me a Monkey – and a Sub-Human Creature a couple of times.

I realize that’s ‘code language’ – for racial slurs – and while others may want to debate it; I know what I know – and I immediately Film and Document what has happened. Sadly I’m aware that other people will read what he writes; and will believe what he has to say; similar to how Officer Darren Wilson was believed – based entirely upon what he had to say – about that fateful day in Ferguson, MO.

It’s just one of the issues we all are forced to deal with while living in this kind of society; Now to tie this all in together.

The people who still practice racism in 2015 – are the same people who seek to control the freedoms of other people. The guy upset at an email i sent out, was attempting to get support – so that he could shut down my TSU account. Racist people have a big problem with educated black men. Any black man who dares talk in an intelligent manner is almost  immediately attacked with hate. However they will use words that ‘don’t sound as bad’ – in order to garner support for their darker agendas.

We need to know these things; as it will help us with deciding who’s leading us toward light; and who’s leading us away from light. People who want to oppress other people – are following dark masters; and we need to dis-empower those people; not empower them.

The Big News of this Ello NSFW email – is that they recognize how important it is to allow people to express themselves. Facebook and Twitter both have NSFW sections – Google+ and YouTube however; do not. They allow their members to act like cyber-police – reporting and flagging one another; They empower a cyber-kkk like collection of people, to decide who has the ‘right’ to express themselves; and who does not.

Declaring March NSFW Month, is going to send ripples through the Social Networking world; on the heels of the victory of Net Neutrality the TSU community must listen.

They (anyone) must overlook how they (infamous they) feel about a black man who speaks out about racism; whether they agree with what I have to say about that or not; and hear the clear message that it’s not okay for one human to attempt to silence another.

If TSU allows it; it will be the death of the network.

You read it here first.

TSU should embrace this moment; Change their NSFW Policy; add/or Create one; and let the members know that they will no longer be empowered to use TSU simply to go around tattling on other members.  The Ello NSFW email is a game changer – if only they were paying me to post; I’d immediately start using their network more.

Read more from outside outlets discussing the Ello NSFW Email: Declaring the month of March NSFW Month. Here’s to Freedom of Expression! To an Open Internet for all.

 *official disclaimer – we are not suggesting that you start sharing adult and NSFW material on your social media outlets. However this IS suggesting that we do not have a problem with people having the right to do so. Thanks for visiting;

*Update 12/18/2015 :: Did TSU ever Listen to what we had to say about the Ello NSFW approach?

I can’t really say for sure but, I’m still using the platform and so are millions of others. That’s my year review – which goes in depth on what I actually like about this platform. I also have to say that their handling of censorship issues has been pretty impressive as they use real Human beings for customer support. Where as the Ello NSFW approach sorta allows a hands off moderation for the people over at Ello, what TSU does by allowing people to report ‘possibly unsafe content’ works out, because actual people are handling the emails when Posts/Content is flagged and removed; Read more in the update. Meanwhile, in spite of the ello nsfw approach, I’m still barely ever using that site. It seems like they continue to improve but, I wouldn’t know!

TSU Social Network Review