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Brand Promotion : McDonald’s and MLM

Let’s talk Brand Promotion, and how to approach MLM in the 5th Wave. We are in a different time and yet most of the old school foundational training still matters.  Especially true when it comes to how you and I market whatever MLM we are in. As you know, these days there are too many companies, and not enough people. In the 5th wave of MLM, what matters most is the team you are with. That’s been the vision of our team from day one. Let’s build a network, that can make money regardless of what MLM’s ‘we’ are in. The key to doing that, is in understanding Brand Promotion.

I made a video a few years back that I think ‘upset’ a few of my male business partners at the time.

I went in, on men who don’t wear the pants in their relationships … and how it negatively impacts the Business you’re trying to build with those men; it’s nearly impossible …. if any of them got mad, hey … they can be mad; But I spoke truth.

If you’re in business, with a man who has to answer to his woman; every time y’all need to do something for the business; he has to run it by his wife first; Her needs come before the business; her desires too; if she wants to watch Reality TV with her man, he can’t be on a conference call – can’t be prospecting for the business – can’t be reading books, or watching training information; and to be ‘fair’ … this is what a lot of women struggle with too; having partners that don’t fully support their business building efforts.

But I wasn’t having challenges with my Women business partners at that time – my challenge, was building a business with a person who was not on the same page I was on.

So … I’m out here talking about let’s promote ‘the system’ … and dude was out here promoting ‘companies’ … so everyone who came into the “network” … were getting mixed messages from the top;

Do I promote the companies I like? Or do I promote the system??

Confused minds do nothing; and that’s what most partners did; nothing. Meanwhile, tasks that needed to be completed that would have also helped him ‘grasp’ what he was Not doing; were not getting done; as they had to wait till he finished his “Honey Do List” first …

It’s a touchy subject; As a business partner, I don’t want to get involved with their relationship; or anyone else’s …. the best thing I could do at that time, was address it; as it’s not a situation that I face alone; a lot of us face this challenge…

In business, we have to be tough enough to listen to information we may not ‘like’ – especially when it’s true.

Brand promotions in MLM requires training. You cannot skip this, and must understand that our system emphasizes education. If you want to work with the group, be prepared to be tasked with learning to promote ‘the brand’ and not ‘the menu’ …

Within Network marketing The Brand is the team you work with.

“You” are not the brand; if you owned a company your company would be the brand … not you. Avoid everyone telling you to ‘brand yourself’ as they’re just selling you snake oil information. Let me know if you need help with learning how to be a professional network marketer. Join TopNetworkersGroup today

Brand Promotion with McDonald’s – in regards to MLM in the 5th wave

So …. What is the Process?

If you are part of a good network marketing company, if you are working with good leaders, then by now – you should already know what the process is.

“The Enrolling Process” is always the same, no matter what company you are enrolling people into.

It never changes, regardless of the product, or service you are offering. It’s important to note however, that getting customers and growing an organization are two different things!

If you’re in a company, that doesn’t teach you how to get customers, you may want to consider working with another team within that company, or another company all together; usually customer ‘acquisition’ varies from company to company.

Building an Organization however, is always the same. Always … and what I found, when I left network marketing, and went into web design, is that this process is the same for growing a business.

Last thing I’ll say before I get into this is … when you Lead with your business, you can always ‘fall back’ with customer acquisition; if someone doesn’t want to make money selling your product, then perhaps, they’d be interested in trying, and eventually buying your product.

Then of course, you can always turn those customers into business partners later – once they themselves, experience how good the product (or service) is.

So, what is the process ….?

Recruiting, is a “SORTING PROCESS” – at all times, you are sorting. Even after people sign up, you are still Sorting.

Sorting and Selling are two different things. Selling means, talking people into stuff, convincing …. Sorting, is much different. Sorting is, you tell people what they need to do – the ones who do it, are the ones you want to work with – the ones who don’t, are the ones you Don’t Want To Work with.

SORTING is the overall, governing law, that oversees the entire Enrollment Process – of building and growing an organization of business partners.

There are actually 4 “steps” …

1. Approach and Picque Interest.
2. Expose or Present the Information.
3. Close, help them Make a Decision.
4. Training, the last, and most important part of this Process; Training is ongoing….

Let me say that last part again…

Training is ongoing.

Training is a “process” in and of itself, through which YOU will Sort your Organization. If you have business partners who Decide (step 3) to join your company, who pay their money, but do not attend Training; These partners have SORTED Themselves – they’ve shown you that they are NOT the ones you want to work with.

It’s important to say, that if you do not plan to attend training, to get training, to continue getting trained, keep your money. Save your time.

The process is very simple and yet, people mess it up, all the time. They say too much, too soon; they skip step 1 all together, and get right into step 2 … then they even attempt to do steps 3, and 4 – even though the person has not Decided to sign up!

This is the PRIME reason networkers fail; If you’ve seen my presentation of TBA, I discuss 4 reasons networkers struggle. >>> 1. takes too many team members >>>> 2. cost too much to join >>> 3. Most people are afraid to sell >>> 4. Most companies don’t pay enough money …

That being said, if people do not know how to Recruit, how are they EVER going to but in LOTS of team members for most companies??

Usually, it’s a simple process of “duplication” – but if you are working with people who do not know how to enroll others, OR if you’re simply not attending training to learn how to do it, you won’t duplicate success!

Again, much of this YOU should be learning in Training. IF you are not getting this kind of information, you are always welcome to work with the Top Networkers Group – we train people to become Professional Network Marketers. Professionals, make Professional Money.

Thanks for reading – for a more detailed training on this topic, JOIN TBA – our product is “personal growth, and self improvement” – and our team will provide you with In Depth training, to build this, and any Network Marketing organization!