I came across a great article on Why Some Things Should be Hard. It literally was confirmation for me. Hard work makes us better. It makes us do and become more to achieve the task that is required. Hard Work takes you from the level you’re at now, to the level you dream to be on.

If our goal at TopNetworkersGroup is to create professional network marketers – then it’s important that we stress the hard work required to become one.

So let’s talk about Why Hard Work Makes you Better –

Ever since rolling out the One MLM System I have been wondering if it’s just too much. Is it too much to have people sign up for multiple programs? Is it too much to have people watch So many Videos; during the sign up process; and even after they are inside?

I can even think back to a disloyal person who signed up for the One MLM System over a year ago, but decided to ‘focus’ on Visalus. We talked and one of the things he mentioned to me was, there was just too much to do.

Personally, I Don’t think it’s a lot to do however, I Don’t think the same way as others. There are a lot of lazy people in our society today. People want things easy.

Most do not want to put in Hard work. In fact, in several of my training videos I have defined Hard Work for people; because I don’t believe most people really know what it is. To me – it’s all about doing what is hard, instead of what is easy.

The article I came across seemed to tap right into my mind and pull out the thoughts I have been searching for. It’s like a video game.

Did you play video games growing up like I did?

Perhaps you STILL Play video games … if you do, then you should be able to relate to this question. Do you really enjoy games that are too easy?

Or don’t you prefer the games that offer up an actual challenge?

I played a lot of Doom growing up; for those who don’t know about it, it started out as a PC Game. It was always a lot of hard work making it from level to level. The game is near impossible to beat, without cheating. The came did have cheat codes though. When I ran into them I was so excited because I could finally get past a few levels that were just ‘too hard’ for me to defeat.

But, then the game became Too easy.

Since I had been to the end of the game; I decided to test myself to see if I could make it without the cheat codes. From time to time I’d be tempted to throw a cheat code on for a few; recover and then I’d take it back off again. The challenge made the game more fun.

Registering for the 1mlmsystem is no where near hard work.

But, people have a habit of making things so much harder than they really need to be. So, part of what just happened tonight is a feeling of relief. I felt like I was doing the right thing – My goal has always been to create professional network marketers. To do this, requires people get educated. It requires people follow simple steps that anyone else can do.

It also requires a sense of teamwork

Professional network marketers are not like amateurs – Amateurs have no loyalty. There has never been a Millionaire or Billionaire in the history of mankind, who lacked loyalty. So if a person cannot sign up for my system, and then reach out and send me an email to ask for help, is that a professional?

If a person cannot complete the sign up process, and won’t sign up for FREE affiliate programs that will not cost them a dime – Do they have any loyalty?

The system is perfect.

the one mlm system to rule them all

It tests your loyalty to the person that referred you. It asks you to contact your sponsor. So far does any of that sound like Hard work?  The system asks you to sign up for free programs – Considering how much Stuff you’ve signed up for in the past 3 years; Does it sound like Hard Work to sign up for Free programs?

Next, the system asks you to Watch Training Videos. These videos talk about important topics in network marketing. Such as, making a list, and more importantly how to approach the people on that list. The videos tell you how to get a person in front of a presentation. The videos talk about what to do after a person sees a presentation.

All you have to do is watch, and apply what the videos teach.

Does that sound like Hard Work?

Here’s the key though…  we want to you do those things, WHILE involving your sponsor. Talk to them about the ‘work’ you are doing. Is that hard?

Well apparently it was for many people. But when I look at what they are doing in MLM Today – I see many are NOT in MLM today; or doing the same things they were before they signed up. They are struggling.

Aren’t you tired of struggling in MLM?

Amateurs Struggle. Professionals Know what they are doing. That’s the purpose of our system. To teach you what to do. To give you programs to do it with. Then we want you to make money and reinvest. We want you to use our Ten Dollar level; to make more money and then reinvest. We want you to use our Fifty Dollar Level; to make even more money; and reinvest. More importantly, by doing what we’re suggesting, you will avoid the unfortunate fate of so many people who just lost their entire income – with the closing of wakeUpnow – and so many other MLM companies.

Because any business will go out of business.

What we are suggesting is not Hard work; but it’s going to require you to pay attention. It’s going to require you to invest some time on the learning side. It’s going to require you communicating with your sponsor; your upline; Using our live office; working ‘as a team’ – and if you do these things; you will become a Master.

You will be a Professional.

That’s why the system is set up the way it is.

It had to be set up this way.

To make you, what we need you to be.

A Professional.

I think you’ll also enjoy this video from the NBA – What Is Hard Work?