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What Makes You An Expert?

The Internet has given us Expert Overload. Seems like just about everyone who is able to call themselves an expert is doing just that!

If you’re in search of an actual expert, then you’ve really got to do some digging. Then again do you?

Don’t Experts just stand out??

Well, Let me stop asking questions and start answering them for you.  There are several levels of expertise. Some people are beginners and others are more advanced. Sounds simple right?  Well, in reality due to the nature of the internet it’s not always as ‘simple’ for you to know who is who. There are some advanced people in the field of network marketing who ‘used’ to make a lot of money. But their company went out of business. They landed in a few different companies but most of their Top leaders didn’t follow them. The new people they’ve been working with aren’t as loyal, or as well trained.

They’re also not as ‘experienced’ – and so the Expert who used to be a top Dog in a company, is trying to claw his … or her way back to the top.

Unless you knew about their previous success in that field, you might not be aware of their ‘level’ of expertise. So you’ll judge them based on the current level of ‘income’ – which again, is a set up for failure. It’s a horrible decision but, a common one that people make. People ‘see’ success, and believe that if they follow that successful person they’ll get the same, or similar results. It’s not a bad idea. It’s the way things used to work…

Enter the Internet.

Now a person who isn’t ‘really’ successful can pretend to be.

They are beginners when it comes to network marketing – and are really Unable to teach others how to make money in the industry.

BUT people sign up with them, because of the ‘perception’ that these people Made their money through this industry.  Oftentimes, it was a loan, or a paycheck that was cashed. Sad to say this but, I see so many people in network marketing who seem to act like strippers. If you show them enough money, they’ll do anything for it….

And I’m not knocking strippers – at least they GET the money that is shown to them.

That’s not usually the ‘case’ for network marketers who follow frauds.

Thinking For A Change by John C. Maxwell

To find a Real expert in today’s industry, you have to change your thinking about ‘what’ makes you an expert.  What makes anyone an expert?

It’s experiences.

expert with experience

So yea, anyone and everyone ‘can’ be an expert – but it’s important to remain in our lanes. Only speak about what you have experienced.

You bought some leads, and the leads turned out to be mostly people who are upset that their name is on ‘some list’ – well that’s now an ‘experience’ that you can speak about, on why it’s important to Generate your Own leads, rather than buy leads. it’s why I could put together a Training On social Networking for money – because it is based on my ‘experiences’ using social networks, to make money.

I’ve made money in the industry. Because I follow the advice of people who’ve made even more money in the industry than I have. What they teach works. Relationships really do matter.

The problem too many people in network marketing have is that they think they’ve gotta sponsor 1,000 people to make money.

You don’t.

You only need 3-5 good loyal business partners.

If you’ve never put 3 to 5 people into a business, you cannot truly consider yourself an expert. You should be following experts until you duplicate those results.

Then you can start writing about your ‘experiences’ learning from an expert. You can discuss how you failed to sign people up; and what changed for you. For example – when I first got into this industry I went around ‘explaining the business’ to everyone. I was basically giving a presentation everywhere I went.

The problem is, I was ‘giving people the impression’ that they would also need to go around giving presentations.

When you guys Send people 7 paragraphs and a link – and call yourselves prospecting; the ‘problem with that is’ – you’re giving people the impression that they need to do that too….

But, because I learned from several people with expertise in this industry I learned a more effective way to sponsor people. It’s a process that each of us must learn And follow.  We teach it inside of our 1mlmsystem – a training system developed for our Team (TopNetworkersGroup).  The system is designed to help you become an expert.

It’s designed to teach anyone of your business partners how to also become experts as well. When you are working with people who have ‘experience’ – together you’ll REALLY achieve your goals. When you’re working with people who aren’t experienced, you have to wait for them to learn. If they do not have the ‘desire to learn’ then you’ll have to find those who do.

Once you do though…. Prepare to ‘experience’ success like never before.

That’s the blueprint that’s been proven time and time again. However, over time we’ve seen what happens when you place ‘all of your eggs’ into One financial basket.  That’s why we teach you to really and truly approach this the right way. So that you can avoid the same fate as people who used to be Top earners but are no longer where they used to be. Take the time to learn how to build the right way; so that you’ll have income that withstands the tests, and the ongoing changes of time.

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Top Earners In Home Business Do This But Do You?

Do you know what the Top earners in Home business do?

Better question for you may be this. Are you Doing what Top Earners in Home business do?

That’s where  I want to begin. I’ve been around the home based business industry since 1999 and can admit that I did not start out doing what the top earners were doing.  Like most people I felt like I knew what I had to do.  I ignored what they told me in the training. I tried to sell everyone on the idea. Real quickly most of the people I knew would join me didn’t.

Unlike most network marketers I didn’t blame network marketing. I went back to training – I listened to what Top earners were telling me They did to succeed; and slowly over the next 12 months learned how to apply what they were doing to my business building efforts. What I loved so much about my first 5 years in network marketing, is how I learned valuable lessons to carry over when starting a traditional business of my own.

I backed into a seminar on Web Design, and learned that most small businesses were Not Online in 2004;  I saw an Opportunity.

Naturally like anything else there was a learning curve.

But this time I knew that if I wanted to become a top earner in the web design business, I’d have to learn from others who were already doing it.

I’d have to take notes, and apply what worked for others.

5 years of experience in an MLM, learning from top earners gave me an advantage that most ‘new business owners’ are lacking.

More importantly though; because I got involved so early I’ve been around to see both pre-internet and post-internet business building.

Post-Internet meaning, now that the internet is widely available and widely used.  There was a time when it wasn’t either. Now it’s everywhere, and that’s great for those of us in business who know what to do. It’s one of the reasons we’ve seen an increase in people making money from home over the last 5 years.

So, What are Top Earners Doing in Home Business that You’re probably Not Doing?

Click Here to SEE how They’re building a business; Ask yourself Are You Doing This Too??

Top Earners Relax In Places Like these

Besides relaxing in places like these, Top earners in the Home Business arena are exceptional at building their list of contacts.

They are absolutely, TOP Networkers.

They understand the power, and the benefits of knowing the right people.

Do you understand this too? Perhaps…  I personally hope that you do.

That being said, how are you going about doing it? Are you sticking to the OLD school ways of writing down phone numbers in address books?

Have you come into 2016 and you ‘at least’ use your Email Address book to store people’s information?

Are you approaching these leads individually?

Are you using the kinds of Tools we are promoting Here – that Top earners are using for their Home Based Businesses?

Because these ‘kinds of tools’ are actually modeled after the things we were doing in those PRE-Internet days; That’s when we had to write down names on paper and manually follow up with each person we ever spoke to about our business. With the widening use of the internet came better tools to simplify this process.

I first learned about these tools, through internet marketing courses offered by Top earners in the Affiliate Marketing Industry; they were all using ‘systems’ like these – and so I’ve always used these sorts of systems. The only thing is, when it comes to Network Marketing you’re attracting a wider range of people.

PURE Internet Marketing appeals to tech savvy entrepreneurs.

While Network Marketing has and is always been designed to appeal to a wider audience.

Top earners in both, have found ways to make this process ‘simple’ for that wider audience so they benefit from the tech savvy; even if they’re not So savvy.

In other words; We build systems that you can use, without having to create the entire system yourself – and either you’re using them or you’re struggling like 97% of our industry.

Naturally there is more to it – and if you aren’t Working With The Group – You Should be; All our Good Information can be found Here!

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What Are Spiritual Laws?

If you are doing a google search on Spiritual Laws it is most likely you’ll find 2 results which dominate the first page. The two results you will find are “The Four Spiritual Laws” by Bill Bright and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.

These are two Very different takes on this concept of Spiritual Laws. They agree in one area and one area alone. These spiritual laws are much like physical laws which govern the universe. These spiritual laws would seem to govern the Unseen.

The differences however are pretty obvious. The Four Spiritual Laws, written in 1952 is mostly Christian Propaganda. I mean this in no harmful way, although the word propaganda has come to usually have a negative connotation. Propaganda is essentially material used to persuade a group to certain ideas. We can accurately view the materials of the personal growth industry as, Propaganda.

The goal is to persuade you and I to continually work on ourselves and improve ourselves. It’s entirely a good thing. So please do not misconstrue or misunderstand my usage of the word Propaganda while talking about the Four Spiritual Laws by Bill Bright – it’s simply the best word I could think of to accurately describe what it is.

Many may argue that the Bible is really all one needs to properly develop a relationship with God. Some will argue against God all together. This is where The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra comes in. This book is less about religion, and centers more around the idea that you and I are spiritual beings having a Human experience.

I was first introduced to this book in my first 3 years in the network marketing industry.  Many of my mentors suggested I read it. Not having time to read the book, I chose the audio book read by its author. Recently I was watching a video from Bishop T.D. Jakes which spoke about the importance of multiple streams. He said that, money is not our mission, money funds our mission.

I thought about the 7 Spiritual Laws;

Doing is often not what will bring abundance to us.

Being is where it starts.

You and I are Human Beings. We should focus on who and what we are being.

Who we are being always determines what we are doing.

What we are doing, will always determine what we have.

This is a powerful audio, as it will challenge many of our perceptions of not only ourselves, but of the people, circumstances, and situations we find ourselves in and around. One of the biggest lessons I took away from this audio book, is that our Universe is always in a state of perfection. There is an underlying intelligence of this universe.

When we sit back, look at it, and think of its vastness, and it’s infinite systems which seem to work all by themselves, it is obvious that ‘something’ is guiding it all. There is an architect behind the intelligent design. Too often we get caught up in the arguments over what the answer is to this ultimate question. Who or What made us?

This is yet another focus of the 7 Spiritual Laws audiobook; reminding you and I to meditate and … Just listen.

By listening we can allow the ‘universe’ to express to us, why we are here.

As we come into a realization of our true purpose for being here, we become less concerned with arguing over who made us. See these ideas speak to me in a special way.

Through TopNetworkesGroup, I have a personal goal of helping more people take advantage of network marketing, and all the abundance of opportunity found within this aspect of the home based business industry.

To pull this off it will require several things to happen – which I have come to the realization, often have more to do with me and what I am thinking, and Being; than with what I am doing.

As i remind myself of these lessons, I find myself getting more and more reminders of it’s truth. I’ve connected with better people, and everything connected with my business continues to take me where I want to be.

Even the downs, the people who joined who did not belong, helped me know what those who do not belong look, and sound like. As I move forward, I encourage you to get this information in you – especially if you want to be part of what we are doing.

I am looking to partner with fellow Like Minded, and Purpose Driven People. If that’s you – Take a serious look at our Presentation for the One MLM System To Connect them (us) all.

Updates –, rededicated and expanded for the edification and education of the home based business industry, is up and running. Our ‘discussions’ tab for now, is still not ready to be unveiled. Almost everything else is. You can now get yourself listed on our site and gain additional exposure.

People will find you and reach out to you for help. If you are a leader and looking for people to lead, you may want to seriously consider getting a profile/bio set up on today!

Also Highly recommended reading – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

I read this book back in 2005 – and can remember how this impacted me as well. I hope this book will impact you. Think about, discover, find your Purpose. Let that drive and guide you. Pick up the book and read a chapter a day. You’ll be glad you did!

The Purpose Driven Life





Also highly recommended reading includes Multiple Streams of Income, which members of TNG get for free! However, it’s the audio version, which is missing all the awesome charts and examples found in the book. Pick it up as well!

Multiple Streams of Income

So …. What is the Process?

If you are part of a good network marketing company, if you are working with good leaders, then by now – you should already know what the process is.

“The Enrolling Process” is always the same, no matter what company you are enrolling people into.

It never changes, regardless of the product, or service you are offering. It’s important to note however, that getting customers and growing an organization are two different things!

If you’re in a company, that doesn’t teach you how to get customers, you may want to consider working with another team within that company, or another company all together; usually customer ‘acquisition’ varies from company to company.

Building an Organization however, is always the same. Always … and what I found, when I left network marketing, and went into web design, is that this process is the same for growing a business.

Last thing I’ll say before I get into this is … when you Lead with your business, you can always ‘fall back’ with customer acquisition; if someone doesn’t want to make money selling your product, then perhaps, they’d be interested in trying, and eventually buying your product.

Then of course, you can always turn those customers into business partners later – once they themselves, experience how good the product (or service) is.

So, what is the process ….?

Recruiting, is a “SORTING PROCESS” – at all times, you are sorting. Even after people sign up, you are still Sorting.

Sorting and Selling are two different things. Selling means, talking people into stuff, convincing …. Sorting, is much different. Sorting is, you tell people what they need to do – the ones who do it, are the ones you want to work with – the ones who don’t, are the ones you Don’t Want To Work with.

SORTING is the overall, governing law, that oversees the entire Enrollment Process – of building and growing an organization of business partners.

There are actually 4 “steps” …

1. Approach and Picque Interest.
2. Expose or Present the Information.
3. Close, help them Make a Decision.
4. Training, the last, and most important part of this Process; Training is ongoing….

Let me say that last part again…

Training is ongoing.

Training is a “process” in and of itself, through which YOU will Sort your Organization. If you have business partners who Decide (step 3) to join your company, who pay their money, but do not attend Training; These partners have SORTED Themselves – they’ve shown you that they are NOT the ones you want to work with.

It’s important to say, that if you do not plan to attend training, to get training, to continue getting trained, keep your money. Save your time.

The process is very simple and yet, people mess it up, all the time. They say too much, too soon; they skip step 1 all together, and get right into step 2 … then they even attempt to do steps 3, and 4 – even though the person has not Decided to sign up!

This is the PRIME reason networkers fail; If you’ve seen my presentation of TBA, I discuss 4 reasons networkers struggle. >>> 1. takes too many team members >>>> 2. cost too much to join >>> 3. Most people are afraid to sell >>> 4. Most companies don’t pay enough money …

That being said, if people do not know how to Recruit, how are they EVER going to but in LOTS of team members for most companies??

Usually, it’s a simple process of “duplication” – but if you are working with people who do not know how to enroll others, OR if you’re simply not attending training to learn how to do it, you won’t duplicate success!

Again, much of this YOU should be learning in Training. IF you are not getting this kind of information, you are always welcome to work with the Top Networkers Group – we train people to become Professional Network Marketers. Professionals, make Professional Money.

Thanks for reading – for a more detailed training on this topic, JOIN TBA – our product is “personal growth, and self improvement” – and our team will provide you with In Depth training, to build this, and any Network Marketing organization!

ACN vs. TBA :: Let’s Talk Money

This is the first version of a video presentation I have wanted to put together for some time now.

The reason this video was put together is simple. I came from ACN, and it was my first company.  I met some of the most wonderful people during my time in that company, and after 4 1/2 years,  my Renewal was more than my Residual.

So, I walked away from the company … but I never lost ‘faith’ in the Industry of Network Marketing.  ACN is still the standard for all network marketing companies in our industry today. .. As far as HOW to TRAIN and TEACH this business.

There is however, One Fatal flaw – ACN’s compensation plan just may be the worst in our industry ‘today’ – So this video, strips away all the hype, and gets right down to the MONEY.


I will soon be shooting an Updated VERSION of this video, which will be slightly shorter; FOR Now, I felt it was important to get this information out there – if you are currently WITH ACN, do not leave the company. Instead, look at this as a serious option to HELP enhance what you are doing with ACN.

To review the TBA Opportunity, watch the video below – and then decide WHICH program you want to use, to start earning money NOW, with people that you can bring into ACN later. Do not allow the $499 Challenge to stop you from earning money in ACN.


To get started with TBA CO Click Here.To get started with the 5% Club Click Here.

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