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We make Marketing Pages for Opportunities that we are growing teams in …

Some of the companies we began testing in 2010 went out of business OR did not work out for the vision we have in mind – Others are still standing and have become VITAL Cogs in our Machine — Starting with …


(( Marketing System for CG ))

CG Revolution

CG for Charity

CG Overview “What Happened to Myspace?”


(( Marketing Page for Stiforp )))


::::: as well as a few other marketing pages for Strong Opportunities that YOU Can make Serious Money with — Hybrid Company, SkinnyBodyCare!


Especially showing people how they can get started with SkinnyBodyCare for $10!!!

Also :::: CallMDPlus! :::: Where we actually are LOOKING for 2-3 people that want to work with our GROUP in THIS opportunity, and Lead the Charge for our team! :::

COMING soon (under construction) – a forthcoming marketing site to push and promote one of the STRONGEST MLM’s in the industry today, Organo Gold!



Well this WOULD be for a newbie; if you are NOT making MONEY online, we recommend you get STARTED HERE — with our Training System for MLM – Start for as low as $10/mo — LEARN how to make money in our industry using some of the very programs we have tested over the past 2 years —–> build a NETWORK — so that you can make Money in any Company You want to join.

:: see how we’ve put everything together!

ACN vs. TBA :: Let’s Talk Money

This is the first version of a video presentation I have wanted to put together for some time now.

The reason this video was put together is simple. I came from ACN, and it was my first company.  I met some of the most wonderful people during my time in that company, and after 4 1/2 years,  my Renewal was more than my Residual.

So, I walked away from the company … but I never lost ‘faith’ in the Industry of Network Marketing.  ACN is still the standard for all network marketing companies in our industry today. .. As far as HOW to TRAIN and TEACH this business.

There is however, One Fatal flaw – ACN’s compensation plan just may be the worst in our industry ‘today’ – So this video, strips away all the hype, and gets right down to the MONEY.


I will soon be shooting an Updated VERSION of this video, which will be slightly shorter; FOR Now, I felt it was important to get this information out there – if you are currently WITH ACN, do not leave the company. Instead, look at this as a serious option to HELP enhance what you are doing with ACN.

To review the TBA Opportunity, watch the video below – and then decide WHICH program you want to use, to start earning money NOW, with people that you can bring into ACN later. Do not allow the $499 Challenge to stop you from earning money in ACN.


To get started with TBA CO Click Here.To get started with the 5% Club Click Here.

Aaachoo Leaderboard: CEO’s Unlimited

Glad to be representing CEO’s Unlimited on the Leaderboard with Aaachoo; so far I’ve made it to the top performers for the month of August, it’s still early And the overall leaderboard, currently at #66.

This could change by the time I press the ‘publish’ button in my blog here – this company is MOVING and exploding SO fast.

What I want to do, is Thank the leaders who joined with me and send some business their way!

Some of my team members have “team extreme” on their names, others have “ceo’s unlimited” – which ever you want to put on your name is fine with me; However if you are interested in WORKING with me on this effort – Every Sunday from 10:00pm EST to 12:00 a.m. – I will host an Overview, Q&A, and training – via the internet — using both a webinar, and a live streaming chat room with Video and Audio, to help all of you get your questions answered, and teach you what I am doing to explode in THIS business – and many others.

My Main company, TBA2 will be discussed, as well as 2 “tools” I am using to promote all that I’m into. Social Network Training, and more.

You can SUBSCRIBE to my Training list whether you are on my team or NOT – and plug in @

I’m working to get this Weekly Information posted HERE on my blog; Check back as I do plan to have it up later tonight.

I am checking out Readbud

I’ve been seeing this ‘income opportunity’ promoted on SWOM : which is a wonderful social network full of marketers; for anyone looking for Solid ways to earn money, especially all of you Value Marketers, SWOM needs to be in your arsenal; and after a few minutes in the back office for This one below …. I think this should also be in that arsenal.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Get Paid to Read and Rate Articles, Choose from Topics that you already are interested in.

Here are a few of their marketing materials that are pretty impressive for people like you, reading this, who could earn money from … reading.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles Already after just a few minutes of using this, I am seeing some potential; I was told I have to earn at least $50 before I can ‘cash out’ – and that I also earn $5 on each referral who, cashes out at $50 :: so some work is required for those of you looking to not only earn money from Your efforts but also, seeking to apply Wealth Principles to your life by Leveraging the efforts of other people.

That being said, who doesn’t want a simple way to earn $50 extra every month? …. After only a few minutes, I’m up to $1 … I could possibly earn $50 in 10 days of work per month :: and if I decided to really Go for it … hey; I’m going to look further into this program but for now, I’d say sign up :: It’s Free – if you enjoy using it, refer it to others like I am doing now and see where that takes you.