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On LeveloneNetwork and Why I Left

I don’t think I’ve really talked about Why I left levelonenetwork although it’s possible I have in passing.

However the thought crossed my mind this weekend, especially since I did So Much work to get the word out about the EmpowerNetwork competitor.

LevelOneNetwork was really a breath of fresh air at a time when there was so much HYPE in our industry. Not that the hype has dissipated but at that time, it was ridiculous. So much has happened to both companies since then, including my decision to leave both!

Initially I was going to keep my EmpowerNetwork blog AND my LevelOneNetwork but, then came the Training.

I was not expecting Dan Miller (the creator of LevelOneNetwork) to be so specific, and so good at teaching us HOW to properly go about writing blogs that get traffic.Since I wasn’t learning this over at EN, I closed that down, not long after. I saw more value with levelonenetwork, and was ready to change. (Times Are Changing And You Are the Ostrich)

When it comes to getting web traffic there are only a few ways to do it. You can pass out enough cards and flyers around town with your website on them, and hope that people will visit your site.  This route is expensive and for the most part, people are just going to throw your advertisements in the trash.

There are several other ways to advertise though. Advertising is the most popular and dependable way to get traffic but, it’s also very expensive.  That brings us to Social Media Marketing. If you’re real savvy you can actually drive traffic to your website without spending a dime. It’s going to take a lot of work though. Good ole’ opportunity, always dressed in work clothes.  In my opinion this is the way to go for anyone involved in network marketing. You want to learn skills, and you actually Do want to partner up with other people who also are learning skills. Two people with skills is always better than ONE person with skills.

This is where levelonenetwork appealed to me.

What Dan was teaching us was, Search Engine Optimization. Also a lot of work involved but, there are more people using Search Engines than Social Media. When people want to know about a movie or a tv show, they’re going to Google, not their social media site. Although, it’s always a good idea to have some information ON those sites, for the people who do their research there. The vast majority of traffic is waiting for you and I on search engines though.  Learning how to use SEO to bring organic traffic to your website, means better quality leads; and a higher rate of sales conversions.

That was a lot of business talk so I hope I didn’t lose you.

Why did you leave Levelonenetwork

Let me get down to why I left levelonenetwork.

In spite of all the awesome training that was provided to us, suddenly out of no where it was taken away.

I was marketing an SEO Training program; and when people signed up, there was no Training for them to see.

I was marketing a SEO program with a dynamic way to make sure Everything was properly written (The SEO Scope) – and one day that disappeared too.

I don’t know what happened.

No emails were sent out, and no communication came from Dan Miller.

TO this day I have no idea why he took down the training program; or removed the SEO Scope. I just know that the moment I realized it was gone, we had a real problem. I sent several emails to support, and ended up in a back and forth with a guy named Joel Acosta for months. I kept getting the same response from him.

He’d tell me Dan was working on it.

After 6-8 months of “Dan is working on it” – I sent some very frustrated emails – included with Cussing and all!

Because seriously, what kind of fucking customer service is that?

We fork over $49/mo, and for those of us who paid for the Master Training – we paid almost $500 for it all; and one day it just goes away without explanation?

For all of these reasons, I’ll never work with any company created by Dan Miller, nor will I be excited to hear Joel Acosta attached.

I didn’t appreciate the tone of the emails sent back to me; even after offering to help get things fixed; offering to help them find a programmer, whatever they needed. I believed int he program; I worked hard to refer people. and … they showed no appreciation or desire to make levelonenetwork what it had the potential of being. They pretty much just, let it die.

So what Have I been doing since?

I’m still growing and improving the One MLM system ‘To Rule Them All’ – which ‘used’ to feature this program on our $50 level. It was replaced with DsDomination. Soon we will begin creating and selling our OWN TNG products through the system as well. Now is the time to build with us! The future is bright….

You can also check out my recent TSU Social Network Review – about a social network, that pays us to do what we’ve been doing – without getting paid for it.


Times Are Changing And You Are the Ostrich

*Updated 1/31/2016 – I hope You are Not Still The Ostrich – by now you’ve had plenty of examples in the MLM Industry to know by now, that times are changing. When I wrote this piece on how You are the Ostrich, I ended up talking about a company that has since, gone out of business. That company, was LevelOneNetwork.  It was part of our one MLM system, which itself sends a message to all members of our business organization. If You are the ostrich with your head in the sand, you’re sure to miss out on all the Opportunity this industry has today. The overall message of this article still remains true to this day. Thanks for stopping by to read what I had to share; More updated commentary is below!

Times Are Changing and You Are The Ostrich

Pull Your Head Out of the Sand!

Stop being the Ostrich and be an Eagle – Come fly with us!

“The Message” of TopNetworkersGroup is spreading – more and more people are ‘starting to see’ what We’ve been Telling YOU about – and the entire Industry about, since 2010. WE MUST adapt to the Changes that are COMING – to our INDUSTRY, which include the ongoing changes occurring In our World.

Here’s an awesome video that was sent my way – Featuring Gary Vaynerchuk speaking at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event – hosted by Eric Worre

“You are like the Ostrich with your Head In the Sand. You’re becoming the person we make fun of in our industry.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Members of OUR TEAM will have access to the entire Book, “Go Pro” by Eric Worre – as well as the ability to share this awesome information with other serious networkers. That being said, what Mr. Vaynerchuk is talking about, is Exactly what we’ve been saying to you. do not put your eggs in ONE basket…

Not one Social Network (basket)

Not one MLM company (basket)

Not One Way of Marketing/Promoting (basket)

You and I MUST adapt; and be able to add NEW Skillsets to our Toolbox – and yet, have a “system” to manage multiple baskets – without throwing away the Proven Old School methods that people KNOW will work, when it comes to recruiting. So many people in MLM Know this is what’s needed – and only WE Have What everyone in MLM is looking for;

The One MLM System to rule Them All –  which Includes Training on “our Strategy” to do what all of us NEED to be doing; so that WE will continue to make money in this industry, and this world, as changes continue to come. (*Update 1/31/16 – If you are the ostrich, then you’re probably thinking about why what We’re talking about will not work. However here is a prime example of how solid our strategy is. The company below went Out of business. We simply took this company ‘off our shelf’ – and have since replaced it with DsDomination – we also have room to put another program on our shelf, with an overhead of $50/mo)


While Working on NEW presentation slides for our 1mlmsystem – I wanted to find out how much money a person could make with LevelOneNetwork, if they built a 5×5 Organization. This is “part 2” – where the math is correct, after doing the math incorrectly in part 1.

LevelOneNetwork is was part of our $50 Level in the 1mlmsystem; We feel that if you will simply BUILD your Organization first; and they Follow you into the programs we recommend; you and your team will make SERIOUS MONEY – while being involved in some of the best programs that Network Marketing Has to offer now – that will most likely serve you for SEVERAL years to come – as each program is tested thoroughly before being added to our mixture – We want to make sure these companies will pay out on time, and that they offer something of ‘real value’ to you and I, as distributors. (However when they go OUT of business, your structure is still in place, and you’re still earning money together, in other places.)

Building a 5×5 Organization, that taps into our $10 Level – will bring You over $4,000 per month residually, on our $10 Level alone; and as you saw in the video above, adding that organization to the $50 level, would bring you an additional $4,000 per month, along with the ability to Earn from the 6th, 7th, 8th and infinite levels of your organization, as it continues to grow. (Check out our new Funnel – which will soon include a Section on SEO to replace what we lost with LevelOneNetwork, not being able to stay in business.)

Meanwhile if you and your Team will USE the training provided in LevelOneNetwork, You will learn and master SEO, and have a newfound approach to Online Marketing (due to the Real Online Marketing courses you get with This Training and Blogging Platform) – with a real understanding that the Sky truly is the limit for members of our Team.

With the Same Organization, joining Multiple Programs – the incomes of you and your business partners will far surpass what others are seeing in our industry right now; Our Team will change everything about this game. You can be part of that change – or you can continue to watch others Confirm, what we already know.

Watch “Real Leverage” – featuring the CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersGroup, Al King

Get your Head out the Sand – Don’t be that Ostrich any longer. Stop being the person who talks against the changes that are happening with our industry – and be on the Leading Edge of the changes that are coming. Join our team Now! – If You are the Ostrich in MLM it’s time to stop. None of the other approaches to this industry are working.  Let us teach you the right way!  In fact, let’s be honest. If you are the ostrich with your head in the sand, your ass is unprotected. Absolutely anyone can Screw you over. We feel that the better educated you are, the better trained you are – the better you will do In this industry. We’re here to help!

You are the Ostrich with your head in the sand

Awesome News From Viewbix This morning

Viewbix made an amazing and awesome announcement this morning that is SURE TO make some ‘waves’ once people find out.  I love how you can read an Email that makes the day start off right.  Usually those emails from from business opportunities I’ve signed up for. Like, the other morning, I was informed that yet another member has joined my Stiforp Downline; Paid his money and now I’m just waiting for them to get in touch, and get plugged in.

This is really a story for another time – BUT real quick I DO need to share this- If you join a program, contact your sponsor! This is a major flaw that many people have who join our industry, thinking that it’s all  about them. Success in our industry comes from teamwork.

The ‘industry’ I am referring to of course, is Network Marketing – which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, though often confused with Internet Marketing.  They are two totally different industries; and it’s Important for YOU to know this if you want to make money in either of them. Now is not the time for me to go into those differences; but you can learn more as a member of our Team (Work With The Group!)

With that being said – Viewbix naturally falls into the “Internet Marketing” category – because up until now, it’s been a pure affiliate program where you make money One Upfront purchases; but that was all.

Keyword ‘was’ – This morning Viewbix sent me an email to inform me that from now on, they would not only be paying me an ongoing commission on sales I get; BUT … they will also pay me on 2 Tiers of Referral Sales as well!

This is where someone like me would LOVE TO USE “Internet Marketing” to grow a nice network of Viewbix affiliates who are both USING and PROMOTING the services they provide with their amazing Software.

In fact, the first time I saw this ‘software’ was through a pre-launch effort known as Fb-PostMagic – which I do not know if it’s still around. To me it was too expensive and did not have the FREE OPTION, which Viewbix offers – and that was the #1 thing that drew me in several months ago when I signed up.

Knowing I could both USE it for FREE; refer it to others and make a commission on Upgrades; and Upgrade MY own account when I felt like it – made Viewbix a hands down “good opportunity” to seize. I pride myself on being able to SPOT the good ones; and with the Email I got this morning; That Decision seems like it was “SPOT on”…

Here is a QUICK example of what you can do WITH Viewbix.

video seo marketing tools

Now, here’s where it gets better – I can actually share the LINK to this video on Facebook; and it’ll be ‘playable’ just like a YouTube or Vimeo Video is, allowing all those lazy friends of mine on Facebook to watch whatever video I include right there on my Wall. As you can also see this player ties directly into my Aweber, allowing me to share this video AND get leads for THIS actual opportunity; I can also embed this player on Twitter; and get the same results.

video seo marketing tools

Now for the Details on the NEW Compensation for Viewbix.

Recurring Commissions – 35-40% on all Sales; The two options are Gold and Platinum; gold is $10/mo and Platinum is $20/mo – So you could earn anywhere from 35% to 40% on all Gold and Platinum Sales you make; Next … Two Tier Commissions; which will allow you to get paid on sales made by Other Affiliates you refer to Viewbix; They’re paying 3% on those sales – which adds up to more money for those of us who are skilled in referring affiliates to income opportunities.

To JOIN the Two-Teir Program from Viewbix – Sign up here – offered through

IF you’re also interested in LEARNING more about how to use SEO as ‘part’ of your Internet Marketing strategies, I highly recommend taking a Course. The best Online Marketing Courses You’ll find :: LevelOneNetwork – which pays you to LEARN how to get yourself ranked; and how to USE the awesome tools of the internet to expose your business to The Right people. (Also check out info on our FREE online marketing courses through TNG)




Business Training : How Your Ego Blocks Your Success

EGO is the first obstacle in the road to success. Most people bring a huge one into a MLM company or opportunity. They bring the successes of their past, or success they had in a different company To the new one; and expect a red carpet welcome, with rose petals to walk on. I’m sure they want the Paparazzi there too but, hey they’ll understand if you don’t have that set up right away.

These people never make money in Network Marketing (MLM) – they have no real business training.

They have never learned the importance of teamwork.


They do not understand network marketing because if they did, they would already know that only their Sponsor has a financial incentive in helping them make money.

Most struggling networkers, never grasp this simple concept.

Today I had an encounter with one who joined my levelonenetwork about 35 days ago. She was not able to sponsor anyone and 15 days later, joined a coffee opportunity; then of course – tried to pitch me on signing up for it. I got a firsthand look at her horrible approach to sponsoring people.

After 15 more days of trying to pitch me the new coffee deal; She tells me she has a LevelOne Sign up coming in; finally – Then … 10 days later; she tells me she Did Not Know The Cost was Monthly and that she could not afford it; because she Just Joined, another Opportunity; that’s $100 per month; And another business that’s $50/mo.

This is what all of these struggling networkers are doing.

If You are doing this; You MUST Stop today.

Business Training For Network Marketers

Here’s the VIDEO

Yes it’s long but I think it’s some what entertaining; and chock full of real training to help you understand the HUGE mistakes several networkers are making; not only with their sponsors; but in their approach to dealing with prospects as well.

MORE information related to the Video you’ve just watched ::

Two articles with links to more information on Crazygood; The program mentioned that one of the other Comment Makers in this video was in; and Failed to make money with.

That’s what folks do.

We teach Multiple Streams of Income through our One MLM System

And finally More on the Online Marketing Courses taught through LevelOneNetwork – Do NOT sign up for this if you’re not interested in the Education you will receive.

Online Marketing Courses – Levelonenetwork Is No Empowernetwork

and more on LevelOneNetworks SEO Scope, which is worth paying for itself, just to use as a measure to ensure that your Keyword Density (which has a huge impact on rankings) is just right, for what search engines want from us, as bloggers.

This is HUGE for those of you who do take the time to look into all that’s been shared. I know that without business training it’s near impossible to be successful in any kind of business. The thing I’ve always loved about MLM is it’s real training for any business; it’s all about relationships; knowing the right people and caring about others; So that they’ll actually care about you.

This is a basic principle that if MORE People in MLM understood; They would see immediate results and improvements in their business. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look into the related information; I know this business training will benefit you – here’s to your success!

More Business Training On Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing

Stars and Role Players, Sports and Network Marketing


Business Training – A Message for Networkers Networking On Facebook

Every now and then we find ourselves having to Unfriend people on Facebook. They do not always respond well to being unfriended either, and it’s sad when they do. I was typing up a post to address all the networkers who seem to get this entirely wrong, nearly all the time – and decided the message was better suited for This Blog instead.

Because when it comes to understanding what it takes to be successful in business, It’s All Of It – Including having an Understanding of WHAT you are doing as a networker. The message I put together below, will explain most of it – I’ll include a few more links to help you find your way.

Dedicated to all the networkers, using social networks to find business partners… in hopes you’ll Finally wake up and learn to do this, the right way.

lol, lots of these Networkers have it twisted.This is Facebook. We’re on here “networking” — if over the course of Networking, we discover that we have NO INTENT to ever do business together —- it’s actually Very ok, to “unfriend” a person on Facebook.Again, lots of yall have it Twisted. Facebook may call it “Friends” – but that doesn’t mean we are Friends…… come on People……. for real.Friends are people I grew up with; People I’ve met and gotten to know over the years. Friends are the People I see all the time, and talk to all the time.

Do we Talk to each other all the time???

Do we See Each other all the time??

Did we Grow up Together? Are we Related?

If not………. We’re not “friends” ……..

I’m not sure what world people grew up in where they are So Easy to Define random people as their Friends; but that’s not what the Definition of the Term means….

Friends normally GO THROUGH SHIT Together, and Remain FRIENDS after going THROUGH Shit together —— and ‘cyber-meeting’ someone through a Social Network doesn’t actually give you and that other person a real chance to “experience shit together” ……….. Most of you networkers, who only wanna spam your opportunity on people; Do not have “friends” – and when people you Spam all the time, decide to Unfriend you, they’re not “mad at you” …. or “bent out of shape” …. perhaps they’re a veteran who uses Facebook for Networking; and Sorting; and perhaps they’ve decided You’re not the person they want on their “list” –

Because Networkers, that’s all this facebook thing is; Outside of your “real friends” those of you who are networking; the Fellow-Networkers you’ve added on here; are just Prospects on your List. It’s the truth, why not speak on it?

Some of us will end up doing business together.

Most of us will not.

Nothing is WRONG with that though.

We’re not ALL gonna be homies …. We’re not in BUSINESS to make friends; I got friends already. I’m in BUSINESS to make MONEY. We can be Friends later after we’re making a bunch of money together…..

So, Just setting the record straight for the networkers who have this twisted.

I’m a veteran. I got a game plan. I’m going into the next Phase, and if you get cut off my facebook list, so what. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It doesn’t mean I hate you and think you’re a failure. It doesn’t think i have any hard feelings towards you. I’m just sorting my list. That’s it and that’s all.

I say it often, because these networkers need the reminder – but Stop taking business personally. It’s just business.

Do not be fooled into thinking you need to preserve every single relationship. Some people are just not who you are looking for, to get where you want to go….

However, if you really want to make “friends” with people you add on facebook, then you need to BE a Friend. You need to be supportive, actually interested in them; You need to give a damn about their best interest and not your own.

If you’ve decided to BE a friend to someone else, and they have not returned your friendship, you do not have to continue being that persons friend; You can look for someone else instead – “Choose Your Friends Wisely” –

The same is to be said about growing a successful MLM organization; you MUST choose your business partners wisely. You must become, a Master at Sorting people.

Facebook is an awesome sorting tool, but there are times when people do not understand the real purpose of facebook. Sadly, sometimes it’s the people who make a lot of videos and talk as if they are leaders in our industry, who truly do not know what network marketing is about; They’re just in it for a buck.

The truth is, if you’re willing to make videos and Sound like an Authority, there are people who’ll sign up with you. But, I can say without a doubt, that the ones who’ll Stay with you are the ones you actually take the time to get to know – You’ll also find while Trying to get to know them, that they don’t really want to know you; and if that’s the case – No problem, this is business, you simply let them go.

This is a Sorting Game. You’re looking for the people that are looking for you.

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