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TNG Covering the Way to Make Money From All Angles

Yes, there is only one way to make money – the RIGHT way. We’re going to cover it from all angles. YOU will benefit from it all.

NEW courses announced that will focus on the way to make money with TNG – we’re pro multiple streams of income and are all about teaching others how to do it. The new youtube channel starts out by discouraging people from taking the advice of negative people, mentors, uplines and even sidelines.

The first video really gets the wheels in motion for a channel that is going to be chock full of information on how to take advantage of several ways to make money online, and offline too.

The first program under the scope is Crazygood – a favorite of TopNetworkersGroup merely because of it’s simplicity – and the fact they’ve paid out for nearly 3 years is impressive. BUT several people struggle to make money with it.

Through this first series of articles and videos, we’ll break everything down for you; whether you’ve had business training or not, we’re going to show you how to make money with Crazygood, PennyMatrix, LevelOneNetwork, 1mlmsystem – and so much more.

UPDATE from August 26th, 2013 – New articles, and materials from the CEO and Founder of TNG – literally covering it from All angles.

Earlier today I shared an article that went over many of my personal experiences both in this MLM industry and specifically with Crazygood. I have been very open and candid about Crazygood from the beginning. People always had complaints.

But We’re talking bout a case of Attitude – Where perception truly is reality; and if a person looks for problems they will surely find them. However, if a person will Look for opportunity they cannot help but spot it everywhere that they look. The fact that Crazygood has paid me every single month for the past 3 years confirms my feeling that this is the opportunity every man or woman in the MLM industry ‘should’ participate in.

Now that’s a perfect world; however Crazygood isn’t a perfect website. In spite it’s problems we still find solutions and ways to overcome those challenges – To get paid month after month, for the past 3 years (earning over $10 each month —) This also proves a Point.

If you really want to be successful this is the ONLY team that can teach you how.

You MUST use the advice we give you.

Or else the advice, will not work.

If a personal trainer recommends exercise to shed a few pounds; will you reach your goal and shed those pounds if you ignore the advice you’re given?

Of course not; and yet people do this All the time; They ignore or do not even take any business training – ignore the advice of their uplines and sponsors; but expect to meet their financial goal. It’s silly … to be frank.

Here are more TOOLS and RESOURCES you can use to meet your financial goals.


TNG Reviews – Game of Thrones Khaleesi Gets Her Army

TNG Reviews Game of Thrones Khaleesi Gets Her Army

I love this series on HBO – Game of Thrones – a real story about power struggles, which I think everyone can relate to. The characters come across in a very realistic manner. Several of them faced with lifes unpredictable hardships. One of the central characters in Game of Thones Khaleesi, as she is called, has not only been through hardships but in this series has continued to Overcome Obstacles.

Whether you are business owners, who compete against others – a professional athlete competing to be the best in his or her sport – or an employee trying to hang onto your job; Everyone can relate to this Series – and I’m looking foward to bringing you some quality reviews, that may tie in with business at times; and other things that WE here at TopNetworkersGroup can relate to.

I’m looking forward to this – and Will be incorporating LevelOneNetwork’s awesome tools to help me carry this out.

Like this Video I shared, featuring the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, making a Serious Move for re-gaining what is rightfully hers … Dracarys.

One of the most awesome aspects of LevelOneNetwork has been the eye opening training that myself and others are getting from Dan Miller. Last week he started talking to us about how to sell Golf Clubs. That’s right …. Golf Clubs.

IF we can make money selling golf clubs online, we can make money selling golf shirts, golf balls, golf bags … you get the picture.

Someone like me for example, can make money reviewing Game of Thrones – sharing insight on something I actually have some passion for, and being able to Monetize my efforts as well. This post serves as an Announcement, but you can join forces with me and learn how to DO blogging for money – the right way – Through LevelOneNetwork.


TopNetworkersGroup adds GVO To The 1mlmsystem

Topnetworkersgroup has added GVO to the 1mlmsystem’s $10 level – This is BIG news that happened a while back, BUT you may not be aware of it.

I actually want to keep this brief here. I want to get RIGHT to a video that I recently put together which talks about adding GVO to our system.

Watch it now.

This is not for pretenders. TNG is for people who are serious about their financial future. Through 1mlmsystem we have taken away ALL excuses. We have created a real way for people to get started, and use affordable programs to create their distribution network.

That’s what you and I Must focus on, if we want to earn money in this industry.

Learn MORE about what it takes to be a WINNER.

Register for 1mlmsystem – Connect, Learn, Share and Earn

1mlmsystem presented by TopNetworkersGroup

We’re also in the process of allowing our $50 level members to Offer up to 3 additional affiliate programs, or MLM companies through our system.

One of the programs I will be offering personally, is LevelOneNetwork because truthfully, Dan Miller is teaching us marketers what we Really need to Know. How To Get On Page One of Google, and Stay there for years and years to come.

Learn More :

The One MLM System

*Update — Due to recent events, and the way GVO has been promoting their ‘other Program’ – We have decided that GVO will be Removed from our One MLM System ‘to rule them all’ – We cannot have programs that are inconsistent with our view of how business should be conducted within our Industry.

Read the Latest update on GVO being DDoS’ed – as Google Lists them as Dangerous

To be clear we are NOT removing GVO because they were DDoS’ed – but due to what is written in the article on how business was conducted. This will also be the last time we add a program to our system, that has not been tested by one of our Founding Leaders.

Marketing Online Is a Skill

Either you have it, or you don’t.

If you’re marketing online, and you’re able to bring in serious traffic to your website or blogs, then you have it.

Most of the people looking to earn additional income from home, turning to the internet, hoping to make extra money through online marketing have the desire, but lack the skill.

Most people want to bring in serious traffic, but most people are not. Most of the gurus aren’t teaching everything they know either. However, that has just changed.

The only question is whether or not you are a serious marketer, or not.

Everyone wants to lose weight, for example – but not everyone wants to work out if that’s what it takes to do it.

If you’re willing to do what it takes, to make money online, then you’re going to get a lot out of the online marketing courses offered through a new blogging platform system.

It’s called LevelOneNetwork – and it’s teaching people like you and me, real online marketing skills, that you and I really need.

If you’re marketing online and not getting results, pay close attention.

Here’s a video I put together that is showing a little bit more about the kind of results I’m Getting so far. Already, my skills are improving …

Several people are making the BIG mistake of comparing this to another popular blogging system – that has created a ton of success stories in the home based business industry – perhaps leaders are feeling threatened, when they really shouldn’t.

This does happen quite often in our industry, where people often attack other opportunities in an attempt to keep their organization from getting distracted.

However, Business Training Courses that help Improve the Skills of your business partners, should not be seen as a distraction. Check out this article, Online Marketing Courses LevelOneNetwork is No EmpowerNetwork here, to learn more about the huge differences between these two businesses.

While you can earn money from sharing this course with others, you absolutely will earn money from applying the information that’s being taught in the weekly live training sessions. Do not hesitate to get started with this course right away, if you need to improve your SEO knowledge, and ability to bring in Serious Organic Traffic.

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