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Facebook Down, Instagram WhatsApp Too; DDos Attack

Today Facebook and it’s family of social media platforms are down; Facebook Down, Instagram Down, WhatsApp is down too. The outages apparently the result of a DDos Attack. Not too long ago I cut a video that you can see below, about why Facebook Sucks for Network Marketers. I feel that too many people in network marketing rely on this platform ‘only’, and tune out other options to use, while building. Along with the attraction to automation, networkers are losing the much needed human touch.

Plus with Facebook Down, and others you see how fragile your business can be.

“if”, this is how you’re building your business.  That facebook “Live” you were using isn’t going out to most of your audience today. The IG TV show you put together to launch your business, also failed you today. A while back, sites using facebook as a way for members to login, were unable to serve their customer bases. (Because users could not log in.)

Throughout the years, it’s grown too popular and far too powerful. I no longer use their ‘comment section’, so that our site is not going to go down, when Facebook is.

With Facebook down, we get lessons on ‘all your eggs in one basket’. This is an argument for diversity, and decentralization. more than likely Facebook, IG and WhatsApp will recover from this DDos Attack. Knowing these can happen at any time however, should make you, think more deeply about your approach to building.

Use TheConversionPros to build lead capture pages, landing pages, and use their auto responders to Market ‘directly’ to your leads through email.  Email marketing is a lost art. I guess the argument is, people don’t read their emails anymore.  It’s not a lie though.

Readers are leaders and frankly, the industry is missing Leaders … who Read ….

We used to recommend ‘building through our 1mlmsystem Live Office’, but now we have “The Secret Office”.  All part of The Rich Man’s Plan from TNG, it is a similar concept. When building, you and I have to get prospects ‘out’ of environments with distractions. Back in the day that meant going to a hotel conference room, or ballroom meeting. Pulling people out of environments that distract them, help you build better teams. Teams of people who will read email they see, from you.

While facebook down trends, and jokes are made on twitter, lessons await to teach the Student who is Ready.

This user isn’t joking, they’re… very frustrated.

Again, this is what happens when people don’t spread themselves out. Again, I’m the guy who blamed ‘the people’ when Crazygood went out of business. I said people using it, did not place value on using the network. They all kept putting value on Facebook. That ‘same energy’ has gone into instagram, and that’s why facebook bought them. When TSU rolled out, the same thing happened again.  Folks didn’t use it ‘like they used’ facebook.  Too many people treated it like something different, and that’s why it went out of business.

Other Jokes from Facebook Down on Twitter …

A FREE Forced Matrix :: Work Required :: Easy to do

In a nutshell, I’d say this is what Peoplestring was supposed to be.

I’m negative on that ‘opportunity’ because frankly, no one I talk to who loves it will admit, that it’s a flop – and to me something is Very Fishy about that.

Here’s a company, that is going to be able to do what the other can’t; because they are using the Main people who are willing to spend money to advertise now – Marketers; Network Marketers….

Take a look at why I’m impressed with this Simple company, by watching my videos here: in My opinion is going to EXPLODE and so, you need to sign up and figure this out as you go, like I am doing :: I am very impressed with the back office so far :: Lots of great promotional tools are provided by the company, like the flashing graphic you see here – BUT with a little bit of work, and just 3 FREE referrals, you will be in a position to earn some Serious income – I am even considering their $10 membership to become a PRO member :: as there are some awesome benefits that come with that – I hate to start this out ‘bashing’  Peoplestring but – I signed up – I used it – it just gets worse and worse each month :: Seemingly the owners of the company have no direction and are trying anything to keep you interested – With – it’s  a similar idea; You sign up for FREE, check some emails, and that allows you to get INTO The FREE Matrix :: Refer 3 people and now you can SEE how much you are earning :: Continue checking Emails and there are even MORE things you can do inside :: and I will consider putting together Training videos to show people just how MUCH They can do with this.

Stay Tuned :: But in the meanwhile – SIGN UP!