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TNG Launches Rich Man’s Plan For MLM Industry

A few weeks ago, I announced that I’d be launching The Rich Man’s Plan. Yes, it’s a direct response to the thief who came into our system, and decided to ‘try’ and use our principles for his own benefit. It taught me that I’ve got to do better at safeguarding what I’ve created.  If you or anyone else comes across these ideas, you’ll know immediately they came from TopNetworkersGroup.  You see, within the MLM industry, the ideas I’ve presented have been unpopular. They have been slow to catch on, as the Old Guard fights to keep the status quo.

The problem with status quo in MLM is 90% of our industry is broke.

That statistic has to change, for our industry to ever garner the respect it deserves.  However, if we as leaders won’t lead properly, do we or our industry deserve respect?  IF we continue to do what is not working for 90% of the people in our downlines, should be be called respectable opportunities?  Let’s be honest, as we move forward.

TNG has never been for everyone. People get turned off by all this brutal honesty, and yet I feel that is what’s truly missing from MLM.  You and I need to be honest with one another to build wealth. The way most of us are approaching it, ain’t it!! So our solution has truly been THE answer for some time now.

What’s missing are, the right people, and for a few years now, the right tools.

We’ve had our own websites, which truly were enough to build on. But our Live Office continued to have challenges. Eventually it shut down and I’ve been looking for a new option, to accomplish the same goal.  That Live Office was a POWERFUL tool for us.  We debuted it while building Crazygood.  It allowed us to bring a random person to our office, show them the opportunity, and they could get started and plugged in to training right away.   If they were smart, they could also start inviting others in, and we could build 2-3 levels deep in a day, with a brand new person.

Enter, The Secret Office & The Rich Man’s Plan.  To get an invite, you MUST be on my list for OR be invited by one of our Team Members.

In our update about rebuilding the TNG leadership ranks, it was made clear that this will be an important focus going forward.  This should have been the focus from the start, but it was a ‘late addition’ to the system.  While setting everything up, we never discussed ranks. My co-founder for the system, wanted to focus on ‘a company’, that ended up going out of business. That was always why we were supposed to ‘not’ focus on one company. Mistakes like these, ‘should’ work as lessons, that teach people what not to do.

Sometimes the side effect, is that person is too prideful to admit they were wrong, and they quit MLM all together.

So I am here looking for people that want to LEAD this team, but are willing to follow – not do their ‘own thing’. Unfortunately, that won’t help either of us get the goals we have set for ourselves. We have to follow a structured organized plan. This is where The Rich man’s Plan comes in. It’s a much more organized presentation of the ‘ideas’ we’ve been forming, for these past few years.

I am very excited about what is to come ::: Rich Man’s Plan Sneak Preview below ::

rich mans plan

From day one, I’ve screamed “the companies do not matter” – unfortunately without the right leadership, this message gets lost in translation.   The frontline HAS to understand what this means, or else our mission will not be accomplished.   As I stated earlier, far too many people who came through our system, got ‘hung up’ in the programs.   The last person to sign up for the 1mlmsystem, wanted me to add Wealthy Associate to the ‘line up’ … just another in a long line of people who think I work for them.  Participation Trophy Mentality at it’s … worst … where Reps want uplines to do what THEY tell them to do.   Everyone wants to be a boss, but doesn’t wanna do the work to be a boss. (Correlation between Mentors and Success in MLM)

So if you ‘do’ want to read up on a few of the programs that are involved in our Rich man’s Plan, you Can check these out below:  But if your decision to work with us is based on how you feel about these programs, then that’s the ‘first sort’ – and you’re telling me now you’re not who I’m looking for.

Reading these alone, won’t be enough for you to SEE The full picture. If you’re one of those kinds of people that wanna assume and guess your way through, I am not looking for you either. You can and should take a look at this video on Our New Plan to truly build Wealth through MLM – TNG Founder Qualifications ::: As always thanks for stopping by. IF you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

A 1mlmsystem Walk Through

Let’s break down the 1mlmsystem.

When you Join TopNetworkersGroup, we ask you to register for our Success system for MLM’ers, and all of our business partners.  We want to train you.  You get access to all of our Top Notch Training from the greatest teachers and coaches to ever teach and coach. You also will get the Tools we use to successfully sponsor people into our businesses – and Training on how to Use these Tools to be successful at sponsoring people –

This is the #1 Skill that a person needs to be successful in MLM – and through our 1mlmsystem that’s actually the #1 Skill we want to teach you.

If you begin with our Free Level, you’ll unlock training And position yourself in Free Income Opportunities, and Free Business Social Networks. We’ll teach you how to grow a list, and recruit quality people into your Free Income Opportunities; mostly by teaching you how to effectively Share our 1mlmsystem with others.

As others sign up with you in our 1mlmsystem, together you can move into our $10 level and start participating in Programs that are Affordable and Inexpensive – yet will produce anywhere from additional, to replacement-level Income, for you And your business partners. No success will come for you, without it coming for the people you are partnering up with. As you help others succeed, you succeed by default!

With our 1mlmsystem, you Can use our $10/mo business opportunities to create 3-5 figure per month checks; which will enable you – And your business partners to Upgrade into our $50 Level – and begin creating even more income, with the same business partners you started out with; for FREE.

That is what makes our 1mlmsystem so powerful – you will not have to promote the programs in our system individually unless you chose to. You can focus on promoting the 1mlmsystem; and the System does the rest for you. The people that partner up with you will follow you into programs they may not already be part of; In some cases they may already be a member of a program our 1mlmsystem supports.

That’s ok.

They just fill in the username for that program; and they stay where they are – but benefit from all the training that We Provide, through the 1mlmsystem. Trainings from HUGE Names that I don’t want to say here – but You’ll be Pleasantly Surprised by What You get Access Too, when you become a Member (special leadership audios, videos and e-books for $50 level Members) —-also our Tools, like the Live Office – an idea we rolled out in 2012 that No Other Team In Network Marketing has at their disposal – and we haven’t even unleashed it’s Full Power YET!

Join us Now, and you can be one of the FIRST people to benefit from the FULL POWER of our Live Offices; and all of the awesome Training and Opportunity we’ve rolled into our System for Success in the MLM Industry – the 1mlmsystem truly is the One MLM System to Rule Them all – and you’re invited to become part of our Team today – We create professional network marketers, who make professional money in the MLM industry.

– TopNetworkersGroup

1mlmsystem - The One MLM System To Rule Them All!

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