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1mlmsystem URL updates; New Logos; Big Picture Vision

This is a quick update on our 1mlmsystem URL’s – which in some cases may have changed depending on where you are. A while back we wrote this –

Both 1mlmsystem URL’s Now Working

Well – the ‘tngusername’ variable is no longer working on our  1mlmsystem Home Page.

In fact, the whole 1mlmsystem home page has been revamped. Where you used to see the system overview, and had to wait for the clock; We’re now giving people a bigger picture of what we are up to. We’ve added a navigation bar, which now links people to a quick launch video; our Free MLM Training Video Page; Our Free Your Mind Presentation (based on The Matrix Trilogy) – and also The Black Folder.

Coming soon will be a Programs Page, which will allow people to preview which programs are currently In our system; but also will STRESS our message, that it’s the team that matters; not the mlm affiliate program or company.

We all do the same things; and so it doesn’t matter what the company does; does not matter what they pay – if you and I have no network; we cannot make money in network marketing. Period.

This is and has been our message since we first formed TopNetworkersGroup in 2010. Most of the early people who helped create this idea, oddly enough, were not committed to the idea. Most left the partnership, over a company.

So, going forward, we wanted to make sure we are attracting the right kinds of people to grow our team with. Also, we want people to be exposed to all of what we have going on. This big picture vision is important for all of our prospects.

— We also have New Logos for the 1mlmsystem.

New One MLM System Logo

The new Logo incorporates ‘the strongest structure known to man’ – A pyramid.

Early on, there were some people who didn’t like the name for our 1mlmsystem, because of the word mlm in the title. There are so many people in MLM who are ashamed to be part of the MLM Industry. This to me, is a shame in and of itself. You and I should be proud to represent this industry – for all the wonderful things it can do (and has done) for so many people. So, the decision to include a pyramid is also all about taking Pride in what we do.

MLM’s are not pyramid schemes although that is part of the reputation that is out there.

The pyramid however, Is a structure that nearly all businesses operate on.  This structure can keep a corporation, or any organization in tact for years and years – withstanding the unpredictable weather; the storms of life and of business.

This is all at the very heart of our message to our industry – WE MUST build and MAINTAIN our networks. We must build on Loyalty to one another; not loyalty to a company….

We have also redesigned our Number One Logo – also to better reflect our vision for this team that we are building. We are Number One – and our Championship claim will rise out of our commitment and loyalty to one another; to our Foundation – which you will see represented in the new design.  Take a look at our One MLM System to Rule them all – which continues to grow, evolve and improve – JUST as each of us should be doing.

How Politics Impact Business Decisions

Here at TopNetworkersGroup we’ve been promoting and pushing low cost, affordable affiliate opportunities as the way most people should start their MLM Careers. We feel these allow people to build a network, and create a residual income that will aid them with future MLM business endeavors.

Meanwhile, greedy self centered fake gurus like to talk against these low cost opportunities – suggesting things like if you worked just as hard with a high ticket program you’d make way more money.

You see, the love of money is the root of all evil; So when it’s about YOU making more money for YOU – vs – doing something that would create MORE money for you AND your partners – we feel OUR way is the better way.

We’d rather help a LOT of people make money; so that we can All make even MORE money together later in life.

This is afterall, what most rich People have done. – In fact they’re making SO MUCH money that they are now buying Votes, and Politicians, to carry out whatever whims and desires they have.  Many of the business decisions in the country are being made solely to benefit those at the TOP – and not those at the very bottom.

We can see a clear parallel between “Evil Corporate America” and what is happening in the MLM Industry; as corporate America types invade this awesome industry.

The Game Is Rigged: Monopoly MattersRecently a film was shared with me that had me so fired up – that I am feeling pushed and compelled to follow the footsteps of one of my original MLM Mentors ‘from afar’ – who started an all black MLM movement; because he felt there were things that needed to be addressed in the black community; by black people.

That’s really how I feel when I look at MLM and I see more and more companies coming out; with a lot of us struggling in nearly all of them; the truth is – we should come together and create an economic base; that empowers and enables us to go INTO other companies and be successful; but so many of us are being sucked in by the ‘few of us’ who’ve made it to the top; and are snubbing their noses at the low cost programs.

I wonder if they’ve been ‘bought out’ as well?

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