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WakeUpNow is Done and We Are Right Once Again

WakeUpNow is Done.

Going out of business. I didn’t realize it until moments ago.

I saw a lot of disheartening posts on my fb wall last night; and really just though everyone was Leaving WakeUpNow due to their inability to pay commissions. I was not aware until moments ago that they were closing down the company. People are going from #WUNAndDone – to WakeUpNow IS Done – And once again; We Are right!

I really hope people do not misconstrue my statements on my social media as “Celebrating” – that’s the furthest thing from what is happening here.

This moment does remind me a bit of when ZeekRewards was found to be an actual Scam; and Closed down; How so many people in MLM who considered themselves to be leaders, made another bad decision immediately following the first bad decision, of being closed minded about anything not named ZeekRewards.

Many of them decided to Quit MLM all together; Others decided to take that Closed Minded Mentality into Vitel; which also closed down a few months later; It’s the Closed Mentality that I am So adamantly Against in network Marketing; The mind is like a parachute; It ONLY works when it’s open.

When you join an MLM company, you are signing up to market/promote products and/or services that you do not own; or control. To decide that you are only going to promote those products and services – and nothing else – is Foolish.

Please listen.

You do not OWN or CONTROL the company.

I understand that the Guy or Girl at the TOP of the Compensation Plan is earning money in that company; and YOU are thinking that, to have their success, you must do the same things they did – the problem is; MOST of them are lying to you.

They are not telling you everything they did.

What most of them are telling you is; “FOCUS ON THIS MLM COMPANY” — “DO NOT DO (market/promote) ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS MLM” — and YOU need to Wake up and realize WHY They are Saying that To you.

It is not because they want YOU to be successful.

It is because They Want To Keep Making Money.

If More of the Top Earners in MLM Cared about you; They would be working with Me and TopNetworkersGroup; Because WE Care about the Industry.

It’s not just Lip Service here.

However it is difficult to overcome the negative perceptions so many of you have.

If you Do not like Black People; You’ll tune Me out –

If you Do not Like Outspoken Black People; You’ll Tune Me Out –

If You Prefer Your Negroes Docile and willing to Overlook Social Injustices – you’ll Tune Out What I am Saying about MLM too –

Classic case of judging the Messenger; instead of the Message;

I love the MLM Industry or else I would not have returned To it when I did; But please Listen; I have 15 years of Experience; That Means Something.

I am qualified to help others.

I am Experienced enough to Help others.

Not Everyone can say that. Not everyone has seen what I’ve seen.

They have not read the books I have read.

That does not make me ‘better’ as a person; but it does make me ‘Better At MLM’ — and unfortunately; I’ve been through things that OTHERS have not been through.

USE My experiences to save you the trouble —

Listen to What I’m Saying Here – ANY COMPANY CAN GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

This is a rule in business; It’s common knowledge that only 5% of businesses make it past their first 5 years; SO ………. Any MLM that’s new in 2015; Might NOT make it to 2020.

You need to Understand that; Out of the 5% that make it to year 5; only 5% of THOSE businesses make it to Year 10; So that Brand New Company in 2015 – It’s a SLIM Chance of it making it to 2025 — THIS is why; if you’re in MLM; You SHOW RESPECT to the companies that have been around for 10 years; 15 years; 20 years; 50 years. Those Companies are doing something right!

The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself is … What are they doing Right?

The answer … is they are Training Better than other companies train.

The Training they offer is simple and easy to duplicate.

They have Leaders who are Loyal to the Company – who work together to train more loyal leaders – and as long as those companies remain in business; They (the top money earners) will continue to make money.

They have simple compensation plans that do not put the company in danger of going out of business; just to pay the field.  They have a culture that everyone buys into and follows. Which can be a very good thing – but in Today’s MLM world – that part is risky.

Because any company can go out of business.

It used to be safe 10 years ago. If you found a GOOD company then, you didn’t need to worry about them being around for 10 More years. But, things began to change just 10 years ago – making the ‘focus on one company’ strategy – an Unstable strategy to pursue.

10 years ago; YouTube JUST became popular; after being around for 1 year.

10 Years Ago; people were JUST starting to get faster internet; so the ability to share information with people long distances away; became simple.

10 years Ago; There were not nearly as many MLM companies – as there are today.

10 years Ago; it was MUCH Harder for a person to JOIN an MLM company than it is now; as people were Still getting used to the idea of E-commerce; and Buying anything Over the Internet.

All of that, Means Something.

It means we MUST adjust our approach to making money in MLM; Some things we need to keep – some things we need to throw away. The idea of putting all your MLM eggs into One company basket; is an outdated idea.

Multiple Streams of Income Is the Solution; and I am glad to be at the helm of the ship leading the way into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; I am glad to say we are the First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization.

I am proud to say, we are the home so many will be looking for – now that WakeUpNow has closed it’s doors. Going to a different MLM company and doing the same thing you just did, would be insanity.

You should be learning from the mistakes of the past; Not repeating them.

The people who need to be listening more than anyone; are Top earners in MLM.

Otherwise – they will not be the Top earners in the Future.

Only those of you who build your organization the way we are teaching it; will last.

 Watch Our One MLM System Presentation Now

following a leader is not the same as following the crowd

Please stop allowing 4th Wave Mentality to Keep you BROKE in MLM.

Do not let the bad news of WakeUpNow going out of business, cause you to lose your faith in MLM. You just need to find someone with experience, who can show you a better approach; an approach that actually lives up to the idea of our industry. The idea of making money by helping Others make money. Too much selfishness and greed is going around these days. People in WakeUpNow mostly thought about themselves, and what they would make. They overlooked the $1200 per year Expense that WakeUpNow required FOR them to make money.

We continued to build the way we were building. Advising that people join our System; for FREE; and then use our FREE Level to generate $50/mo – So they could reinvest $10/mo in our Programs on our $10 level; SO they could Generate an extra $100-$500/mo ::: and THEN They could take $50/mo – Invest that on our $50 Level; Generate another $500 to $1,000/mo – and THEN …. join WakeUpNow.

Most people didn’t have the patience.

Most people had Doubt.

Most were listening to ‘leaders’ in WakeUpNow who told them to “focus on WakeUpNow” – Be WUN and DONE – well folks; now WakeUpNow is Done.

And if you were not Wise Enough to Listen to what We were saying here – Your income is done along with it.

Don’t quit MLM; Just humble yourself and come work with our team. Come with your student hat on, and get ready to learn. Don’t bring your baggage into this relationship with us. Come with a open mind, and a willing spirit to roll up your sleeves and work. If you do, We will get you to the top. We’ll show you how to bring others to the top with you.

*Back in September 2014, when we ‘thought’ the company was going to pull through some reported troubles, I wrote an article about how I “Still” believe that you and I should ensure our teams stay together. We never know what might happen – and unfortunately, This article had to be written. It’s an article that shows, Once Again, that we are telling you the right way to approach MLM. It’s up to you to listen – it’s your decision to follow our path or not. Check out “What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately”

(update 3/9/2015 – ) Also check out some of my thoughts on WakeUpnow back in January of 2014; I made a video where I talked about having a Plan for Success. At the time I was giving people step by step instructions on how to ‘afford’ the $100 monthly investment. I was also making sure people were approaching business logically rather than emotionally. I want my business partners to be logical. A logical partner is a loyal partner. They’re going to make business decisions, not emotional ones.

The choice that so many ‘leaders’ made to tell their people to “Focus On One Company” – harmed so many people in the end. By not truly looking out for the best interest of your people; you’re actually not looking out for your OWN best interest.

The Big Vision 4th Quarter Is Now (1mlmsystem)

In this update I share more than perhaps I have ever shared before. This update lays out the big vision of the One Team To Show them the Right Way to Do this – the TopNetworkersGroup. Keep reading, the Big Vision video is below!

The 1mlmsystem is the system – The Team is TopNetworkersGroup.

A lot has been happening ever since I originally had the big vision to create a 5th wave Network Marketing Organization. The path of discovery has been an awesome ride. I am more excited than ever today. Step by step everything has unfolded the way it is supposed to unfold. Success is a Journey not a Destination.

This was the theme to the original video that started it all On the Homepage for – which soon will be replaced by a NEWER video; that brings everyone up to speed on where we are today; while painting an even clear picture of where we are GOING!

The new video will pull from the nuggets in the newest Update Video – which may also make its way to a few landing pages to make sure everyone is up to speed. We are a movement and we will change this industry. Most people in MLM are broke right now. That’s not a situation that will attract the masses into our way of doing business. The business model itself – when applied to just one company, is flawed in this current ‘age’.

I’ve talked about it so many times before, how so many Network Marketers are Uneducated on the industry they are in. How can you be in MLM and not know wha the 5th wave is? The answer is found in who your teachers are. If you’ve been taught by people who know nothing about the 5th wave – because they never read the Wave 3 and Wave 4 books by Richard Alan Poe; then how can you really call yourself educated? How can you view yourself as Well Trained?

Unless you’re going to Lie to yourself – the truth is the truth.

Take nothing away from the person you learned this game from; not all masters are at the same level. The level we are at, is the Top; and we’re inviting others to come up to our level. We move as a unit – and as a team; because the team means more than the company or program ever will. The strength is in the unity.

There is also strength in humility. This latest update video addresses Leaders with large teams who are unable to keep their teams in tact;  Leaders who are muzzled by the company they are in; not allowed to openly talk positively about multiple streams of income. They failed to build a 5th wave Organization and so now that they are at the top; they have found a new glass ceiling.

More and more, MLM begins to resemble the Corporate World; The World based on the Plantation; an Ugly world – an evil World; and the fact remains that Evil Prospers because the Good Do Nothing; Well … not on My watch.

TopNetworkersGroup is here to save the day – Laying it all out like never before.

Our one MLM system, helps us fulfill the mission and the big vision of TopNetworkersGroup –

This video just went BIG too; laying out all the stuff you didn’t think was coming to our system but kinda hoped would. YES you’ll be able to add your own programs soon; but there are some limitations on what you can add and WHEN You can add it. Yes, we’ve replaced Crazygood with GDI – same compensation plan, but might even be a better FIT for what we’re seeking to do. Like they always say, when One door closes, another door opens – with much better stuff behind it!

YES we are selling T-Shirts; Support the movement and reserve one today; stay tuned as this addition to our FREE level is going to provide a real way for our business partners to truly learn how to brand themselves! We want people making MONEY On our Free Level; Month to month we make steps toward making this goal; more of a reality.

YES even more awesome stuff is coming to our FREE level; and YES a BOOKSTORE is coming so we can easily recommend WHAT BOOKS we all need to have in our library!



Pick up the Wave 3 and Wave 4 Books by Richard Poe Today:

Everything we do in our system; Everything we do on our team – we do it By the Book!

Pick up Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! by Robert G. Allen

People who’ve read these books, immediately latch onto the 1mlmsystem; others will take time. They still have the dangerous mentality of placing ‘company’ over team; Of placing ‘individual’ and ‘self’ — over the ‘community’ … the truth is, we are linked together.

As you improve yourself, you improve your community. As your community Improves, your area of the world improves – and from there you have the opportunity to truly change the world. We live in a world full of hurt and devastation. We can bring solutions to every corner of the world with our model of doing business. This model recycles dollars, and spreads not only the Opportunity to do better; but the Education to raise the odds of betterment. MLM must be saved from the clutches of evil; from greed – we must get back to our foundation; of providing a better way for the common man to earn his money.

Thanks for stopping by Also Check out these TNG articles ::

 Quick Update – (as of 3/7/15 – rounding out the 1st Quarter of 2015) – the BOOKSTORE we promised you went live about a month ago. At this present moment only the essential and foundational books are in the store; more books will be added later. We are looking for a few people who will read the current books, so that we can move to the next phase of our movement.

Facebook Rants on Multiple Streams of Income, TD Jakes and Talents

Ok … got some more ‘facebook rants’ to share with you today.

If there is one thing I may have a reputation for, it is my Facebook Rants. I type pretty fast so it doesn’t take much for me to really let one out. Especially if I’m sitting at the computer and have some thoughts to share. That’s what happened today – a ‘slow building’ argument or debate, which started a couple days ago on my wall.

I say argument or debate because really that’s what it is. More of a debate perhaps; but it’s a debate that in my mind has gone on for too long; and it happens with far too many people. It mostly happens with My Own community, the Black Community – and it’s one of many motivating factors in starting up “The Black Folder” through our 1mlmsystem.

It’s this idea that Money doesn’t matter, and that we can get into Heaven and live a great ‘after’ life – simply by going to Church every single week and singing along with the choir. (Several of my facebook rants may have ultimately run me off their platform. That’s okay too.)

The bible (for those who like to use it as their reference) clearly states that ‘faith’ without works, is dead. I shared an image on my page which sparked this debate. Here is that image now, and I’ll share the ‘comment’ that has inspired this rant. In fact, it’s funny how things go. Another person in my ‘network of friends’ on facebook said something that fit right in with what I’m about to share – and what I was sharing…. in my latest Facebook Rant.

Facebook Rants on Matching My efforts

I posted this image, along with a simple message to everyone reading my page now, and into the future. As this is really and truly what I want those who work with me to know. “DO what I Do; Get what I get …. Many of you reading this could get even MORE than I do; because you are so much BETTER than I am; but you are settling for LESS than you deserve.

Yea … I know that’s powerful.

That is why I shared it.

It’s true too isn’t it.

If you’re not currently in network marketing, if you have a job or are looking for one, you are absolutely settling for less than you deserve. A job will only pay you so much money; the joke is, jobs pay us just enough for us not to quit.

Most of us work “just hard enough” not to get fired.

This is what’s known as Employee Mentality.

It’s also, Slave mentality.

We don’t see ourselves as more; So we don’t put in the effort to have more.

Which brings me to my Facebook Rant on Multiple Streams of Income, Bishop T.D. Jakes, And the Parable of the Talents. I’ll start there.

In response to this image, and my message – a guy responded by telling me The following message.

But see this world is so turnt, I don’t desire anything but what I need for my survival. What I want is a spot in Heaven & I am working on that. I dig your message though

I feel sorry for this brother. His mindset and mentality have been so beat up by this world, that he no longer has any hope left. He has no belief in himself or his ability to have abundance. He, like so many, have decided to ‘settle’ for just enough to survive.

The problem with this mentality is, He, like so many, feel this mentality will get them into Heaven. That is what brought me to the Parable of the Talents.

I grew up in Church. I’m well educated on this topic; So it always pains me that so many folk go to Church every week; and seem to not read their Bible at any point in the Week; Not only does that bible say Faith without Works is dead; but Jesus shares a story about how God views those who do “nothing” with their lives.

Watch The Parable of The Talents

This story is so powerful – It’s always been with me. I walked away from ACN (my first MLM company) in 2004, after 5 years. While away, I had all sorts of issues in my life – some brought on by me. I was down in the dumps, and then I recalled this lesson.  I realized, I have talents, and I must do all I can to improve on them; double them; grow them. I returned to MLM in 2009 with a renewed mind and mission. I came back with a new understanding. The experiences I encountered opened the doors to create TopNetworkersGroup; and eventually the 1mlmsystem.

I feel we are called to do special things while we are alive on this earth. I believe evil prospers because the good do nothing. I agree with those who say the 1% have all the wealth, because the 99% continue to give them all of their money.

You and I make decisions every day; to make our world better – OR to allow others to make it worse. MLM is a way to improve our world; but it’s up to those of us who believe in MLM to help others see that reality. Once again, that’s where WE come in.

So in response to my good friend who made this horrible comment on my awesome image – I decided to do ‘all I can do’ to help him see the light. If he really wants to get into Heaven; he needs to do more with his LIFE now.

This brings me to Multiple Streams of Income.


Another person in my “network of friends” whom I’ve known for a lot less time had something interesting to say. That we all need to read Ecclesiastes 11: 2that we are instructed to have more than one stream of income; and this is true. 

 Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.”

Shout outs to Mr. Rich Mindset – I love the timing and the congruency.

It let’s me know this message is in ‘time’ with my ‘vibe’ right now….

and that, brought me to the latest, Facebook Rant by yours truly, Al King


The Famous ‘Al King Facebook Rants’ on Multiple Streams of Income, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Talents

The problem with most of you is you think Money is your Mission…. smh

MONEY funds your Mission.

I didn’t get into MLM to stay in MLM forever.

I’m on earth to do MUCH bigger things than JUST be in an MLM company.

I have bigger callings; and I DO MORE than I speak about on Facebook – because I was not CALLED to just be in MLM; I write, I blog, I teach, i build websites, and I continue to ADD to my self; improve the gifts God gave me; because I KNOW who I am and WHOSE I am.

you fell out with me because you didn’t like a MLM I was promoting??

God basically removed you from my life because YOU were not called to be in it. if you were You’d Recognize Who you’re in business with.

Oh you’re mad at me Family member cuz I won’t come hang out a the Strip Club and Throw my Money away with you — OH you don’t think I’m doing anything more important; Hey, perhaps God didn’t Call YOU either.

If you’re Called; you’ll know this is the Truth.

Many are called though … but ‘few’ are Chosen.

I remember talking to a dude who QUIT MLM because he wanted to focus on the “Kingdom of God” — Evil prospers because the Good Do nothing.

Too many people go to CHURCH On Sunday; But they don’t READ the Bible during the Week; NOR are they paying attention to the Preacher in the Pulpit during the Service; Sadly, even some Preachers aren’t paying attention to the Bible they are preaching from – MONEY is a way to FUND The MISSION —

You Reject Money?

YOU are rejecting the MISSION God Gave you then —

(put your best Email here – get started with TopNetworkersGroup Today)

I know God called me into MLM – the same week I looked up in the sky, I said a Prayer for God to send me an Opportunity; and Andrew Collins hit me up about ACN; When I walked away from ACN — all kinds of things fell apart in my life — I got out of LISTENING to personal growth; I got away from being around Positive people; I was settling just like everybody ELSE; Then God Came and Woke me back up; Put some more Challenges in my Life; allowed ME to falter so I could turn once again towards Him; and HE brought me back …. To HIM be the Glory!

NOT all of you are MEANT to work with me — believe me; I know that before you; I’m not here to learn from you; Unless I sign up for YOUR class. If you sign up for mine, put your student hat on; get ready to LEARN; Get ready to CONNECT; Get ready to SHARE …. Get ready to EARN.

GET ready to make the world a better place; ONE person at a time.

TopNetworkersGroup – a subsidiary of – which is owned and operated by (the Parent company of it all)

— The mission continues; WITH or WITHOUT you.

This Rant, was posted along with the following video, featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes as he speaks on Multiple Streams of Income. It’s biblical – Goes back to Adam and Eve.

You see, where Ecclesiastes 11: 2 speaks about preparing yourself by investing in several places, not just one. This message brings it home. Too many of us are content with a job; Some of us are Content to be the TOP earner in an MLM company; on top of an organization that is struggling to maintain their autoships.

The people at the TOP Must look out for the people at the bottom; Telling the people at the bottom to “only focus on this MLM business”  blinds them from seeing the big picture. It’s not about this MLM vs That MLM; it’s about MLM vs Corporate America.

It’s about MLM vs Working a Job.

It’s about working together to enrich and empower one another; instead of going to work, to empower and enrich someone else; who really could care less about any of us —

It’s about FIXING our planet; and using MLM as a means to an end.

Some of you will get that later …

If you truly desire change; God will provide a way. You just need to take action;

Because faith, without works is Dead.

Thanks for reading.

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Perhaps more of my Facebook rants should have been on this blog, or other blog platforms “I own”.  Ultimately they took me off their platform because it’s theirs. Much of what I wrote here, while sharing one of many legendary facebook rants will go on forever – while the ones on facebook died with my profile. Always seek to own what’s yours.

Now playing at the New and Improved section of the One MLM System ‘to rule them all’ — The Black Folder Presents Multiple Streams of Income is Biblical by Bishop T.D. Jakes

Business Training – Adding A Company vs. Company Hopping

Business Training on Adding a Company vs Company Hopping.

Back in August 2012, the pre-launch began for the one MLM system to rule them all. In the business training you’re about to read, a very important secret is going to be shared, perhaps for the first time ever in a public forum. People have already ‘attempted’ to copy so much but are unable – because they were not given the same vision, or the same mission. The goal of helping people earn professional money is not an easy or simple goal to reach; but it’s a goal that is Possible to reach; if only the people will learn …. how it’s done.

Really, the more business training you yourself get (or have gotten) the more evident it will become, that regardless of what Business it is; the principles and the rules are the same. It’s just like something Robert Kiyosaki shares in the video that, for the past 5 years has been the “Welcome Message” for – where he not only endorses the network marketing industry but, suggests that it’s the best place to receive business training. He talks about our mindsets and how most of us require a ‘shift’ from one version of thinking and perceiving the world around us …. to a Version of thinking that is more “condusive to earning money”, as Mr. Kiyosaki puts it.

Ok, so here is that super important ‘secret’ that has most likely never been shared in public before. Then I’ll tell you why it’s important …  There is a difference between adding a company, and company hopping.

stop hopping around and settle down  - -


This will be simple to explain. Company hopping is when you ‘hop’ from one company to another. One week you’re in a company promoting travel…. 3 weeks later you’re in another company promoting nutrition. A month later you’re jumping on a pre-launch. The next month you’ve found “a home” with a company selling water. Then a month after that no one hears from you and you disappear completely for another month; only to reappear … selling coffee. This is company hopping, and it makes you look like a complete fool.

There is a difference when it comes to ‘adding a company’. This follows the information we give to All members of TopNetworkersGroup – through Robert G. Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income. Our entire roadmap to success, our money making philosophies are based on this approach. It’s rooted in the awareness that we are now in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing. We are prepared … but are you?

If you’re company hopping you are not prepared. You’re not even aware of how bad it makes you look with your list – or how it makes you appear to not know what You are doing as a business man or woman. Then, there’s adding companies, which is entirely different. You start out promoting travel … because you actually and truly love it. You travel all the time. It would make sense for you.

However, if you’re broke, and never go anywhere, it’s not ‘believable’ for you to Love Travel all of a sudden and promote a Travel based opp, to a list of people who are/were just like you before you joined that travel company… non-travelers.

If you’re already someone who goes on trips often, it makes sense to promote a travel based opportunity (see WakeUpNow – the Highest Paying Affiliate Program In our Port **Update ** Due to the Closing Down of WakeUpNow we are No Longer Affiliated with this company; Any Business Can Go Out of Business. This is why We ask you to focus on the Team; not the company. However for this example we’ll continue to use ‘travel’ in general.)

Using the ‘right methods’ to approach people you are traveling with; you’ll easily find enough people to start growing some income. But then you decide you want to start actually using Internet Marketing techniques – like lead capture pages, and landing pages, and you realize the value of having a company like Stiforp under your belt; which provides you with these tools – in case any of your current partners also want to use these tools too. Now, together you can use these tools; to earn money; and learn how to unleash the true power of the web.

You’re not going to stop growing your travel business; you’re going to start using the tools from the second opp; to grow a list of targeted leads. You and your partners can now use the tools to continually grow your Lists, and your Network. With your tools business; you’re now able to make money with people who are not interested in, promoting travel.

Let’s say they’re selling coffee… or More interested in Selling Coffee than Travel.

That’s awesome; You don’t have to ask them to stop selling coffee, to make money with you in the travel business; if you can Both focus on making money together while learning how to Find the ‘market’ you are targeting; and get them to Opt In; so that you can start following up and building that quality relationship. They can sell coffee to their leads; You can keep selling travel to yours; but together – you have a Tool Business that provides you with a medium. This bridges that gap, that all of us face as network marketers today, in an industry that frankly, is overcrowded with way too many companies.

Our concept builds on this basic fundamental. If you’re going to make money in more than one place you have to have a method to your madness. You cannot join ‘any’ company; you have to join the ‘right fit’ for you. What I like personally about wakeUpNow (mentioned earlier) is that they offer a very diverse product line; and so you’re not limited to marketing travel, ‘if’ that’s not who you are already. You can actually find a product (or a few) that you, and people you associate with, would Actually be drawn to.

But, this is also what I like in most of the companies that have been Chosen for our System. There’s no need to “quit one” to market the other; when they mix and blend together so well. Let’s say for example you decide you position yourself to make money with MCA (also part of our system) – Now you have automobile coverage with MCA; and your partner that sells Coffee, but signed up to use the “tools” (from Stiforp); they can easily afford to invest $40 one time … and $20/mo after that, ‘if’ they’re already earning money from the Coffee and Tools.

That’s the part I sorta left out – but go into ‘detail’ on inside the Training Section of the One MLM System – “how” to actually go about adding a company. You see, while we have chosen programs For the System; We at no time will tell you you need to quit what you’re already doing. If you want to be part of our Group; You can be part of our Group; You just need to decide that you’re with us; and that you’re going to embrace what we’re teaching.

TopNetworkersGroup - Work With The Group

TNG is put together by someone with over 15 years of experience, who’s made money in the industry, and has been mentored and taught by the very best minds in MLM; of Course it’s All-inclusive  … naturally there is a way for you to continue to work with that MLM company you’re excited about; But … ‘add’ our system and the companies within our system, into your life. You will find, often times, that people may say no to one MLM company; but will say yes to something else.

If you’re focused on ‘a company’ …. You’re going to lose people, over ‘a company’ – That’s where the MLM industry is today. More than ever, you as a network marketer need to focus more on who you are working with; and less on what ‘company’ you’re in.

You can be with the right person in the wrong company and still make money. But if you’re working with the wrong person; if you do not have a real mentor and a real coach to point out what you’re doing wrong. If you’re not willing to Be taught how to do things ‘the right way’ – you will never have the success you dream of; regardless of the company.

When we work with people who’ve been there, and done that; they can point out the dips in the road. That’s what TopNetworkersGroup will be for you. That’s what we give to you; A real Roadmap for Success. Welcome to the Journey! Get Started with us Today.

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Did you Hear it – Cedric Harris is Leaving Visalus

Today, Cedric Harris made a big announcement. If you look up the term Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus, you’re going to find out it’s not the first time he’s left a company. However what’s intriguing about today’s announcement is the day it’s made on.

Today is April 1st, or April Fools Day.

Several people are unsure if this news is true; Especially because of the Day it’s being announced on. However when you watch Cedric Harris speak about leaving, and mention the fact that this is NOT an April Fools Joke, it does make one wonder how true it is.

Watch the Video here : Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus

I’m well aware of the “culture” at Vi that he also talks about in this video; which terminates all distributors who are caught marketing anything other than Visalus.

This begs the question of whether or not we are Truly FREE and Independent when we sign up with a company; or if we’re actually just Employees with fancy Titles.

As Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus, he does so in a classy way – without bashing or badmouthing the company; simply suggesting he’s interested in being true to himself.

This is something that more people need to investigate as well when joining an MLM Company. Did you join because yous aw other people making money, or did something inside feel just right – do you really have a love and a passion for that MLM company; or is it JUST a vehicle to make money with?

I’ve got some experience in this industry and can say from first hand perspective that when people join me in MLM, but do not TIE making MONEY into their ‘other reasons’ for being in an MLM, making money is just not strong enough.

To really be successful selling a Weight Loss Product like Visalus you have to LOVE weight loss; and truly believe in the company – but at the PRICE they are asking, in a run down economy that is well reported on the news, perhaps these companies are asking TOO much by limiting their distributors’ income.

It seems to me that’s the biggest reason for Cedric’s decision.

It’s about time a well respected MLM Industry leader came out and said something too.

Especially with so much talk going on lately about “Shiny Object Syndrome” – and whether “Multiple Streams of Income” is what we, as networkers, should be after. Several ‘leaders’ with titles are basically attacking many of us who’ve chosen our freedom of choice – over their commands to give them all of our undivided attention, and money.

In a few moments, Cedric Harris will hold a LIVE call, and we’ll find out if the rumors are true.

Or, if this is just one big JOKE!

– See more here – Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus – Not A Joke

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