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ICoinPro Has No Business In MLM: Avoid This One

About a month ago I cut a video for all of you about ICoinPro, and so the developments since are not surprising to me. I love MLM but often the people in the industry are literally ruining the industry. ICoinPro is the latest example of an MLM that really should not be garnering support from the Reps in the industry.

However, right now most MLM reps are desperate for money and lack any real business knowledge.

Because unfortunately, most MLM business people are lazy. They do not read books or educate themselves about business. So they would naturally think an ‘educational MLM’ about cryptocurreny is a good idea. Truth is, the $50/mo you’d be spending on an education SHOULD have been INVESTED into the market!!!!!

You wanna learn about this game? GET IN and start playing the game; talk to others playing the game …. you don’t need to “Pay for courses” … that’s bull!

MLM'ers are Ruining it again; IcoinPro remarks

Avoid IcoinPro – and instead Get Started for FREE at

Through Coinbase you can start buying bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. These are 3 very excitnging Cryptocurrencies that you do want to get a piece of.   I first began investing in Bitcoin in January of 2017. I only put a little bit on Bitoin, and in a few weeks my investment began to grow. Bitcoin had just hit $1,000 then, and fell to $800. I bought during the dip, and made profits almost right away. Then I noticed Ethereum at only $10, and bought several of those. To my delight, since January the Gains in Ethereum have been nothing short of wonderful.  Now, I’m diversifying several profits into more ‘alternative coins’ known as Alt coins….

My portfolio is growing, and yours can too – Just get started! Don’t Pay for an ‘educational course’ that is truly designed to help SOME people make money.

Here is my original review of ICoinPro (and why you should put this money into the market) —

The ‘audio’ is a little low so turn that up. Also, I didn’t shave or cut my hair — but that is a HUGE problem with MLM — too many of you are trying to JUDGE the next man or woman on their outward appearances. It shows a lack of growth within the men and women who ‘represent’ MLM.   This is why so many of you keep getting scammed, because you’re looking at the Outside. Take note to what I shared in this review of IcoinPro.

“Your job in MLM is not to follow everyone else around. Your job is to lead and be a leader. TO be a leader means you don’t always follow the crowd” – Al King, CEO & Founder TopNetworkersGroup

If you’ll invest $40 per month into BitCoin for the next 12 months, you would have put $480 into the market. I promise you, by the end of 12 months you’ll have MORE than $480 in your ‘cryptocurrency portfolio’. Because that is what we’ve seen. There will be days, weeks, and possibly ‘months’ like the one we just experienced, where prices DIP. However, the prices continue to go up.

IF you want to learn more about bitcoin, read …. use google … but don’t pay money to ‘learn’ from people in MLM who barely know anything about any of this themselves.

Also, here are a few channels on YouTube where experts are giving out quality advice all the time.

Starting with Kenn Bosak – who keeps it pretty damn real if you ask me.  Unlike “MLM” there are no motives here when someone talks about crypto.   Here’s Kenn talking about ‘the RETURN of Bitcoin’ — exciting times.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve gotten this information FOR FREE ….

If you want to make money in this space, feel free to also check out – and see what TopNetworkersGroup is already churning out on their network – there are also a ton of people on this social network who know what’s going on.    You’ll also want to read up on, another social network called OnG.Social – which could be the Next Facebook (or the Next TSU?)

But, don’t fool yourself by following these non-business men and women in the MLM Space who are telling you to pay for IcoinPro. No offense to the people who created that company but, the distributors continue not to live up to ‘their end’ of the deal. As representatives we have to be better. We’re a long way away right now.

Part 2 Not A Fan of MLM People Right Now

This is part 2 … and no, still not a ‘hype title’, which also happens way too much in MLM these days – Not a Fan of MLM People right now who are making videos or blog posts thta say Stay Away From Company BCD – Just to tell you all the reasons to sign up for BCD; or just the opposite; some person in a competitor bashing your company because they’re jealous; from marking an inferior product, which ends up going out of business….

This is happening too often right now in MLM today.

I’m just not a fan of it. Now, I made some comments in part 1, that I felt like saying a little more on, but didn’t feel like ‘updating’ the first version… I just wanted to be clear about a few things I said – Starting, again, with Edification.

I didn’t really get into how a poor business partnership, with a lack of edification, stunts the ability of the organization to grow from that partnership. Business Partners must have a level of respect for one another, that causes them to treat the other partner with the same respect they want in return.

If they email someone, especially their upline – they want that upline to respond.

When the upline emails the downline – they should show the same respect in return. THis often does not happen. Just the other day I was tolda bout one company, which threw out the term ‘downline’ and replaced it with, lifeline. I guess the term ‘down’ made people feel like they were not as important as the “Up” ….

This is what’s entirely wrong with our industry today; way Too Much Ego….

There is always a Senior Partner in any Business Partnership.

Out of respect …. the Senior Partner is shown Respect.

Just because.

Primarily though, because of their Experience – which tends to be a little bit ‘longer’ than the Junior Partner – and this is Often the case with most business relationships, especially in MLM…. Even in the cases where the “upline … sponsor … senior partner” is just 3-7 days Newer, they still have 3-7 More Days On the Job, than the Other person does.

Some day, can the Junior Partner, or Downline …. surpass the Senior partner in Knowledge? – yes, Perhaps so – but in Experience? Never…. at least, not really.

Because the Senior Partner will essentially be ‘part of’ all experiences the Junior Partner will experience; in some way or form…. and will have the experience of having that Partner – as a Junior Partner – BUT ………. with today’s MLM’er having so much ego all of this, sounds like a bad thing.

I remember a ‘fallout’ I had with a guy I signed up in a program a couple years ago; I told the guy he was not on my level – and he took extraordinary offense to this statement.

Let me explain why I even said it in the first place.  While out of town, on vacation a new guy on my team panicked — he had been given two places to go for support, and one of those was a Skype Room, set up by myself, and a leader on the (the guy I signed up) team…

Through this Skype Room, this leader and I were helping most of his downline; while I had my own support site for my other directly sponsored people; I plugged my team into the Skype Room as well; force of habit really; it used to be a good idea to pull teams together and let people meet others – to see that several other people just like them, are going after their goals, and they’re using YOUR opportunity, to do it.

It locks folks in, even to this day – and yet, this “leader” I was working with, wasn’t a huge fan really, and just kinda went with it because so many people from his team were using it; And it was a great tool we used to help put even more people in, while providing training, and quick responses and training  for new members;

In fact, this leader literally had no team when he came to me – and in spite of all the help I provided him in helping to build his team – this leader pretty much refused to plug into anything I was doing, using, or teaching – because he learned MLM from Mr. J. Budd.

(Back to my Guy that Panicked)

So… My guy Panics …. and I’m out of town on Vacation – He runs to our Site Support but, no one is there; I’m on Vacation.

So – he turns to Skype – and starts asking questions about things My team is doing; but …. The Leader I was working with had no knowledge of what My team was doing; however, Mr. J. Budd didn’t teach him that when you don’t know the answer to a question, The Answer you give is “I don’t know”….

Here was the question – My person thought He had a sign up; but he did not see the sign up in His backoffice; “What happened to my sign up?” …. He used some of my tools to sign the guy up and So he ran to the rooms to find out where his new guy was.

The Leader I was working with, who’s team I helped build – tells my guy in the skype room that Maybe Al King signed him up. Maybe he went direct to Al …..

Instead of saying “I don’t plug into Al’s team or tools but I know he has quality stuff – I’m sure if you sent your guy to the site and you don’t see him, your guy didn’t sign up – but really I would not know. Al will be back from Vacation in a few days; try to be patient, He’ll help you get through this.”

Naturally this caused my person to panic even more; he called me several times while I was on vacation and really upset me that he wouldn’t respect that I was out of town and not trying to handle business. Only to come home and find out I was accused of stealing his person, by my own business partner – who naturally took no responsibility for his actions; and acted like it was no big deal.

But in fact, it was a very big deal – it was the culmination of months of not plugging into anything his upline, and his sponsor was doing. It was after Several Failed Events that were not promoted properly, in which we had very low turn outs – or no turn out at all; Money Wasted – and in spite of it all, he had a team growing – mostly because of my help; But, instead of having any real respect for me … his own partner, he had respect for J. Budd.

There was an event here in L.A. that I asked him to attend, to help promote our business – instead he had to attend a J. Budd event in San Diego; These are the kinds of people that liter the MLM world today.

After months of dealing with this … amateur nonsense, this guy BLOWS IT by giving one of my people some Misinformation. His person lied about joining and never signed up. But he and I ended up not being able to work together, because he kept calling me while I was on vacation; because my J. Budd trained business partner, gave him the wrong information….  After months of this nonsense, and after confronting this guy about his mess up, which he denied being a big deal – I told him he wasn’t on my level and should show some respect.

He took offense to that….

But, it was the truth – the truth that apparently, J. Budd didn’t teach him.

No disrespect to J. Budd – he teaches some awesome information – but there are just way too many people that join MLM’s, have a sponsor, an upline – a company with training and support to plug into; and they feel that what J. Budd has to teach and share, is more important; more accurate; and more worthy of respecting, than anything their sponsor, upline – or company has to say.

Like take The Ila vs RippLn Debate … which really isn’t a debate in MOST of the MLM world today; If you talk to a lot of people in MLM, RippLn is the next greatest thing since Sliced Bread with Butter!

Almost NO ONE is talking about how Ila (Inspired Living Application) is a Much BETTER app for anyone in the MLM Industry. I mean, hello…. what happened to MLM being about personal growth, self development – and getting PAID to become a better person?

ONE app has names like Briane Beane, John Aseraf, Simon Simpson, and many people might first think ‘who’? …. but then you look their stuff up on YouTube and find out these are some top notch people, with some real good information… which “could” be delivered to your downline each Week via an App that’s ONLY $9.95/mo …. but nope ….

These “leaders” would rather promote Guessing Games.

Worse these people are paying $100 To Promote a Guessing Game App (oh .. and some day more apps will follow that people are going to just LOVE – I mean people are all over facebook talking about how they cannot wait to be invited to guess photos on an app …)

It’s like what kind of Industry am I apart of Right now?

What the F$#@ are These People Promoting Right now??

Oh My bad, did I cuss? Because you look at Empower Network and the CEO’s are Saying MUCH WORSE; but they’re making BIG MONEY while they do it; and that train doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon; at least, it doesn’t seem that way – nor does the clanish follow the guru style EN stuff I’ve seen – where a huge team jumps into Xplocial and swears off anything else …. but Empower of course; then in a few months the same exact people have ALL decided they also want to promote a Training Product that is the best thing ever made; but … please don’t talk to them about anything else; because they still have Xplocial and Empower is the best thing ever to hit the universe… and then a few more weeks go by these SAME people offer you some MORE stuff they found; but please don’t show them anything; Empower rocks their bad ass off ….

and 95% of the industry is still broke.

This really shouldn’t be happening.

There are so many better ways; and so many better ‘opportunities’ that are being missed right now; if the Right GURU isn’t in them; (especially today!)

Here’s the thing — people are just following the money; which I Totally Get!

You’re new to the world of MLM – OR you’ve never made money and THIS TIME you wanna be sure to work with a TOP leader in a company; someone who you KNOW for sure gets that big money; because THEY can show you the things NO one else can!


That’s how most people FEEL – and I get it, I really do – Not trying to be sarcastic even if it sounds that way. But 95% of the people joining these NEW GURUS, that they see flashing cash — are Broke. Still ….  they’re loyal as hell some of them, not making a dime, and have decided the company is good…. no not the actual company; I mean – the ‘people’ they get to hang out with, that’s what they’re paying for.

It’s as if MLM’s are turning into Social Clubs, rather than BUSINESSES!

Where people care about TITLES and how they “FEEL” when another business partner tells them what they ‘should’ be doing…. Ya know, the same partner that makes money “IF” they do these things…. oh, and the advice they’re given, would help THEM Make money too (most importantly) — but …

….”who are YOU To tell ME what to do with “MY” business!?!? – What you Mean I need to approach things differently???  So what If I joined 4 different companies in the past 3 weeks and quit each of them on the way out, talking badly about each — That does not mean nothing!”

… and this is the infestation in MLM today…

These BIG EGO’s, and small paychecks.

It starts, so simple.

If someone sponsored you into a business, they probably know more than you do about that business. Show some respect. Communicate with them. Be Coachable. It’s not up to them to find you it’s up to you to find them. It’s not your job to teach them, it’s your job to learn.  If they email you, email back. If they send you a video, watch it. If the video has instructions – apply the instructions. Get results from applying the instructions – Get new business partners from applying the instructions – Get Checks. Teach your new business partners to show respect to YOUR partner; They SEE the respect; They follow Your Example; They watch the Videos you and YOUR partner say they should watch; They apply the instructions; They get the results; They get Checks; and suddenly …..

An organization grows.

It’s really not that hard.

But… these PEOPLE joining MLM’s today – have decided it has to be harder!


Not a fan right now ….

If you’re going to Pay $100 to Join a business – join a real one that pays real money – Especially with all the new Updates making them even better than before.

If you’re going to pay $30/mo for an autoship – why not pay for one that comes with auto benefits; that’s been in business for 80+ Years – I mean that seems to make more sense than promoting a guessing game app.

If you’re going to promote an App that Pays – Promote one that provides personal growth, motivation – inspiration & education – like Vitamins for the body; the nutrition YOUR TEAM NEEDS To grow up STRONG and BIG; you do want that right?

If you’re going to promote writing BLOGS to promote ‘anything’ – then don’t JUST use your BLOG to promote YOUR BLOG Company. Don’t Piss on SEO Education while Cussing up a Storm; and acting like that’s Professional – there’s a time and place for all things; including Adult language. There’s a time and place for SEO – and it pays to KNOW what you’re doing yourself – so why not join a  blog-company that TEACHES it?

If you’re going to use your Cell phone to conduct business; and need to Pay a monthly bill anyways – it makes sense to SWITCH your phone to a real provider that will pay YOU and your business partners to use THEIR service, instead of the Monopolies that currently are NOT PUTTING any MONEY into our communities; especially if you come from communities that are in need. Solavei paid out over $14 Million to its members in their first year and Solavei will only continue to Pay its members; It makes sense that WE should all be in that pay out as it grows, during their 2nd year in business (which just began Sep 21, 2013) …

The things i just named off – all Make Sense.

When it makes Sense (cents) it makes Dollars….

If what I just wrote made sense to you …. and you’ve decided you’re finally ready to be coached .. go ahead and visit our home page – Enroll for the Email List; take a look at the FULL package – and ‘get started’ — then, be ready to take action with me; and apply some instruction. It’s going to make you money, so be warned now….