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One MLM System Facelift And 2016 Observations

If you’re visiting our One MLM System today you’ll notice we’ve given the site a facelift.  From the launch of the system we’ve had a few looks as I’ve mostly openly beta tested to see what is most effective in converting leads. That’s something the system HAS to be able to do to work for you. If the system is not turning a lead into a business partner, it’s not effective for you.  This is a rule that we as business people live by, with any system we are using. If it’s not converting, change something.

Our One MLM system has been converting; and so the next thing I ask is how can it convert even better?

This is also a question you should ask yourself as you run your business. You should always be in a growth oriented mentality. You should always seek to improve and get better. So should your websites, your funnels, and your systems.  Naturally our One MLM System is several of those in one. It’s a website, a funnel, and it functions as a way to keep our Team together. It gives us a way to earn multiple streams of residual income, without jumping around in a disorderly fashion.

It allows us to promote intelligent business decisions like scaling up. Rather than asking someone to spend $100 per month to be on autoship for One company, that same $100 can position a person in multiple companies. But it only works, if the people working with them are following that lead. If they are doing the same things – or duplicating what their business partner is doing, then they can create incredible results. Much of this is still a theory. We have not really witnessed a team in MLM Yet who’s been able to pull this off.

Much of that has to do with the lack of Intelligent Marketers in our industry today. We have a lot of smart people, who just don’t know much about network marketing. As they are doing it the wrong way, they are teaching others how to do things wrong as well.  Duplication happens naturally in network marketing.

Naturally you want to duplicate methods that work. You want to teach ideas that are going to help others not only attain success but hang onto it.  All of these reasons are why our One MLM System was created. Still, ‘the right people’ are needed for us to accomplish our goal as a team. That goal, has always been about creating professionals who earn professional income. We cannot expect to be taken seriously, when not nearly enough of us are earning full time incomes.

People are barely earning Part time incomes.

That has to change, and we have to be the ones to change it.

The One MLM System Gets A Facelift

That being said, just because you’re reading this,  and may want to be part of our team.

– You still have to be sorted. That’s really the biggest observation of 2016 for me. We have a ton of opportunities but, just don’t have enough professionals who are ready to take on the challenge. Our approach is so challenging that almost no one is On our team right now. Lots of people want to join multiple companies but they do not want to do so in an orderly fashion. They want to be first in everything. They want to get in ‘before anyone else’ – because they falsely think that’s the key to making money in MLM. It’s not.

Our One MLM System cannot solve that problem.

One of my observations about Our system is we have to sort people better. That means it’s going to be even harder to get access to the training we have inside. We want to make sure we’re not wasting this information on those who aren’t going to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. Take a look at our new look – and by all means, challenge yourself to attempt to make it through our sign up process. Keep in mind that several parts are under construction – but we should all, always be under construction.

Never settle.

A Word from the CEO & Founder of Topnetworkersgroup

I’m Looking For Intelligent Marketers

My search for Intelligent Marketers has been the kind of journey a lot of you can probably relate to.

Then again I’m totally lying there because if I’m going to be honest Intelligent Marketers are rare! That’s because ‘anyone’ can be a marketer. There are no real tests, no degrees, no real certifications to show that a person is ‘qualified’ to even call themselves a marketer. It’s one of the gifts and the curses of network marketing. As an industry, it’s known as ‘the people industry’ and the type of marketing we do in it, is known as word of mouth marketing.

Intelligent Marketers have put in enough work to understand that they are playing a game. So when we start talking about strategies, like word of mouth marketing it automatically makes sense. Because anyone with any form of intelligence has seen what happens when a shoe, or a meme gets talked about on social media. Virility is what so many of us, as marketers are after and yet how do we manage to ‘get’ people talking about our stuff?

Well, if you’re one of the few intelligent marketers, using network marketing as a vehicle to make money, then you know its’ a game.

Yet, like any game, if you’re sitting down with players who don’t know the rules – how many games are you really going to win?

Not very many.

Intelligent Marketers are 'few' and far between

Intelligent Marketers Know How To Play The Game

Let’s say for example you’re like ‘the few’ intelligent marketers out here who ‘really’ understand word of mouth marketing. You realize that people don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. So I’m about to purchase CD-R’s for my Church’s media ministry. They’re all out and it’s something that is needed for Sunday services. Rather than go down to the store, I’m going to purchase through one of the Online Shopping stores we promote through our Free Level, in the 1mlmsystem.  Then, I’m going to let folks know I made a purchase, and will be getting cash back ON my purchase.

Naturally, what’s going to happen is, other people who like deals are going to wonder ‘how I did that’ – Hook, Line, you know the rest. Difference here is I don’t want to SINK anyone.

I’m here to help folks rise …. and there is really no better way to ‘make money’ than to have ways to save it, so it can be invested somewhere else.

Intelligent Marketers Know Business is Chess not Checkers

Intelligent Marketers Do Not Worry about Right Now

They play ‘the long game’ – because that IS the game.  It’s not a game where you look for immediate gratification. I know that’s popular. But, the ‘consumer’ is the only one who needs their gratification to be immediate. If you, as a marketer are intelligent you’ll understand the importance of Delayed gratification. You’ll ‘get’ what role it plays in your business.

So when you make that post about shopping online and getting ‘cash back’ on your purchase; you’re not going to Pretend that One post is all you need. You’re going to ‘continue’ to discuss the ‘deals’ you’re getting while shopping online. That’s ‘if’ you’re an intelligent marketer.

Because, Intelligent Marketers are Consistent.

When I see people in this industry quitting and jumping from selling one product to selling another, all I can really do is shake my head. It’s frustrating to see so many people with so much potential who just won’t sit still for a moment.  This impatience virus has impacted way too many citizens in our society.  We need to collectively remember that Patience is a virtue; so naturally Impatience is a vice.

So, I’m looking for ‘the right people’ – and it’s not a new theme for me; it’s been the case for quite some time; here are other articles I’ve written about needing ‘the right people’ :

You see, we ‘all’ need to find the right people.   We also need to continue to WORK on becoming the right persons. You see, all the awesome people I’ve been able to work with so far, are a reflection of the growth I’ve undergone. For others who work with me to also find Good people – they too MUST be willing to grow. They must be willing to improve, to read, to add skills to their life – otherwise they’ll never feel the joys of accomplishment. As I continue to grow ‘myself’ i realize more and more how important it is for me to TELL people ‘what’ I’m looking for.

But of course, I had to come to an understanding of what that was myself.

So here it is.

Intelligent Marketers Read Books – so what I’m going to ask will truly help me find who I’m looking for.

In order for us to work together, I need you to have Read 3 books.

Otherwise I won’t even bother calling you – because you’d be wasting my time.

THE First book you MUST read is Wave 4: by Richard Alan Poe

THE Second book you MUST read is The Greatest Network In the World by John Milton Fogg

THE Third book you MUST read is Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen

I’m no longer willing work with anyone who isn’t seeking to be, ‘more’ than just a network marketer.

I’m looking for Intelligent Marketers.

I look forward to seeing if ‘you’ are one of them or not.

If you’re reading this and think you can just “sign up with me” and I’ll work with you, you’re thinking wrong already. I’ll put you back in the Ocean with the other fish.

I’m looking for people willing to put in some Mental work, so that when we sit down to talk about a realistic game plan to make money we’ll All be on the same page.

But then, if you’re actually one of the few intelligent marketers I’m looking for, you understand why that’s important.

So there’s not much more to be said.

Thanks for reading.

Let Em’ Sleep : Our 2016 Theme

You’ve heard it here – Our 2016 Theme – “Let Em’ Sleep” – begins in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ………..


Get ready …

I’ve gotten to the point where My disappointment with people in the MLM Industry, has made me more and more ‘reclusive‘ – it’s sad to say this but, The more I network with networkers, the more I find people who are … asleep.

I’ve had so many people come to me; Express great interest and fondness for Our One MLM System – who then go on to try and ‘make their own versions’ – without fully understanding any of the principles that it takes, to make something like this work. But, I guess that would require people being ‘awake’ in order to realize that they do not know, what they do not know.

Together Everyone Achieves More – but most networkers do not seem to know that.

If they did, more would be doing it. More of them would have decided to work ‘together’ under one banner; growing this organization together – so that we could all learn, and teach these principles; and create a large enough ‘team‘ – to where our Team Leaders could always branch Off later; create their ‘own systems’ – with their ‘own programs’ – because, by that time they’d already fully understand and embrace that, it’s Not About the Programs. The team really does matter more than the company. However, if these networkers knew this, they’d be doing this.

They are not.

So, We shall Let em’ Sleep …

Whoever decides not to roll with us; it’s whatever – Our system will simply continue to improve, get better, and We’ll attract more and more of the right people.

That’s how things go anyways.

The people who are supposed to be rolling with us – are.

The ones who were supposed to come, and compliment, only to go off and ‘do their own thing’ – did.

The ones who sign up as ‘leads’ and never unlock their systems, were always going to do that anyways….

There’s unlimited earning potential in the MLM opportunities On the planet today – and anyone saying that it’s not wise to develop Multiple Streams of MLM Income – is giving you Unwise counsel. Look around, and look into wealth. Study the subject – what you’ll find are countless examples of people who are making money in more than one place – OFTEN Within the same industry; In other words, there is a such thing as owning Two Hotel Chains, within the Hotel Industry; having Two Music Record companies, within the Music Record industry; there is a such thing as owning more than ONE house, with in the real Estate Industry – so anyone suggesting that you and I cannot earn money in MORE than one MLM company is not only uneducated about wealth; they are simply talking from an ‘agenda’.

And we shall Let em’ Sleep – they can continue to think that they can push that agenda on us….

We wouldn’t be ‘leaders’ though, if we followed that misdirected advice.

We are here, for the people ….

You’re either with that mission; or you’re not.

And the way we understand it, it always goes, the way it is supposed to go.

Want to see how DEEP this rabbit hole goes?

Watch our special presentation ‘ FREE YOUR MIND ‘ – for blue pills only ….

Check out our 3 year Anniversary Recap for the 1mlmsystem To Rule Them All  — lots of nuggets and Valuable information contained inside this Webinar; Take notes! Especially if you are one of our leaders, helping in the expansion and GROWTH of our movement; to help more people make more money in the MLM industry… Please understand, everything we’re doing here is ‘grass roots’ – and we are thankful for all who’ve come, who’ve gone, and especially who have stayed. We’re Excited about 2016 – and we have no problems with those who are Not part of what we are about to do. Let Em’ Sleep! – let’s get it!

Solutions For Problems

Click on this picture “Solutions for these Problems” – to see even more of what We’ve had to say about everything you’ve read about in this article. We Do have solutions but, we’re not going to try to talk people into doing anything they do not want to do. We’re going to go ahead, and Let em’ sleep in 2016 …

Network Marketing Companies Are All The Same

The overall message you’ll get from TopNetworkersGroup is that Network Marketing Companies are all the same.

All network marketing companies sell a product or a service and use this business model to save money on advertising. Advertising is a huge industry. Billions of dollars are spent each year by traditional companies in hopes of getting consumers to buy what they are selling. With the rapid improvement of technology more and more ways and more and more places to advertise are emerging. The average joe sitting at home wanting to make money and free up his time is unable to compete with traditional companies.

This is why network marketing companies appeal to the average Joes – because the methods taught on how to acquire customers usually has nothing to do with traditional methods. In fact, I’ve made a few videos that speak to this issue which is now a real challenge in the MLM Industry today. Many people who are new to this industry continually make one of two mistakes in how they view MLM. People either feel MLM is not a ‘real business’ – or they think MLM is so much like a real business that the Only way to make money at it is to spend money on advertising.

This accounts for the huge % of people who fail at network marketing – because they spent far more than they made. That is however the price to be paid when an Average Joe has a huge Ego and thinks he can compete against Fortune 500 companies with well trained staff. Many of the people working for these companies specialize in what they do. The average joe works a job, on the 40 hours per week plan; and rarely do they work in the advertising department.

However the moment average Joe’s join network marketing companies they decide that they are now experts – and choose not to listen to their uplines!

Avoid being like average Joe; be like Above Average Joe instead. He makes more money.

Should Network Marketers use Paid Advertising?

There are a lot of people joining network marketing companies who need to understand this reality. We are not traditional business; and so our approach to acquiring customers needs to be different. Most people we approach are not going to look at us, or what we sell, the same way they look at Nike or Apple.

Unless of course you’re working to get sales for Nike or Apple.


Whether you’re marketing for company ABC or XYZ – all network marketing companies are the same. They pay you for the customers you bring to the company. You can get customers yourself, and you can usually assemble a team of business partners who can also make money for getting customers, and you’ll be paid a % of what your partners bring in. Most of these companies are offering products that are of the same or better quality as a Nike or Apple would; for less money than people are spending.

These lower prices are usually possible, because network marketing companies are not spending money on advertising. When companies spend money on advertising they need to raise the prices of their products So they can cover the expense.

Now you know why Nike and Apple products cost so much money.

So, since all network marketing companies are the same – does it really matter what ‘company’ we join? Or does it matter more ‘how’ we go about acquiring customers for products and/or services these companies offer?

Simple yet not so simple right?

Because yes – SOME network marketing companies are really bad. Either the product/service they provide is no good. Or the company ends up with all the wrong people. Team Building Series: The Right People

Here at topnetworkersgroup, we feel that as long as we have the right people, who know how to go about acquiring customers for a product/service – and who know how to find good business partners who’ll do the same; We can sell any product/service for ANY of these network marketing companies.

For us, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right ones for the team.

If you want to learn HOW to approach and acquire customers and business partners; Be sure to sign up for our One MLM System to Rule them All – the official Training and Support system for TopNetworkersGroup

Over the next 3-6 months, We will be beefing up our FREE level in order to provide more and more value to members of our team; and to make the Opportunity of working with us even more appealing. If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave those below!

What Programs are in our MLM System?

The Student is Ready When the Teacher Notices Their Test

I wrote something a few minutes ago, inspired by that good ole’ saying … “When the student is ready the teacher will appear…”

I don’t know who said that – but it’s been quoted over the years; and has been so useful, and so true in my life. I was not always a good student; in fact I tell people all the time that I became a better student when I got into business than I ever was while I was in school.

— which I allude to in this short message; about the Bad student; and the Good Teacher;

I don’t care what company you’re in.

I’m looking for people who understand what I understand.

I’m not all that interested in the people who assume I don’t understand anything; and that they are here to teach me. Because they don’t know my teachers.

I’ve had some of the very best to ever do this….

When it comes to being a student; there aren’t too many like me….

I know how to be a bad student; because I spent MOST of my ‘formal school years’ being a horrible student; I spent more time chasing women, hitting parties, and getting my recreational on … than I did preparing for tests; or writing papers; I cheated on a LOT of tests…. (statue of limitations is up) — I guessed my way to a LOT of tests … and I don’t say any of that to brag.

That was super horrible student mode there.

So I know what a horrible student looks like when they show up to my Class.

My Classroom … is the system that was created to Educate and Train my Partners; like a good teacher does; I observe the class – I don’t waste my time arguing with students; I know what a bad student is gonna tell me “Teacher, I got this” …

The bad student, doesn’t understand the good teacher.

The good teacher isn’t threatened by the bad student; because it’s not the teachers job; the teachers job is to provide the lessons; to make sure the students have all the information; and have access to the answers; If the students aren’t asking the teacher questions; they better pass those tests …

Otherwise they better not blame the teacher …

Even though, that’s often what the bad student does….


When the student is ready, the teacher will notice their test score.

In Business there are several types of Tests…

Life is going to test that student; will the student quit or pay more attention to life? Other opportunities will test that student; will the student stay focused and pursue the goal? Does the student even know what the goal is? The relationship between the teacher and the student will be tested. When the teacher asks the student to do a task, will the student respect the teacher enough to complete it; knowing there is a lesson in the task?

Or will the student scoff off the assignment, thinking there isn’t much more the teacher can teach them?

When the student is ready, the student will recognize that teachers are all around; lessons are being taught; and all they really need to do is listen, learn, and apply.

Most teachers in business will tell the students that oftentimes the things we do will require repetition before we become really good at it; and more repetition to become great. Applying the knowledge is where the results come; Faith, without works is dead.

We (Myself and Others) put together a system that takes into mind what a network marketer truly needs. There is a lot of information out there, and while much of it is useful, so much of it is not really what a network marketer needs.

The only way for you to know for sure that this statement is true however, would be for you to sign up for our system; take our training courses (by watching the videos; taking copious notes) – and finally applying what WE are teaching.

Only then, can you see the results WE are promising to our ‘students’ – which refers to, the Students … who are ready. When the student is ready we’ll SEE Them applying our lessons; and we’ll SEE Them getting the results we are promising. When a student is not ready, or unsure of the teacher; the student will do what the student wants to do.

Unfortunately bad students will blame their teachers for their results.

It’s rare for a bad student to simply admit to being a bad student!

Afterall, if they had a good teacher, they’d MAKE them into a good student…..


…. absolutely WRONG.

Does the teacher Control you?

..(if you’re a bad student that is … are you being controlled by someone else?)

Who makes the decision to do the opposite of what the Teacher is teaching?

We have an old saying around here …


Do some of what we teach; get SOME of the results.

Do None of what we teach; get NONE of the results.

Do All of what we teach; get ALL of the results.

… So we’re going to put that on a T-Shirt for you; and allow you to sell it through our 1mlmsystem; via a pretty awesome FREE program; that will allow us to Teach you even more SKILLS; when it comes to branding yourself. That company is – which I advise you setting up an account FOR FREE – right now – and standing by, for it to show up in our Members area, for the One MLM System, to rule them all.

When the student is ready of course …

Because if you’re not ready; Our system will spit you out.

TopNetworkersGroup is a movement; and we are still seeking Leaders who have what it takes; to take the MLM industry into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; only some of us will survive. Our Team, will lead the way. Will you be with us?

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