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Times Are Changing And You Are the Ostrich

*Updated 1/31/2016 – I hope You are Not Still The Ostrich – by now you’ve had plenty of examples in the MLM Industry to know by now, that times are changing. When I wrote this piece on how You are the Ostrich, I ended up talking about a company that has since, gone out of business. That company, was LevelOneNetwork.  It was part of our one MLM system, which itself sends a message to all members of our business organization. If You are the ostrich with your head in the sand, you’re sure to miss out on all the Opportunity this industry has today. The overall message of this article still remains true to this day. Thanks for stopping by to read what I had to share; More updated commentary is below!

Times Are Changing and You Are The Ostrich

Pull Your Head Out of the Sand!

Stop being the Ostrich and be an Eagle – Come fly with us!

“The Message” of TopNetworkersGroup is spreading – more and more people are ‘starting to see’ what We’ve been Telling YOU about – and the entire Industry about, since 2010. WE MUST adapt to the Changes that are COMING – to our INDUSTRY, which include the ongoing changes occurring In our World.

Here’s an awesome video that was sent my way – Featuring Gary Vaynerchuk speaking at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event – hosted by Eric Worre

“You are like the Ostrich with your Head In the Sand. You’re becoming the person we make fun of in our industry.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Members of OUR TEAM will have access to the entire Book, “Go Pro” by Eric Worre – as well as the ability to share this awesome information with other serious networkers. That being said, what Mr. Vaynerchuk is talking about, is Exactly what we’ve been saying to you. do not put your eggs in ONE basket…

Not one Social Network (basket)

Not one MLM company (basket)

Not One Way of Marketing/Promoting (basket)

You and I MUST adapt; and be able to add NEW Skillsets to our Toolbox – and yet, have a “system” to manage multiple baskets – without throwing away the Proven Old School methods that people KNOW will work, when it comes to recruiting. So many people in MLM Know this is what’s needed – and only WE Have What everyone in MLM is looking for;

The One MLM System to rule Them All –  which Includes Training on “our Strategy” to do what all of us NEED to be doing; so that WE will continue to make money in this industry, and this world, as changes continue to come. (*Update 1/31/16 – If you are the ostrich, then you’re probably thinking about why what We’re talking about will not work. However here is a prime example of how solid our strategy is. The company below went Out of business. We simply took this company ‘off our shelf’ – and have since replaced it with DsDomination – we also have room to put another program on our shelf, with an overhead of $50/mo)


While Working on NEW presentation slides for our 1mlmsystem – I wanted to find out how much money a person could make with LevelOneNetwork, if they built a 5×5 Organization. This is “part 2” – where the math is correct, after doing the math incorrectly in part 1.

LevelOneNetwork is was part of our $50 Level in the 1mlmsystem; We feel that if you will simply BUILD your Organization first; and they Follow you into the programs we recommend; you and your team will make SERIOUS MONEY – while being involved in some of the best programs that Network Marketing Has to offer now – that will most likely serve you for SEVERAL years to come – as each program is tested thoroughly before being added to our mixture – We want to make sure these companies will pay out on time, and that they offer something of ‘real value’ to you and I, as distributors. (However when they go OUT of business, your structure is still in place, and you’re still earning money together, in other places.)

Building a 5×5 Organization, that taps into our $10 Level – will bring You over $4,000 per month residually, on our $10 Level alone; and as you saw in the video above, adding that organization to the $50 level, would bring you an additional $4,000 per month, along with the ability to Earn from the 6th, 7th, 8th and infinite levels of your organization, as it continues to grow. (Check out our new Funnel – which will soon include a Section on SEO to replace what we lost with LevelOneNetwork, not being able to stay in business.)

Meanwhile if you and your Team will USE the training provided in LevelOneNetwork, You will learn and master SEO, and have a newfound approach to Online Marketing (due to the Real Online Marketing courses you get with This Training and Blogging Platform) – with a real understanding that the Sky truly is the limit for members of our Team.

With the Same Organization, joining Multiple Programs – the incomes of you and your business partners will far surpass what others are seeing in our industry right now; Our Team will change everything about this game. You can be part of that change – or you can continue to watch others Confirm, what we already know.

Watch “Real Leverage” – featuring the CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersGroup, Al King

Get your Head out the Sand – Don’t be that Ostrich any longer. Stop being the person who talks against the changes that are happening with our industry – and be on the Leading Edge of the changes that are coming. Join our team Now! – If You are the Ostrich in MLM it’s time to stop. None of the other approaches to this industry are working.  Let us teach you the right way!  In fact, let’s be honest. If you are the ostrich with your head in the sand, your ass is unprotected. Absolutely anyone can Screw you over. We feel that the better educated you are, the better trained you are – the better you will do In this industry. We’re here to help!

You are the Ostrich with your head in the sand

TNG Recommends Courses in Online Marketing

Taking courses in online marketing will only help – there is no such thing as too much information. We can get overwhelmed with how many options we have. However we simply need to choose – and we’ll be well on our way to reaching our goals.

I Read a book several years ago, called “The Millionaire Next Door” – awesome book, that talked about how most millionaires actually do not look, or dress, like millionaires; They are frugal – they do not just spend money because they have it; and that’s why they have so much.

I think that impacts my thinking when it comes to businesses that only cost $10, like crazygood, gvo, or ila – I do not view them as $10 opportunities. I view them as frugal ways to earn additional income from home.

I think the ‘leaders’ in our industry who have not read these books put the emphasis on businesses that are $100/mo or $200/mo – businesses that cost $500 to join – because they do not truly know the Value of $1.

The books you and I are reading always impact our thinking.

The videos and movies we watch on television, impact our thinking.

The audios we listen to in our cars, and in our homes, impact our thinking.

If you’re in business, you should always be looking at videos, listening to audios and reading books that will challenge, change, and improve your thinking. Online Marketing Courses will help you benefit from the Change that the internet has brought to business. Find ways to get results, regardless of your budget, simply by tuning into the abundance around you and I.

We don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make money. We discover this, when we expand our minds, and open ourselves up to new information. We benefit, by listening to those who’ve been successful at what we want to succeed in.

If a person doesn’t want financial freedom that is absolutely ok – nothing wrong with contentment regardless of what others say – but if you DO want financial freedom, be excited – there are even more pathways to reach it than you imagined. You just have to be willing to take the first step – You just need faith – and perhaps, you need to change what, and who you are listening to.

Do whatever it takes, to increase your Belief.

If you need to INCREASE what you KNOW so that you can have confidence in the actions you’re taking, and the decisions you’re making, then that is what you need to do. Be a student, and remain a student, because you’ll soon discover, there is so much to learn.

However, the more you learn, the more you will believe.

Understanding is actually a requisite of belief. Be serious about learning – because it will protect you against the sharks in business; that take advantage of others who do not know they’re being taken advantage of. Our team and our system is designed to create success within our industry, while putting a focus on education – the more you know, the more your income will grow.

(sign up for gvo And crazygood through our ONE MLM SYSTEM  – sign up for ila @  through any one of our TNG team members – and start Making Money With Apps that impact and change lives – as a member of TNG)

Read The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthyby Thomas J. Stanley

Also Check out The Millionaire Mind also by Thomas J. Stanley

Marketing Online Is a Skill

Either you have it, or you don’t.

If you’re marketing online, and you’re able to bring in serious traffic to your website or blogs, then you have it.

Most of the people looking to earn additional income from home, turning to the internet, hoping to make extra money through online marketing have the desire, but lack the skill.

Most people want to bring in serious traffic, but most people are not. Most of the gurus aren’t teaching everything they know either. However, that has just changed.

The only question is whether or not you are a serious marketer, or not.

Everyone wants to lose weight, for example – but not everyone wants to work out if that’s what it takes to do it.

If you’re willing to do what it takes, to make money online, then you’re going to get a lot out of the online marketing courses offered through a new blogging platform system.

It’s called LevelOneNetwork – and it’s teaching people like you and me, real online marketing skills, that you and I really need.

If you’re marketing online and not getting results, pay close attention.

Here’s a video I put together that is showing a little bit more about the kind of results I’m Getting so far. Already, my skills are improving …

Several people are making the BIG mistake of comparing this to another popular blogging system – that has created a ton of success stories in the home based business industry – perhaps leaders are feeling threatened, when they really shouldn’t.

This does happen quite often in our industry, where people often attack other opportunities in an attempt to keep their organization from getting distracted.

However, Business Training Courses that help Improve the Skills of your business partners, should not be seen as a distraction. Check out this article, Online Marketing Courses LevelOneNetwork is No EmpowerNetwork here, to learn more about the huge differences between these two businesses.

While you can earn money from sharing this course with others, you absolutely will earn money from applying the information that’s being taught in the weekly live training sessions. Do not hesitate to get started with this course right away, if you need to improve your SEO knowledge, and ability to bring in Serious Organic Traffic.