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Participation Trophy Mentality In MLM Is Not Good

How Participation Trophy Mentality Has Stalled Topnteworkersgroup and MLM: When i started up TNG in 2010, it was mostly all ‘concept’ – I knew what I wanted to do, but had to work through how to do it; along the way, things came together and the 1 mlm system was born; Some people didn’t like the name….

It had MLM in it – and it’s unfortunate that the industry has such a bad reputation; but that’s precisely why I put MLM in the name; b/c I’ve always envisioned TNG as a team that does MLM “the right way” – however, I just have not attracted ‘the right people” into the fold…. Yet.

So with total honesty, most of 2017 has been a MLM Break for me; I’m still ‘in’ companies I was in before; TNG is still sailing the seas; The 1 MLM System is still operational; just needs a few tweaks, and a few more of the right people to board the ship.

The challenge though, is I live in the Participation Trophy Generation; so everyone assumes everyone is equally the same – and that makes things difficult in business.  The ‘leaders’ I set things up with, wanted to be leaders too. They didn’t want to follow me, they wanted to Co-lead.  All that does, is confuse people, which Austin Rivers recently talked about. You know we cover the correlation of Sports and Business here. Austin Rivers, currently the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers spoke about his former Teammate Chris Paul and current teammate Blake Griffin’s relationship. He said that no one ‘really knew who the leader was’.  This led to dysfunction on a team that was supposed to do, much better than they did.

Austin Rivers on Leaders

This mindset infects the team, and those who ‘could have’ been integral parts of the network you’re seeking to grow.

People come to you for help; but due to this Participation Trophy Mindset people have; eventually THEY feel they’re just as much an expert as You are – and ignore all the help you provide; only to say you did not help them — rather than admit they didn’t accept the help — same way people are no longer able to accept that their Performance wasn’t good enough for 1st place – but now they get to ‘decide’ that it was, even if it wasn’t.

That’s the world I’m in. I’m thankful that I heard about bitcoin …. who knows where I’d be right now if I was fully depending on MLM.

I love the business model, but the people in the industry – are plagued with society’s lack of evolved ideas; People bring their Employee mindset to the Group; their Individualistic mentality to the Group; and never adopt ‘Group mentality” — they’re literally useless…… and so as 1,000 more MLM’s sprang up this year; they’re all simply recycling the same people over and over; and it’s a shame none of them seem to see what’s happening.

Now Everyone thinks they can do what I did; and make their own teams; build their own sites; teach things the way they wanna teach it; b/c they don’t ‘know’ I’m teaching Old School stuff that’s been around for 40+ years :: they think I made it all up on my own; b/c … participation trophy mindsets are lazy.

They Assume first place, won first place, because of any reason other than first place worked harder than second place did. I can show people the door; but they gotta walk through it…. I can give people that Red Pill; but they gotta accept truth, and not wish they had taken the Blue one after a visit to the Desert of the real; after they come to grips with the reality that their reality isn’t reality.

I’ve had several people come to me, who Used to work with TNG – or more accurately; who Signed up for programs TNG promoted – and they say to me “Al, I just can’t get people to follow me….”

They never wanna hear the reason why; The reason is, in MLM what YOU do duplicates.

following to be a Leader

You can’t get people to follow you – because you don’t follow ….

There were books you were told to read; that you did not read. There were videos you were told to watch; that you chose not to watch; You decided you heard it all, knew it all, and that you didn’t need to hear anymore – and That Duplicates …..

When YOU talk to people about a program; they don’t look – they don’t listen – they assume – because that’s how you are. They won’t watch videos, b/c You won’t watch videos either; They won’t follow your lead; because You Aren’t Following Your own Sponsor. Your Sponsor hosts a Webinar, you find a reason to miss it; Then wonder why people you Invite to Webinars, find reasons to miss those too – people do what you DO not what you say.

Sometimes, people still won’t do what you do, even when you’re doing it.  Yet, you’ll never get anyone to do anything you’re not already doing.  I shouldn’t even have to cover this, but the participation trophy mentality, makes people expect success in MLM regardless.  People really think, all they have to do is sign up, and ‘get’ others to sign up.

MLM’ers with this participation trophy mindset hop from one company to the next because they think it’s the company.  They think it’s their sponsor’s fault, or the founders of the company.  These people come to believe if they sell a different product more people will buy from ‘them’.  They never change who THEY are though.

The participation trophy mentality, stops a person from working on themselves.

A person who thinks they deserve a trophy, even when they lose will never understand.  Coffee is for Closers only.

Participation Trophy Mentality in MLM is Not Good

TopNetworkersGroup Episode #1: MLM Sucks Right Now

MLM sucks right now.  There is no ‘nice’ way to put that. One of the main problems that is causing this situation is that Celebrity Worship has made its way into MLM.  Far too many network marketers are looking for a top earner to sponsor them, which hurts the industry overall. These people just do not understand the mlm model, and that is causing this scenario.

MLM Sucks right now – Because you’re not Getting better, or growing as a person or a business owner.

Are you a real leader, or a ‘so called leader’? – Leaders push the Right ideas.

They’re not just trying to make themselves wealthy, or ‘get along’. Leaders are more concerned with doing what is right. Having Integrity goes a long way, and used to seperate the MLM Industry from Corporate America. Is that the case now?  Are we, in our industry truly focused on growing?  The better the team is, the more money the entire team will make.  When you’re in a great MLM Company but you’re on a team that ‘sucks’, your results show.

Teams work together. They edify one another, do 3-way calls and hop on weekly conference calls, webinars and build through meetings.  Unfortunately too many people are in a rush to make money and feel like these ‘meetings’ take up their time. OH how wrong they are – most of them are spinning their wheels doing everything other than what actually works.  In this video I share a story of yet, another person who’s come to me for help that doesn’t know how to generate leads.

I told him to start talking to people.  I guess he was expecting more.

He thought he needed to write a great article, or an ad that would go viral. Like so many, he’s trying to hit a home-run, rather than going base by base.  This is why MLM Sucks. We have too many people in this industry in a ‘rush’ to make money, who aren’t learning the basics.  Network Marketers have literally ruined Facebook Groups, with too much reliance on Automation. I had a real conversation with another marketer the other day, about this very thing.

People can See Through You – You’re amateur status is showing!

Why MLM Sucks Right Now - See Through Marketers

Just like this ‘house’ people can look at you and see what you’re all about. They know your motives, your ‘why’ and can tell it’s pure selfishness. People can tell most of the ‘leaders’ do not care. As John Maxwell said, about Leadership and why people ‘follow people’ — People do not care what you know, until they know that you care.

Pushing high-entry level opportunities on people so you can make a quick bonus, and not putting an emphasis on Training & reading books is why MLM Sucks right now. It’s producing too many people who are willing to back stab, and scam their way into a few dollars.  People know that you’ll tell anyone a product is ‘life changing’ if you can make a few bucks.

But, it’s never worth it in the end. All of you are Hurting the MLM industry.

Help me make MLM better. I’m looking for people to help me build up TopNetworkersGroup.  You must be willing to grow, stretch and become better than you are right now. The Leadership Team must have a copy of the following books: “Multiple Streams of Income”, “Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century”, and “Cashflow Quadrant” – all of which are Available for purchase at our Bookstore – via the 1mlmsystem.

*Update 2/8/2018 – Since writing this my original Twitter was Suspended due to False Flagging: another Automation Issue that causes social media to suck. I was ironically attacked by a bunch of people who failed to get MLM to work for them – mostly because they Suck as people. They now go around the internet ‘trolling’ and mass reporting Pro-MLM accounts. Nothing good can come of that, and this is the world we have inhabited. MLM can only be ‘so much better’ than the society it is part of.  Change really does begin with you and me.

How Leaving Effective Messages Increases Everything

Communication always matters, especially in sales.

I want to talk to you about how leaving effective messages, when you call someone, when you email someone, when you are communicating anything – Increases Everything!

Leaving Effective Messages will increase your sales, your opt-ins for your lists, your ability to sponsor people into business partnership. I remember learning early on my in career that really and truly there is no right or wrong; there is just effective and ineffective.

Now, one of my greatest master teachers helped me understand that nothing is wrong, with starting out as an ineffective communicator. So many of us are. The difference between losers and winners is that the winners don’t just settle for being Ineffective. They also do not allow being ineffective to impact what they do in the future. Instead, they learn from it.

If your messages are ineffective, a small tweak in what you are doing while communicating messages with the people you are seeking to reach, will start to turn almost every single aspect of your ‘performance’ around.

Naturally, I want to share an audio with you from Tim Sales, on the topic of Leaving Effective Messages. This deals primarily with the phone. Oh, the lost art of using the phone to prospect and find customers for a business. How many of us still use this method? Believe it or not, the phone is as effective as its ever been. Where social media can certainly help us build ,and increase the bonds and connections we have with others, nothing closes the deal better than the phone.

As I write this, even I realize I could benefit from picking up the phone a little bit more than I do – and yet, just the other day I was talking about the old days when the phone was pretty much all I ever used. In those days, we would end up getting the voicemail pretty often.

That’s why this topic was covered by Tim Sales – a master teacher of the ‘right way’ to do almost everything, when it comes to network marketing.

So many of us face a challenge with our prospects; who say they want to earn money, but often do NOT pick up the phone when we are trying to close the deal; help them decide to get started; launch their business right….

The other day (as I was about to share) I was talking to someone about the Good-bye close, which I learned from a gentleman named Steve Carter. I was speaking with a partner of mine who joined me in LevelOneNetwork. She had a recent sign up, who she had reached out to, to help him get started.

It’s been a week at the time of this posting; she has not heard back from him.

i don't chase em

That’s how this conversation came up – Got into how many times to ‘follow up’ with a lead, or a new sign up who is not responding. Let’s keep it super real for a moment. None of us want to CHASE people; We are not looking to DRAG anyone through the finish line. Each and every one of us in the network marketing profession are looking for others who want to RUN side by side; We are seeking people who want to cross the Finish line, together.

So this is a topic that a lot of us face; deal with, and wonder about. HOW to follow up ‘effectively’ … because let’s continue to be honest; Many of us start to wonder if perhaps it’s something we said that Caused them not to respond to us!!!

… Maybe, it’s something we didn’t say???

LISTEN TO this audio from Tim Sales asap! – Leaving Effective Messages

LISTEN To what he’s saying about ‘leaving messages on people’s voice mail’ … and pay CLOSE attention!!!  Because the same information Mr. Sales is giving us on this call, can be used for any form of communication; be it email; facebook inbox; DM’s on twitter – and so on.  There are some very interesting ‘tips’ Tim Sales drops.

Such as communicating with the prospect ASAP –

So if you happen to see their ’email’ come through your opt-in form; reach out and try to contact them right at that moment. If you’re using a form that includes a phone number, and they include theirs; Go ahead and give them a phone call.

That’s a real interesting tip – I see how it works; I’ve used that with several prospects and ‘new’ business partners over the years; and I’ve seen that it’s certainly better to contact people sooner, than later.

Another interesting tip from Mr. Sales – Be prepared for the message you’re going to leave.

Super interesting stuff – because while this should be common sense, you’d be surprised at how many people have not practiced their approaches. Again, while this information is mostly geared towards ‘what to do when you call someone, and get a voice mail’ – the ‘language’ we use while talking to someone; is just as important when spoken, as it is when written.

But, how ‘effective’ is a written message, vs a spoken message?

With all honesty – this is why the phone is still the King. TEXT is often misinterpreted by the reader. People often pull their own views and ideas into what they are reading; while they are reading it; They may decide the ‘written message’ is in a tone that the writer didn’t intend. This would render the message less effective with that person, than if they had heard the person SAY The words; with the feeling and emotion (if any) that they intended that message to have.

This is also where practicing your messages can benefit you as a professional.

Not only can (and should) you practice ‘what’ to say; but it doesn’t hurt to practice ‘how’ you plan to deliver it.  Hopefully you can also see how this filters into the ‘written communication’ that you are using, as a ‘marketer’ online, or offline.

If you study advertising at all, as you should be doing, you will notice the way ads ‘communicate’ their message with others. Study the patterns and gain ideas that you can use in your own advertising and marketing efforts. What wording, symbols, colors, etc… are effective; which one are ineffective?

Ask yourself these questions while you study the Topic – because again, this is what a professional does. Recently I signed up someone who wanted some ‘swipe copy’ – which frankly my Entire view of that has been changed from my involvement with Dan Miller’s LevelOneNetwork. I no longer believe that giving people ‘swipe copy’ is a good idea. For all of the reasons Tim Sales mentions on this audio… and all of the reasons that Dan trains on avoiding ‘duplicate’ content.

We want to duplicate some things in network marketing but …

There is plenty of room to be unique and original.

Professionals know when to duplicate; and when to be WHO They are; a unique individual that communicates things in a way that no one else does. I feel that if you are going to create capture pages, and pay for autoresponder programs – that you should also take the time to WRITE the follow up messages that are going to be sent out to your list.

If at first you feel your messages are ‘ineffective’ – simply change them around; Listen to tips from Tim Sales and other guru’s on what kinds of ‘messages’ and what kind of ‘wording’ you should be using with your Language. There is a big difference between asking someone to SWITCH their phone service, and to TRY your phone service.

These ‘suttle differences’ in the words we choose to use, really and truly have everything to do with the differences in, effective vs ineffective communication. Because, that is the only thing that happens in our industry; See, it’s not wrong when you use the ‘ineffective’ words; it just won’t get you the result you want.

BUT, if you want to increase and improve your results – simply improve your vocabulary; your usage of words. Do not stay where you are ‘if’ you feel limited.

Realize in this moment that you are limitless.

So many people I meet, and know are allowing themselves to be less than what they are truly capable of being. I know several who are content with having a job, completely content. They have no fear of being downsized, fired (or let go). They’ll snub their nose at investing in a business – and many don’t even own stocks. They have accepted limitations for their life, their lifestyle, and their future.

But, not you.

You are reading this because You want more for yourself!

YOU realize that leaving effective messages will increase everything that you have!!

You understand that as you improve your ability to communicate with others; you improve the amount of people who’ll naturally be drawn to work with you. So is it better for me to give you a fish; or teach you how to fish?

If you enjoy what I write, I thank you – but I do not take credit for my own.

I list and share names of mentors; like Tim Sales – who’s videos and audios I have devoured over the years; often over and over. I’ve listened to this audio on leaving effective messages at least 20 times; I’m even playing it ‘now’ while I Type this to you.

That’s how you learn the ‘words to use’ – from listening to professionals use them.

I have several mentors and teachers who I gain insight; and language from. They help me with improving the effectiveness of my communication, as I constantly plug back in, to work on myself. I encourage every person I sponsor into the network marketing industry to do the same. Grow – become better.

It’s attractive!

If you are interested in learning more, and working with me – Start here:

The One MLM System to Rule them All – Multiple streams of income; One System; One Team – (The official way to WORK with TopnetworkersGroup)

Check out a few more tips and helpful information – from TopNetworkersGroup:

Often you will find, that the ‘old adage’ from Art Williams is true; “All you can do, is all you can do, and all you can do is enough” ….

If you have done everything the way it’s supposed to be done, and a person still says no, or dodges your phone calls, and emails – We call this sorting. This person has sorted themselves ‘out’.

Keep your pipeline full with new leads – keep yourself in phase one, continue to sponsor new people; Stay Consistent … and then, sit back and watch what happens to you, and your income, in the next 12 to 24 months.

Removing all excuses

What we’ve done, in a nutshell, with our “System” is removed all the excuses that people have made, for why they struggle to earn a consistent, residual check, In Network Marketing.

When TopNetworkersGroup was first put together, it was created out of the ‘struggles’ that myself and several others have experienced in this industry.

We wanted to approach this industry ‘better’ and ‘more professionally’ than I felt most were approaching it. See, MLM was ‘never’ about the company…. and all the top money earners in our industry do not recruit others based solely on how awesome their company is.

The TOP People, recruit people into partnership with THEM.

If my vision for others, is for them to become TOP NETWORKERS – they must have this understanding of how to sponsor others.

Often, “the money” becomes an issue – some times people will avoid joining a business because the ‘cost’ to get started, stops them in their tracks.

The MONEY however, is never what MLM is about. Really, it’s the commitment. Will You put in the ‘time’ to learn what you need to learn, so that you can be Excellent at getting results in this industry? If not, keep your money…

We do Not want your Money!

However, with so many ‘opportunities’ in our industry today, lots of people could care less about other people; they JUST want their money. They JUST want to make a fast start bonus from them. They want them on autoship whether they are producing or not, so that they can make money….. and to us, that’s not right.

We want committed business partners to work with.

We want people who WANT to be on our team, working with us.

We did not want to make ‘money’ an issue at all; We wanted to make sure ‘company’ was not the main focus of others; we wanted to get BACK to the BASICS of network marketing and create a team who would approach MLM, ‘the right way’…

No crossline recruiting.

No Leadership team joining a new company ever 3-4 months, taking all the ‘leaders’ in their downline with them, regardless of who’s downline they are taking them out of.

No half-ass training telling people to just post links, and keep getting on calls, till they get results.

We wanted a real, PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN – that challenges each team member to become Better than they are today, so they can attract better people into their lives, and especially into their businesses; and as we grow our network, as we increase our income, as we gain MORE knowledge about what works vs what doesn’t, WE become a ‘group’ of Top Networkers.

NOW others can finally and officially join our team, and our movement…. to make The Industry of MLM, what the PEOPLE really and truly need. A place where anyone – literally – can turn FREE money into Residual Money; and create a life for themselves, that will bless others for decades, and perhaps centuries to come.

To work with our team, you Must join our System –

Why Blog For Business

Here’s why you need a blog.

Blogs get hits; visits; traffic; A blog, actually is a website. It’s a way for YOU to actually connect with other people. It’s a free tool to grow YOUR business, no matter what business it is. This point in time is very interesting because I think a lot of people are missing that aspect of a blog; Know what people do?

They set up a blog, and post an article that someone ELSE wrote… and call that giving value.

What value are you really giving, if they could have gotten that from some one else?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with referencing other articles, or including additional content in your blog; afterall – it’s yours – and that DOES add value to it, when YOU are also contributing. Now, that is value.

That’s where a blog can be useful, if used correctly – like almost everything and anything in life.

A blog, is a chance for you to find Your audience.

Find the people who are interested in what You have to say and share; and from there, you can truly endorse just about any product, service, or company that you’d like; because your audience has diverse interests.

Just like you.

That’s why blogs are really vital for business; blog about your business or whatever you’d like – your audience will find you and if you’d like, you can even put money into advertising so that your blog will Definitely be found…..

By the way…. definitely is definitely the hardest word in the human vocabulary to spell … possibly.

Meanwhile, setting up a blog has become SUPER easy; and I’m not going to give a tutorial of setting a blog up right here and now – because that is what Training is for; and because this blog, is almost entirely dedicated to business (our chosen niche for this blog), this is where I plug ::: ::: come and work with the team; we have officially launched and the SITES are coming out so that we all can make some serious money together, using Various methods to Meet our goal :: online and offline networking, and marketing, as it was always meant to be!

Get excited about that 🙂

Get a blog … but you don’t necessarily have to blog about business. You can blog about anything really; or everything really … because again, a blog is a website – if you think of it that way then you can understand the value of having one; it may not be as nice as a Well Designed website that you pay Well Designed Money for – but you can use the various templates provided by the various providers – I mean there is really no Limit to what you can Do – and like anything, the more work you put in, the better results you’ll get out!

Do you understand why you need a blog and what you can do With one by now?

If so … what are you doing with yours?

Leave a Comment and let’s Expand this conversation for others who may still be on the fence… Thanks for stopping by.

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