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Teams Win Championships (Does Lebron Have enough Team to Overcome The Hawks?)

Does Lebron and the Cavs have enough ‘TEAM’ to defeat the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals? There’s an famous quote said by one of the greatest winner in sports history. “Teams win Championships” ….

In fact, the full quote goes something like this.  Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan


I say inside our 1mlmsystem; and also on our free mlm training page – that the best trained teams make the most money in our profession. Because those well trained teams, will have Intelligence; and along with that intelligence – comes the knowledge of how important teamwork is; to Win.

Teamwork Wins Championships – but does Lebron have the right players around him, heading into this series to overcome a real team?

That’s the main question heading into this match up, which pits a Cleveland Team that is very injured, with Kyrie Irving doubtful to be at full strength and Kevin Love out for the season. Once again it all falls on the shoulders of the former MVP, to get his team to the Finals.

Can Lebron James do it?

Does he have enough team to overcome a Real team?


The Atlanta Hawks put 4 All-Stars into this year’s All Star game, because they truly are a team. Over the past 5-7 years they have slowly put together pieces and have assembled a very well balanced, and very talented team. Alongside their allstars, Jeff Teague, Paul Milsap, Al Horford and Kyle Korver are other players who ‘some’ would call ‘role players’ – like DeMarre Carole, Kent Bazemore, Dennis Schroder and several others all chip in; and are responsible for the Hawks being the #1 seed in the East.

…. Read Stars and role Players, Sports and Network Marketing

That’s got a lot to do with the success of the Atlanta Hawks. One can argue that the Cavs made some smart moves throughout the season to acquire much better ‘role players’. The truth is, Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith are going to have to be the Guys that Lebron relies on. They are going to have to play big.

Meanwhile, the Superstar is going to have to be a Super Star.

It’s moments like these when teams can Truly benefit from having ‘at least’ one.

The Superstar(s) cannot win that championship or even advance To that championship round without help from others.

Whether you are the role player or the super star, there is a symbiotic relationship that never dies. Teams win Championships; not Individuals. The same was true for the Lakers when Kobe Bryant won 5 rings; 3 alongside Shaq; 2 alongside Pau Gasol. Always with a cadre of supporting role players; who gave it all that they had.

Are you giving it all that you have with the Team you are part of?

Are you showing up to the Game?

Are you Performing IN the Game — by Promoting and Marketing the websites you’re supposed to promote and market in the places you are supposed to be promoting and marketing them?  Are you building relationships with new people and sorting to see who has the right mentality to team up with you and your partners?  Are you approaching people who Do qualify for partnership ‘the right way’ … using words that work, that are taught by successful uplines and/or sponsors in your Team (Business Organization)?

Read: Teams Wear The Same Uniforms For A Reason

All of these things matter.

Are you going to truly give it your all for the team that you’re with, to either HELP the super star on that team; OR BE the super star on that team – GET to the next Level??

Let’s say you’re the super star and you ARE absolutely giving it your all….

Keep doing it.

Others WILL Be attracted to you – because you are Active; you are In motion; you are going where they want to go; YOU can lead them because you’ve been; You can show them what to do; because you are Doing it.

They say, Great players help make other players around them better.

Many people say Kobe was not a great player – but He helped Derick Fisher win 5 Championships. Ron Artest won 2 Championships alongside Kobe. Pau’s only rings came while he wore purple and gold. It’s that symbiotic relationship again …

You can be that superstar and by doing so; YOU are going to benefit your team; but you still need help. You still need Fisher, Artest, and Gasol to lay their all out on the line; game in and game out – to get that Goal achieved.

The same can be said about the Golden State Warriors, who as of this night, are awaiting the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Houston Rockets series.

The Warriors have this year’s MVP Steph Curry.

However, in spite of how dynamically awesome of a basketball player (and shooter/ball handler) as Curry is, they also trot out an excellent supporting cast. Andre Igquada, Dremond Green, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, and a guy who on most nights shoots the ball as well as Curry; Klay Thompson. I didn’t even mention the rejuvinated Sean Livingston or the always impressive David Lee; who are always chipping in, in a positive way.

Meanwhile … they’ve got Steph Curry –

DO you Add Value to your team? … or nah?

Would your Team even MISS you if you left??

You see folks, in sports and business – these laws are universal; they are applicable to both professions. Because Teamwork … always makes the Dream Work; Without it – the dream simply never comes together; no matter how hard one tries. Teams win Championships – not individuals. Store that advice some where – it will serve you well.

Teams Wear The Same Uniforms For A Reason

We talk about Teams often around here.

I talk about Team at least. I cannot say the same for every single person who’s opted in to my email list; or signed up for our One MLM System – and that is what I’d like to talk with you about now. File this under Sports and Business – because this ongoing conversation we are having with the network marketing industry involves understanding the nature of Championship teams – and teams that never win Championships.

In the MLM Industry a glaring statistic has been sticking out to me like a splinter – an obvious issue for all of us; that our current approach to MLM is not solving. 97% of the industry is NOT earning full time income. When I think about why that is, one reason pops up for me time and time again.

Too many network marketers think as ‘individuals’ rather than as ‘teams’ –

Teams wear the Same uniforms for a reason. How would it look if the Lakers showed up to play a game and some had on the Purple Road Uniforms; Some had on the Sunday Whites (on a Tuesday); and others had on The Gold Home Uniforms?

They would look like a bunch of Amateurs.

This is what people in Network Marketing are doing; and have been doing; and are doing even MORE OF as we enter into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing (which is already here). The internet has changed so much about business; and that is especially true about network marketing. Getting the Team to wear the Same Uniform has always been the mission of most network marketing companies.

It’s always been difficult – it’s not a new challenge that we are facing; BUT it’s a challenge that’s even more challenging now; because of the internet.

The speed of the internet allows more and more people to access information from several sources; and this expands every single day.

So the moment I do a video, or write a blog post on why Multiple Streams of Income is a Must for network Marketers; there are 30 other people online talking against this idea.

Because people in network marketing see themselves as individuals and not teams; they do not look at their sponsors or uplines as ‘coaches’ – even if they refer to themselves as Coaches; They see them as just another individual who’s above them; and isn’t going to boss them around or tell them what to do!

That creates a HUGE problem for almost everyone in the industry. Rather than being a team; we’re all individuals – and because of that, our teams are not winning championships. Meanwhile we’re not learning from the few championship teams that keep winning, while the rest keep on coming up short.

We need to learn, that Teams wear the Same Uniform for a reason …

Teams Run the same Plays for a reason …

Teams show up to the Same Game; on the Same Night; at the Same Time; for a reason …

Teams Practice together – for a reason …

Teams know they have a SEASON and players do not quit the team when they lose a game or two. They keep working and keep growing, and keep improving… for a reason.

A Team that doesn’t win a Championship in Year 1; Comes back for Year 2 and they give it another shot – and none of this is happening in Network Marketing; at least not for 97% of people in this field. We talk so much about teamwork in the industry – and yet MOST people are missing that lesson.

I made an ‘infographic’ to explain this point…

Teams Wear the Same Uniform for a reason

“That upline isn’t gonna tell me what uniform to wear!”

That’s the attitude most people have in network marketing. Most people really are expecting to do everything on their own and call all of their own shots. I get that. We all want to own our own businesses and so many MLM companies pitch that in their meetings. It’s true you will have the time freedom to pick and choose when you’re going to work. You Do get to decide what websites you’re going to use to market and promote. You do get to decide Who you’re going to listen to, and who you’re going to follow.

That isn’t the problem.

The problem is – most of you do not know when to exercise your freedom to choose; and when you should be choosing to Duplicate the efforts of other people; rather than reinvent the wheel.

When you sign up for the one mlm system; you’ll be directed to sign up for our Free Level Programs. The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I sign up for these?” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too.”

Then we advise you Sign others up; Make Money from the Free Programs; and use $10 to re-invest in our $10 level. The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I sign up for these? I don’t like ILA; I don’t like GDI; I am going to Promote another program instead” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too.”

Next we advise that you seek to attain Leadership Ranks with Our team; The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I do that? This is Al King’s team; I want my Own team, I don’t want to be a leader on HIS team” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too. Because I want to be a Leader on This team.”


Magic Johnson said it best … One player doesn’t win the championship; The Team wins the championship. There absolutely is no I in team; and while there may be an I in win; the key is learning when to be about yourself; and when to be about others. It’s balance – it’s the free choice we all have – to understand that there is a time and place for All things.

There is a time to lead; there is a time to follow.

Now is the time to FOLLOW TopNetworkersGroup.

Put your ego aside; Leave your problems and your questions at the door.

Put on the uniform we give you.

Show up to practice; Show up to the Games;

Commit to the Season; not just to a few games;

But more specifically — Use the Same Websites!

I am specifically talking to network marketers who call themselves internet marketers; and do not understand that there is a difference. Internet Marketing is what you do ‘for yourself’. Network Marketing is what you do ‘as part of a team’ – Networks should use the same websites to market or promote a business.

I’ve seen so many people sign up for the 1mlmsystem – who use their OWN Website to promote the system; and wonder why it’s not working out for them. It’s the same silly mentality as showing up to a Game when you feel like it; rather than when the game is scheduled for. It’s just as silly as Practicing on your own; instead of WITH The team. It’s just as moronic … to be honest … as creating your own plays rather than learning the plays the coach of your team is calling.

You wouldn’t do this if you were playing Sports.

But you do this in Network Marketing.

I had a guy get upset with me because he was doing this – I called him out (in our private group on facebook, for talking up some OTHER guys program in our group); and I understand him not being pleased by that. However how can I teach other players on the team what not to do; if I don’t use him as an example for what not to do?

Isn’t that what a coach does when a player on the team is not being a team player?

If teams wear the same uniform for a reason; wouldn’t a coach point out a player on the team for choosing to wear the uniform he or she wanted to wear; instead of wearing the same one as the team?

It’s part of being the Coach though. Coaches have to risk upsetting players from time to time; meanwhile players who win championships respond positively to coaching. They don’t mind being corrected; They are okay with being told what to do; what uniform to put on. They want to win and realize the Coach wants to win too.

They’re not questioning the plays the coach is calling; instead they are working to execute those plays better – that’s what practice is for; That’s what the game losses help point out; the game shows you where you need to improve; where you need to execute better.

Because Sports and Business have So much in Common; I’ve written a few other articles that you NEED to read. Other related articles from TopnetworkersGroup –

Sign up To Work With the Group – by putting your best email in the box – and following the directions you are given; If you cannot follow a leader – You’ll never be a leader.

I made a video a couple weeks ago; where I spoke about the Armed Forces; another Team – where people follow orders – put on the same uniform; follow the same directions; because it struck me as a little odd, that a former Armed forces member didn’t make that connection when it came to what I was saying to him – about Our partnership in MLM.

It’s okay if he didn’t understand; because what I’ve come to understand – is several of the people who’ve come to me; in fact – ALL Of them; have prepared me to lead the NEXT group of people who are on their way to me. Champions continue to tweak and construct their teams; till they get the RIGHT Players; players with the right mentality – players who can win!

Some Things Should Require Hard Work

I came across a great article on Why Some Things Should be Hard. It literally was confirmation for me. Hard work makes us better. It makes us do and become more to achieve the task that is required. Hard Work takes you from the level you’re at now, to the level you dream to be on.

If our goal at TopNetworkersGroup is to create professional network marketers – then it’s important that we stress the hard work required to become one.

So let’s talk about Why Hard Work Makes you Better –

Ever since rolling out the One MLM System I have been wondering if it’s just too much. Is it too much to have people sign up for multiple programs? Is it too much to have people watch So many Videos; during the sign up process; and even after they are inside?

I can even think back to a disloyal person who signed up for the One MLM System over a year ago, but decided to ‘focus’ on Visalus. We talked and one of the things he mentioned to me was, there was just too much to do.

Personally, I Don’t think it’s a lot to do however, I Don’t think the same way as others. There are a lot of lazy people in our society today. People want things easy.

Most do not want to put in Hard work. In fact, in several of my training videos I have defined Hard Work for people; because I don’t believe most people really know what it is. To me – it’s all about doing what is hard, instead of what is easy.

The article I came across seemed to tap right into my mind and pull out the thoughts I have been searching for. It’s like a video game.

Did you play video games growing up like I did?

Perhaps you STILL Play video games … if you do, then you should be able to relate to this question. Do you really enjoy games that are too easy?

Or don’t you prefer the games that offer up an actual challenge?

I played a lot of Doom growing up; for those who don’t know about it, it started out as a PC Game. It was always a lot of hard work making it from level to level. The game is near impossible to beat, without cheating. The came did have cheat codes though. When I ran into them I was so excited because I could finally get past a few levels that were just ‘too hard’ for me to defeat.

But, then the game became Too easy.

Since I had been to the end of the game; I decided to test myself to see if I could make it without the cheat codes. From time to time I’d be tempted to throw a cheat code on for a few; recover and then I’d take it back off again. The challenge made the game more fun.

Registering for the 1mlmsystem is no where near hard work.

But, people have a habit of making things so much harder than they really need to be. So, part of what just happened tonight is a feeling of relief. I felt like I was doing the right thing – My goal has always been to create professional network marketers. To do this, requires people get educated. It requires people follow simple steps that anyone else can do.

It also requires a sense of teamwork

Professional network marketers are not like amateurs – Amateurs have no loyalty. There has never been a Millionaire or Billionaire in the history of mankind, who lacked loyalty. So if a person cannot sign up for my system, and then reach out and send me an email to ask for help, is that a professional?

If a person cannot complete the sign up process, and won’t sign up for FREE affiliate programs that will not cost them a dime – Do they have any loyalty?

The system is perfect.

the one mlm system to rule them all

It tests your loyalty to the person that referred you. It asks you to contact your sponsor. So far does any of that sound like Hard work?  The system asks you to sign up for free programs – Considering how much Stuff you’ve signed up for in the past 3 years; Does it sound like Hard Work to sign up for Free programs?

Next, the system asks you to Watch Training Videos. These videos talk about important topics in network marketing. Such as, making a list, and more importantly how to approach the people on that list. The videos tell you how to get a person in front of a presentation. The videos talk about what to do after a person sees a presentation.

All you have to do is watch, and apply what the videos teach.

Does that sound like Hard Work?

Here’s the key though…  we want to you do those things, WHILE involving your sponsor. Talk to them about the ‘work’ you are doing. Is that hard?

Well apparently it was for many people. But when I look at what they are doing in MLM Today – I see many are NOT in MLM today; or doing the same things they were before they signed up. They are struggling.

Aren’t you tired of struggling in MLM?

Amateurs Struggle. Professionals Know what they are doing. That’s the purpose of our system. To teach you what to do. To give you programs to do it with. Then we want you to make money and reinvest. We want you to use our Ten Dollar level; to make more money and then reinvest. We want you to use our Fifty Dollar Level; to make even more money; and reinvest. More importantly, by doing what we’re suggesting, you will avoid the unfortunate fate of so many people who just lost their entire income – with the closing of wakeUpnow – and so many other MLM companies.

Because any business will go out of business.

What we are suggesting is not Hard work; but it’s going to require you to pay attention. It’s going to require you to invest some time on the learning side. It’s going to require you communicating with your sponsor; your upline; Using our live office; working ‘as a team’ – and if you do these things; you will become a Master.

You will be a Professional.

That’s why the system is set up the way it is.

It had to be set up this way.

To make you, what we need you to be.

A Professional.

I think you’ll also enjoy this video from the NBA – What Is Hard Work?


Lebron James Goes Back To Cleveland : Sports and Business

The news is everywhere today and there is nonstop discussion on all social media; over The Decision part II – Lebron James Goes Back to Cleveland, truly shocking the world!

It was a Class Act from Miami Heat Owner Mickey Arison – tweeting out the following:

Shock but, appreciation and understanding for the decision that was made. As Lebron James goes back to Cleveland he is doing so in spite of the disrespectful letters and statements made by Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Also, let us not forget about all those fans burning Lebron James Jersey’s. However today, all of those fans are rejoicing.

The King has come back home!

Should he have chosen to go back to a team, owned by a guy who literally bashed him for all the world to hear? Should he return to a city who’s fans talked about him as if they owned his very life? I don’t mean to defend Lebron but, how many of us grew up in a city, and went ‘away’ for 4 years to college and got to experience what it is like to be away from home; only to discover how much you really wanted to be in the city where you were born?


Today, Lebron James goes back to Cleveland with a totally different mindset and mentality. He has experienced things; Won Championships. Lost in the Finals. Without a doubt, his return to Cleveland makes them instantly better. As his story continues to unfold, we will all continue to Witness. Primarily because he is in the spotlight, and that is what we do in this society. We watch other people pursue and live out their dreams.

While you and I watch Lebron make Millions of dollars; while we witness his Million Dollar life-changing Decisions; what lessons are we learning about our own lives?

Here at TopNetworkersGroup we are having an ongoing discussion under the theme of Sports and Business. Sports is a microcosm of life, and especially business. Even more especially sports relates to much, to the network marketing industry, which is a Team Sport. What lessons are we picking up here once again as we see examples of business decisions, over emotional ones?

We hear so often about how Sports is a Business. Professional teams have traded players for years, regardless of how much of a contribution they made to the team; or how much the fan base liked or loved them. While several people were outspoken about their displeasure of his original decision to leave the Cavaliers; few people examined it from a Business Decision point of view.

Not only is playing in Miami more profitable – Winning Championships ensures a long term career around the game of basketball. Lebron will always be talked about for the rest of his life and will make several paid appearances. He will be paid more too, because he’s a 2-time champion; and if he happens to tack on an extra ring or a few more – all of it ultimately is good for business.

Lebron James is one of our modern day athletes who’s had the benefit of watching several others make poor business decisions; It’s similar to what we talk about here at TopNetworkersGroup, when it comes to learning from the mistakes others are making; and then avoid making those mistakes. I recently heard that, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again; but a Wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether!

Do you want to be smart, or wise?

Silly question I suppose.

perhaps when it’s all said and done we’ll look back on Lebron’s “decisions” as smart moves; and Wise players will follow that path; and restore a bit of order to the NBA; who honestly, does have far too many owners, with ‘plantation mentality’. Rather than viewing their players as, ‘business partners’, and taking a real concern in the best for each player; often NBA teams simply use money as a Carrot of Performance; caring not what they do off the court; so long as they show up to games and perform …. OR ELSE!

… because there are plenty more where you came from …

This is sorta how Dan Gilbert talked about Lebron James.

This is how, reportedly, Donald Sterling addressed his own players; for Years.

Pieces of property; rather than, People.

Honestly this is how I’ve begun to see the MLM Industry as well. At the same time I understand the unique position companies find themselves in. If you have a top earner making $100,000 per year; you want to do all you can, to keep that top earner from endorsing ‘competition’ —

Honestly, I feel too many networkers are Unwise, in that they are not learning from the mistakes of others who’ve been doing the same mistake over and over for years now.

They’re building their network based on a company; instead of basing it around the team. Then again, how would they know any better when, most of the people ‘new people’ are meeting, are following the advice of others who are stuck; unable to promote anything but a company; which may or may not be in business 2-5 years from that point in time.

Anything can happen in our business – and especially with so many companies coming and going; we never truly know what the future holds. This is why the decision to build your network – is going to be a lightbulb business decision moment for you. Just like the decision part 2, as Lebron James goes back to Cleveland to finish out his career.

He says something similar about his decision to return home; sounds like he’d want his children to have the same experiences he had, growing up as a kid in Ohio. It sounds like he wants to live in the community he is from; and contribute to it directly; having a real pulse for what’s happening there by being there.

It’s a decision, sorta like his decision to leave; that is unlike what most people have done before; and probably goes against the grain of what most people feel he should have done. Even I questioned going back, to play for an owner that said those kinds of things; and yet, He says all is forgiven; that the two of them talked, and got over it – putting the past behind them to pursue a greater future. I think that people will always question the decisions you make, but you have to make the decision that is right for you.

What’s right for you may not be right for someone else; but if it’s right for you; then stick with your decision. He signed a contract with Miami with an option to re-evaluate the relationship in 4 years; that’s what he did. Yet another lesson; Lebron didn’t go back to Cleveland after they lost the first championship to the Mavericks; and I don’t think he is going back just because of the recent loss to the Spurs.

He gave it 4 years.

How many of you can give a business 4 years?

How many of you can go through some Losses, especially in the championship – and then come back focused with your head down, committed to the team .. in order to win TWO times – back to back?  Most of you quit in fa few days, or a few weeks; very few of you make it to the end of the year. Those are all very poor business decisions.

Too bad many of you can’t see how its turning out. However … perhaps even you can think hard about coming back home; to where you belong – With the Team…


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork in All Areas of Life, Sports and Business

Sign Up With TopNetworkersGroup Here – our One MLM System To Rule Them All

If you are STILL Not making money, approaching MLM the way that you are; PERHAPS it’s time for you to be a Wise man; and learn from Smart Men who have already made the mistakes you’re still making; who want to Teach you how to AVOID those mistakes – Get on the Email List; Start paying attention to what’s happening; Enroll with our SYSTEM; then shoot to become a real Leader with our Team; You’ll be glad you made that decision!

Teams Win Championships (Does Lebron Have enough Team to Overcome The Hawks?)

Facebook Rants on Multiple Streams of Income, TD Jakes and Talents

Ok … got some more ‘facebook rants’ to share with you today.

If there is one thing I may have a reputation for, it is my Facebook Rants. I type pretty fast so it doesn’t take much for me to really let one out. Especially if I’m sitting at the computer and have some thoughts to share. That’s what happened today – a ‘slow building’ argument or debate, which started a couple days ago on my wall.

I say argument or debate because really that’s what it is. More of a debate perhaps; but it’s a debate that in my mind has gone on for too long; and it happens with far too many people. It mostly happens with My Own community, the Black Community – and it’s one of many motivating factors in starting up “The Black Folder” through our 1mlmsystem.

It’s this idea that Money doesn’t matter, and that we can get into Heaven and live a great ‘after’ life – simply by going to Church every single week and singing along with the choir. (Several of my facebook rants may have ultimately run me off their platform. That’s okay too.)

The bible (for those who like to use it as their reference) clearly states that ‘faith’ without works, is dead. I shared an image on my page which sparked this debate. Here is that image now, and I’ll share the ‘comment’ that has inspired this rant. In fact, it’s funny how things go. Another person in my ‘network of friends’ on facebook said something that fit right in with what I’m about to share – and what I was sharing…. in my latest Facebook Rant.

Facebook Rants on Matching My efforts

I posted this image, along with a simple message to everyone reading my page now, and into the future. As this is really and truly what I want those who work with me to know. “DO what I Do; Get what I get …. Many of you reading this could get even MORE than I do; because you are so much BETTER than I am; but you are settling for LESS than you deserve.

Yea … I know that’s powerful.

That is why I shared it.

It’s true too isn’t it.

If you’re not currently in network marketing, if you have a job or are looking for one, you are absolutely settling for less than you deserve. A job will only pay you so much money; the joke is, jobs pay us just enough for us not to quit.

Most of us work “just hard enough” not to get fired.

This is what’s known as Employee Mentality.

It’s also, Slave mentality.

We don’t see ourselves as more; So we don’t put in the effort to have more.

Which brings me to my Facebook Rant on Multiple Streams of Income, Bishop T.D. Jakes, And the Parable of the Talents. I’ll start there.

In response to this image, and my message – a guy responded by telling me The following message.

But see this world is so turnt, I don’t desire anything but what I need for my survival. What I want is a spot in Heaven & I am working on that. I dig your message though

I feel sorry for this brother. His mindset and mentality have been so beat up by this world, that he no longer has any hope left. He has no belief in himself or his ability to have abundance. He, like so many, have decided to ‘settle’ for just enough to survive.

The problem with this mentality is, He, like so many, feel this mentality will get them into Heaven. That is what brought me to the Parable of the Talents.

I grew up in Church. I’m well educated on this topic; So it always pains me that so many folk go to Church every week; and seem to not read their Bible at any point in the Week; Not only does that bible say Faith without Works is dead; but Jesus shares a story about how God views those who do “nothing” with their lives.

Watch The Parable of The Talents

This story is so powerful – It’s always been with me. I walked away from ACN (my first MLM company) in 2004, after 5 years. While away, I had all sorts of issues in my life – some brought on by me. I was down in the dumps, and then I recalled this lesson.  I realized, I have talents, and I must do all I can to improve on them; double them; grow them. I returned to MLM in 2009 with a renewed mind and mission. I came back with a new understanding. The experiences I encountered opened the doors to create TopNetworkersGroup; and eventually the 1mlmsystem.

I feel we are called to do special things while we are alive on this earth. I believe evil prospers because the good do nothing. I agree with those who say the 1% have all the wealth, because the 99% continue to give them all of their money.

You and I make decisions every day; to make our world better – OR to allow others to make it worse. MLM is a way to improve our world; but it’s up to those of us who believe in MLM to help others see that reality. Once again, that’s where WE come in.

So in response to my good friend who made this horrible comment on my awesome image – I decided to do ‘all I can do’ to help him see the light. If he really wants to get into Heaven; he needs to do more with his LIFE now.

This brings me to Multiple Streams of Income.


Another person in my “network of friends” whom I’ve known for a lot less time had something interesting to say. That we all need to read Ecclesiastes 11: 2that we are instructed to have more than one stream of income; and this is true. 

 Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.”

Shout outs to Mr. Rich Mindset – I love the timing and the congruency.

It let’s me know this message is in ‘time’ with my ‘vibe’ right now….

and that, brought me to the latest, Facebook Rant by yours truly, Al King


The Famous ‘Al King Facebook Rants’ on Multiple Streams of Income, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Talents

The problem with most of you is you think Money is your Mission…. smh

MONEY funds your Mission.

I didn’t get into MLM to stay in MLM forever.

I’m on earth to do MUCH bigger things than JUST be in an MLM company.

I have bigger callings; and I DO MORE than I speak about on Facebook – because I was not CALLED to just be in MLM; I write, I blog, I teach, i build websites, and I continue to ADD to my self; improve the gifts God gave me; because I KNOW who I am and WHOSE I am.

you fell out with me because you didn’t like a MLM I was promoting??

God basically removed you from my life because YOU were not called to be in it. if you were You’d Recognize Who you’re in business with.

Oh you’re mad at me Family member cuz I won’t come hang out a the Strip Club and Throw my Money away with you — OH you don’t think I’m doing anything more important; Hey, perhaps God didn’t Call YOU either.

If you’re Called; you’ll know this is the Truth.

Many are called though … but ‘few’ are Chosen.

I remember talking to a dude who QUIT MLM because he wanted to focus on the “Kingdom of God” — Evil prospers because the Good Do nothing.

Too many people go to CHURCH On Sunday; But they don’t READ the Bible during the Week; NOR are they paying attention to the Preacher in the Pulpit during the Service; Sadly, even some Preachers aren’t paying attention to the Bible they are preaching from – MONEY is a way to FUND The MISSION —

You Reject Money?

YOU are rejecting the MISSION God Gave you then —

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I know God called me into MLM – the same week I looked up in the sky, I said a Prayer for God to send me an Opportunity; and Andrew Collins hit me up about ACN; When I walked away from ACN — all kinds of things fell apart in my life — I got out of LISTENING to personal growth; I got away from being around Positive people; I was settling just like everybody ELSE; Then God Came and Woke me back up; Put some more Challenges in my Life; allowed ME to falter so I could turn once again towards Him; and HE brought me back …. To HIM be the Glory!

NOT all of you are MEANT to work with me — believe me; I know that before you; I’m not here to learn from you; Unless I sign up for YOUR class. If you sign up for mine, put your student hat on; get ready to LEARN; Get ready to CONNECT; Get ready to SHARE …. Get ready to EARN.

GET ready to make the world a better place; ONE person at a time.

TopNetworkersGroup – a subsidiary of – which is owned and operated by (the Parent company of it all)

— The mission continues; WITH or WITHOUT you.

This Rant, was posted along with the following video, featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes as he speaks on Multiple Streams of Income. It’s biblical – Goes back to Adam and Eve.

You see, where Ecclesiastes 11: 2 speaks about preparing yourself by investing in several places, not just one. This message brings it home. Too many of us are content with a job; Some of us are Content to be the TOP earner in an MLM company; on top of an organization that is struggling to maintain their autoships.

The people at the TOP Must look out for the people at the bottom; Telling the people at the bottom to “only focus on this MLM business”  blinds them from seeing the big picture. It’s not about this MLM vs That MLM; it’s about MLM vs Corporate America.

It’s about MLM vs Working a Job.

It’s about working together to enrich and empower one another; instead of going to work, to empower and enrich someone else; who really could care less about any of us —

It’s about FIXING our planet; and using MLM as a means to an end.

Some of you will get that later …

If you truly desire change; God will provide a way. You just need to take action;

Because faith, without works is Dead.

Thanks for reading.

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Perhaps more of my Facebook rants should have been on this blog, or other blog platforms “I own”.  Ultimately they took me off their platform because it’s theirs. Much of what I wrote here, while sharing one of many legendary facebook rants will go on forever – while the ones on facebook died with my profile. Always seek to own what’s yours.

Now playing at the New and Improved section of the One MLM System ‘to rule them all’ — The Black Folder Presents Multiple Streams of Income is Biblical by Bishop T.D. Jakes

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