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Shark Advice On Failure (Daymond John Instagram Post Inspired)

Would you like some Shark advice on failure?  Meaning, would you like to understand a huge lesson on failure, from a super successful business mogul, like Daymond  John?  If you’re smart your answer will be absolutely yes! Only an egotistical person would pass up on gaining knowledge and insight from a person who’s done what you’re seeking to do.  It happens, surprisingly and people miss out on good lessons all the time, because of that ego. What’s wild about this Instagram post I found on Daymond John’s page is how great the timing is.

I’ve been wrestling with a few things, if I can be honest with you.

Almost, second guessing myself, on whether or not I was ‘wrong’ to blame the people who signed up for Crazygood, for it’s failure. I Did that though, with all good intentions to be totally honest with those that were following me at that time. However I will not lie to you, I do feel that many took that the wrong way. I’ve written about how I needed to have the right people on TopNetworkersGroup to pull it off. I think the people who ‘were’ working with the group, took offense and became even ‘less involved’ than they were (which was not much at all).

Yet in so many ways, I Do believe in pruning the tree – so dead leaves falling off, is important for the Growth of the tree.

Now, I’m looking at this Fresh start;  and yet, still wondering if I was out of line to say, what I’ve said. Thank you Universe for confirmation, through several ‘mediums’. My messenger arrived in the form of an Instagram post, from one of NBC’s Shark tank OG’s, Daymond John.  He was sharing some lessons with his followers, of course.  In these images below, you’ll find his Advice on Failure. Would you like to know the 3 things he noticed, along his path. As you probably know, he’s started a lot of businesses, and not everything panned out.

Daymond John gives us Advice On Failure through this Gem of an Instagram Post

Some shark advice on failure

reposted to my own IG, with a quick message #TNGForever

advice on failure (Daymond John Shark IG Post)

like I said, this was on my mind. I feel like people took it the wrong way when I said it, but when they hear the same message from a shark, will it change their mind? (or yours?) – am I still wrong for speaking plainly about what it takes to succeed??


I absolutely wanted to make sure you read the image above first. In the second one you’ll see the advice on failure that I’ve been speaking of. Number three stood out to me.  If you’ve re-watched the new presentation for Topnetworkersgroup, you’ll hear me talk about this in the presentation. We learned, along the way, that we need the right people to really pull this off.  Too many people in MLM are ‘too independent’ in their thought process.  In network marketing, we need people who can adopt a group mentality.

Speaking plainly, we need more flexible people who are able to do ‘more than just one thing’.

Sure, be able to think for yourself, we love that. But also understand ‘when’ we need you to put your ego aside, so that together the team can win.  Most importantly, I hope you walk away with a better understanding of just how the ‘group’ can fail, because of individuals.  When we choose to act in ‘selfish ways’, we ultimately harm the ‘team’ we are part of. Most recently, we’ve seen this with UCLA and Liangelo Ball, who along with 2 other Teammates caused International News.

ucla players need advice on failure too

They were caught shoplifting, while on a good will trip to China. Without rehashing all of that, the 3 players are Key to UCLA’s success or failure this season.  However, they will possibly be facing up to a year suspension. This means that UCLA will not be as ‘good’ as they would have been with these 3 players. Instead of thinking about the team, these young men were only focused on themselves. They saw personal gain, and things they ‘needed to have right now’.  None of them were thinking about the long term consequences of these actions.  We all see this unfolding on a much smaller scale in the network marketing (MLM) industry all the time.

No, network marketers aren’t always ‘stealing’, but sometimes they are.  Uplines who ‘steal downlines’ are dangerous to the entire industry, especially their ‘network of partners’.  Their poor leadership can actually go on to cause the entire team to fail.  By setting a poor example of what it means to be a leader, that poor example duplicates.

It’s not always the Upline’s fault though.

A very popular past time of network marketers, is blaming their uplines for their own personal failure. Unless your upline is stealing your leads, they are not to blame for failure. An upline’s only job is to lead ‘by example’.   That’s it and that’s all.  They should be telling you what tools to use (because they use them), and what videos to watch (because they’ve watched them). Real leaders let you know what books you need to invest in, because they’ve done it too.   This is right in those 3 tips from the Shark himself!

Number One: I Didn’t do enough research on it.  I’ve been in Network Marketing for several years, and it does not fail that people I sponsor, are lazy.  They really aren’t willing to spend TIME on becoming good at this skill.  Almost everyone is in search of a quick dollar, and this is why the industry isn’t performing as well as it could!  In our One MLM System, there are hours and hours of training videos, but how many people watched those videos?

A lady who didn’t stick around long, actually told me, with pride “I finally figured out how to fast forward the videos!” ……

This is for the people who think I ramble as this blog post is coming up on 1,000 words. You’re fucking lazy. That’s why you’re a failure. Here’s my advice: Stop being so fucking lazy!

She didn’t want to sit through my videos, because she figured the ‘stories’ I’m sharing are ‘just to hear myself talk. Sadly, this is how most people watch Training videos.  They don’t just ‘sit and watch’ or ‘take notes’ and pay full attention.  They check their phones, jump on facebook, and multi-task while a training video is going on.   It’s a poor decision that too many people make, because they frankly lack the discipline to put off what they can get ‘right now’ for what they can have in the long run.

If you can put your phone down, and other distractions down, for at least an hour or two, you’ll be glad you did later.  But this requires having that ‘student mode’ mentality that people with large egos struggle to reach. So whether you take my Advice on failure, or need to listen to someone who you ‘know’ has made millions of dollars  – that EGO has to be out of the way. Otherwise, you’ll skip around and selectively ‘listen’ to what you want to hear. You’ll never ‘truly’ obtain the knowledge you need to succeed.

Take the time to do the research, which includes LISTENING to long training videos that ‘may’ be boring, at first.  When I was with LevelOneNetwork people would pay $500 for the SEO Training courses, and would not watch the videos.   Back when I was in DSDomination, people would sign up and, not watch the videos on Drop Shipping through eBay. Even with TheConversionPros I get people who sign up, and ‘don’t know how to set up a lead capture page’, because, you guessed it …. They won’t watch the videos.

Take the Sharks advice on Failure, if you won’t take mine. Stop being lazy, and get around the right people.

*also Check out what Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank said about Failing back In 2014


DSDomination Makes History by Terminating UOP Leaders

Whoa! Did Last week really just happen?

YES, yes it did.

How many times do I need to say this before the Industry hears me?

Any business can go ….. oh my bad; DSDomination is not going out of business;

However for UOP leaders; they are no longer receiving affiliate commissions after being terminated from the company.

Hitesh sent out an email explaining that this is the first time in history they’ve ever terminated anyone; he went into detail on why Terminating UOP Leaders wasn’t something that came out of the blue; but was the result of several months of investigation.

I’m going to share this letter because, as always in business, there are so many lessons.

We need to make sure that WE are learning these lessons –

The Biggest lesson you are going to learn from reading this, is that anyone who’s approaching MLM the way that UOP approached mlm; is setting themselves up to be done the same way. I do not know if the claims made by Hitesh are true. What I do know is far too many leaders in mlm are Misleading people with outdated advice.  Because …. Any Business Can Terminate Any Distributor for any reason.

This is why we’ve stressed the importance of putting Team over Company.

After spending years talking AGAINST my philosophy; UOP leaders had the nerve to use my tagline on their conference call, which gave ‘their side’ – To hear it, and read my thougthts on the call; Check out my GDI Blog – UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD


Now for the letter from Hitesh, (the Terminator) part of the DSD Leadership Team

(the email starts out with Updates on OptionsDominations – we decided to withhold that information for those of you who are not Members of DSD – please get started WITH our One MLM System; you’ll find DSD inside)
–Now for another type of a record–For the first time DSD’s history, we terminated an affiliate. As you know from our history we are EXTREMELY hesitant to ever terminate anyone. In this particular
case, we spent nearly 6 months gathering data and making sure this individual, was indeed doing all the activities we received complaints about.Other than multiple complaints of misleading use of DSD/OD materials
against him, we received tens of verifiable complaints of cross-recruiting
and ‘hijacking’ other user’s downlines. 
We specifically brought up some of these points with him in discussion, in 
response to which he simply left the Skype discussion with the claim that
he will continue to do and say whatever he wants.We as a company, and as individuals, have always encouraged FREEDOM for our
members. We are not restrictive by any means towards our affiliates. However,
in this case the unethical behaviour by this affiliate significantly harmed other
affiliates and our customers by selling a number of unapproved, bad products
while using DSD and OD in the marketing.

Further, numerous complaints were received of him taking other DSD members’
training and content and simply selling it as his own. 

Finally, countless proven cases of cross recruiting, and hijacking downlines of 
other affiliates without their knowledge or consent. 

Now, after termination, this individual plans on taking the same ‘hijacked’
teams and is tempting them all to join another ‘MLM’. You know, the same MLMs
that him, and possibly you Al, had failed in before coming to product-centric
company like DSD or OD. The same type of companies where he himself struggled
for years before actually making it big with DSD (as it turns out, from the 
efforts of others).

We are all about Freedom. But Freedom cannot exist without Justice. 

And here’s some justice: Every count of unsolicited contact (spam) that you receive,
please let us know in the help desk. That is illegal, a nd an affront to our users. 
Our legal team will be following up on this and the full force of US CAN-SPAM law
will be brought against any such attempts. 

We could spend more time laying out multiple other issues, but I think it’s FAR
better to focus on the exact effect this has had on the company:

====The Results====

So what was the effect of terminating this individual from the company? Other 
companies suffer when they terminate a major affiliate. In case of DSD, the general
response from the entire user base and other affiliates has been a collective 
sigh of relief. 

In fact, DSD posted higher growth in the past month as we distanced ourselves from
this affiliate, than in the 6 months prior! And that’s NOT counting Options Domination
that represents a nearly 80% growth in its own right! 

So in case you were wondering why we took the action that we did, here’s why. We will
NEVER hesitate to protect our users against unscrupulous profiteers who see our
user base as someone to exploit for a quick buck.

Gonna be honest – I was Not Expecting that.

If the accusations being made by Hitesh are true, than anyone following these UOP leaders (into TotalLifeChanges) should do so with Caution! This is not the first time this leader was terminated from an MLM Company. This is also not the first time that he’s been accused of stealing leads.

I worked with a guy like that.

To this day he denies stealing people from me – but that is exactly what he did.

Coincidentally after I quit working with that guy; he and this now former UOP leader also worked together; and I just have to say that this is a real shame. This does not have to happen but it does, and will continue, over and over, until YOU folks in MLM Listen.

You can no longer approach MLM with outdated ideas like, “Putting all your Eggs in One MLM Basket” — or as we call it; Going Full retard. Never Go Full Retard.

Yet this is the advice these UOP leaders gave; WHILE dipping into things on the side. Essentially the problem here is, they are giving one set of rules to the people; while following a different set of rules for themselves.

This is not okay.

I am in agreement with Hitesh in this email on Terminating UOP leaders – how can you tell people to focus on One opportunity and Don’t look at anything else for months; and then the moment you are terminated – ask those people to look at something else?

All of the people following UOP into TotalLifeChanges are doing it for the wrong reasons. Now they are right back in the boat they spoke against for several months. Many do not realize it, but they are losing Credibility.

Many people in MLM lost credibility with me a long time ago.

With the things happening So far to kick off 2015; The Closure of WakeUpNow – and now what’s happening inside of DSDomination; it just goes to show again, that we have been right all along. We have been telling leaders to set their selves up better – to protect themselves against what CAN and DOES happen.

But the problem is – EGO – they feel that since they didn’t start TNG; they cannot work with TNG; they want all the credit. They want all the glory. They want all the praise – and the sad part is; Black Leaders in MLM have this problem worse than anyone else. Rather than work together, several black leaders are preferring to follow white business owners; and look for white business partners.

If we lived in a society that didn’t have a history of racism; if we lived in a nation that actually addressed the racial problems still lingering – then this would be a great move.

We do not live in that kind of society.

We live in a society that has always casted blacks aside. While I am not against business partnership with non-black people; after 15 years of reaching out to non-blacks for partnership – only to be turned down; in favor of someone who looked more like them; I realize that if WE do not work together; NO ONE will work with us.

I’ve talked on my social media pages about my relationship with the two leaders who were terminated. Both talked down to me at different points in time. Both seemed to value what whites had to say; over a fellow black business man in their same field. Both are now ‘moving on’ to a new company; and are facing a real battle – as several of their DSD team members are saying “I Didn’t get terminated; I’m not leaving DSD” –

Meanwhile some of the things Hitesh has said – may cause real damage to this man’s paycheck; That to me, is the real sad part. You spend your time and energy building something; only for it to be taken away in an instant. That has to suck.

BUT there are so many lessons here …

First, All of you should be approaching MLM the way WE are telling you to approach it. Set your financial foundation up first. We give you several FREE Programs that generate income; and ask you go to out and find 5 Customers; who we hope will Upgrade to Team Members by jumping into our $10 Level.

The Free Level and $10 Levels give you two things – Financial stability; And they allow you to ensure that your entire network is earning money; and that you are all Connected. Above all we stress the importance of Loyalty to Team over Company. We never tell you to focus on A company; One company is one stream of income and that is unstable.

What we are talking about and have been talking about is an approach that gives US power; so that when WE go into a company; they won’t dare terminate us – because they know upfront they will lose the ENTIRE Team if they do.

However, we have no plans of going into any company and operating without Morals.

We are absolutely AGAINST crossline recruiting; We think that’s weak.  Learn how to sponsor and build your own team.  If you don’t know how to do it, then stop trying to teach the class. When we tell people to Respect the Network; we mean it. You must respect the ‘relationships’ that were in place before you. You must recognize that you do not have a Downline, without a Frontline.

All of these things and more – are what we TEACH inside our One MLM system. These are the moral compass of TopNetworkersGroup. Because you MUST operate with ethics in this game. You must have principles – things you will NOT do to succeed.

Those who lack those principles, I see this kinda thing happen to them time and time again. Whether it’s Terminating UOP Leaders or companies going out of business – we need to be more intelligent in how we approach MLM. Especially those of us who are black business owners in this industry.

More on black business people working Together through TNG’s The Black Folder

MLM is just a business model

MLM is just a business model.

However the ‘way’ you and I Apply that model – that makes all the difference.

I’ve been building and sorting; and some people fall out – because they’re selfish – I’m talking about loyalty to the team; and most of these people only have loyalty to themselves. They simply have not reached that level of understanding yet, that team really does matter. They don’t seem to understand yet that we have to have loyalty to one another; before our ‘businesses’ can explode. So they fall out.

Because they place their loyalty in ‘a company’ – or ‘a program’ – they burn bridges with people who aren’t doing what they are doing; and so they fall out of the loop.

The One MLM System is the perfect sorting system.

Only the people who are really and truly about team; will take time out of ‘their schedule’ – to see what they must do to align themselves with Me; and My Group;

Real leaders can follow leaders.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who saw what I was doing; and then decided ‘they’ could go and do it too. Their version can’t touch mine; But I try not to hurt their feelings by telling them directly. That Ego is major – people feel like since ‘they’ didn’t come up with it – they can’t follow it; and it’s too bad really – because they’re only hurting themselves.

They’re also telling me, they are not ready for this.

Only people who can follow are ready.

Only people who can read, are ready.

Only people who can trust, are ready.

I understand; we live in this world full of crooks and shady people; and how do you know that spending 2 hours watching videos; following directions; doing what someone else is telling you; how do you know it will WORK?

The answer is the same every single time — but it’s not what most of you think.

Ready for the answer?

“You have to KNOW what to look for….”

Which raises another question.

“What Do I Look For?” or … “How Will I Know What To Look For?”

— the answer is; Experience. You have to Experience.

When you Experience; You ‘should’ be Learning FROM the Experience.

What should you be learning?

… What to look for.

Anyone with enough experience; can listen to what I’m talking about and understand immediately; because they have Experience. Sadly; those without experience are often confused – because I’m speaking an entirely different language. Experience taught it to me.

Experience taught me that when it’s about the company; the team always breaks apart. Experience taught me, that any business CAN go out of business; Experience taught me that really, MLM is a starting block; it’s a place to learn business; that there is SO MUCH money outside of MLM; but to even be able to grasp HOW to get that money; a person really does NEED the lessons that MLM will teach;

because… MLM is just a business model.

HOW people apply it; makes all the difference.

— I am watching a video on Understanding People and Business, with Simon Sinek — this talk really and truly inspired what I just had to say.  Is your business model about yourself, or it is about others?  Is your approach to building your business about team, or is it about the company, product, or service?

More about Team over Company – the goal of TNG has always been about others. We are looking for those rare people who understand – from experience – that all other approaches to the MLM business model; will not work as we move forward; into the future.

The 5th Wave of Network Marketing by TopNetworkersGroup

Why Ray Higdon said bye to YouTube

I remember when I made a video; and a blog post about how YouTube’s Flagging System is Flawed; and one of the people ‘working’ with me at the time, posted about how if you don’t want your videos flagged, don’t make videos about ‘certain topics’ – Most likely his post had nothing to do with me though; then again maybe it did; because I later found out that the dude was just like most people who kick tires in Opportunities; and Pretend to be a serious leader; but really are just trying to ‘steal ideas’ to use for self.

I digress…

How many of you know who Ray Higdon is? He’s a vastly successful network marketer, who trained other leaders in our industry today like David Wood, and several others. He’s very respected throughout the industry, and even He has had his videos flagged on Youtube (though following the community guidelines)

Somehow, I missed this from 6 months ago; Ray Higdon said bye to YouTube.

::: and while listing all his Reasons for saying bye bye, I just hope that former business associate; and others who decided to feel some how I did something to ‘deserve’ the Community strikes I got; I hope they’ll understand that they’re entirely out of bounds with that line of thought.

In fact – it’s just like what Ray Says; When you’re producing content and getting views and the things you are sharing help other people; You will have Haters. Haters can attack your channel; and it’s a real shame that it’s part of their ‘algorithm’ – even worse that they’ve chosen not to fix the flaw – because it runs Great content creators away from this free and powerful platform.

We all cannot afford to ‘pay’ for #videohosting – so we all cannot follow suit; but once again this speaks to the downside of Our Decision as Network Marketers not to work in a more ‘united’ spirit. Haters team up and spread Hate in Groups; This needs to be combatted by Groups of People Purposely Bent On spreading Love, Kindness and Joy. That’s who us Network Marketers are supposed to be – but we get caught up in the ideas and emotions of the ‘world’ and ‘society’ around us.

Where is our “Class Action Movement” as Members of MLM to contact YouTube and Let them know people are Abusing their Flagging Tool? Where is our Unified Front?

Well it’s missing.

We network marketers do not have that Unified Spirit that we need – the idea we’ve been talking about; since 2010; That WE must come Together and work Together; to make our industry better; stronger; and more Secure.

If you’d like to join with me in Accomplishing this Goal; To Help More People Make more Money in MLM; To Make our Industry Better; To shield our Partners better from the Hate-Groups; To form MORE groups of Positive, Love-Focused Leaders – Put your best EMAIL here ::: ::: and let’s discuss what we are doing; and what role you can play on our Team;

There is a Brand New Recording that I just put up for all NEW Opt ins to my list. I’ve also got links to my previous posts regarding YouTube’s Flawed Flagging System.

Read Why YouTube Does Nothing About False Flagging Now

Now keep this in mind when you read what I wrote; that was back in July of 2014. Ray’s video about leaving YouTube happened after that post. Did he read my blog and decide to move on? Most of the reasons he cites are true. It has happened to me. I’m almost off of ‘punishment’ – but was targeted over Comments I made, concerning the Kannaway Opportunity. As it turns out, several of My sources in the network marketing community informed me that this is a very well funded operation. I believe they paid people to target and false-flag my videos. I also believe there are several “False Leaders” in MLM giving out bad advice to go against our message of Multiple Streams of Income; Security; and most importantly, Unity. Without that, the first two are impossible to achieve.

Oddly enough, Ray Higdon is a leader whom I hold a ton of respect for; BUT I have seen him in videos talking about how ‘we’ as network marketers should focus on A company. As many of you know this goes against OUR philosophy. We feel you should focus on your TEAM – #TeamOverCompany is one of our slogans. However, I do not know Ray Higdon. So I doubt very seriously that he’s saying those things because of me.

I do however, feel that if more influential leaders LIKE Ray Higdon were talking about the things I am talking about; we would be able to Insulate and Protect ourselves against the false-flaggers; we could stand united and defend our fellow business partners – regardless of what company or companies they are part of. (Read More Team Over Company Posts)

The Big Vision 4th Quarter Is Now (1mlmsystem)

In this update I share more than perhaps I have ever shared before. This update lays out the big vision of the One Team To Show them the Right Way to Do this – the TopNetworkersGroup. Keep reading, the Big Vision video is below!

The 1mlmsystem is the system – The Team is TopNetworkersGroup.

A lot has been happening ever since I originally had the big vision to create a 5th wave Network Marketing Organization. The path of discovery has been an awesome ride. I am more excited than ever today. Step by step everything has unfolded the way it is supposed to unfold. Success is a Journey not a Destination.

This was the theme to the original video that started it all On the Homepage for – which soon will be replaced by a NEWER video; that brings everyone up to speed on where we are today; while painting an even clear picture of where we are GOING!

The new video will pull from the nuggets in the newest Update Video – which may also make its way to a few landing pages to make sure everyone is up to speed. We are a movement and we will change this industry. Most people in MLM are broke right now. That’s not a situation that will attract the masses into our way of doing business. The business model itself – when applied to just one company, is flawed in this current ‘age’.

I’ve talked about it so many times before, how so many Network Marketers are Uneducated on the industry they are in. How can you be in MLM and not know wha the 5th wave is? The answer is found in who your teachers are. If you’ve been taught by people who know nothing about the 5th wave – because they never read the Wave 3 and Wave 4 books by Richard Alan Poe; then how can you really call yourself educated? How can you view yourself as Well Trained?

Unless you’re going to Lie to yourself – the truth is the truth.

Take nothing away from the person you learned this game from; not all masters are at the same level. The level we are at, is the Top; and we’re inviting others to come up to our level. We move as a unit – and as a team; because the team means more than the company or program ever will. The strength is in the unity.

There is also strength in humility. This latest update video addresses Leaders with large teams who are unable to keep their teams in tact;  Leaders who are muzzled by the company they are in; not allowed to openly talk positively about multiple streams of income. They failed to build a 5th wave Organization and so now that they are at the top; they have found a new glass ceiling.

More and more, MLM begins to resemble the Corporate World; The World based on the Plantation; an Ugly world – an evil World; and the fact remains that Evil Prospers because the Good Do Nothing; Well … not on My watch.

TopNetworkersGroup is here to save the day – Laying it all out like never before.

Our one MLM system, helps us fulfill the mission and the big vision of TopNetworkersGroup –

This video just went BIG too; laying out all the stuff you didn’t think was coming to our system but kinda hoped would. YES you’ll be able to add your own programs soon; but there are some limitations on what you can add and WHEN You can add it. Yes, we’ve replaced Crazygood with GDI – same compensation plan, but might even be a better FIT for what we’re seeking to do. Like they always say, when One door closes, another door opens – with much better stuff behind it!

YES we are selling T-Shirts; Support the movement and reserve one today; stay tuned as this addition to our FREE level is going to provide a real way for our business partners to truly learn how to brand themselves! We want people making MONEY On our Free Level; Month to month we make steps toward making this goal; more of a reality.

YES even more awesome stuff is coming to our FREE level; and YES a BOOKSTORE is coming so we can easily recommend WHAT BOOKS we all need to have in our library!



Pick up the Wave 3 and Wave 4 Books by Richard Poe Today:

Everything we do in our system; Everything we do on our team – we do it By the Book!

Pick up Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! by Robert G. Allen

People who’ve read these books, immediately latch onto the 1mlmsystem; others will take time. They still have the dangerous mentality of placing ‘company’ over team; Of placing ‘individual’ and ‘self’ — over the ‘community’ … the truth is, we are linked together.

As you improve yourself, you improve your community. As your community Improves, your area of the world improves – and from there you have the opportunity to truly change the world. We live in a world full of hurt and devastation. We can bring solutions to every corner of the world with our model of doing business. This model recycles dollars, and spreads not only the Opportunity to do better; but the Education to raise the odds of betterment. MLM must be saved from the clutches of evil; from greed – we must get back to our foundation; of providing a better way for the common man to earn his money.

Thanks for stopping by Also Check out these TNG articles ::

 Quick Update – (as of 3/7/15 – rounding out the 1st Quarter of 2015) – the BOOKSTORE we promised you went live about a month ago. At this present moment only the essential and foundational books are in the store; more books will be added later. We are looking for a few people who will read the current books, so that we can move to the next phase of our movement.