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Let Em’ Sleep : Our 2016 Theme

You’ve heard it here – Our 2016 Theme – “Let Em’ Sleep” – begins in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ………..


Get ready …

I’ve gotten to the point where My disappointment with people in the MLM Industry, has made me more and more ‘reclusive‘ – it’s sad to say this but, The more I network with networkers, the more I find people who are … asleep.

I’ve had so many people come to me; Express great interest and fondness for Our One MLM System – who then go on to try and ‘make their own versions’ – without fully understanding any of the principles that it takes, to make something like this work. But, I guess that would require people being ‘awake’ in order to realize that they do not know, what they do not know.

Together Everyone Achieves More – but most networkers do not seem to know that.

If they did, more would be doing it. More of them would have decided to work ‘together’ under one banner; growing this organization together – so that we could all learn, and teach these principles; and create a large enough ‘team‘ – to where our Team Leaders could always branch Off later; create their ‘own systems’ – with their ‘own programs’ – because, by that time they’d already fully understand and embrace that, it’s Not About the Programs. The team really does matter more than the company. However, if these networkers knew this, they’d be doing this.

They are not.

So, We shall Let em’ Sleep …

Whoever decides not to roll with us; it’s whatever – Our system will simply continue to improve, get better, and We’ll attract more and more of the right people.

That’s how things go anyways.

The people who are supposed to be rolling with us – are.

The ones who were supposed to come, and compliment, only to go off and ‘do their own thing’ – did.

The ones who sign up as ‘leads’ and never unlock their systems, were always going to do that anyways….

There’s unlimited earning potential in the MLM opportunities On the planet today – and anyone saying that it’s not wise to develop Multiple Streams of MLM Income – is giving you Unwise counsel. Look around, and look into wealth. Study the subject – what you’ll find are countless examples of people who are making money in more than one place – OFTEN Within the same industry; In other words, there is a such thing as owning Two Hotel Chains, within the Hotel Industry; having Two Music Record companies, within the Music Record industry; there is a such thing as owning more than ONE house, with in the real Estate Industry – so anyone suggesting that you and I cannot earn money in MORE than one MLM company is not only uneducated about wealth; they are simply talking from an ‘agenda’.

And we shall Let em’ Sleep – they can continue to think that they can push that agenda on us….

We wouldn’t be ‘leaders’ though, if we followed that misdirected advice.

We are here, for the people ….

You’re either with that mission; or you’re not.

And the way we understand it, it always goes, the way it is supposed to go.

Want to see how DEEP this rabbit hole goes?

Watch our special presentation ‘ FREE YOUR MIND ‘ – for blue pills only ….

Check out our 3 year Anniversary Recap for the 1mlmsystem To Rule Them All  — lots of nuggets and Valuable information contained inside this Webinar; Take notes! Especially if you are one of our leaders, helping in the expansion and GROWTH of our movement; to help more people make more money in the MLM industry… Please understand, everything we’re doing here is ‘grass roots’ – and we are thankful for all who’ve come, who’ve gone, and especially who have stayed. We’re Excited about 2016 – and we have no problems with those who are Not part of what we are about to do. Let Em’ Sleep! – let’s get it!

Solutions For Problems

Click on this picture “Solutions for these Problems” – to see even more of what We’ve had to say about everything you’ve read about in this article. We Do have solutions but, we’re not going to try to talk people into doing anything they do not want to do. We’re going to go ahead, and Let em’ sleep in 2016 …

How To Build Trust

TRUST is a very important factor in success or failure.

It’s often overlooked; or undervalued.

This video breaks down the importance of trust, and then discusses How TO Build Trust.

Without trust, we cannot truly be successful in business. In Network Marketing we have a way to build trust, and it’s an important tool that all successful leaders, and all successful teams embrace.

To pick up the “Edification Docutment” referenced in the video, be sure to register for our MLM Training System – Inside as a member of TopNetworkersGroup, you will be trained by some of the very best Minds in our profession.

The more you learn, the more you study, the better you become at this, the more trust you’re going to build up for yourself – and the more people you will attract, wanting to work with you.

Here’s a Team of Leaders that have built Trust for one another, and their program, simply by edifying one another – JOIN the team and be part of the movement – (See the team of Leaders)

Maybe it’s You, and Not Crazygood

*Update 2/25/2015 ::: Crazygood Went out of Business – and you can read MUCH more about it in this article, which discusses how We ended up Replacing Crazygood with GDI in our One MLM System — This article includes our official video with thoughts on why CG was unable to make it past 3 years in business. Also – educate yourself about business – and understand that it’s rare for ANY Business to make it past 5 years in business; even fewer make it past 10. Our alignment with GDI, is a great move for us all.

The One MLM System To Rule Them All

Crazygood is an Awesome Opportunity………  If you’re not having success with it, then perhaps it’s you and Not Crazygood?

Where else on the Wide World Web can YOU find a $10/mo Opportunity that pays you and I $1 per referral, per month, through 5 levels ….

Other than GDI – there are NO Other ‘opportunities’ like that On the internet today.

Now, there are several $10 business opportunities; but NONE pay out as much as this one does; That makes this something special.

But if YOU Don’t Know that …. how will the people YOU are talking to?

If you’re running up to people telling them about Crazygood, and you’re not saying the right things in that conversation to Sign people up; then perhaps What you’re saying is wrong?

Have you thought about that?

Unless you already have people that will follow you into anything you are doing, you Must embrace the approaches of Network Marketing that have worked for decades…

Such as…

#1 – Getting Yourself Out of The Way!

Most people in Network Marketing talk too much…. its true. Lots of people join because they see a way for Other people to listen to them talk.

Some people actually LIKE the sound of their own voice so much, it motivates them to join MLM opportunities; the problem with these people is, they never LISTEN and/or LEARN what they should be talking about; because they are too busy talking….

One of the KEYS to getting yourself out of the way is … Knowing how and when to SHUT UP!

Most of the Top Money earners are GREAT at Shutting up, at the right time – they know when to talk; they know when to shut up; and if you’re struggling to sponsor people into a $10 opportunity, this is the first place you should examine yourself…

Are you talking too much?

Do you need to shut up?

Here are some examples to help you decide………

You approach someone that you know, ask them if they’d like to make money online with you, and then…. what do you do?

Do you wait for them to answer you?

Or do you SHOVE a LINK In their face/inbox/email —-without ever giving them a chance to Respond to your question?

Or perhaps they answer you and say “Sure, I’d like to make money, doing what?” … and then YOU think that is YOUR moment to Talk, so you explain every detail and aspect of crazygood; leaving out all the things they really need to hear; and Never once send them to a Website to view a presentation, NOR do you think of Edifying a business partner to talk to THEM on your behalf — all because you’re too busy Talking and Yapping away.

Your prospect decides this isn’t for them — and you can’t figure out why.

Did the person that sponsored YOU explain the business?

Or, did they Shut up, and Show you the business?

If they’re GOOD at this, they shut up and Showed you the business; so that YOU could see the business and decide for yourself if YOU wanted in the business. That’s what you need to learn how to do; You’ve gotta stop giving presentations before the presentations; you’ll get your chances to shine, you’ll get your chances to talk, you’ll eventually get crowds coming to see you … once you learn how to shut up, and show the business.

#2 Edifying and Using Team Partners

Network Marketing is a Team Sport; Too many individuals are joining the industry today; and here is why – the ability to conduct online credit card transactions has made it so much easier for anyone to join any company; at any time…

So people join every single day, who have not been brought through the process properly – and when the process is shown to them, they immediately judge it as too hard, too difficult, too time consuming, or some other ‘too’ – all because they were not introduced properly.

One of the most tragic aspects of this New Age in MLM where anyone can join, is the lost art of Edification…

People joining our industry are bringing the nonsense they got from Corporate America into our wonderful industry; such as backstabbing, stealing, talking bad about others — none of that has a place in Network Marketing ‘done right’ — and it’s a Major reason why people are struggling to succeed.

Edification is a Major Skill we all must have, and use if we expect to get results; Especially with Crazygood. If you just joined today, there are people who have been around longer than you; you need to respect these people — that’s where most of this begins; if you do not respect others; You will not edify others.

IF you do not edify others; No one will ever edify you.

Did that last part make sense?

When we build up respect for our partners; They can build up respect for us; When people see people who are speaking highly of each other, they want to be part of that; See most of you keep making Crazygood ‘the deal’ – you don’t get it…

You really don’t get it!

Crazygood is just a Way to make money; but we Must learn how to work ‘together’ if we are going to make Money together… the better we are at working together, the MORE money we are going to make together; but we must work together; not as individuals.

I’ve been on Crazygood for 2 years; and I have rarely done a 3way for anyone on my team; the few times that I have, I was not edified – and the people I was being asked to speak to, had No respect for me, or my opinion …

How do you think those calls went?

The point of Edifying others is to give our prospects a Reason to Listen – that’s mostly what they want to know  – “Who is your business partner and why should I listen to them?”

.. when YOU do your job properly, you tell your prospect Why they should listen  and like magic, most of your prospects will listen; and show respect while they listen…

When you get good at edifying your business partners, next you’ll learn how important it is to edify your team; to edify your calls; to edify your websites; your videos; This is a Lost Art and if We do not make this an Important part of what we do; we’re asking to fail!

#3 Using Events to Build …

This is our last  thing that I Must point out – the Importance of using Events to build your business. Events are ‘live’ conference calls, webinars, home meetings, or hotel meetings.

When we bring guests to an event and they hear 10 to 20 other people who are as excited about ‘something’ as you are; it builds more excitement for that guest as well.

We ran some experiments with our Crazygood Live Office; where myself and a business partner brought in close to 3,000 people that were ‘clicking to make money’ — We signed up 10-15 NEW business partners; simply because they saw PEOPLE in the room.  The live office shows you how many people are currently online; So people would drop in, see 1,000 people logged in, and the FIRST Thing they started to do was ask us “what is going on?”

When people see Other people doing something, They want to do it too.

Using, and building Events is the MOST important thing we do.

All top producers in any opportunity do this …

However in the past 2 years with crazygood; I’ve seen several leaders, including myself and our team, Hold Weekly Calls that people just didn’t show up for…

And you people want to make money??

You wonder why it’s not happening for you??

Showing up to events is part of it; Inviting guests to events is the other part.

OUR job, when working together, is to BUILD from “event to event” … It’s to use the proper language and approaches to invite guests to Events that will properly expose them to what we’re seeking to do … together; and the better we are at that; the more people will want to join ‘us’ …

So if there is a Live Call on Monday, a Webinar on Thursday, and a Live Meeting on Saturday …. YOU should take a guest to each event.

You shut up, get yourself out of the way, edify a business partner, allow them to help invite your guest to the Conference Call on Monday, where they will hear from leaders on the team; get excited; and then your business partner edifies YOU to your guest, so that you can be successful at inviting them to the live Webinar on Thursday; Because you put in work, your leaders may recognize you on the call, in front of everyone on the team – including your guest — and if they do not Join you after the Webinar, but are still excited – THEY will come to the LIVE event on Saturday; after the live event — If they don’t sign up; it’s probably just not for them — however — it has been proven over several decades that when we build in this manner, we increase the odds of sponsoring new people.

Chances are, YOU are not doing ANY Of these 3 things…

So see, while you are making excuses, OUR team is making money.

If you want to stop struggling with Crazygood, and START earning money, JOIN our team today @

If you have questions or comments, leave them below!

*UPDATE 8/26/13 – Since Writing this post, a few changes have occurred with Crazygood. I do not know if there was a feud between ownership and their web designer; but there are several bugs that are absolutely not going to please people with poor attitudes; For the past several months it has been ‘difficult’ though, not impossible, to add Friends or even accept friend requests. So like with anything in life, Winners find Solutions.

Here are 2 quick Instructions to Work-Around this Bug in the Crazygood Code.

crazygood work around

how to add friends on crazygood

after you do this first step – You can add (send a request) or confirm a friend request.

confirm friend requests crazygood

how to add friends on crazygood

We invite you to take a look at additional Crazygood Sources – if you TRULY want help, we provide it – and our help will benefit Anyone who Uses what we provide.

Be sure to consider your ability – Not Crazygood – or any other Opportunity. It’s often not the typewirter that cannot spell; it’s the person using it.

The opportunity works; if it’s not working fo ryou – perhaps it’s you; Not Crazygood 😉

We have to Win as a Team

Sports and Business have so many parallels as, is illustrated by many quotes in an article written up about Game 4 of the NBA Finals, between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s a storied rivalry that drives the players in it to Perform – there is Pressure in both cities to WIN it all, especially against the other city’s team. Lakers Vs. Celtics = NBA :: this is what it’s all about really – as these two teams have the most Championships, and the most Appearances in the Finals – meanwhile, the Celtics have a 9-2 Record all time against the Lakers … which in a way, almost makes it a pretty One Sided Rivalry – adding even More Pressure to the Situation.

One of the star players for the Lakers, Lamar Odom, has created a reputation – over time – from habits formed that he’s now very use to; of Not stepping up when really, Really needed. As this article discusses, he’d rather Defer to other’s on the team, than Be All he’s capable of Being.

It’s one of the most frustrating things about Lamar : who is talented enough to basically BE Lebron James – yet…. he’s just Lamar Odom.

In Business, so many Talented people on a Team don’t step up and be MORE of what they could be, because … there are other talented people on the team too, and they’d rather just allow them to do all of the work, all the heavy lifting.

What makes Great companies great, is when they have the rare fortune of assembling a group of Talented people who All strive to be the VERY BEST They can be, in all situations, as often as they can :: When you get a ‘culture’ of people who Push and Strive for it – who Make things happen – who never give up — people who possess the spirit of Winners.

This is what many Laker fans of come to LOVE about Kobe Bryant; Clearly talented and yet, continues to push harder – to be even better – never satisfied – always improving; This motivates so many others with less talent to work Harder, and the results are, they contribute to the Winning their Teams do – in spite of not being, Kobe Bryant — one of the recent names that come to mind a fine example of this – Derrick Fisher : Who already had work ethic which got him drafted; but who’s commitment to continue striving towards excellent has put him in a position to knock down BIG – timely shots for the Lakers, helping in a big way in at least 4 Championships to this day.

“This is Lamar Odom in full. The personality that happily allows him to defer to others and at times makes him the ultimate third or fourth option is the same one that prevents him from assuming the pressure of stepping into an expanded set of responsibilities.

He’s always had the talent to be one of the elite players in the game. He just never had the desire to take the job.” – Dan Wetzel

I recently was shown an AWESOME video on Teamwork that illustrates all of the qualities that need to be in place for a Team to be successful :: If you admire the Airforce, and the men and women who Serve our Country, you will greatly Enjoy this Video.

It takes All of it.

Not Some of it….

Which is what many people Do in Business. I know first hand – I work with them all the time; and ya know, at some point I was like that as well :: we all are generally when we are NEW to this – and we don’t want to Step up and DO presentations for people. I didn’t have that problem though; I was willing to Present; Willing to Train ::: but I wasn’t always willing to go out and DO!

That’s big right?

If you want to make leader money, you gotta do more than teach it; you gotta do more than talk it – You’ve got to Walk it.

Lamar has Talent? Yea right … Show us.

That’s what the Laker fan has to say …….. That’s what your neighbor has to say when you share your Business :: and they don’t believe YOU will make any money in it; Why? They know you ………..

They know you quit everything you’ve ever started.

They know you’ve Never read a book about making MONEY in your life; and you don’t know if those ‘people’ with CEO’s Unlimited know what they are talking about … or Not.

And You’re not coming to Training, you’re not “practicing” – Or you show up but rarely take notes; don’t really pay attention, learn, or Change anything about your approach :: and you’re still saying WAY too much to people who now judge YOU instead of your OPPORTUNITY.

You’ve got to be Part of the Team.

In Business, in Network Marketing, you do not Represent You.

You Represent your Team….

You represent your Company – So you gotta do it Right; you gotta do it the way the Team has decided it needs to be Done; it’s not your Show – your time to be an Individual; Talent always rises to the Top.

You’ve got Talent? Yea right …. Show us.

Be ALL that you can be, while being PART of the Team – It’s not one or the other; It’s ALL of it :: it’s BOTH up to Lamar to Put it on his Shoulders, AND Up to the Team to put it on theirs too.

EVERYBODY has to do ALL of IT!

If you are to Win in Sports… Just like if you are to Win in Business – YOU need to WIN – as a TEAM.