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The MLM Industry Is Unstable: My Thoughts

The MLM Industry Is Unstable: these are My Thoughts

If you’re leading the way, setting an example for your team and prospecting – you’re going to come across this objection pretty often. Here are my thoughts on that very valid ‘reason/excuse’ that people use to stay away From the MLM Industry.

Topnetworkersgroup is seeking to find people who want to work together to Bring stability to the MLM industry. In order to do that, some simple and yet, difficult principles need to be enforced. I’m talking about principles like loyalty and commitment.

I’m looking for people who want to be part of Our movement; rather than seek to start their ‘own’ movement. The very fact that so many people are starting their ‘own movements’ is creating much of the instability in the MLM industry.

Also, the sheer number of companies that are starting up due to the internet, and improving technology – the MLM Industry becomes more and more Unstable. Each mlm company ends up creating competition for the others; regardless of the “Overall Industry” each specific MLM taps into …

However, whenever a NEW MLM taps into an Industry that no other MLM’s are in; suddenly copycat companies pop up with in a matter of weeks.

Even I have seen several ‘copy cat systems’ – that seem to be adapting some of the ideas that TopNetworkersGroup introduced to our MLM Industry; as the first 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization there will be several ideas that others will ‘copy’.

You have the choice – to work with a Copy; or to work with the Original.

Here’s my Thoughts, on Companies going out of business; specifically the closure of WakeUpNow; and how I feel my ‘talks’ have influenced a HUGE MLM Leader to shift his direction from Preaching ONE company; to ‘finally’ talking One team (that makes money in several companies) – that way – ‘just in case’ the new one doesn’t disrupt lives … they won’t all be left … in Shock; in a negative way that is … the shock will end up being that ‘safety net’ – at least that’s how it looks from here;

I’ve also mentioned, that I’ve seen other copy-cat ‘systems’ that mingle multiple programs together; but even these are failing to ‘truly’ teach people this skillset – Networking.

Network Marketing is an Artform.

The MLM Industry needs to be approached with respect – you must realize it is a career and will require a time investment; not just a Money investment.

If you are seriously interested in playing a role in creating stability within the MLM Industry, then you have to understand what that means – It means making a real decision to work together to Make our Industry a better place; for MORE people in MLM. So many people like what this industry offers but – too many ‘seeds’ are falling through the cracks.

The MLM Industry needs an organization like ours; that will actually Challenge people to approach ‘teamwork’ – in a similar way as Professional Sports teams; Real communities where people are learning skills; not just hearing hype – or hearing about how 15 people are making tons of money – sure that might get folks to sign up; but it does not help them duplicate those results;

So, be ready to invest more than just ‘money’ – if you want to make money; and if you want to bring stability TO our industry; you have to actually be willing to do some things that won’t generate money; for a while – because ‘eventually’ those things WILL generate more money than you could imagine – Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork – Absolutely – 100% of the time!


Teams Wear The Same Uniforms For A Reason

We talk about Teams often around here.

I talk about Team at least. I cannot say the same for every single person who’s opted in to my email list; or signed up for our One MLM System – and that is what I’d like to talk with you about now. File this under Sports and Business – because this ongoing conversation we are having with the network marketing industry involves understanding the nature of Championship teams – and teams that never win Championships.

In the MLM Industry a glaring statistic has been sticking out to me like a splinter – an obvious issue for all of us; that our current approach to MLM is not solving. 97% of the industry is NOT earning full time income. When I think about why that is, one reason pops up for me time and time again.

Too many network marketers think as ‘individuals’ rather than as ‘teams’ –

Teams wear the Same uniforms for a reason. How would it look if the Lakers showed up to play a game and some had on the Purple Road Uniforms; Some had on the Sunday Whites (on a Tuesday); and others had on The Gold Home Uniforms?

They would look like a bunch of Amateurs.

This is what people in Network Marketing are doing; and have been doing; and are doing even MORE OF as we enter into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing (which is already here). The internet has changed so much about business; and that is especially true about network marketing. Getting the Team to wear the Same Uniform has always been the mission of most network marketing companies.

It’s always been difficult – it’s not a new challenge that we are facing; BUT it’s a challenge that’s even more challenging now; because of the internet.

The speed of the internet allows more and more people to access information from several sources; and this expands every single day.

So the moment I do a video, or write a blog post on why Multiple Streams of Income is a Must for network Marketers; there are 30 other people online talking against this idea.

Because people in network marketing see themselves as individuals and not teams; they do not look at their sponsors or uplines as ‘coaches’ – even if they refer to themselves as Coaches; They see them as just another individual who’s above them; and isn’t going to boss them around or tell them what to do!

That creates a HUGE problem for almost everyone in the industry. Rather than being a team; we’re all individuals – and because of that, our teams are not winning championships. Meanwhile we’re not learning from the few championship teams that keep winning, while the rest keep on coming up short.

We need to learn, that Teams wear the Same Uniform for a reason …

Teams Run the same Plays for a reason …

Teams show up to the Same Game; on the Same Night; at the Same Time; for a reason …

Teams Practice together – for a reason …

Teams know they have a SEASON and players do not quit the team when they lose a game or two. They keep working and keep growing, and keep improving… for a reason.

A Team that doesn’t win a Championship in Year 1; Comes back for Year 2 and they give it another shot – and none of this is happening in Network Marketing; at least not for 97% of people in this field. We talk so much about teamwork in the industry – and yet MOST people are missing that lesson.

I made an ‘infographic’ to explain this point…

Teams Wear the Same Uniform for a reason

“That upline isn’t gonna tell me what uniform to wear!”

That’s the attitude most people have in network marketing. Most people really are expecting to do everything on their own and call all of their own shots. I get that. We all want to own our own businesses and so many MLM companies pitch that in their meetings. It’s true you will have the time freedom to pick and choose when you’re going to work. You Do get to decide what websites you’re going to use to market and promote. You do get to decide Who you’re going to listen to, and who you’re going to follow.

That isn’t the problem.

The problem is – most of you do not know when to exercise your freedom to choose; and when you should be choosing to Duplicate the efforts of other people; rather than reinvent the wheel.

When you sign up for the one mlm system; you’ll be directed to sign up for our Free Level Programs. The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I sign up for these?” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too.”

Then we advise you Sign others up; Make Money from the Free Programs; and use $10 to re-invest in our $10 level. The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I sign up for these? I don’t like ILA; I don’t like GDI; I am going to Promote another program instead” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too.”

Next we advise that you seek to attain Leadership Ranks with Our team; The ‘free thinker’ decides to question this “why should I do that? This is Al King’s team; I want my Own team, I don’t want to be a leader on HIS team” – The Team player says “This is what the team is doing; so this is what I’m doing too. Because I want to be a Leader on This team.”


Magic Johnson said it best … One player doesn’t win the championship; The Team wins the championship. There absolutely is no I in team; and while there may be an I in win; the key is learning when to be about yourself; and when to be about others. It’s balance – it’s the free choice we all have – to understand that there is a time and place for All things.

There is a time to lead; there is a time to follow.

Now is the time to FOLLOW TopNetworkersGroup.

Put your ego aside; Leave your problems and your questions at the door.

Put on the uniform we give you.

Show up to practice; Show up to the Games;

Commit to the Season; not just to a few games;

But more specifically — Use the Same Websites!

I am specifically talking to network marketers who call themselves internet marketers; and do not understand that there is a difference. Internet Marketing is what you do ‘for yourself’. Network Marketing is what you do ‘as part of a team’ – Networks should use the same websites to market or promote a business.

I’ve seen so many people sign up for the 1mlmsystem – who use their OWN Website to promote the system; and wonder why it’s not working out for them. It’s the same silly mentality as showing up to a Game when you feel like it; rather than when the game is scheduled for. It’s just as silly as Practicing on your own; instead of WITH The team. It’s just as moronic … to be honest … as creating your own plays rather than learning the plays the coach of your team is calling.

You wouldn’t do this if you were playing Sports.

But you do this in Network Marketing.

I had a guy get upset with me because he was doing this – I called him out (in our private group on facebook, for talking up some OTHER guys program in our group); and I understand him not being pleased by that. However how can I teach other players on the team what not to do; if I don’t use him as an example for what not to do?

Isn’t that what a coach does when a player on the team is not being a team player?

If teams wear the same uniform for a reason; wouldn’t a coach point out a player on the team for choosing to wear the uniform he or she wanted to wear; instead of wearing the same one as the team?

It’s part of being the Coach though. Coaches have to risk upsetting players from time to time; meanwhile players who win championships respond positively to coaching. They don’t mind being corrected; They are okay with being told what to do; what uniform to put on. They want to win and realize the Coach wants to win too.

They’re not questioning the plays the coach is calling; instead they are working to execute those plays better – that’s what practice is for; That’s what the game losses help point out; the game shows you where you need to improve; where you need to execute better.

Because Sports and Business have So much in Common; I’ve written a few other articles that you NEED to read. Other related articles from TopnetworkersGroup –

Sign up To Work With the Group – by putting your best email in the box – and following the directions you are given; If you cannot follow a leader – You’ll never be a leader.

I made a video a couple weeks ago; where I spoke about the Armed Forces; another Team – where people follow orders – put on the same uniform; follow the same directions; because it struck me as a little odd, that a former Armed forces member didn’t make that connection when it came to what I was saying to him – about Our partnership in MLM.

It’s okay if he didn’t understand; because what I’ve come to understand – is several of the people who’ve come to me; in fact – ALL Of them; have prepared me to lead the NEXT group of people who are on their way to me. Champions continue to tweak and construct their teams; till they get the RIGHT Players; players with the right mentality – players who can win!

The Kevin Durant MVP Speech Was Truly Inspirational

“Basketball is a platform to inspire others” – Kevin Durant said this while accepting his MVP today, a well deserved award for an excellent NBA Season.  The NBA has been in the news a lot lately. Amid the controversy created by Donald Sterling’s Racist comments, the NBA has overshadowed quite a few big news stories over the past couple of weeks.


Showing us that Basketball can be a platform for, many, many things – Including, but not limited to, Inspiring others. What will the players, and the people involved with this association inspire in others?

I think that’s the most valuable question, that begs to be asked. Sharing with you now, the Full Kevin Durant MVP Speech – which was originally posted via Oklahoma’s local News Website,

The Inspirational Kevin Durant MVP Speech 2013-2014 Season

What an awesome 2013-2014 Season by Kevin Durant.

What an awesome MVP Speech! Probably one of the best I’ve ever heard.

He truly was the Most Valuable Player not only for his team, but in the League. Even Lebron James had to admit he deserved it, when the report was leaked that K.D. would win the award.

The Kevin Durant MVP Speech will most likely go down as one of the most inspirational speeches we’ve heard. It was especially relevant to what we talk about here at TopnetworkersGroup, concerning Sports and Business.

The Speech was full of raw emotion as he thanked each and every single one of the players on his team. He spoke of how each one of them motivated him to Have an MVP Season. This speaks directly to our ongoing theme in business, about the important of teamwork; and how each person on the team plays a very important role.

Kevin thanked each player, not only for this season – but for what they have done for him throughout his career in the NBA. Certainly a well deserved award, for a well deserved player, who just had an incredible MVP worthy season.

A season where he lead the NBA in Scoring for the 4th time, a feat only a short list of NBA Greats have accomplished. They are Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, George Gervin, and the great, Wilt Chamberlain.

Kevin Durant also went on a binge of scoring 25+ points in a string of 41  Games; which surpassed Michael Jordan’s 86-87 season, where he did it in 40 Consecutive Games. He led his team to yet another great season where they finished 2nd in the West, which has been ultra competitive during the 2013-1014 season.

Durant truly had an Incredible, MVP Season.

But he didn’t do it, by himself.

Which brings me back to the Kevin Durant MVP Speech, and how it really ties into what we do as network marketers. We are each playing on teams, and often we play for company owners who may or may not care about us as much as we think. Again, the comments from the Los Angeles Clippers owner, though ugly, reveal a reality in our society. Business cannot escape the ills of Society.

Literally anyone can prosper in the world of business. Business, like Sports, is a platform. It can be used by anyone, to do harm to others – or to inspire others and transform our communities. Business more than ever, needs the good people to get involved, and work to be the best they can be. Business, is not perfect – it’s a part of our imperfect society.

However you and I have the unique opportunity to transform Society while we transform ourselves. While we play a direct role in the transfer of wealth, from those who have it all, and are not using it for the benefit of the many – to you and I. What will We do with wealth? Will we have MVP Seasons and use our talents to bless others? Will we work together and encourage one another, and lift each other up as we STRIVE to win the championships in life?

Go ahead, draw the comparison. In the MVP Speech we’ve just heard from Kevin Durant, we hear all the ingredients of a winner. Someone who tries to set the example for his young guys; realizing they are looking up to him and that if he takes a day off, so will they. He realizes the impact he is able to have on them. He’s thankful for the mentors, the vets, the ones who’ve been there and don it all.

The Humility in a leader who realizes he is at the top, not because of his own efforts; but because of his team. In network marketing, no top money earner becomes one, without the efforts of a team. A team of top money earners is the most beautiful thing you will see. So many lives are touched and changed when people have success in this industry. SO many beautiful and wonderful people are freed from the chains of employment-slavery – by the blessings of residual income, and leverage – provided in our industry.

Just like Kevin Durant each of us must work hard, to IMPROVE, and not just rest on our laurels. We must never be complacent or feel like last year was good enough; We must challenge ourselves, and even our team mates to get better.

This SPORTS mentality, this WINNER mentality is what it takes to WIN, in Business, in Sports, and in every area of our lives. We must be willing to WORK at ourselves; to be “better men” – and better women too. As we become better PEOPLE; we’ll become better at our Profession; Kevin Durant, congratulations to you sir; and yes you’ve totally Inspired me; I hope your words inspire many others as well.

Thank you for using the platform of basketball, to teach us all about teamwork. Thank you for appreciating your support system, and reminding us, no one reaches the top alone.

We may not all have been blessed enough to be professionals in the NBA – but each of us reading this, has the opportunity to be a professional in MLM – and we can use this platform, to inspire others.

Like KD.

Thank you for reading this –