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Azealia Banks vs. The Business

The other day I was speaking about Azealia Banks on my Facebook …

I was reading more on that Azealia stuff this morning. As I stated the other day I really didn’t read what all she said before she got her twitter shut down. I was reading her responses To being suspended. She was saying she felt that white supremacy is what got her suspended from Twitter; that she had spoken badly about everyone; but when she started to talk badly about white folks, that’s when it was over for her. She has a point there.

You have to pick your battles in War.

While I get what she is saying, the words she chose are really what got her in trouble; and to a degree keep getting her in trouble; even if she does have a point. She mentioned that she’s very angry that her art keeps getting stolen by others; who then hide behind their fan base; and talk down to the people they stole their ideas from.

I started to think about the business world; Music, is def. part of the business world; and Business is cut throat. You think about the Wars between Apple and Microsoft which, started because Bill Gates stole ideas from Steve Jobs.

Stealing Ideas in business, is business.


When Nike signed athletes to market their shoes; Other shoe companies started doing the same thing too.

Real quick, here are my original thoughts on what happened to Azealia – via my FB page.

azealia banks thoughts on fb

In other words, I really do understand where she is coming from.

It’s frustrating to be talented and black in America. It really is. You end up dealing with so much; not only from those who are not black; but also black people who are caught up in seeking the approval of Non-black racial groups.

We are up against a lot, as black men and women in society.

This is especially the case in business; because – Business is part of society.

So many aspects of society cannot help but spill into business; and this is again, why the Network Marketing industry emphasizes Personal growth and Self development.

We really do not work hard to protect the “Group known as Blacks” – as hard as we work to protect other Groups in this nation.

We go all out to fight for women, for gays, for transgenders, for immigrants, and it seems like new groups are emerging each day, with stories of oppression and unfair treatment.  Our society hears their cries, and we tend to their wounds. Our society looks out for these groups – often using the struggle of African Americans known as the Civil Rights Movement,  as a basis for their arguments. All while ignoring the cries within the black community.

I can see why she got frustrated; why she’s seemingly always frustrated – Then again, I’m not ready to say she was Right with all that she said.

What I do know is, we cannot do much about those who hate us; steal from us; talk down on us; but we can do a better job of loving one another.

To me, that’s the main objective we should be striving for.

While I’ve always been open to doing business with people regardless of their ethnic background; I’d be foolish to overlook the people who chose not to do business – because of mine.

This is however, what many black people in business are doing.

We are pretending that people really don’t care about our race – We just have to dress up. We just have to talk proper. We just have to stay away from talking about controversial subjects. We just have to ….. where does it end?  When are we going to just be okay with being ourselves??

While I feel sorry for the likes of Azealia Banks – as she is just one of several black artists who feel their art is not appreciated on the same level as their white counterparts. Ultimately she and others like her need to come to the same realization I came to. It’s more important how we feel about each other, than how others feel about us.

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What are YOUR thoughts on this latest Azealia Banks controversy?  Is stealing just part of being in business?  Can black people improve how black people view themselves and one another? Sound off in the comments below!  Thanks, as always for stopping by!

Does Race Matter in Business?

Here’s the full text of another one of those ‘facebook rants’ that I’m pretty well known for. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been willing to speak out on things that others are afraid to speak out on. This is not the first time I’ve spoken out on Racism in Business. The Black Folder is evidence of my commitment to address the issue of racism – through business. To do that, we are all going to have to confront some uncomfortable truths.

Before you read this; I will answer the question that is posed. YES Race Matters. Race has always mattered. After you read the full text of what I said on Facebook; stay tuned for related information on this subject.

MLM is supposed to be better than society; Not just like it.


A couple years ago I posed a question on social media; and got a lot of typical usual ‘safe’ responses. I asked the question “Does Race Matter in Business?” —

I do stuff like this on purpose.

I already know the answer to the question I’m asking.

I just want to see how OTHER people think.

I want to take time to thank all of you who, optimistically said NO race does not matter.

I also want to acknowledge all my non-black Associates on Social Media who often mean well; and have good intentions; but are simply ignoring the truth that is in your face.

Ready for this?

Why is 5linx almost all black?

Why is Paycation almost all black?

Why is TLC (totallifechanges) almost all black?

Why is OrganoGold almost all black?

>>>> Do non-blacks NOT see value in THESE companies?

OR ………… Do they see TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE in these companies?

I didn’t even MENTION SkinnyBodyCare – or the former Vitel (now out of business) – or SOOOO many similar companies in MLM; that seem to “only” have black faces.

Naturally none of these companies are 100% black;

That never happens ….

Meanwhile; You’ll find black people in just about EVERY Single MLM company there is. Almost as if blacks never say to themselves “too many white people in this MLM” — meanwhile, it would seem that white people; asians; and hispanics; are avoiding companies that have TOO many blacks.

You can tell me this isn’t true all you want to —

you can try to tell me there is some other reason for it if you want to —

I just know that MCA is a solid opportunity; but when too many “urban” people were promoting it; Folks went on to something else. I know that Originally WakeUpNow was mostly non-black; When They Bought out ThatFreeThing – and then when they recruited that same team of “Urban Marketers” from MCA – WUN became VERY black; Is it a Coincidence that not long after that; They shut down MLM operations?

Believe you me; I was already having these thoughts long before it happened.

The way I was treated by their compliance department; and the people who I had seen terminated months before they closed my account; were all black – had me thinking then and there, if WUN was a lil upset to have so many, non-white people promoting their brand.

Oh you think it doesn’t happen?

I still remember when Tommy Hillfiger got mad; and made statements about black people wearing his brand. (he has gone on record to deny those statements) –

——————– because really and truly; Racism is Economic.

Racism is not about who you like; or what you call people.

Racism is about Resources.

Racism is about how a race works together to Gather resources for THEMSELVES; and how they go about keeping Resources From Others; or Controlling Resources so that THEY benefit from selling Resources.

So foe people who Practice Racism; the Idea of doing anything that Financially Empowers people of Other races; is an Idea they cannot support; and do not support.

Those who are not racist; could care less about who they empower; so long as THEY are empowering themselves … and these are the people who are the Hope of the Future. You see, at it’s core – MLM is about change.

MLM is about people working together; regardless of race. Regardless of background; Regardless of mistakes they may have made in the past. MLM is supposed to be an environment of redemption; of change; of betterment … of improvement.

THIS is why Leaders in MLM are failing the industry; THEY DON’T SPEAK OUT on ISSUES that MATTER – that TRULY MATTER – because they’re not “leading” – they’re simply People Pleasing.

Anyone who’s read the Wave 3 & 4 Books knows; that Richard Poe addressed Race in MLM – He talked about how the companies that will LAST are the ones who appeal to SEVERAL races; Not just ONE.

However, the challenge of that – is understanding that people come into MLM with bias – with attitudes towards people of certain races; and while folks try to act like racism isn’t a problem; anyone who is black KNOWS it is. If MLM is going to live up to it’s potential; We are going to need more WHITE leaders; calling out WHITE people; For racism in MLM. (We don’t need you dodging the topic, talking about how blacks are reverse racists; blacks have demonstrated for 100’s of years; the desire to be included in this society; which has treated our people So badly… stop all that nonsensical talk right now please – help us fight the REAL issue) – We know you hear racist ideas expressed to you in private.

We know that many people are dragging ‘society’ into MLM …

That is why MLM is not making the kinda impact it was designed for …

It’s just like everything else………


People who Stand up to the Crowd.

PEOPLE who tell the Crowd “You are Wrong, have a SEAT, and STFU”

Then, REAL leaders, need to step up and SUPPORT Real Leaders; and say “That leader is right; Yall are Wrong; have Several Seats; and STFU”

— Ok, no one ‘likes’ being told to STFU; but … remember when you were a kid?

Remember when your PARENTS told you to STFU when you were being too noisy? Maybe they said it without the F; but they DID tell you to PIPE that down; BE quiet; STOP making so much Noise — You didn’t LIKE It; but You NEEDED to be told – or else you’d grow up and NOT know how to act. We call this “Good Parenting”…

“Good Leadership” – is like Good Parenting.

YOU gotta tell people things they may not WANT to hear; or LIKE hearing;

BUT you’re a Leader.

YOU have the tough job.

Real Leaders won’t speak Against you for Leading.

And it’s up to REAL leaders to point that out.

 (originally posted on Facebook –)

I said a lot – because Race Matters in mlm, when it really shouldn’t matter. Someone needed to say this; and it’s not my first time saying it either. I’m not alone with what I’ve shaerd; Listen to Dr. Claude Anderson speak on the Economics of Racism – Black America is In DEEP Trouble
I personally enjoy most of what Dr. Claude has to say; he’s one of a few black leaders speaking out; speaking up; pointing out the fact that blacks are the only group that does NOT practice ‘group economics’ – in other words; while there is still much Racism in Business – black people must take steps to overcome that obstacle.
Read my Open Letter to Black Business Owners – written almost a year ago; to the day.
Check out Black Economics with RedPill and Mighty Sutek :: as the topic of black people using MLM as a platform for economic empowerment is specifically discussed.
Then listen to this overview – Build And Economy – Jason Black – The Logo – which highlights the grave importance for black people to stop being consumers; and start being Owners. We cannot force others to like us, to treat us with the same respect – but we Can like ourselves; and we Can respect ourselves.
Check out what a White writer from Inc Magazine had to say about this topic – which speaks to the Larger world of Business; and not just MLM – What Adopting Black Children Taught Me About Business  – and also my comments on Bruce Levenson and the news his email made several months back.
This is not an easy topic to discuss – but we cannot run from it. This is all part of our culture. The good… and the bad. We must allow the past to teach us; so that we can build a better future. Perhaps some day, Race will no longer matter – but I believe that in order for this day to arrive, we must stop racism in business first.
As always; Thank you for reading.

Big Business Mistakes With TopNetworkersGroup

I finally sent out my email on my Big Business Mistakes that I made while setting up the 1mlmsystem from TopNetworkersGroup – those who had been following the channel got a preview of what those real big business mistakes were.  For those who happen to be behind – Subscribe to us HereWatch My Biggest Business Mistake Now – Keep in mind that I did not wait to look ‘perfect’ to share these thoughts. It’s important to get started – only fakes put on a suit and tie to make a ‘spur of the moment’ video  –

So in the email I went into much more detail. Most if it started a couple weeks ago; about 6 weeks to be specifically exact. I shared a video over on LevelOneVideoNetwork (which I decided to move to The Black Folder today) – that includes a huge breakthrough moment for me. I know that it will be a huge moment for others who literally take the time to listen to what is being said.

Learning is part of the process – and I am thankful for everything I have gone through up to this point in my own leadership journey. So as I listened to the sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes on Great Leadership, I could see so much relevance in what he was saying. I realized I had made some big business mistakes; that all stem from not having the right people. I came to understand how I was choosing the wrong people to spend my time with, and how I can start to turn things around; so that I can fulfill my own mission – to help more people make more money in MLM.


This is a big mission, and the everyday people of MLM who I have come to refer to as ‘silly rabbits’ – because they JUMP from one program to another every 3 to 6 months – simply do not possess the right mentality to lead this team. We are the first 5th wave network marketing organization; but that does not mean we will be the only one, as time moves forward. There are already people ‘attempting’ to copy what we set out to do originally in 2010. However most have never read the books they must read, to do this the right way.

So, while I remain confident that we are the only team in the industry right now, who can show others ‘the right way’ to approach multiple streams of income in mlm; the mistakes I have made along the way have become important teachers. The Big business mistakes I made, which I recently shared with my list, all come down to confusing constituents and comrades with confidants.

Not to sell myself short, while I have made mistakes along the way, I am thankful that I did not allow doubts to stop me from getting started. I am thankful that I didn’t wait for all the circumstances to be perfect. I am thankful that I have been able to work with some awesome people while getting things ‘just right’ – for those who will be part of TNG going into the future. I feel that what I have been through makes me even better equipped to help other people on this journey.

With that being said, I am announcing a brand new TNG Home page – which just went live about an hour ago. Stay tuned for even more updates and improvements to that ‘first impression’ – and if you are currently a registered member of our 1mlmsystem you can use our home page to introduce people to our team.

About a month ago, a New 1mlmsystem Home page was unveiled as well.

So far it is converting much better than it’s previous version.

Also our navigation bar, was moved to the bottom of the page – still allowing visitors to see the ‘big picture’ – without distracting them from the page they are looking at. As I like to say in our video updates; the system continues to improve just like we should be.

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Having a good mentor will help you to avoid the big business mistakes that so many leaders make. Just as Bishop Jakes points out in the powerful sermon we are recommending you watch, when you are following a leader the path is paved for you. Most of the experiences leaders face are different from what followers will face. While so much can be learned from making these mistakes yourself, you can save time and money by learning from others.

I will help you with your MLM Career – Get in touch with me today! Let’s create A Plan for Success!

How The Black Folder Evolved with TNG

How The Black Folder Evolved with TNG (TopNetworkersGroup)

“Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job you’re in bad shape” – Malcom X

In the world of business that exists in the United States of America, it is naive to think that racial discrimination would not find its way into this industry. This is an industry that for the most part is all about personal growth and development; MLM exposes people to self improvement. Often this is a process of confronting the ideas you have gained from years and years of being raised by people, who had no formal training on success.

Often their bad habits rub off on you and I; we are all, like it or not, products of our environment to one degree, one extreme, or the other.

Now Playing at The Black Folder – Malcom X talking about Group Economics; specifically for the black community. These words were spoken several years ago but seem to be applicable to today. Not much has changed. Many of the same conditions black people were in during the 60’s are still present for black people today.

Because everything in this society is geared towards keeping black people in the same position that black people are in. This often includes discouraging black people from going into business – and even from doing business with black owned businesses. There are many negative conversations that do happen quite often, and you’re bound to over hear one yourself, if you talk to enough black people.

This happens because this is the same society, that Malcom X describes in the video that’s now featured at The Black Folder. A folder that has been evolving for quite some time now. It started with a powerful and moving speech from Dr. Claude Anderson, which also speaks about Group Economics. Maybe if enough people speak about the same things, we’ll get the message?

Black people cannot afford to wait for other races to come to ‘our rescue’ – and even though the MLM industry exposes people to the ‘opportunity’ to become better people, this does not mean that people are taking it seriously. Ideas are everything though – and the failure to expose ourselves to ideas that can improve our lives is a huge mistake.

Several ‘marketers’ – especially network marketers, are making this mistake.

Meanwhile, the need to produce more black millionaires and billionaires is Urgent – and events like what happened with Trayvon Martin are what initially launched The Black Folder. Because we are FREE to do what we want here at TopnetworkersGroup – I decided that members of our team should have a ‘tool’ that they could use to expose people to this conversation. This need to practice group economics in the black community. The power of pooling our money together is so clear – and MLM is the perfect vehicle to properly Organize, Educate, and Create a Structure of Real Economic Empowerment.

In fact, this conversation seemed to fit right into the overall vision of TopnetworkersGroup.

We are about Uniting Networkers – and we feel that black network marketers need to come together and create a real Structured Organization – that is earning money in several places; as to have financial security; as we talk about the NEXT phase, beyond network marketing. There are things we talk about inside TopnetworkersGroup – the plans for the future, and everything that we want to do, relates back to what you’ll find in The Black Folder; which has continued to evolve into what you’ll see now.

I added a compilation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign ‘outline’ – because there too, he talks about the need for our people to come together – to set up black businesses and support those businesses.  There are so many other videos out there that add to this conversation though. I decided to turn The Black Folder into a much more powerful tool. The Black Folder, has evolved!

The new layout is much more of an open platform to foster a conversation about these issues. It’s also a platform to bring people To network marketing. It’s a platform that we will use to challenge people to be better – and to encourage black people to be smarter about how we spend our time and money. This will be a platform to foster the kind of monumental change that we set out to do with the FIRST professional network marketing organization ever formed – the TopNetworkersGroup – and as always you’re invited to participate in our movement; The Black Folder is more evidence of our mission – we’re not just talking about change; we’re in the process of making it real.

This is both a tool for our team members to use to grow their network – and a tool to educate and empower the black community; to heal our nation of past wounds. It’s also a tool that is personalized by the unique TNG id of each team member. These pages are programmed to treat these URL’s as unique; so me and my friends can have a conversation on this platform that you and your friends will not see; If your friends share your page, the traffic will benefit you. The tools we’re providing for our team are tools that make a difference. You’re invited to do that, with our team.

Check out what Else is Playing at The Black Folder – brought to you by TopNetworkersGroup ::


What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately? Just $26 Million in Revenue

It’s funny … everyone has an opinion.

I’ve been in network marketing since 1999 and so it’s nothing new for people to be skeptical. My problem with skeptics has always been, that they never wait to get informed before forming their skeptical opinions.


While looking around on Twitter to see who’s talking about WakeUpnow, especially coming out of their recent Convention #AStepBeyond, held in Salt Lake City, Utah – where a lot of exciting announcements were made. WakeUpNow continues to grow, improve evolve, and make its way toward becoming what its CEO’s envision; An Iconic Company.

As I looked around, what I found on twitter were a lot of people who are uninformed asking the question ‘What Happened to WakeUpNow?’ – as if the company has gone out of business. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact anyone who’s actually ‘in the know’ realizes that WakeUpNow just had a phenomenal first and second quarter here in 2014.

To the tune of $26 Million; boasting $16 Million in the first quarter; and another $9 Million in quarter #2. These numbers can all be read as they continue to be a very transparent operation. In fact, anyone who really wants to know what’s happening in wakeupnow, simply needs to stay connected to someone who’s also In the Know. Like me.

I met Seemore Green, aka Eric Turner on facebook – and reached out to let him knowI enjoyed his marketing style. Back then he was not part of WakeUpNow; in fact – WakeUpNow was no where in the discussion of MLM when we started building our friendship. He watched as I began developing TopNetworkersGroup and over the years we spent many nights talking about the status of our industry.

When he joined Wakeupnow, it wasn’t a ‘new’ opportunity; I was aware of the company and had no interest whatsoever. However out of respect for Seemore, I did take a look. I did have to admit that the WakeUpNow company he joined absolutely was better than the first version I saw, about 12 months prior. Since that time, this company has continued to improve. So why are people asking ‘What Happened To WakeUpNow” on Twitter?

The answer is simple and yet a bit unsettling as well.

WakeUpNow – frankly, has attracted a lot of young black people who have a dream of attaining residual income. The problem here is that black people have a VERY tough time in business. Especially in MLM. This comes from a long tradition of being duped in the American system – which has continually taken advantage of our people. So when the average black person brings a concept to their friends, like WakeUpnow – or Any MLM company really – the black community simply is just not ready for what they see.

Dr. Claude Anderson makes the point that black people are too caught up in working a job. Too many black people prefer to get a job, than to get free through a business ‘opportunity’ – Most of us just have no real concept of what that means. We’ve been trained to think and act like employees and consumers; rather than producers; or owners. So this negative world view impacts our decisions – especially when it comes to MLM.

What you see here is an example of a brother, reaching out to hate on another brother. It’s sad to witness and yet it’s something I went through with most of my good friends when I first Joined the MLM Industry. (read How Living Paycheck to Paycheck Landed me in Network marketing) I actually decided to engage in this twitter conversation just to let him know that WakeUpNow is doing just fine.

…. “Opportunity” .. in quotes too. Our people for the most part, have a real bad view of MLM. The truth is, we know almost nothing about business ownership. This is one of several subjects that was kept away from our people during Slavery. So we have a lot to learn about this; just as we have a lot to learn about how to talk to & respect one another.

This is just one of several tweets where people are asking this question


Some of them are doing it to tease the friends whom they also chose not to support. Others are doing it because they really want information. As a professional, I will be engaging with people to find out why they are in WakeUpnow; or why not?

The company is doing just fine. However, this is TopNetworkersGroup. We keep it all the way real here. We’ve been telling everyone in our industry to listen – any company can go out of business. That’s just how business goes. So to prepare our business partners for absolutely anything that could happen, we’ve taken the focus off of the company; and put the focus where it belongs – On The TEAM – Take a serious look at our One MLM System to see our plan to RULE the MLM industry; and show others ‘the right way’ to approach making money in 2014 and beyond!

MLM is an awesome business model and is perhaps a Godsend for the black Community. Visit The Black Folder to learn more about how, and Why Black people should take a Serious Look at the Network Marketing Industry.

Thanks for Dropping by!

*Update as of Feb 24th 2015 (actually even before this actual date) – While looking over our blog It came up that This Very Post is where we were Initially Telling You About the importance of Focusing on The Team (literally wrote that in the second to last paragraph back in September of 2014; when I initially published this article. WakeUpNow is Done – So much fallout has occurred since – Leaders are all going their separate ways; sadly the networks are being broken apart; which is word for word what we describe thoroughly in our System Presentation. It’s throughout this very post when even I believed that WakeUpNow ‘could’ find a way to pull itself together. However, as promised we kept it all the way Real.  Make sure you are working with My group and following my lead out here. I won’t steer you wrong – but other ‘leaders’ will.

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