I Just watched one of the best “Tony talks” I’ve ever seen – If you’re in search of solid business training, look no further than Tony Robbins. Yes a lot of what Tony teaches has to do with being in the right mind state – That’s SO important in business.

Then there’s everything else. 90% of what we do in business is mental but the other 10% separates those of us with positive thinking, from those of us with positive cash flow.

Enter, one of the very Best Business Training Talks I’ve ever seen featuring Tony Robbins – It’s from his “Business Mastery” course; and he appears to be talking in Australia – The biggest nugget I picked up is his quote from Something Peter Drucker said about success in business.

These TWO principles he mentions really struck a chord with me.

When I look at the biggest difference between Levelonenetwork and Empowernetwork – really it’s how EN has been marketed; That’s really the biggest reason it’s done so well – and while LevelOneNetwork may be better at training people how to get ranked; and pull in traffic – at this current moment, EN is being marketed better.

Does that make EN Better?

Some would say yes – but it’s like the McDonalds example that Tony uses in this video. The Marketing makes McDonalds one of the most successful businesses in the world; Not their product – other franchises may make better burgers and fries; but if they can’t market them as well as McDonalds, they’ll continue to trail McDonalds, rather than surpass them.

So when I examine TopNetworkersGroup, and our 1mlmsystem, what’s really caused us to have sort of a log jam in production? Simple – Lack of marketers, marketing our system.

I’m currently in the process of looking for new business partners. My current partner has done as much as he can do, but it’s the time to bring in others who are more willing to be coached, and shown how to get results in business; My marketing skills are decent; however if I team up with 2-3 others who are marketing the same way I am; Together all of our marketing efforts will get Faster results; The team really does achieve more.

the ones who’ll go that extra Mile – Watch the video now, Business Training From Tony Robbins on Mastery

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