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June 2015 – TopNetworkersGroup Updates

This is a blog afterall, so it’s time for some TopNetworkersGroup Updates!

This one is going to be much less about making a nice entertaining article for you to read and so much more about telling you where we are at this very moment in time.

To help you Catch Up with a FEW important things …

Read these previously written articles – with valuable updates in much more detail than I plan on going into here –

These are just a few of the blogs written over the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2015. Everything is absolutely on path. When Topnetworkersgroup was created in 2010, I knew it was going to be a journey. That is why I filmed that video … “Welcome to Success!”

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve set out to create a SYSTEM That will help me build the kind of MLM organization that makes a real difference – not only in our industry; but in society. An mlm that operates without awareness of the conditions in society, is as harmful as a corporate organization which does the same.

Let me state that another way.

MLM is not corporate America – an industry that has caused great destruction to society – and continues to do so all the way up to this very day. Corporations do what they want, when they want, at the expense of others. They do it for a dollar.  They ignore morals and doing ‘the right thing’ in order to do what makes them happy.

If you and I are going to help remove the negative stigma that is present in our industry, we must make every attempt to distinguish ourselves from Corporate America.

However, Corporate America has a huge advantage over us.

They have leverage over people that we do not have in our industry – these corporate organizations offer to ‘pay people for their time’ – people are surprisingly more than willing to exchange their free time, for that money.

They’ll do just about any ‘job’ for money – regardless of the harm that organization may be doing to society.

Through MLM we have an opportunity to create an economy that is fair and balanced. Especially in today’s world that has high speed internet and streaming video. So long as you and I know ‘how’ to go about sharing information with others, we can actually bring more people to our cause and show people ‘the right way’ to do things.

That is what is taught to all members of our organization – the right way to network; the right way to approach people about working together in this industry – and even the right way to align ourselves with one another in an industry with companies that may, or may not be around 10 years from now.

The real question becomes, will YOU be here 10 years from now?

Will WE still be earning money together 10 years from now?

Or – will YOU quit?

Check out these Videos at The Black Folder – of the 1mlmsystem

The Black Folder is a tool – if you are a professional network marketer then you already know ‘how’ to use a tool like this one. A professional who uses ‘internet marketing’ knows how to use a tool like this one. Because professionals know how to do Two things very well. They know how to gather leads; and they know what to share with those leads as well as When to share it – a blog like this one, is a perfect example of ‘where/when’ to share information.

What you’ll notice about clues is often they’re hiding in plain sight.


Watch our special presentation “Free Your Mind”

TopNetworkersGroup Updates on our YouTube Channel ::

What Are Spiritual Laws?

If you are doing a google search on Spiritual Laws it is most likely you’ll find 2 results which dominate the first page. The two results you will find are “The Four Spiritual Laws” by Bill Bright and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.

These are two Very different takes on this concept of Spiritual Laws. They agree in one area and one area alone. These spiritual laws are much like physical laws which govern the universe. These spiritual laws would seem to govern the Unseen.

The differences however are pretty obvious. The Four Spiritual Laws, written in 1952 is mostly Christian Propaganda. I mean this in no harmful way, although the word propaganda has come to usually have a negative connotation. Propaganda is essentially material used to persuade a group to certain ideas. We can accurately view the materials of the personal growth industry as, Propaganda.

The goal is to persuade you and I to continually work on ourselves and improve ourselves. It’s entirely a good thing. So please do not misconstrue or misunderstand my usage of the word Propaganda while talking about the Four Spiritual Laws by Bill Bright – it’s simply the best word I could think of to accurately describe what it is.

Many may argue that the Bible is really all one needs to properly develop a relationship with God. Some will argue against God all together. This is where The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra comes in. This book is less about religion, and centers more around the idea that you and I are spiritual beings having a Human experience.

I was first introduced to this book in my first 3 years in the network marketing industry.  Many of my mentors suggested I read it. Not having time to read the book, I chose the audio book read by its author. Recently I was watching a video from Bishop T.D. Jakes which spoke about the importance of multiple streams. He said that, money is not our mission, money funds our mission.

I thought about the 7 Spiritual Laws;

Doing is often not what will bring abundance to us.

Being is where it starts.

You and I are Human Beings. We should focus on who and what we are being.

Who we are being always determines what we are doing.

What we are doing, will always determine what we have.

This is a powerful audio, as it will challenge many of our perceptions of not only ourselves, but of the people, circumstances, and situations we find ourselves in and around. One of the biggest lessons I took away from this audio book, is that our Universe is always in a state of perfection. There is an underlying intelligence of this universe.

When we sit back, look at it, and think of its vastness, and it’s infinite systems which seem to work all by themselves, it is obvious that ‘something’ is guiding it all. There is an architect behind the intelligent design. Too often we get caught up in the arguments over what the answer is to this ultimate question. Who or What made us?

This is yet another focus of the 7 Spiritual Laws audiobook; reminding you and I to meditate and … Just listen.

By listening we can allow the ‘universe’ to express to us, why we are here.

As we come into a realization of our true purpose for being here, we become less concerned with arguing over who made us. See these ideas speak to me in a special way.

Through TopNetworkesGroup, I have a personal goal of helping more people take advantage of network marketing, and all the abundance of opportunity found within this aspect of the home based business industry.

To pull this off it will require several things to happen – which I have come to the realization, often have more to do with me and what I am thinking, and Being; than with what I am doing.

As i remind myself of these lessons, I find myself getting more and more reminders of it’s truth. I’ve connected with better people, and everything connected with my business continues to take me where I want to be.

Even the downs, the people who joined who did not belong, helped me know what those who do not belong look, and sound like. As I move forward, I encourage you to get this information in you – especially if you want to be part of what we are doing.

I am looking to partner with fellow Like Minded, and Purpose Driven People. If that’s you – Take a serious look at our Presentation for the One MLM System To Connect them (us) all.

Updates –, rededicated and expanded for the edification and education of the home based business industry, is up and running. Our ‘discussions’ tab for now, is still not ready to be unveiled. Almost everything else is. You can now get yourself listed on our site and gain additional exposure.

People will find you and reach out to you for help. If you are a leader and looking for people to lead, you may want to seriously consider getting a profile/bio set up on today!

Also Highly recommended reading – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

I read this book back in 2005 – and can remember how this impacted me as well. I hope this book will impact you. Think about, discover, find your Purpose. Let that drive and guide you. Pick up the book and read a chapter a day. You’ll be glad you did!

The Purpose Driven Life





Also highly recommended reading includes Multiple Streams of Income, which members of TNG get for free! However, it’s the audio version, which is missing all the awesome charts and examples found in the book. Pick it up as well!

Multiple Streams of Income

Is Pure Leverage The Next Empower Network or Not?

Industry NEWS here — I’m I WAS a member of Empower Network; I’ve decided ‘for now’ to Pass on Pure Leverage — BUT meanwhile I’m seeing the same things this TOP producer is seeing; people using “HYPE” to promote; ** UPDATE! ** Since this post I ended up closing down my Empower Network, still passed on Pure Leverage – but landed with LevelOneNetwork, just a few weeks after this blog was put together.

What grabbed me most about it – as soon as I saw the 15 minute Overview – is that it was Minus the Hype – a straightforward presentation about why this blogging platform would be better for its members, and just as profitable as the ‘other one’ … and now, ‘other ones’ that are in the industry today. Take a look at this no fluff presentation of LevelOneNetwork.

Why do people use Hype?

Short answer – It works.

Since most are not taking the time to Study Business, they are unable to make Business Decisions;

They are stuck falling for the hype;

They’re stuck making emotional decisions;

So someone says “this is the NEXT or NEW empower network!!!” and it moves them on an ’emotional level’ —

– These are my thoughts; BUT I also can see that this Mark Call guy, thinks a lot like me.

People did this same Nonsense with Vitel and Solavei;

People need to stop acting like Company A is to be compared with Company B all the time; often times, Company A has nothing to do with Company B; and you really can build BOTH at the same time… depending, on who you listen to of course… and as long as the two do not Conflict.

So, Mark Call settles the score;

PL is NOT the next EN;

There are several 100% payout Income Opps now; and NONE of them will be the NEXT… EN; because the “people in EN” make EN what EN is…. (The people make ‘any’ opportunity into what it becomes, or doesn’t become.) People in MLM need to learn this asap – and stop buying into the hype. It’s always about the Team not the Company.


Last thing to say; is stop falling for the “gotta be first in Myth”

… does it help to be first in??

Sure… “IF” you know what you are doing.

IF you don’t; it won’t make a difference that you got in first…. being in early can be ‘part’ of your decision; but should not be the Primary reason for it; not if you’re a professional at least…

Click here if you need HELP with making Business Decisions — Work with OUR team and We’ll show you the way!

Worry less about being in the NEXT big thing.

Worry more about learning the skills you need to build a team –

Happy New Year! New Updates to Our System

Happy New Year everybody!

Welcome to 2013 – may this year be FULL of blessings for you and your families.

We have worked hard putting together a system to help Teach and Train people who want to make money, on how to do so, using the MLM Industry as a starting point.

MLM is not a destination, and several people have gone on to start successful businesses of their own, after working in a Good MLM Company for 3-5 years.

95% of people who join MLM however, are broke. Which means, they spend more than they make. It’s a statistic that bothers me. It says to me that in spite of how awesome the industry is, and how wide open the possibilities are, they are only attainable for 5% of people who join.

We wanted to create a system that changes this up; and elimiates the need to invest large amounts of money, to make money; You simply need to invest your Time, and commitment to be a Loyal Business partner, and Team Member.

We pre-launched our Training system in August, and Launched it officially opening its doors December 21, 2012 – and we saw right away that we needed to make a few more improvements, before this system could be embraced. I feel we have made and delivered those improvements.

Here is a quick preview of what we’ve Updated….

Simpler Registration Process.  Instead of requiring new members to sign up for every single free program we recommend; we will allow them to simply create a username, password, enter their best phone number, and email – and they’re in.

In order to Unlock our Training, they will need to register for our Recommended Affiliate Programs, and will have the option to “Max Out” or wait until later.

We are limiting access to Some Training and Some Tools; making them exclusive to Maxed Out Members; and we’ve added additional, optional free programs that also enhance our system – everything we do is designed to teach you how to get Leads, Traffic, and Sales. We’re transforming hobbyists into professionals, because hobbyist make hobby money – while professionals make professional money.

Do you want Hobby or Professional Money?

This is a No Brainer…

We’ve literally taken away ALL Excuses, and have cleared the way to make it even easier to add Proven Programs into our system, as our Team GROWS….
The NEW Improvements are almost done … Stay tuned for a VIDEO update, and much more from TopNetworkersGroup – Thanks for stopping in!


Why Blog For Business

Here’s why you need a blog.

Blogs get hits; visits; traffic; A blog, actually is a website. It’s a way for YOU to actually connect with other people. It’s a free tool to grow YOUR business, no matter what business it is. This point in time is very interesting because I think a lot of people are missing that aspect of a blog; Know what people do?

They set up a blog, and post an article that someone ELSE wrote… and call that giving value.

What value are you really giving, if they could have gotten that from some one else?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with referencing other articles, or including additional content in your blog; afterall – it’s yours – and that DOES add value to it, when YOU are also contributing. Now, that is value.

That’s where a blog can be useful, if used correctly – like almost everything and anything in life.

A blog, is a chance for you to find Your audience.

Find the people who are interested in what You have to say and share; and from there, you can truly endorse just about any product, service, or company that you’d like; because your audience has diverse interests.

Just like you.

That’s why blogs are really vital for business; blog about your business or whatever you’d like – your audience will find you and if you’d like, you can even put money into advertising so that your blog will Definitely be found…..

By the way…. definitely is definitely the hardest word in the human vocabulary to spell … possibly.

Meanwhile, setting up a blog has become SUPER easy; and I’m not going to give a tutorial of setting a blog up right here and now – because that is what Training is for; and because this blog, is almost entirely dedicated to business (our chosen niche for this blog), this is where I plug ::: ::: come and work with the team; we have officially launched and the SITES are coming out so that we all can make some serious money together, using Various methods to Meet our goal :: online and offline networking, and marketing, as it was always meant to be!

Get excited about that 🙂

Get a blog … but you don’t necessarily have to blog about business. You can blog about anything really; or everything really … because again, a blog is a website – if you think of it that way then you can understand the value of having one; it may not be as nice as a Well Designed website that you pay Well Designed Money for – but you can use the various templates provided by the various providers – I mean there is really no Limit to what you can Do – and like anything, the more work you put in, the better results you’ll get out!

Do you understand why you need a blog and what you can do With one by now?

If so … what are you doing with yours?

Leave a Comment and let’s Expand this conversation for others who may still be on the fence… Thanks for stopping by.

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