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WakeUpNow is Done and We Are Right Once Again

WakeUpNow is Done.

Going out of business. I didn’t realize it until moments ago.

I saw a lot of disheartening posts on my fb wall last night; and really just though everyone was Leaving WakeUpNow due to their inability to pay commissions. I was not aware until moments ago that they were closing down the company. People are going from #WUNAndDone – to WakeUpNow IS Done – And once again; We Are right!

I really hope people do not misconstrue my statements on my social media as “Celebrating” – that’s the furthest thing from what is happening here.

This moment does remind me a bit of when ZeekRewards was found to be an actual Scam; and Closed down; How so many people in MLM who considered themselves to be leaders, made another bad decision immediately following the first bad decision, of being closed minded about anything not named ZeekRewards.

Many of them decided to Quit MLM all together; Others decided to take that Closed Minded Mentality into Vitel; which also closed down a few months later; It’s the Closed Mentality that I am So adamantly Against in network Marketing; The mind is like a parachute; It ONLY works when it’s open.

When you join an MLM company, you are signing up to market/promote products and/or services that you do not own; or control. To decide that you are only going to promote those products and services – and nothing else – is Foolish.

Please listen.

You do not OWN or CONTROL the company.

I understand that the Guy or Girl at the TOP of the Compensation Plan is earning money in that company; and YOU are thinking that, to have their success, you must do the same things they did – the problem is; MOST of them are lying to you.

They are not telling you everything they did.

What most of them are telling you is; “FOCUS ON THIS MLM COMPANY” — “DO NOT DO (market/promote) ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS MLM” — and YOU need to Wake up and realize WHY They are Saying that To you.

It is not because they want YOU to be successful.

It is because They Want To Keep Making Money.

If More of the Top Earners in MLM Cared about you; They would be working with Me and TopNetworkersGroup; Because WE Care about the Industry.

It’s not just Lip Service here.

However it is difficult to overcome the negative perceptions so many of you have.

If you Do not like Black People; You’ll tune Me out –

If you Do not Like Outspoken Black People; You’ll Tune Me Out –

If You Prefer Your Negroes Docile and willing to Overlook Social Injustices – you’ll Tune Out What I am Saying about MLM too –

Classic case of judging the Messenger; instead of the Message;

I love the MLM Industry or else I would not have returned To it when I did; But please Listen; I have 15 years of Experience; That Means Something.

I am qualified to help others.

I am Experienced enough to Help others.

Not Everyone can say that. Not everyone has seen what I’ve seen.

They have not read the books I have read.

That does not make me ‘better’ as a person; but it does make me ‘Better At MLM’ — and unfortunately; I’ve been through things that OTHERS have not been through.

USE My experiences to save you the trouble —

Listen to What I’m Saying Here – ANY COMPANY CAN GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

This is a rule in business; It’s common knowledge that only 5% of businesses make it past their first 5 years; SO ………. Any MLM that’s new in 2015; Might NOT make it to 2020.

You need to Understand that; Out of the 5% that make it to year 5; only 5% of THOSE businesses make it to Year 10; So that Brand New Company in 2015 – It’s a SLIM Chance of it making it to 2025 — THIS is why; if you’re in MLM; You SHOW RESPECT to the companies that have been around for 10 years; 15 years; 20 years; 50 years. Those Companies are doing something right!

The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself is … What are they doing Right?

The answer … is they are Training Better than other companies train.

The Training they offer is simple and easy to duplicate.

They have Leaders who are Loyal to the Company – who work together to train more loyal leaders – and as long as those companies remain in business; They (the top money earners) will continue to make money.

They have simple compensation plans that do not put the company in danger of going out of business; just to pay the field.  They have a culture that everyone buys into and follows. Which can be a very good thing – but in Today’s MLM world – that part is risky.

Because any company can go out of business.

It used to be safe 10 years ago. If you found a GOOD company then, you didn’t need to worry about them being around for 10 More years. But, things began to change just 10 years ago – making the ‘focus on one company’ strategy – an Unstable strategy to pursue.

10 years ago; YouTube JUST became popular; after being around for 1 year.

10 Years Ago; people were JUST starting to get faster internet; so the ability to share information with people long distances away; became simple.

10 years Ago; There were not nearly as many MLM companies – as there are today.

10 years Ago; it was MUCH Harder for a person to JOIN an MLM company than it is now; as people were Still getting used to the idea of E-commerce; and Buying anything Over the Internet.

All of that, Means Something.

It means we MUST adjust our approach to making money in MLM; Some things we need to keep – some things we need to throw away. The idea of putting all your MLM eggs into One company basket; is an outdated idea.

Multiple Streams of Income Is the Solution; and I am glad to be at the helm of the ship leading the way into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; I am glad to say we are the First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization.

I am proud to say, we are the home so many will be looking for – now that WakeUpNow has closed it’s doors. Going to a different MLM company and doing the same thing you just did, would be insanity.

You should be learning from the mistakes of the past; Not repeating them.

The people who need to be listening more than anyone; are Top earners in MLM.

Otherwise – they will not be the Top earners in the Future.

Only those of you who build your organization the way we are teaching it; will last.

 Watch Our One MLM System Presentation Now

following a leader is not the same as following the crowd

Please stop allowing 4th Wave Mentality to Keep you BROKE in MLM.

Do not let the bad news of WakeUpNow going out of business, cause you to lose your faith in MLM. You just need to find someone with experience, who can show you a better approach; an approach that actually lives up to the idea of our industry. The idea of making money by helping Others make money. Too much selfishness and greed is going around these days. People in WakeUpNow mostly thought about themselves, and what they would make. They overlooked the $1200 per year Expense that WakeUpNow required FOR them to make money.

We continued to build the way we were building. Advising that people join our System; for FREE; and then use our FREE Level to generate $50/mo – So they could reinvest $10/mo in our Programs on our $10 level; SO they could Generate an extra $100-$500/mo ::: and THEN They could take $50/mo – Invest that on our $50 Level; Generate another $500 to $1,000/mo – and THEN …. join WakeUpNow.

Most people didn’t have the patience.

Most people had Doubt.

Most were listening to ‘leaders’ in WakeUpNow who told them to “focus on WakeUpNow” – Be WUN and DONE – well folks; now WakeUpNow is Done.

And if you were not Wise Enough to Listen to what We were saying here – Your income is done along with it.

Don’t quit MLM; Just humble yourself and come work with our team. Come with your student hat on, and get ready to learn. Don’t bring your baggage into this relationship with us. Come with a open mind, and a willing spirit to roll up your sleeves and work. If you do, We will get you to the top. We’ll show you how to bring others to the top with you.

*Back in September 2014, when we ‘thought’ the company was going to pull through some reported troubles, I wrote an article about how I “Still” believe that you and I should ensure our teams stay together. We never know what might happen – and unfortunately, This article had to be written. It’s an article that shows, Once Again, that we are telling you the right way to approach MLM. It’s up to you to listen – it’s your decision to follow our path or not. Check out “What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately”

(update 3/9/2015 – ) Also check out some of my thoughts on WakeUpnow back in January of 2014; I made a video where I talked about having a Plan for Success. At the time I was giving people step by step instructions on how to ‘afford’ the $100 monthly investment. I was also making sure people were approaching business logically rather than emotionally. I want my business partners to be logical. A logical partner is a loyal partner. They’re going to make business decisions, not emotional ones.

The choice that so many ‘leaders’ made to tell their people to “Focus On One Company” – harmed so many people in the end. By not truly looking out for the best interest of your people; you’re actually not looking out for your OWN best interest.

What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately? Just $26 Million in Revenue

It’s funny … everyone has an opinion.

I’ve been in network marketing since 1999 and so it’s nothing new for people to be skeptical. My problem with skeptics has always been, that they never wait to get informed before forming their skeptical opinions.


While looking around on Twitter to see who’s talking about WakeUpnow, especially coming out of their recent Convention #AStepBeyond, held in Salt Lake City, Utah – where a lot of exciting announcements were made. WakeUpNow continues to grow, improve evolve, and make its way toward becoming what its CEO’s envision; An Iconic Company.

As I looked around, what I found on twitter were a lot of people who are uninformed asking the question ‘What Happened to WakeUpNow?’ – as if the company has gone out of business. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact anyone who’s actually ‘in the know’ realizes that WakeUpNow just had a phenomenal first and second quarter here in 2014.

To the tune of $26 Million; boasting $16 Million in the first quarter; and another $9 Million in quarter #2. These numbers can all be read as they continue to be a very transparent operation. In fact, anyone who really wants to know what’s happening in wakeupnow, simply needs to stay connected to someone who’s also In the Know. Like me.

I met Seemore Green, aka Eric Turner on facebook – and reached out to let him knowI enjoyed his marketing style. Back then he was not part of WakeUpNow; in fact – WakeUpNow was no where in the discussion of MLM when we started building our friendship. He watched as I began developing TopNetworkersGroup and over the years we spent many nights talking about the status of our industry.

When he joined Wakeupnow, it wasn’t a ‘new’ opportunity; I was aware of the company and had no interest whatsoever. However out of respect for Seemore, I did take a look. I did have to admit that the WakeUpNow company he joined absolutely was better than the first version I saw, about 12 months prior. Since that time, this company has continued to improve. So why are people asking ‘What Happened To WakeUpNow” on Twitter?

The answer is simple and yet a bit unsettling as well.

WakeUpNow – frankly, has attracted a lot of young black people who have a dream of attaining residual income. The problem here is that black people have a VERY tough time in business. Especially in MLM. This comes from a long tradition of being duped in the American system – which has continually taken advantage of our people. So when the average black person brings a concept to their friends, like WakeUpnow – or Any MLM company really – the black community simply is just not ready for what they see.

Dr. Claude Anderson makes the point that black people are too caught up in working a job. Too many black people prefer to get a job, than to get free through a business ‘opportunity’ – Most of us just have no real concept of what that means. We’ve been trained to think and act like employees and consumers; rather than producers; or owners. So this negative world view impacts our decisions – especially when it comes to MLM.

What you see here is an example of a brother, reaching out to hate on another brother. It’s sad to witness and yet it’s something I went through with most of my good friends when I first Joined the MLM Industry. (read How Living Paycheck to Paycheck Landed me in Network marketing) I actually decided to engage in this twitter conversation just to let him know that WakeUpNow is doing just fine.

…. “Opportunity” .. in quotes too. Our people for the most part, have a real bad view of MLM. The truth is, we know almost nothing about business ownership. This is one of several subjects that was kept away from our people during Slavery. So we have a lot to learn about this; just as we have a lot to learn about how to talk to & respect one another.

This is just one of several tweets where people are asking this question


Some of them are doing it to tease the friends whom they also chose not to support. Others are doing it because they really want information. As a professional, I will be engaging with people to find out why they are in WakeUpnow; or why not?

The company is doing just fine. However, this is TopNetworkersGroup. We keep it all the way real here. We’ve been telling everyone in our industry to listen – any company can go out of business. That’s just how business goes. So to prepare our business partners for absolutely anything that could happen, we’ve taken the focus off of the company; and put the focus where it belongs – On The TEAM – Take a serious look at our One MLM System to see our plan to RULE the MLM industry; and show others ‘the right way’ to approach making money in 2014 and beyond!

MLM is an awesome business model and is perhaps a Godsend for the black Community. Visit The Black Folder to learn more about how, and Why Black people should take a Serious Look at the Network Marketing Industry.

Thanks for Dropping by!

*Update as of Feb 24th 2015 (actually even before this actual date) – While looking over our blog It came up that This Very Post is where we were Initially Telling You About the importance of Focusing on The Team (literally wrote that in the second to last paragraph back in September of 2014; when I initially published this article. WakeUpNow is Done – So much fallout has occurred since – Leaders are all going their separate ways; sadly the networks are being broken apart; which is word for word what we describe thoroughly in our System Presentation. It’s throughout this very post when even I believed that WakeUpNow ‘could’ find a way to pull itself together. However, as promised we kept it all the way Real.  Make sure you are working with My group and following my lead out here. I won’t steer you wrong – but other ‘leaders’ will.

How Living Paycheck to Paycheck Landed Me In Network Marketing

The reality for me is that living paycheck to paycheck is what landed me in network marketing. In 1999 I found myself in a situation I was not prepared for. My appendix burst and I was unable to go to my job for 3 weeks. During this time I was eligible for disability. This check was less than half of what I usually made on my job; which I resumed slowly getting back to my previous hours; But this meant my check was even smaller than normal.

It turned out, I was just one month away from being out in the streets.

This is a situation most Americans are in right now. Just like me, they are living paycheck to paycheck and are just ONE slip up away from losing everything they have.


I don’t mean to sound grim but, this is a reality for so many people; and it was my reality. Living Paycheck to paycheck put me in an unstable position. When I was invited to a network marketing meeting, everything made sense because I was freshly going through the experiences the speakers talked about that night. They spoke about people being just $500 away from bankruptcy. To this day, companies like WakeUpNow (Which we endorse through our 1mlmsystem) touts it’s ability to provide an extra $600 per month to people who assemble teams of just 12 people.

Their reasoning for this is simple. They want to make an impression in our industry while really helping the average distributor in this industry to make more money.

Even MLM reps are living paycheck to paycheck.

MOST people in our industry simply are not making nearly as much money as they could and should be. This is another reason why our approach to MLM is the solution so many people are searching for. Just as my situation in 1999, living paycheck to paycheck landed me IN the network marketing industry – today’s MLM climate is bringing more and more people to our team.

Our message has been consistent and it’s starting to make sense to more and more people. Especially since so many people STILL find themselves stuck in this perpetual cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Most of us get into MLM to stop living from paycheck to paycheck; and yet most of us are still in the same place – I started tweeting about it, and will share a few with you here – BUT I really want to hear from you!

Do you agree with these thoughts?? I want to hear from you!

Are YOU living Paycheck to Paycheck? Follow the HT #livingpaychecktopaycheck – but also reply to some of what I’m already tweeting about.

I can help you turn this situation around – especially if you accept and embrace some real truths about this condition; You see as a society we have become conditioned to the paycheck. It absolutely is our drug and we Do do anything for it. We give up our time, our freedom and even mold or shape our ideas so that we can fit in with others; and maintain a paycheck coming to us every single month.

The Most Recent WakeUpNow Presentation (July 2014)

In an Interesting ‘Turn of Events’ – WakeupNow is Done (and we are Right Once Again) – though it’s a regretful thing; an awful thing, whenever a company in MLM goes out of business. Thing is …. this all happens about a week or so, after WakeUpNow Compliance Terminated Me – For THIS blog Post – along with a few others. They didn’t like my language – and wanted language added – and long story short, I did not act fast enough! So, like a crazed Boss, they ‘fired’ me – as if I was an employee. Perhaps that lack of respect for the networker should have been the Red Flags we look for, when it comes to this industry. With Rumors that Kirby Cochran took the money and ‘ran’ – and commissions not being paid out – top earners Taking Pay Cuts; while Not Telling the Field; in fact … while Telling the Field everything would be okay …. (misleading) We should’ve seen it coming!

You can pretty much disregard the rest of this information – as so much has changed since August of 2014. Please heed our Warning; Please Listen to what We Keep Telling you over and over. The days of putting all your eggs in one basket are long gone. You MUST diversify your incomes; and you must build the way we are telling you to build. We are looking for the founding Leaders to build with. The System Sorts To Find out who is worthy; who is qualified; and who is just a tire kicker and a silly rabbit who’s falling for tricks. This is a wilderness. and you need to follow people who know the way. But you must make this decision for your self!

(—- Updated February 24, 2015 —— )

Below this line is the original post; from August of 2014.


Check out the most recent WakeUpNow Presentation, by Master Distributor Brandon Boyd. He really starts off talking about some things that are very important. Your mentality going into this business has everything to do with the level of success you will have. Your attitude determines your altitude in life, and in business!

*** Video was Removed – Brandon Boyd Immediately moved into a New Opportunity called “Wealth Generators” – This story is still developing – 2/24/15 ***

Pay Close Attention – Find out How you should think; and how you should approach making money with WakeUpNowGet Started after the video concludes Here. (redirected to TopNetworkersGroup)

Do you want a business that is built on people coming back month after month Or, do you want a business with a lot of attrition? Easy question to answer right?

You and I want to build long term businesses that will last for a long time. If you follow what we’ve been talking about through TopNetworkersGroup, since 2010, it’s a reality that any company (any business) can go out of business. This is an undisputed FACT!

Because of this reason we advocate that you and I think more about you and I; that we build a network; an organization that uses the MLM business model to Form our Business Partnership; and GROW our distribution network; enabling ourselves and those who help build this network, to benefit from all the opportunities that are available to us, today.

WakeupNow has a very consistent and congruent message with ours.

Wakeupnow has a system, that combines several products and services you and I can get separately; but instead for one price – you get them all with One membership.

The Platinum IBO package at $99.95 is what we promote as the best membership package that you can get With WakeUpNow; until just a few weeks ago when the new Explorer Package was introduced. More upgrades and improvements are sure to come to WakeUpNow – and you can see how this is congruent with our own message.

As the networkers build the distribution network; the people running WakeUpNow focus on what products and services can be distributed; and how these products and services can be distributed. WakeUpNow has introduced up to 7 Apps at this time; which are available for download on the Google Play store; and on apple’s Itunes.

This gives distributors an exciting way to share WakeUpNow and it’s benefits of membership with other people; using the latest smart devices. All of these facts and more are explained in the most recent WakeUpNow Presentation; Take the time to watch it.

Get started today – To work with The #1 Team in WakeUpNow


Please be sure to read our Income Disclosure Statement

Previous Articles on WakeUpNow from TopNetworkersGroup:


Here’s a FREE Bonus From TNG! – (take this blogging course to learn how to write original content that cannot be found elsewhere; making you stand out more to leads and prospects; EVEN if you decide not to partner up with me in WakeUpNow; Learn how to Blog; Learn SEO; Become a Master of Internte Marketing Here)

Business Decisions for Business People

I started TopNetworkersgroup for several reasons, but the lack of business decisions from business people had to be one of the major reasons.  The MLM industry is very interestingly diverse. The vast majority of people in MLM have no experience running a business. Most of the people making money in MLM either have experience with making business decisions or, they learned the difference.

Business Decisions are Logical Decisions. They involve math, and other calculations. A business decision is usually well thought out, planned, and orchestrated to bring about a certain result. The opposite of these logical decisions are emotional decisions.

As a business man or woman, you will learn about acquiring customers. A good teacher will instruct you on how to make a customer buy your product or service. You do it, by avoiding all of the logical reasons, and instead you focus on the emotional reasons.

I started out in business selling phone service. My phone company was cheaper. But many people have a loyalty to big name brands. So it’s not possible to approach someone to change their phone service to a company they have never heard of, even if it will save them money. People just don’t make logical decisions like that.

We live in a fantasy world, most of us, forever wishing people made logical decisions but the reality is, most people do not.  If we were a society of logical decision making people we wouldn’t have so many of the problems we have – like war, poverty, famine.

This explains it all.

You would see far more people making money in MLM, if more of the people joining MLM would simply make business decisions.But this is not what people do. People do not take math into account at all. They join a company that runs them $100/mo – and don’t have $200 of ‘disposable income’ coming in to run their $100/mo business.

I just lost 50% of the people reading now – because I used some math.

Numbers really cause emotional reactions in people – I was a math major in College. Oh how the eyes roll whenever I tell people that. 99% of the time, folks would react with saying “Math? I Hate math!”

You can’t be successful in business and hate math.

If you hate math, you need to come to a realization that hate is an emotion; Emotional decisions are the main reason the 99% are broke; the 1% make business decisions; often with no emotion. Many would argue the decisions they are making are leading us all in the wrong direction on this planet. But, they don’t seem to care.

So clearly there is a line …  having NO emotion at all can lead to some devastating results. Too much emotion does too. Once again we find ourselves where so many cultures have recommended we be at, for centuries – We need to find Balance.

We need to make Intelligent Business Moves – that’s what a Business Decision is.

A Business Decision is not ‘personal’ – but that does not mean we should not consider the relationship, and the people who are involved in our business decisions. In network marketing there is a no-no called Crossline recruiting. This is a practice that is done by weak unskilled network marketers. They will make ‘business decisions’ to grow their organizations by seeking to Poach People from other networks.

This is an example of a business decision that takes into account no care, or any consideration for others. It’s our believe that whenever possible, networks should be kept together. The relationships are what pull networks together in the first place. Building networks is what TopnetworkersGroup is and always has been about.

And we teach our members to make intelligent moves – to use a business strategy that is not going to harm; but will Help them – absolutely – over time; with consistent effort – No Hype, No Scams Here – Just the hardcore truth. You should get positioned in a network and start building your network for Free. You should start making money from building your network; positioning others. Then you should reinvest the money you make, so you can earn More money; to reinvest, to earn even More Money.

We call this, being intelligent.

Risking rent, missing a car payment, all because you believe you’re going to get rich in 90 days with a company you can barely afford, is an emotional decision.

Having a real way to show people how to get started with a low investment, make money, grow it, as they grow their organization – That’s a business decision.

It’s what we recommend, for all business people.

Take a look at a recent video from the CEO and founder of TopNetworkersGroup; talking about one of the opportunities we are now endorsing; and WHY –

Get Involved With This Opportunity Now – After you review This Information

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