Something I wrote a few moments ago over on TSU (the Social Network that Pays) – has a lot to do with the subject I want to talk to you about. Taking Emotions Out of Business.

First let me share what I had wrote, about Emotions

Emotions are natural; It’s natural to experience Emotions and there is nothing wrong with it; when we do. We have the choice to stay in an emotion, or to move on and experience another one; We can always revisit an emotion; Good or Bad; We can be Angry, Sad, but we do not have to Stay there; We can be there for a moment; for a few moments; But we can always decide to Feel something else. Without feeling bad, for having moments, where we felt bad; It’s good we got a chance to experience that emotion; Now, we know how it feels. – Al King

Business Decisions vs Emotional Decisions is a training video that was never released to the membership area of the 1mlmsystem; but it’s a topic I’ve talked about several times. It’s mentioned in a few places already and I want to link you to them, to reference back to later. You’ll find business decisions vs emotional decisions referenced on the About Us Page, for the 1mlmsystem – In the video you learn more about who we are; and are invited to take your Emotions out of Business.

Over on our Facebook for TopNetworkersGroup – We go into Great Detail on the importance of making Business Decisions; instead of Emotional Ones.

Once again, telling you that Multiple Streams of income works, when you approach it like a business person. You have to take emotions out of business decisions because, when you allow emotions to control your decisions, you fall victim to Fear.

Fear is an Emotion.

But so is Courage. They say that Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s Feeling Fear and Doing it anyway. So if courage is something you ‘feel’ and then ‘decide’ to act in spite of that feeling; it is more than just an emotion – It’s a verb. It’s an Action.

So you can feel afraid, but to act in spite of that fear, is the only way to really discover the truth. All other decisions are uninformed decisions. That’s why I’ve linked you to that post on Facebook for you to see we’ve been telling people this for quite some time now. Also I link you there because it includes some of my comments on the Closing of WakeupNow (also read, WakeupNow is Done, and we are Right Again).

It’s all just confirmation on top of confirmation – that you MUST take emotions out of business. To take it further; here are a couple of Outside sources you can trust –


So … by now, I hope you understand how important this subject is. You Must Take Emotions out of Business, to be successful in business. I know I’ve mostly shown you what I have had to say about it but you are Welcome to look around and see what others think too. Just be sure you come back and let me know that you found out I was right.

This matters.

The vast majority of people in our society are making emotional decisions.

They join a business because they like the person in the presentation; they follow someone because of what they see; they are actually making decisions about who they will believe, according to how that person is dressed, or what ethnic background they have. People are allowing fear, and other emotions to control them.

This is all orchestrated by the people who ‘run’ our system – which you’ve heard me refer to several times, As The Matrix – Hence our special Free Your Mind Presentation –

When you KNOW you are living in a system that is designed to enslave you, you begin to look at that system a little differently. However … not everyone is ready to accept this truth.

Some people are so emotionally attached to the system, that they absolutely will fight to protect it. They will call you names for being in Network Marketing. They will tell you that you’re scammer even if you have never done anything wrong to them in their lives. They will talk bad about you to your friends and warn them to avoid your Pryamid – even if they are the bottom of a pyramid themselves …. a pyramid known as, a Job.

Emotions are often misleading. Emotions can blind you from seeing the truth.

Do yourself a favor … take Emotions Out of Business

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