I wrote something a few minutes ago, inspired by that good ole’ saying … “When the student is ready the teacher will appear…”

I don’t know who said that – but it’s been quoted over the years; and has been so useful, and so true in my life. I was not always a good student; in fact I tell people all the time that I became a better student when I got into business than I ever was while I was in school.

— which I allude to in this short message; about the Bad student; and the Good Teacher;

I don’t care what company you’re in.

I’m looking for people who understand what I understand.

I’m not all that interested in the people who assume I don’t understand anything; and that they are here to teach me. Because they don’t know my teachers.

I’ve had some of the very best to ever do this….

When it comes to being a student; there aren’t too many like me….

I know how to be a bad student; because I spent MOST of my ‘formal school years’ being a horrible student; I spent more time chasing women, hitting parties, and getting my recreational on … than I did preparing for tests; or writing papers; I cheated on a LOT of tests…. (statue of limitations is up) — I guessed my way to a LOT of tests … and I don’t say any of that to brag.

That was super horrible student mode there.

So I know what a horrible student looks like when they show up to my Class.

My Classroom … is the system that was created to Educate and Train my Partners; like a good teacher does; I observe the class – I don’t waste my time arguing with students; I know what a bad student is gonna tell me “Teacher, I got this” …

The bad student, doesn’t understand the good teacher.

The good teacher isn’t threatened by the bad student; because it’s not the teachers job; the teachers job is to provide the lessons; to make sure the students have all the information; and have access to the answers; If the students aren’t asking the teacher questions; they better pass those tests …

Otherwise they better not blame the teacher …

Even though, that’s often what the bad student does….


When the student is ready, the teacher will notice their test score.

In Business there are several types of Tests…

Life is going to test that student; will the student quit or pay more attention to life? Other opportunities will test that student; will the student stay focused and pursue the goal? Does the student even know what the goal is? The relationship between the teacher and the student will be tested. When the teacher asks the student to do a task, will the student respect the teacher enough to complete it; knowing there is a lesson in the task?

Or will the student scoff off the assignment, thinking there isn’t much more the teacher can teach them?

When the student is ready, the student will recognize that teachers are all around; lessons are being taught; and all they really need to do is listen, learn, and apply.

Most teachers in business will tell the students that oftentimes the things we do will require repetition before we become really good at it; and more repetition to become great. Applying the knowledge is where the results come; Faith, without works is dead.

We (Myself and Others) put together a system that takes into mind what a network marketer truly needs. There is a lot of information out there, and while much of it is useful, so much of it is not really what a network marketer needs.

The only way for you to know for sure that this statement is true however, would be for you to sign up for our system; take our training courses (by watching the videos; taking copious notes) – and finally applying what WE are teaching.

Only then, can you see the results WE are promising to our ‘students’ – which refers to, the Students … who are ready. When the student is ready we’ll SEE Them applying our lessons; and we’ll SEE Them getting the results we are promising. When a student is not ready, or unsure of the teacher; the student will do what the student wants to do.

Unfortunately bad students will blame their teachers for their results.

It’s rare for a bad student to simply admit to being a bad student!

Afterall, if they had a good teacher, they’d MAKE them into a good student…..


…. absolutely WRONG.

Does the teacher Control you?

..(if you’re a bad student that is … are you being controlled by someone else?)

Who makes the decision to do the opposite of what the Teacher is teaching?

We have an old saying around here …


Do some of what we teach; get SOME of the results.

Do None of what we teach; get NONE of the results.

Do All of what we teach; get ALL of the results.

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When the student is ready of course …

Because if you’re not ready; Our system will spit you out.

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