TopNetworkersGroup has been keeping an eye on the emerging ‘app industry’ and the income opportunities that are taking advantage – offering a way for people to make money in this field.

I watched a video from Tim Sales called “Brilliant Compensation” early in my MLM years where he and Dr. Charles King spoke about trends and timing. You and I always want to have our eye on the ball, so to speak – he used the famous Ball moving through a garden hose example to explain the importance of staying ‘ahead’ of the ball to take full advantage of the ‘trend’ – suggesting that it’s better to be in front, than behind.

So if you’re like the many millions of people who are getting smart devices, downloading apps from the itunes and google play store – you’re witnessing a ball moving through a hose. Do you think the app industry will get bigger, or smaller in the next 5 years?

I say, Bigger – and most people who Start MLM companies are educated enough about business to create a compensation plan around an Industry that’s growing; rather than reducing in size.

So it’s not wonder that companies in the MLM Industry are doing exactly that.

For me, it started with Inspired Living App.

Then a ‘pretender’ came out known as Level9 – now I’ll be honest, I have not looked into that one in several months now; I also have heard literally no one promoting it either in several months. Most likely because, it was a pretender – and still is.

This is why Experience in business matters. I’m forever grateful for my 5 years in ACN, because Greg Provenzano and his fellow co-founders are perhaps the best examples of leadership in the MLM industry today. So when We are evaluating companies here at TopNetworkersGroup – we are paying attention to the Founders.

I have NO idea who’s behind Level 9 – But I know what I’ve seen from John Marr – CEO and Founder of iLA – I’ve seen a founder who does what he says he’s going to do.

This is Stark Contrast to another app that took the industry by storm a few months ago; RippLn – BIG names endorsed it from day one; and several of them have quieted down as so far, it’s been 100% hype and no app.

This is the problem with people who follow crowds rather than leaders.

Big Names are not Leaders they are just Big Names; Leaders are the ones who make decisions based on what’s really best for other people; In truth, RippLn looks great and perhaps many of those Big Names thought it WOULD help others; but the way it has gone so far is a strong indicator of its future.

If you Really want to Make Money With apps, go with what is Proven already.

ILA was one of the first companies to present this idea; the others have been “RUSHING” to compete; and are putting out inferior products; because in truth, it was not their “Vision” to create an app; they saw someone else doing it and decided they wanted to do it too.

This is a microcosm of what is wrong with our MLM Industry right now.

A new MLM springs up, taking advantage of an industry NO other mlm thought of; and 30 days later there are 40 companies in that industry. This dilutes the Network; IT takes those whoa re interested in using an MLM Model to create financial stability and spreads them out into several companies.

All because people have no real Business Training and are not making Business Decisions, where we look at the math; and not the hype. I will admit that when iLA first came out a lot of hype was involved; because no one had seen anything yet; no one had been paid yet; however – They’ve delivered the app; they’ve given us our Pay – and while people are still ‘waiting’ over at RippLn, they could be making money right now.

That being said – all of this is about how to make money with apps that are offered through affiliate companies; While conducting thorough research I was introduced to another company – that’s also making its mark within the App Market; That company is J3MobileApps.

So here’s the quick break down – Several small business owners would love to grow their bottom line – and would use an app to do it; but they need someone to Design their app – customize it; and help them grow their business with that app; that Their customers and Potential customers can use;  iLA cannot help you help those business owners; Nor will RippLn – that’s where j3Mobileapps comes in.

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