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This may come as a shock but most people who join the network marketing industry are not coachable. They want people to help them with their MLM businesses but often resist the help when it comes. In fact, what most people mean by ‘help’ – is they want it done for them. Most people want to push a button and have success!

OR they want to buy their way into success; they don’t understand the differences between the “Investor Quadrant” and the “Business Quadrant” … nor do they get the “Self Employed Quadrant” – because they’re searching for the EASY Button; and refuse to simply READ the Instructions, on how it’s done …  they won’t study the field they’re in; and so reading books like The Cashflow Quadrant and Rich Dad, Poor Dad are viewed as ‘the slow lane’ – and ‘takes too much time’ – and fore their lack of knowledge – they perish in our industry, time, and time again.

Do you know what it means to allow someone to HELP YOU?

Being Coachable means letting (allowing) someone HELP you do things the right way – TopnetworkersGroup

The keyword there is “allow” – You have to give another person the permission to HELP YOU – and you do need an Understanding of what that Means.

Help is not ‘doing it for you’ ….

Help is showing YOU how to do it the right way.

If you are not getting the results you want in your network marketing business it is always because you are NOT doing something the right way. More than likely, you are not doing a lot of things, the right way. YOU need Help!

You need someone who will come in and point out what is “the wrong way” – And tell you the “right way” – so that you can start doing the Right things that get Results…. this would seem to be common sense, BUT — People tend to Resist Help.

Many people, due to Ego, do not allow Mentors to Mentor – or Coaches to Coach.

They want to take the credit for the success they have; and so any input from anyone else would mean that they’d have to ‘share the spotlight’ with someone else; and give Credit to someone else, for teaching them HOW to become successful.

This is very hard for a BIG EGO to do.

The Ego will not allow them to share the credit; and so THEY MUST figure out HOW to do it; on their own… since no one else will …. help them.

Again – that word ‘allow’ – and that misunderstanding of the word help; it leads to the downfall of so many.

Successful people are always giving credit to someone else.. the unsuccessful fail to learn this lesson, perhaps due to not paying attention when successful people talk. Most of them always name of others that inspired them, helped them, or paved a way for them to do what they’ve done.

No man is an island, none of us will ever succeed ‘alone’ – and that is what makes network marketing The Perfect business; when 3-5 people come together amazing things happen from there.

However, often it’s difficult to get 2 people to work ‘together’ in network marketing – because so few people understand what it means to be coachable.

In our business training through TopNetworkersGroup we STRESS the importance of a GOOD business partnership; which is all about understanding and following the principles of good TEAMWORK – which means, One Leader, and One Follower.

These Two work “Together” and produce amazing results….but don’t get the terms wrong here; There is nothing wrong with being in a Follower ‘role’ – all good leaders, are good followers first… and in a Good partnership, there is One leader, and One follower; they work Together, and produce results!

Now … as a follower, you don’t wanna follow someone who isn’t going to WORK.

Meanwhile, as Leaders, if the people ‘following’ you, are not really following .. not doing any WORK – neither of you are going to make money.

If you are following a leader who puts in work, gets results, but is looking to “HELP” Others – you are in a great position “To Learn” – that means you should be working On Yourself; Working on your approach; Working on Letting them HELP you – Allowing them to Correct what you are doing and saying Wrong – and WORK TOGETHER to create results from doing and saying the Right Things, to the Right People.

In fact… that is The WORK – it’s the WORK on ourselves; it’s the WORK To educate ourselves better and further on our industry; it’s the work to IMPROVE ourselves personally; to challenge our thinking to be positive in a world that is full of so much negative; The WORK is the stuff most people just don’t wanna do ….

This is why so few Succeed; because so few are willing to do THE WORK;

Now … I’ve met some pretty smart mouth people in my time in business; all of whom never made much money at all; and are either OUT of network marketing today – or dabbling in other opportunities, still … without much success.

Many of these smart mouth people like to Teach the teacher…

So, I’d tell them how important it is to be reading books; and I’d recommend a few —- then they’d tell me which books I should pick up as well.

Like it’s an “Equal Sharing” kind of thing … where I’m going to benefit SOO MUCH from having them as a business partner; and they can really shun off my suggestions on what books to read; because they already read books; and in fact… I should check out a few of the books THEY Have read, before I dare tell them what books to go out and digest….

Of course, they don’t always say it this way — but it is very close to how many of them feel; because the majority of people who JOIN Network Marketing companies were bad employees – they did not like being told what to do on their jobs; and usually had or have a hard time keeping a job; due to their poor attitudes about letting someone else Tell them what to do….

They turn to mlm, and the chance to ‘be their own boss’ and suddenly they have an ‘upline’ or a ‘sponsor’ that wants to give them some suggestions….

Having the wrong mentality makes it difficult to ever learn the right things – and this explains the high rate of failure – and perhaps even why many of the people who will read this blog, have failed in this kind of business.  Including the ‘good employees’, who turn to MLM also for the chance to ‘be their own boss’ ; and oftentimes because they too are sick of being told what to do — it’s understandable coming from the “Job world” – but in network marketing doing what we’re told, is beneficial.

In a business partnership, doing what our partner asks us to do makes that business relationship run smoothly; and positively; and that’s the kind of partnerships that turn out to be fruitful; It may not be easy to submit your ideas to the garbage can for a few months, and take on ideas of another person – but if you do; you’ll get where you want to go much faster – in all honesty, perhaps it has not been obvious to you but – by resisting to do the things you’re told to do; you’re resisting your opportunity to live the dream lifestyle you “say” you want to live.

The Opportunities to Get there, are everywhere – and so is the Help.

Get HELP from TopNetworkersGroup – Join our Team Now – Be willing to be coached and the sky’s the limit for you – Dream BIG; and get ready to manifest what you desire –

Dream Big

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