Wow, what isn’t happening?

ok … is in Beta – excited.

Got some NEW pages in works for – Including Free MLM Business Training pages that share some of our GOOD Stuff with the public; along with an invitation to Work With The Group – yea … excited.

Speaking of the 1mlmsystem – our Re-Launch has now begun. I went real and got to the point and announced in our facebook group that I am more serious than ever about filling the remaining 3 Founder Slots left, so that we can move this idea forward.

It took some time for the dust to settle; and now more and more tools are rolling out – like the brand new BigCrumbs (and Ebates) Marketing page; featuring C.V.O., Milton Mouzon, Jr – andsome nice ladies on a shopping channel; discussing the benefits of One Stop Shopping, on Free Online Cash Back Websites

You’ll start to see much more about that in coming months; as this is the money maker on our Free Level; since Netspend only has the ability to pay you once. With BigCrumbs (and Ebates) you have the ability to get paid over and over again; especially if you have a network, that is shopping online every month.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and without going into detail on what was discussed for our team only call the other day; I pointed out that if our TNG Ship is going to sail it will take committed leaders first. Once the leadership team is in place everything else will flow from there.

We have the right mixture of programs – and our ‘flow’ makes it simple for a person to use our system to do the two things they Really should have been doing from day one; Build their network; and make money.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to test out additional streams of income; which fall under the TNG umberella. I mentioned the PageOneSystem – it’s being put together to help market and attract quality sign ups for LevelOneNetwork.  Expect this one to get PUSHED Out there heavily in 2014.  However, BETA testing is now underway!

LevelOneNetwork has been an awesome investment – possibly the best one I’ve mad ein several years online; I’ve learned SOOO Much in a short period of time. We started on some Free Online Marketing Courses, and hit a snag while covering the Free autoresponder – Listwire.

That Snag caused me to re-think what exactly I want YOU to learn; when it comes to not only the autoresponders but, everything else. There’s only so much you can really learn for Free – and the very time you must put into it is time you “could be” putting somewhere else. So it’s important to me that your time is invested wisely. I’m going to be testing out a few other Free mailing lists and once I’ve done testing them; the free courses will resume.

Until that time, I Highly recommend folks position themselves in The paid Online Marketing Courses through levelOnenetwork.  But, these are not courses on autoresponders 🙂

These are courses on SEO; how to write blogs and target keywords in such a way we can bring in More Web Traffic, Leads … and get more sales.

More sales for what?


We totally encourage members of our team to branch out beyond just thinking about an MLM company…  I hope you don’t plan to be in one for life. MLM is a 3-5 year plan; after 5 years hopefully you’ve made the right decisions; partnered up with the right people; and created “walk away income” – so that you can pursue other ways to make money.

If you haven’t – you may end up walking away without any money.

I see it all the time.

Hell, even I walked away after 5 years; I came back … but not after taking a long time to try other things.  I Came back, honestly, to help other people – I learned that I can literally make money doing anything I want to do online.  So why not build systems that help OTHER people make money too?

It seemed like a win=win situation.

The success over the past years has afforded me the opportunity to partner up with WakeUpNow – and trust me, the serious money in this plan will have me and several others walking away form the industry very soon. What we plan to leave behind, is a new generation of TNG Leaders, ready to take over the Entire industry.

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