Topnetworkersgroup has added GVO to the 1mlmsystem’s $10 level – This is BIG news that happened a while back, BUT you may not be aware of it.

I actually want to keep this brief here. I want to get RIGHT to a video that I recently put together which talks about adding GVO to our system.

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We’re also in the process of allowing our $50 level members to Offer up to 3 additional affiliate programs, or MLM companies through our system.

One of the programs I will be offering personally, is LevelOneNetwork because truthfully, Dan Miller is teaching us marketers what we Really need to Know. How To Get On Page One of Google, and Stay there for years and years to come.

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*Update — Due to recent events, and the way GVO has been promoting their ‘other Program’ – We have decided that GVO will be Removed from our One MLM System ‘to rule them all’ – We cannot have programs that are inconsistent with our view of how business should be conducted within our Industry.

Read the Latest update on GVO being DDoS’ed – as Google Lists them as Dangerous

To be clear we are NOT removing GVO because they were DDoS’ed – but due to what is written in the article on how business was conducted. This will also be the last time we add a program to our system, that has not been tested by one of our Founding Leaders.