Full disclosure about this TSU Social Network Review: I’ve been using TSU since November of 2014 when they launched this one of a kind platform, and I’ve enjoyed 90% of my time there.

Why only 90% you might ask? Well, keep reading as I’m going to get into what I love, and what I didn’t love – during my First Year on TSU.

So let’s get into what makes the TSU social network slightly different from the major social networks in our industry today. Naturally we have to start out by mentioning the giants, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, because they were largely responsible for ‘the idea’ behind TSU. Also, we have to take a moment to give props to YouTube, for being one of the first social ‘platforms’ to pay their content creators a portion of the ad revenue their videos generate, for YouTube.

Several social networks accept advertising dollars but none of them are sharing those profits with us.

That is where TSU comes in, and they sure made an entrance!

In just the first few weeks TSU crossed the 1 Million Members plateau and has continued to grow ever since.  In contrast it took Facebook 10 months, and Twitter took 24 months to reach 1 Million users.  Currently the social network has just over 4 Million users; although not all of them are as active as they really should be. What this means is that there is still a HUGE opportunity for anyone who takes advantage of what’s available right now.  You’ll find that as you read through my TSU Social network review, I’m going to be frank and honest with you.

In fact, that’s what I’ve been the entire time, when I shared some of my thoughts on the Censorship ‘issues’ on the network, some of which are still there.

tsu social network

I’ve also shared a few other thoughts about what I LIKE/LOVE about the TSU social network already that I’ll list right now for reference :

What if people were using the TSU Social Network, like they use Other networks?

This is really where our review is going to get good. If you’ve already been looking around then you know by now that TSU is JUST like Facebook. I mean everything you can do on facebook (for the most part) is possible on TSU. I mean, what do we really USE facebook for anyways? Don’t most of us use them to keep in touch with friends and family? Don’t we use them to share what matters to us and to interact with people we like?

Well if that’s the case, why are so many of us choosing to do those things on a network that does NOT pay us; when there is a network that will pay us??

That’s really the Million dollar question folks.

Right now, far too many people have used TSU ‘to make money’ rather than, using TSU to be social.

If you’re looking at making money on TSU, the best way to do that is to just let it happen. Be social and let the rest take care of itself. You should be looking for OTHER ways to make money if you NEED money; This is not going to be a quick fix. However if you spend the time to refer others to the social network, who also do the same, you could end up in a VERY good position to benefit financially. Already there are members on TSU who are making $100 per month.  There’s also a whole lot of people only making  a few dollars, and a few pennies per month.

Whether it’s a few pennies or a few dollars; it’s more than you’re going to make on any other social network.

But, what if more people were using TSU every single day, like people do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? I mean, the daily traffic on TSU now isn’t too bad. There’s a lot of active users. But what if there were MORE? For example; I’ve referred 65 people to TSU (as of this writing) and have a network of JUST under 700 people. Most of my network is not active.

IF they were active, I’d be easily crossing that $100/mo barrier that several others are crossing – every 30 days.

But if that were the case – there’d be even MORE money generated.

How much do the Censorship and False Flagging issues have to do with people not being as active as they should?  Not much at all.

The truth is, because people are using it ‘to make money’ when they see a few pennies they decide it’s not ‘worth the time’ ………..

People aren’t all that intelligent.

I’m not the first to say this, but we are living in a dumbed down society.

There are some people who won’t use TSU just because someone they know might benefit. They’d rather use social networks that Won’t pay them a dime; so that a total stranger can make money from the Content they are sharing every single day. Content matters. Content has value. And the way websites work, if your site is generating traffic – and you’re smart enough to monetize that traffic – you can make some really good money online. Facebook, for example, made over $250 Billion in 2014 – all from advertising; all because of how much Traffic they get each month.

How Much Money COULD the TSU Social Network Make You?

If you’ve been paying attention – the sky is the limit.

But a lot has to happen before TSU really turns into a ‘money maker’ for more people.

However, that’s very possible.

As each month goes by, more and more people hear about this network. More and more people sign up.

Eventually, it’s going to hit a point where ‘famous people’ are endorsing it, and that’s when TSU is going to take off. You know, in our society people don’t do anything unless the ‘celebrities’ endorse it first. While there are a few good celebrity endorsements on there already (Like Carmelo Anthony, 50cent and others) … it’s still not the kind of buzz it needs, to truly compete.

That being said – would you rather wait till that happens or get POSITIONED now?

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