*Several years ago when I wrote this article, I wanted to address the Tyler Perry Success video. At that time he was very popular and many will argue he’s even more successful today than he was at the time of this video which, went viral. So many people in MLM used the Tyler Perry video to argue against what we do.  More Updated thoughts follow: (6/8/2016)

Ok, if you’re following TopNetworkersGroup – you’re well aware we ENDORSE multiple streams of income, Especially Multiple MLM Streams… We felt so strongly about it, we created a SYSTEM that put several streams of income, into that ONE System.

Yet, many people in MLM up to this point have had the wrong perspective of our system – because they look at it and see Affiliate Programs and MLM Companies…. rather than, seeing ONE TEAM with multiple Products and Services. JUST LIKE so many MLM Companies in our industry today – including the first one I ever worked with; which offers SEVERAL products and services.

So, there is nothing different really about focusing on our One MLM System, building your network with it – and being able to make money with Several products and services, available through several programs and companies ‘within our system’ – The response to ‘people like me’ – has been to show me a video by Tyler Perry talking about Success.

Here’s that video …

Several ‘leaders’ are using fear tactics to suggest to members of their downlines, that they cannot be successful in more than one MLM Company at a time. They must focus on the ONE mlm company they are in. They know there are several MLM Companies and they want to KEEP Their teams from leaving… which is what a lot of people do.

They quit and move onto something else; thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

So there is ‘some truth’ in the message from the Tyler perry Success Video BUT – the way people in MLM use this video, needed to be addressed. Also these issues within our industry needed to be addressed, SO WE DID That, with our One MLM System.

I decided today to make an Official Response to the Tyler Perry Success Video – this includes a brief explanation of how our ONE MLM System addresses the issues of working in the MLM Industry, during its 5th Wave –

Check it out here –

We went ‘in’ to detail on “success from wearing a dress” and also got into the lack of Educated Leaders in MLM today –

As I state in this video, If your leader does not know what Wave 5 is – THEY need to be exposed to our system as well; You do not need to quit your other team to work with ours; You do not need to quit your other company to work with our System – but you DO need to register for  our MLM System right here.

Tyler Perry Success Videos do Not Apply to MLM

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(Update from 6/8/16 – Many will argue that most of Tyler Perry Success has stemmed from his willingness to wear a dress.  So where does he get off talking about the topic as if what happened for him is really going to happen for everyone with a dream?  Not every man wants to wear a dress to be successful. Why should that be the requirement at all?  Can a black man truly attain Tyler Perry success level, without wearing one? These are all good questions that Dave Chappelle addressed long before Oprah Winfrey signed Tyler to her network OWN. Check out what Dave said on her show below)

Does The Tyler Perry Success Video Apply to MLM?

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