WakeUpNow is Done.

Going out of business. I didn’t realize it until moments ago.

I saw a lot of disheartening posts on my fb wall last night; and really just though everyone was Leaving WakeUpNow due to their inability to pay commissions. I was not aware until moments ago that they were closing down the company. People are going from #WUNAndDone – to WakeUpNow IS Done – And once again; We Are right!

I really hope people do not misconstrue my statements on my social media as “Celebrating” – that’s the furthest thing from what is happening here.

This moment does remind me a bit of when ZeekRewards was found to be an actual Scam; and Closed down; How so many people in MLM who considered themselves to be leaders, made another bad decision immediately following the first bad decision, of being closed minded about anything not named ZeekRewards.

Many of them decided to Quit MLM all together; Others decided to take that Closed Minded Mentality into Vitel; which also closed down a few months later; It’s the Closed Mentality that I am So adamantly Against in network Marketing; The mind is like a parachute; It ONLY works when it’s open.

When you join an MLM company, you are signing up to market/promote products and/or services that you do not own; or control. To decide that you are only going to promote those products and services – and nothing else – is Foolish.

Please listen.

You do not OWN or CONTROL the company.

I understand that the Guy or Girl at the TOP of the Compensation Plan is earning money in that company; and YOU are thinking that, to have their success, you must do the same things they did – the problem is; MOST of them are lying to you.

They are not telling you everything they did.

What most of them are telling you is; “FOCUS ON THIS MLM COMPANY” — “DO NOT DO (market/promote) ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS MLM” — and YOU need to Wake up and realize WHY They are Saying that To you.

It is not because they want YOU to be successful.

It is because They Want To Keep Making Money.

If More of the Top Earners in MLM Cared about you; They would be working with Me and TopNetworkersGroup; Because WE Care about the Industry.

It’s not just Lip Service here.

However it is difficult to overcome the negative perceptions so many of you have.

If you Do not like Black People; You’ll tune Me out –

If you Do not Like Outspoken Black People; You’ll Tune Me Out –

If You Prefer Your Negroes Docile and willing to Overlook Social Injustices – you’ll Tune Out What I am Saying about MLM too –

Classic case of judging the Messenger; instead of the Message;

I love the MLM Industry or else I would not have returned To it when I did; But please Listen; I have 15 years of Experience; That Means Something.

I am qualified to help others.

I am Experienced enough to Help others.

Not Everyone can say that. Not everyone has seen what I’ve seen.

They have not read the books I have read.

That does not make me ‘better’ as a person; but it does make me ‘Better At MLM’ — and unfortunately; I’ve been through things that OTHERS have not been through.

USE My experiences to save you the trouble —

Listen to What I’m Saying Here – ANY COMPANY CAN GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

This is a rule in business; It’s common knowledge that only 5% of businesses make it past their first 5 years; SO ………. Any MLM that’s new in 2015; Might NOT make it to 2020.

You need to Understand that; Out of the 5% that make it to year 5; only 5% of THOSE businesses make it to Year 10; So that Brand New Company in 2015 – It’s a SLIM Chance of it making it to 2025 — THIS is why; if you’re in MLM; You SHOW RESPECT to the companies that have been around for 10 years; 15 years; 20 years; 50 years. Those Companies are doing something right!

The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself is … What are they doing Right?

The answer … is they are Training Better than other companies train.

The Training they offer is simple and easy to duplicate.

They have Leaders who are Loyal to the Company – who work together to train more loyal leaders – and as long as those companies remain in business; They (the top money earners) will continue to make money.

They have simple compensation plans that do not put the company in danger of going out of business; just to pay the field.  They have a culture that everyone buys into and follows. Which can be a very good thing – but in Today’s MLM world – that part is risky.

Because any company can go out of business.

It used to be safe 10 years ago. If you found a GOOD company then, you didn’t need to worry about them being around for 10 More years. But, things began to change just 10 years ago – making the ‘focus on one company’ strategy – an Unstable strategy to pursue.

10 years ago; YouTube JUST became popular; after being around for 1 year.

10 Years Ago; people were JUST starting to get faster internet; so the ability to share information with people long distances away; became simple.

10 years Ago; There were not nearly as many MLM companies – as there are today.

10 years Ago; it was MUCH Harder for a person to JOIN an MLM company than it is now; as people were Still getting used to the idea of E-commerce; and Buying anything Over the Internet.

All of that, Means Something.

It means we MUST adjust our approach to making money in MLM; Some things we need to keep – some things we need to throw away. The idea of putting all your MLM eggs into One company basket; is an outdated idea.

Multiple Streams of Income Is the Solution; and I am glad to be at the helm of the ship leading the way into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; I am glad to say we are the First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization.

I am proud to say, we are the home so many will be looking for – now that WakeUpNow has closed it’s doors. Going to a different MLM company and doing the same thing you just did, would be insanity.

You should be learning from the mistakes of the past; Not repeating them.

The people who need to be listening more than anyone; are Top earners in MLM.

Otherwise – they will not be the Top earners in the Future.

Only those of you who build your organization the way we are teaching it; will last.

 Watch Our One MLM System Presentation Now

following a leader is not the same as following the crowd

Please stop allowing 4th Wave Mentality to Keep you BROKE in MLM.

Do not let the bad news of WakeUpNow going out of business, cause you to lose your faith in MLM. You just need to find someone with experience, who can show you a better approach; an approach that actually lives up to the idea of our industry. The idea of making money by helping Others make money. Too much selfishness and greed is going around these days. People in WakeUpNow mostly thought about themselves, and what they would make. They overlooked the $1200 per year Expense that WakeUpNow required FOR them to make money.

We continued to build the way we were building. Advising that people join our System; for FREE; and then use our FREE Level to generate $50/mo – So they could reinvest $10/mo in our Programs on our $10 level; SO they could Generate an extra $100-$500/mo ::: and THEN They could take $50/mo – Invest that on our $50 Level; Generate another $500 to $1,000/mo – and THEN …. join WakeUpNow.

Most people didn’t have the patience.

Most people had Doubt.

Most were listening to ‘leaders’ in WakeUpNow who told them to “focus on WakeUpNow” – Be WUN and DONE – well folks; now WakeUpNow is Done.

And if you were not Wise Enough to Listen to what We were saying here – Your income is done along with it.

Don’t quit MLM; Just humble yourself and come work with our team. Come with your student hat on, and get ready to learn. Don’t bring your baggage into this relationship with us. Come with a open mind, and a willing spirit to roll up your sleeves and work. If you do, We will get you to the top. We’ll show you how to bring others to the top with you.

*Back in September 2014, when we ‘thought’ the company was going to pull through some reported troubles, I wrote an article about how I “Still” believe that you and I should ensure our teams stay together. We never know what might happen – and unfortunately, This article had to be written. It’s an article that shows, Once Again, that we are telling you the right way to approach MLM. It’s up to you to listen – it’s your decision to follow our path or not. Check out “What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately”

(update 3/9/2015 – ) Also check out some of my thoughts on WakeUpnow back in January of 2014; I made a video where I talked about having a Plan for Success. At the time I was giving people step by step instructions on how to ‘afford’ the $100 monthly investment. I was also making sure people were approaching business logically rather than emotionally. I want my business partners to be logical. A logical partner is a loyal partner. They’re going to make business decisions, not emotional ones.

The choice that so many ‘leaders’ made to tell their people to “Focus On One Company” – harmed so many people in the end. By not truly looking out for the best interest of your people; you’re actually not looking out for your OWN best interest.