Well this may not make much sense to you but, this is a Blog afterall.

It’s not so much for you as it is for me – at times anyways.

So this is just for all who are following and keeping track; BIG things are on their way.

A new ‘approach’ to our blog is coming and I’m very Excited about that.

1mlmsystem has Launched – VERY excited about that.

I got some good advice on perhaps letting people get ‘registered’ with ease.

I know coding, so a simple decision was made to limit what people have access to on the inside of the members area, based on what level of commitment they make to our team.

It has been a ‘slow buy in’ for members of 1mlmsystem.

I think most signed up for the same reasons people join MLM companies – they think it’s going to give them instant success. They share it with a total of 5 people and after they get rejected by all 5; they give up.

They bounce to something else.

And since this is a common issue within MLM, I do not take it personally when people do this after signing up with 1mlmsystem.

These people are simply always going to do this – no matter what they join; and who they join with.

That being said – 1mlmsystem is working it’s way into being THE absolute SYSTEM that all others will attempt to copy (and fail at copying) – because they’re not being put together with a real genuine interest in The people.

Not bragging, but since no one else is here to tell you this (at this present time) – someone else, (in this instance me) had to do it.

Lastly … the Pay It Forward Crazygood System is a great way to TEST out what to do when we ROLL into the next phase of 1mlmsystem ::: and I’m so excited about that.

TopnetworkersGroup is the team.

1mlmsystem is our Training Vehicle to create Professional network marketers (that earn professional money).

Get Involved Now.